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on June 29, 2016
I don't cook with artificial non-stick sprays and primarily use olive oil, coconut oil, coconut aminos and occasionally butter, and want to get away from Teflon pans because I am concerned about the safety of Teflon. I also tend to research products a lot, and read a lot of reviews before I settle on what to buy. I have to say, I am so happy with this pan and I also bought the lid: They are both such high quality and beautiful to look at. Some things do stick, especially if you do not stir enough (silicone and plastic only!), such as egg whites, but once the pan cools, it is super easy to clean with dish soap and a sponge. I read the guidelines and instructions carefully and do not put the heat too high either - I have found that this pan gets hotter than other non-ceramic ones that I own. It also came with a felt pad to protect the inside when not in use.

I love the 10" pan so much that I also just purchased the 8" pan for making eggs/omelettes. It is also amazing. I use a little bit of ghee, butter, olive oil or coconut oil and nothing sticks, has been working perfectly.
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This frying pan has quickly become my favorite, everyday frying pan! Whether you are looking to cut back on oil, trying to eat healthier or just want an amazing non-stick pan, then this Ozeri frying pan has you covered.
The frying pan has nice high sides making it perfect for almost any cooking need. I love to make spaghetti and I can easily brown my beef in the skillet and have plenty of room to add the sauce and noodles!
The non-stick is so fantastic that you may find yourself annoyed at first, lol I know the first time I tried frying eggs, it seemed I had to chase my eggs around the pan to flip them but once you get the hang of how amazingly slick this pan is, you'll never use another frying pan.
I used maybe a dime size of olive oil when frying my eggs and it was more than enough. Ozeri even included a protective pad to protect the frying pan when stacking pans together, which I am guilty of but not anymore, I learned my lesson ruining another frying pay by stacking. I am so happy with this frying pan that I am ordering the lid!
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on May 19, 2017
***Editing this review because the pan failed after 1 week of moderately heavy use. Used the pan every day to cook eggs and pancakes in and always hand washed it after. Pan never saw more than low/med heat. Scrambled eggs cooked with butter stick like crazy now. This pan is shot. Glad Amazon makes returns easy.***

One of the better nonstick pans I've used. Very similar to the Green Pans which I prefer over this because of their shape and handle. Time will tell how well it holds up. The only downsides are the stupidly large, awkward handle and the ugly green color. The sides are also very vertical which makes it difficult for omelettes. Overall its an ok pan for the price but the handle and shape are enough that I probably wouldn't buy it again.
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on January 31, 2011
I loved this pan. I had seen infomercials for a similar ceramic pan and wanted to try it but the reviews for that pan indicated all sorts of shenanigans in the ordering process for that product. Naturally I came to Amazon to look for a comparable product. It is a heavy duty pan. It has an induction friendly base so that you can cook on an induction cooktop. Best of all it's ceramic coating performs as advertised. It is simply the best non-stick pan I have ever owned.

Update: Joy turns to sadness and I'm left wondering why. After several months of happy use, the outstanding non-stick performance suddenly ceased. I have always hand-washed the pan and it NEVER saw the inside of the dishwasher. It was extremely sad to see my favorite pan of all time go bad for no apparent reason! The surface looks fine. I tried to "condition" the pan with oil and heat to no avail. I will be looking for another ECO product that lasts. I guess we'll always have Paris...
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on September 5, 2014
When I first started using this pan, I thought it was the greatest nonstick pan ever. But, after maybe three months, parts of the pan started sticking. After a couple more months, most of the pan seemed to stick about like my stainless steel pans. I was extremely disappointed in Ozeri's website, which proved to be absolutely worthless in helping with this situation. I tried every method I could find online, but nothing helped. So, one day when I was laboring in the sink trying to clean this "nonstick" pan, I looked over & saw a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (or one of the generics perhaps, as we have both) & thought I'd give it a try. My first cleaning with it got about 90% of the residue that never seemed to come off, & after another few cleanings over the next few days, it looks/feels/cooks like new. Now when I wash it, then turn it on its side to let the water drain off, ALL the water slides right off very quickly, unlike before when large sections of the pan would have water left on it (a sure indicator that that part of the pan is no longer "nonstick"). Anyway, it works great for me now, so I'm giving it a 4-star overall (it began with 5, than went to 1, & finally settling on 4 simply because Ozeri can't be bothered to let us know how to properly reseason the pan).
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on January 30, 2016
Over two 1/2 years ago I finally got rid of my last PTFE based non-stick pan. The Ozeri looked promising at first but quickly I realized that the non-stick surface was only mildly so. Even with a light coat of butter, a fried egg has to be kept at very low heat not to stick. Anything that would stick to cast iron or polished stainless steel sticks to the Green Earth ceramic "non-stick" surface. It is easier to clean up than stainless, but by no means does stuff just slide off.

Considering that you could get a good grade polished stainless 10" pan for the same money, why bother with this? Well, the ceramic coating does make cleanup a bit quicker than stainless, but you'll still need to add a decent amount of oil and not use at high heat to keep things from sticking.

On the positive side, after 2 1/2 years, the coating still looks shiny, with no signs of wear at all. Unlike PTFE coatings, this ceramic is very tough. The pan is light, and if you wipe a thin coat of coconut oil, ghee, or Crisco on it before heating the pan it will help. Not, bad, just better values out there.
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I recently invested in a counter-top induction burner DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC to supplement my gas stove, and I've been gradually adding some new induction-friendly pots and pans to supplement my cast aluminum. I'm single, so I don't usually cook large amounts of stuff. I found the perfect small wok Joyce Chen J22-0020 Pro Chef 9.5 Inch Peking Pan with Excalibur Non-stick coating, but I needed a small skillet or two.

Decided to try the Ozeri Green Earth 8" pan, and I'm so glad I did. I received it several weeks ao, and I've been using it 2-3 times per week. I wanted to give it a fair trial before posting a review. So far, I've made eggs several ways (scrambled, omelet, over easy), fried potatoes with caramelized onions, pork chops, burger, and sautéed chicken w/ white wine and artichokes, all on the induction burner.

The pan has performed beautifully. I had to be careful with the setting on the burner (lower than I expected) to avoid scorching, but once I got the hang of it, it has been fine. Clean up is a breeze: a quick rinse and swish, then towel dry, and it's ready for action again.

The nonstick surface is the best I've seen, super slick, and it's showing no signs of wear or deterioration. I've read some of the negative reviews, and all I can figure is that they received a product with perhaps a manufacturing defect of some kind.

I'm planning to order the 10" size for those times when I cook for company. Now, the search for the perfect saucepan begins!

UPDATE: I purchased the 10" a couple of months ago, and still have the 8". Both are performing well. I use the 8" more often -- 3-4 times a week, and still no sign of the problems other reviewers have written about. The 10" I use maybe once a week, so it doesn't get as much of a workout. The nonstick is still super slick. Will update again if I start noticing any issues.
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on September 11, 2014
I loved this pan at first. I could fry a (rubbery) egg without even a drop of butter or spray. But. That was then, this is now. After only about 2 months things started sticking, then even with butter or oil things would stick. Now, I totally avoid using the pan because no matter what is cooked or how it's cooked, the pan has to be scrubbed because everything sticks.

Though I am unhappy with the pan, the company contacted me as soon as they saw the above review and offered to send me a new pan. I"ll review that one too and I'm sure it will be a better turn out! The customer service definitely says something about the care of the organization about the quality of their products and the level of their customer's satisfaction, even through a faceless transaction on the Web.

Update: I never received the replacement and from then on my calls were not addressed. Complete waste of money.
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VINE VOICEon June 22, 2012
I have been reading about the "dangers" of teflon coatings and about the new nanoceramic coated pans such as this one. I decided to try this one based on the reviews. I just got it, so as of the time of the review, it works beautifully. No sticking, browns evenly and well, and love the green apple color. The pan is a good weight and seems well constructed. In that regard, I am very pleased. I cannot speak for the longevity.

However, as bad as teflon is being made out to be, I did some research on nanoceramics and nanotechnology. It appears that this new technology is not being monitored or regulated by the government or manufacturers. Apparently nanoparticles may act entirely different than their larger sized relatives--and nobody knows what the outcomes of this may be. I am not excited about what nanoparticles may be doing in my food anymore than I am about teflon. I think I will use my stainless and cast iron most of the time and the nonstick pan for items such as eggs and fish, which I don't cook as much of. Read up on nanotechnology and you will see what I mean.
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on December 6, 2016
I really liked this pan when I first got it, the nonstick was great. I have noticed as the months go by it is totally not non stick and requires me to use Pam or oil. I still like the pan but find that it is not what I immediately reach for any longer since everything sticks to it now.
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