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on January 16, 2012
I've read a LOT of reviews on this product and I have to sum up a lot of the negative reviews and comment on them. Too many of the negative comments aren't worth reading because these people didn't take the time to get to know their headset and actually use them in normal circumstances.

Overall, I love this headset - it does exactly what it's supposed to do and sounds great. Listening to music, talking on the phone, everything is very clear and loud. I would suggest that people do NOT place a review on a product they used once and returned, and that you don't listen to reviews from people who did that. You can't blame the item if the one you bought was broken, either. This is why I read several reviews of different rankings before I decide on an item. I bought these headphones last summer (about 7 months ago) to work out with at the gym. I did not buy them on Amazon as I had a gift card to a competitor - but I have the exact same headset that is pictured here (with the red highlights near the ear buds, I've read that this means they are the "trainer" version, but they're the exact same headset as the ones with the white/grey highlights that are selling now except for the color of course).

Now I'm going to kind of write the rest of this review in reverse - I'm going to write what others are complaining about and make my own comments:

1) Fits Poorly - mine fit great and I do not have a small head. I'm a "big and tall" guy and sure, they may be a LITTLE snug but I like that and need that. If they were much looser I'd be worrying about them falling off - people have to take that into account for a product that has a battery in it and has no cords or anything to keep them on your head other than that snugness. Sure - if you have a Charlie Brown head they won't fit, but for everyone else they are fine and may take a little bit of getting used to.

2) Sound Quality for Music - I see people complaining about how the sound is poor on their phones or MP3 players, but not many from people saying they looked into their device itself for a solution. One review had the guy comparing these to Beats by Dre headphones - SERIOUSLY? Compare a $70 Bluetooth headset to headphones that are what, $200 minimum and with a wire? Sorry you can't do that. Sure, you can get higher quality music sound from an expensive set of headphones that are only meant for music (and not phone and not wireless), but that's not what these are for. I use an iPhone 4 and they sound great to me. I get bass as well as higher pitches pretty much perfect.

3) Sound Quality for Phone - Like above, I've seen mixed reviews based on the phone itself. Search reviews for key words like your phone manufacturer. Again I use mine on an iPhone 4 and it works perfectly, I can skip songs and pause as well as control the volume. I started using these in the car when my car's Bluetooth system (aftermarket item from Parrot I had installed) failed. My girlfriend said I sounded much louder and more clear on these, plus she could no longer hear the regular road noise (tires on the highway) she used to. I have yet to hear a complaint from people I call.

4) Sweat Proof - Yes, these things work perfectly against sweat from my experience. I bought these specifically for working out in the gym at first as I wanted to lose weight and would need to listen to music to keep my mind off of how much I hate being at the gym. Like I said before, I'm a big man and this means I sweat a lot while I'm working out. I'm also a head shaver, so the sweat flows unhindered from my head - and I have never had an issue with it. Because they are snug, the headset doesn't slip with the sweat, either. I can understand one or two complaints where they say water got into the headset, but seriously if a lot of people are saying this I have to wonder if they have the proper ear buds in. I use the larger ones, myself - but if you use tiny ones you're lowering the chances of them staying dry. I know several runners that use this headset and they never complain about the sweat in any way.

5) Battery Life - I haven't seen many (only a couple) bad reviews on this feature but I thought I'd add it. The battery life on this headset is unbeatable. they make great use of the battery in the back and it doesn't feel like a weight pulling on them at all. The overall weight of the headset is very light actually. I've used this headset to work out for a full week and only charged it on the weekend for months at a time. Now that I'm using it more for phone use, I am charging it more but only every 3 days or so. So, I use them 5 days/week, 3 hours of working out, 7.5 hours of phone time, plus another 4-5 hours of music time at my desk at work and I'm only charging them twice/week. Note though, that when I'm not using them I generally turn the power off to conserve the battery life. The charge time seems to be pretty quick for me as well.

6) Bluetooth Connection - Again I haven't seen many negative reviews about this but it needs to be said that this thing pairs FAST once you get it set up (programming in the code per the instructions, which takes 2-3 minutes tops). Now, the trick is to turn Bluetooth on with your phone or other device first, then hold down the power button (center middle of the back/battery area) for a couple of seconds. The second it beeps, it pairs immediately. I've had other devices take up to a minute to pair, but this one is perfect. Also the distance you can be from the phone with this headset is fantastic - I leave the phone in my bag on a seat outside the racquetball court while I am playing and the sound quality is unchanged at large distances. One day I left my phone running in the locker room and went out to the court and did not realize I didn't have my phone with me - that's a floor and about 60 feet away!

7) Controls - Really? There are people complaining that the controls are hard for them? There's buttons next to the ear buds and short of having gloves on I can't imagine a reason why anyone would have problems unless they didn't take the time to get used to where the buttons are. They're perfect for me, and I use them now without even thinking about them.

In conclusion, these are great headsets of you are using them to work out without wires. They are also great for normal headset use and for cell phone use. They may take some getting used to but what doesn't? Take the time to figure out which ear buds are best for you, learn how to use the controls and use them for a little while before you decide if they are good or not for you.

UPDATE: How I got this paired with a Win7 Laptop
So, Microsoft's page says this headset is not compatible with Windows 7, because Win7 doesn't support streaming of sound (bluetooth to them is more for input devices like mice, keyboards, etc). Motorola's pages gives no help for this after extensive searches, so I turned to the web for help because I need to do some training online and didn't want to have a wire going from my ears to the laptop. It was a lot of trouble but I'll give you the steps I took below so hopefully it will work for you as well.
1) Download new drivers for your machine:
NOTE, my work laptop is a Dell and it already had the latest Win7 drivers installed. After searching on the web I found a driver from Acer that actually worked. I installed these drives:
[...] and rebooted my machine, worked like a charm.
2) Clear the Headset's Paired Objects
This was a tough one to figure out becuase again I couldn't find this trick on the Motorola site. Apparently this headset can only pair to one device at a time (strange), so you need to clear whatever it's paired to first and re-pair it to the new one. To do this, make sure the headset is already ON and not linked to anything (for me, I just had to turn off the bluetooth on my iPhone 4). Then hold down the + button (volume up button, top one on the left ear piece) then hold down the power button on the back of the headset - hold them both down until the blue light comes on and is solid. Now you've cleared the headset of whatever it was already paired to.
3) Windows should then automatically see the headset
At the bottom right of your desktop near the clock, find and click the bluetooth button (blue oval). If you don't see "Motorola S10-HD" with a generic bluetooth headset icon, then click "add a device" and it will search for it. It should have found it automatically though. Personally I never had to type in the connection code, but if you're prompted for it, it's "0000" (all zeroes).
That should be it - for me this worked and the only real pain is that I have to go through the procedure again when I'm done using the laptop to re-pair it to my iPhone 4 - but it only takes about 30 seconds each time so no big deal and it's worth it to me. Hopefully this helps you!

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on May 22, 2012
I've seen many contradictory reviews regarding the older and newer model of Motorola's excellent Bluetooth headphones. I've owned the S9 for a few years and just got the S10 as a gift for my wife. They both are great, especially when working out and you don't want a cord getting in the way! If that's all you need, stop reading and go purchase!

The S9 is made of a harder, less-flexible plastic than the S10. The S9 fits my head fine, but was a bit to big for my wife. The S9 worked for her, but the S10 is far more comfortable. The S10 lays a little more flat when not on your head, so it's easier to carry. The S9 sticks out is such a way that you may worry about throwing them in a backpack. The S10 seems to add some additional features, such as redialing the last dialed number - but neither one of us uses these features, so they don't rank highly in our decision.

Many people rate both headphones as having terrible sound. I disagree and I am a DJ. These are essentially ear-buds with an attached Bluetooth module, people! These are not DJ headphones and they do not have huge sub-woofers! If you can take all of this into account, they sound great. Do they sound as good as a pair of professional Sony DJ headphones which have sub-woofers 7x the size? Of course not!

The S9's controls are slightly easier to feel with your fingertips, but the S10 is fine when you get used to it.

Bottom line: you may want to try them on to see which fits better and which buttons feel better, but ultimately they are very similar. The S10 also has less visible red, where the S9 really stands out with it's red accents. The S10 is lighter and more flexible, which means it's easier to carry. Both also come with different sized ear buds, which is great if one of your ears is shaped differently than the other!
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on April 19, 2012
After reading all the reviews, I decided to purchase these Motorola Bluetooth headsets. I am an avid runner, both outdoors and on the treadmill. I also enjoy road biking. Whatever the case might be, I obviously like to listen to music while I am working out. But, I hate headphone cords. So, here I found myself looking for a wireless Bluetooth headset that would pair with my iPad, iPhone or iPod.

I received my new headphones yesterday utilizing Amazon prime. The packaging was great and the delivery speed was superb. I charged up the headphones and off to the gym. Today, I decided to run on the treadmill for 60 minutes and lift weights for 30 minutes.

Comfort and fit: I am 6 foot, 155 lbs. The headphones provided a snug fit, which I like. After trying out all of the various earplugs, I settled on the small set for the best fit in my ear canal. At first, I was hesitant. They were a little bit heavy and I thought the "bulk" of the headphones resting on my neck would present a problem during long runs. However, after 60 minutes on the treadmill at a vigorous pace (between 8.5 and 11.0 MPH), they actually started to feel better! I left them on for an additional 30 minutes and really have nothing to complain about. For those who are skeptical, wear these around for a bit prior to working out. I can definitely see how it can take some "getting used to". It probably will be uncomfortable after awhile because I could feel the top of my ears becoming sore after about two hours.

Pairing: Bluetooth pairing with my iPad was a snap. I didn't even have to open up the Bluetooth setting on my iPad. I simply turned on the headsets and within 30 seconds they were paired. No codes or anything.

Distance/Range: After I was done on the treadmill, I placed my iPad in my locker (locked up of course) and proceeded to go around the gym doing my workout. No dropout or fuzziness in the audio. This was at an Anytime Fitness so the lockers are in the back of the gym and I was able to walk to the front door with no loss of audio quality. Pretty good!

Battery life: I only used them for about two hours, watching a movie and listening to music. No problems there.

"Sweatproof": I was literally drenched in sweat and these headphones did not budge. I do believe it is a good idea to pick out your ideal earplugs prior to working out. A good fit can definitely help ot.

Controls: Other than not memorizing the location right off the bat, the onboard controls were great. I was able to adjust audio, pause, and skip to the next song without any issues.

Sound quality: I believe the ultimate test is inside a gym on the treadmill. They are probably the nosiest machines in there. I was at 11.0 mph and I could still here the audio fine.

So why four stars instead of five? I gave it four simply because of the weight. If it was a bit lighter and less bulky around the back, it would be worth five stars. Overall, I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for quality Bluetooth headphones at a reasonable price.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on May 14, 2012
Brought this in Jan and already have to replace it twice (under warranty). The power button stops working after about 1-2 months, after doing some research found that this is a common problem. Would not recommend this product.
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on August 13, 2011
I've owned my S10-HD headphones for about 10 weeks. I bought them specifically for running, and from my perspective they are great for that. I've probably run about 80 miles with them, in addition to using them to listen to music at other times. I really like not having a corded headset while running. Earbuds tend to fall out after I get a good sweat going and I don't like the cord bouncing around. So these are ideal for this purpose. It will only pair with one device at a time (iPad, iPhone, etc.), which is a tad annoying, but I don't know if that's part of the Bluetooth specification or something that Motorola did. You can perform a factory reset in about a minute, so it's not a huge deal.

Regarding issues with sweat, I've probably run about 12 hours with the headphones and in that time and I have had zero issues with sweat causing them to malfunction, and let me be clear, I run in a region with 70-95% humidity, so there is plenty of sweat. I cannot account for the problems that others have had, but it hasn't been an issue for me. The one issue I have had with sweat focuses on the earbuds. The headset comes installed with the largest set. When I ran with those after about 20 minutes the sweat and the bouncing of my body would produce a popping sound in my ear from the earbuds. I changed to the next smaller size and the problem disappeared.

Another complaint I've read about is the fit. I wouldn't say I have a small head or a big head. Mine is more oval than round. The headphones fit me fine, but if my head were a cm wider, I'm not sure they would still fit well. Unfortunately they are not adjustable. If they don't fit return them.

Finally, a word about the sound quality. I think it's very satisfactory considering it's wireless earbud technology. I'm not an audiophile, but I am an information technology professional, and one piece of advice that I give to my customers is wired is always going to be better than wireless in terms of overall performance. You go with wireless (whatever) for convenience at the cost of some quality. If you're looking for concert-hall quality sound or have a very fine ear, these are probably not what your looking for. As I said before, I think they are very decent, but if accoustical quality is your thing then get a pair of Bose or Sennheiser wired headphones.

Overall, for what I purchased them for, which is running, I am very satisfied. I wish I could pair them with both my iPad, iPhone, and laptop simultaneously, but I can live with resetting. The fit could be a bit looser, but again, it's not a show stopper for me.

I hope you enjoy yours.
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on August 14, 2011
I don't usually bother writing reviews because...well, I don't really care about you guys that much. But I think there are a lot of folks in the same boat as I was this time, wondering if they should upgrade from their S9-HDs.

I was indecisive for quite a while on these because of the mixed reviews, but then, the S9-HDs have mixed reviews and I've loved my pair which has been going strong for 2-3 years now. I'm primarily an audiobook listener, but I likes some good music, so I sat down for some serious Green Day, Guns N' Roses and Rush listening to verify or refute the sound quality attacks on the S10s.

Many have said the sound on the S10s is horrible. I read a very lengthy review talking about how important different earpieces and they sound just as good as your S9-HDs with the right piece. In my evaluation, neither is true. I didn't notice huge variation with different earpieces, and eventually went back to the default (which, incidentally, is exactly the same as the S9-HD default) for the best comfort.

When I first turned on the S10s, I thought audiobooks sounded fine and music sounded terrible compared to the prior version. A few volume clicks and many swaps back and forth between headsets later, and I'm not so sure. The sound is different--they don't have the same frequency response. The S9-HDs have a crisper response and seem better at producing discrete tones across time. The S10s sound kind of like someone set the equalizer for Music Hall, but some frequencies actually sound fuller. My roommate said he thought the S9-HDs were all highs and no lows, and the S10s were the opposite, but that's an oversimplification.

The conclusion on the sound is that I like the S9-HDs better, but it isn't as clear-cut as people are making it out to be, or as I thought on my first listen.

The other aspects are easier to describe. One problem with the S9-HDs is that they would cut out all the time. Bend over to look for something (whether the iPod's in your pocket or not), walk into another room, or worst of all, past a running microwave, and they're out. Sometimes they cut out for no decipherable reason and it's INFURIATING. The s10s have solved this. Leaving my iPod downstairs, I went upstairs and they were fine till I wandered too many rooms away. Right by an operating microwave, no problem. This is a big win for the s10s, unless they're giving me cancer as a result.

For comfort, the s10s seem made for a smaller head. I think they'll be OK, but time will tell. It's not really a fair comparison to my well-traveled S9-HDs.

In summary, if you're an audiophile and still fooling yourself into thinking earbud-style headphones will meet your needs, the s9-HDs are superior, but not by as much as many reviews have made out. If you primarily listen to audiobooks or are otherwise willing to forgive a little weirdness in your music sound, the s10-HDs solve the maddening bluetooth problems of their older sibling and are probably the right choice.
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on May 6, 2013
I read a lot of reviews before buying this product. a lot about how uncomfortable this headset is, and I just have two things to ask them. Did you ever try to make them comfortable? Or did you just put them on as told and accepted discomfort? I understand how painful these are wearing them normally, but when things don't work one way I always try another. Let me explain what i mean, and what i did to turn these headphones from uncomfortable to comfortable. I first got the headphones on the day that they were expected to arrive. After opening the package and putting them on as instructed I had a realization that these are as bad as described in the reviews. First they make it impossible to wear glasses with them on normally, and they were a constant distraction from whatever i was doing because of the pain they caused to my ears. In the end i came to the conclusion that "I could not wear these like this." I took a deep and hard look at them for 5 seconds and wondered, "What would they feel like upside down." Well i tried my theory, and they became my #1 favorite headphones of all time (for $46 anyway). Now I know you may be wondering, "upside down, how?" Well for those that can't imagine it or picture it, or just have no creative bone in their body, let me explain. The headphones normally go over the top of your ears and down to your ear hole, but flipped upside down they are under the ear and go up to the ear hole, allowing me to wear my glasses, and making it more comfortable. Now there is still some discomfort after long use, but its expected for their snug and hugging fit, but the pain is nothing compared to what it would be of you wore them normally. I dont know if this will help you or you may pass this off as a lack of info review, but if it helped you in anyway in making a decision, then my job was done. Also I am not going to just lay down facts about the sound and other stuff about it that may influence your purchase. The sound is ehhh. I say this because all the music sounds like if I were covering my ears and standing next to a DJ's speaker. Also the compatibility with these is amazing to me. I was able to hook this up with my iPod and my PS3 AT THE SAME TIME. Yes i said at the same time, let me explain. It was an accident on my behalf to try and connect to the headphones with my iPod manually before my PS3 could identically, but what i didn't know was these headphones could connect to both. I am able to talk on my PS3 and when i turn off my PS3 to go exercise (and i have my ipod playing music) it will switch to my iPod and start playing music without my having to connect it manually. I can also connect to my PS3 at anytime while playing music and they will pause the music and connect to the PS3 as a mic. I don't think this was purposely put in to happen because when i do it, the headphones sound like an out of control robot, but its beneficiary on my behalf. So yeah that's my review, hoped it helped somewhat. Sorry for the grammar and rambling lol. IF ANYONE WANTS PICTURES COMMENT ON THE REVIEW AND I WILL SUPPLY.
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on June 19, 2014
I like the headphones themselves, but beware that this item (OEM-Bulk Packaging) does not include multiple sizes of earbuds like the standard retail package version of the Motorola S10. Unless you are lucky and the standard (large) size earbud fits your ear, you are out of luck. The large earbuds are very big and uncomfortable. Other retailers on Amazon sell the S10 with the retail packaging that includes multiple sizes of the earbuds, I would suggest buying one of those instead.
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on July 13, 2012
I have owned the Motorola Rokr S9, then the S9-HD and now these S10-HD.
The S9 sounded great and worked great but eventually sweat from wearing them while running killed them so I bought the S9-HD and never used them while working out to avoid the same fate. The S9-HD also works and sound great (bass mid range & treble are all great).
They were both a little snug fitting and required some tweaking to get them to fit without pinching but aside from that I loved them (still own the S9-HD).
Imagine my surprise when I bought and opened the S10-HD and found that not only was it even smaller and tighter as other users are complaining of, it has been made so it is no longer possible to adjust them to relieve the pinching at the back of your head (I haven't even tried to adjust them where they pinch your ears).
The sound is something that I'm STUNNED even allowed these to make it from developement to market.
I can only describe the sound as something coming from a transistor AM radio. If you think I'm kidding you should pick up a pair.
I'm glad my S9-HD still works.

UPDATE: In order to give these headphones a fair shake I assumed there MUST be a problem since Motorola couldn't possibly risk their reputation by turning out a product that wasn't even up to par with the previous two iteration, I called Motorola who told me how to reset the headphones.
While the reset seemed to improve the audio to the point where they actually sound great, the inability to adjust them to fit will definitely prevent me from wearing them.
For those that want to try the reset... first delete the pairing from whatever device you paired your headphones with.
Power the headphones on, Hold down the volume + button and hold down the Power button at the same time until the blue light is steady near the power button.
Now pair your device with the headphones again and try it out.
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on September 20, 2014
This doesn't seem anywhere close to the same quality as my original Motorola pair. I suspect this may not be an official Motorola product. I HIGHTLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.

1- Power button is unresponsive, sometimes takes a special pressure point to really make it work.
2- The unit would not charge fully. It would charge to a point, then just stop charging.
3- Does NOT come with a charging cable.
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