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on January 6, 2015
Pros: Durable...as in, built like a brick outhouse. This is the second pair I've owned, and I bought this pair specifically for their durability. My last pair lasted over 3 years of serious abuse. They put up with a lot, and they don't fall off even when you are on your back on a creeper working on a car. I cannot speak to the audio quality as I am not an audiophile with the chops to discuss such matters, but they sound fine to me, and you never have to worry about the cord getting yanked out of your head.

Cons: I have a big head, and I wear glasses. These things are NOT comfortable for extended wear in either case. The space between the ear and the head is occupied by these earpieces and then you have to try to jam your eyeglasses in there as well...they don't play nice. For the big head issue, I took a woodworker's clamp and used it like outside calipers to measure the width of my head at the ears, then transferred that measurement to a piece of plywood and created a stretching template with nails and put the headphones on there, supported in several spots. I then gradually and evenly heated the body with a heat gun, careful to avoid any overheating of the components or the glues that hold the soft rubber to the plastic parts. It helps. The speakers are a bit larger than you would typically see in headphones as well, so be careful that your ear tipsare comfortable in your ears. This particular package only comes with one set of ear tips, and they were uncomfortably large for me. There are several options available after market, and the retail packaging has three options if I recall correctly.
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on April 19, 2012
After reading all the reviews, I decided to purchase these Motorola Bluetooth headsets. I am an avid runner, both outdoors and on the treadmill. I also enjoy road biking. Whatever the case might be, I obviously like to listen to music while I am working out. But, I hate headphone cords. So, here I found myself looking for a wireless Bluetooth headset that would pair with my iPad, iPhone or iPod.

I received my new headphones yesterday utilizing Amazon prime. The packaging was great and the delivery speed was superb. I charged up the headphones and off to the gym. Today, I decided to run on the treadmill for 60 minutes and lift weights for 30 minutes.

Comfort and fit: I am 6 foot, 155 lbs. The headphones provided a snug fit, which I like. After trying out all of the various earplugs, I settled on the small set for the best fit in my ear canal. At first, I was hesitant. They were a little bit heavy and I thought the "bulk" of the headphones resting on my neck would present a problem during long runs. However, after 60 minutes on the treadmill at a vigorous pace (between 8.5 and 11.0 MPH), they actually started to feel better! I left them on for an additional 30 minutes and really have nothing to complain about. For those who are skeptical, wear these around for a bit prior to working out. I can definitely see how it can take some "getting used to". It probably will be uncomfortable after awhile because I could feel the top of my ears becoming sore after about two hours.

Pairing: Bluetooth pairing with my iPad was a snap. I didn't even have to open up the Bluetooth setting on my iPad. I simply turned on the headsets and within 30 seconds they were paired. No codes or anything.

Distance/Range: After I was done on the treadmill, I placed my iPad in my locker (locked up of course) and proceeded to go around the gym doing my workout. No dropout or fuzziness in the audio. This was at an Anytime Fitness so the lockers are in the back of the gym and I was able to walk to the front door with no loss of audio quality. Pretty good!

Battery life: I only used them for about two hours, watching a movie and listening to music. No problems there.

"Sweatproof": I was literally drenched in sweat and these headphones did not budge. I do believe it is a good idea to pick out your ideal earplugs prior to working out. A good fit can definitely help ot.

Controls: Other than not memorizing the location right off the bat, the onboard controls were great. I was able to adjust audio, pause, and skip to the next song without any issues.

Sound quality: I believe the ultimate test is inside a gym on the treadmill. They are probably the nosiest machines in there. I was at 11.0 mph and I could still here the audio fine.

So why four stars instead of five? I gave it four simply because of the weight. If it was a bit lighter and less bulky around the back, it would be worth five stars. Overall, I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for quality Bluetooth headphones at a reasonable price.
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on May 9, 2014
I ordered this headphone to replace a similar model from a different company that had quit working after less than a year. The battery would no longer hold a charge.

The Motorola feels like it's much better made, and not as fragile as the one from the other company (iKross). It slips over my ears easily (over the earpieces of my glasses), and fits comfortably. It rides well, and does not slip out of my ears. It has better sound as well. The control buttons are much superior. Instead of having three buttons that have multiple functions controlled by the number of times you click, the S10 has seven buttons - three on each earpiece (easily located) and one on the underside of the part that goes around the back of your head which you push to activate your bluetooth connection, also easily located. The buttons on the left side control your volume (top and bottom), the middle accepts a phone call. On the right, the upper and lower buttons take you to the next or previous track, while the middle one puts your music on pause.

Since I primarily use this while I'm riding my bicycle, it seems to be the perfect headphone for me. I can listen to my music, but still hear enough to be aware of a car sneaking up on me, I can quickly and easily change tunes or volume with just one easily located button click, or answer a call. It's well sealed, so sweat should not affect it. Only time will tell about the durability of the battery, but if it lasts two years I'll be satisfied and would purchase a replacement.
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on June 19, 2014
I like the headphones themselves, but beware that this item (OEM-Bulk Packaging) does not include multiple sizes of earbuds like the standard retail package version of the Motorola S10. Unless you are lucky and the standard (large) size earbud fits your ear, you are out of luck. The large earbuds are very big and uncomfortable. Other retailers on Amazon sell the S10 with the retail packaging that includes multiple sizes of the earbuds, I would suggest buying one of those instead.
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on February 7, 2017
Hands down, the WORST bluetooth headphones I've ever tried or owned.
-nice, slick looking design. They look so nice, they must be good, right? No.
-bluetooth connectivity works as it should - I've never had issues in the short time that I've used them.
-the sound is mid-rangy, very muffled. Not good bass, not good treble. Imagine perfect sound, add a muffle, and that's what they sound like.
-uncomfortable. since it is a single piece, it needs to be positioned properly to hear music the same in both ears, but any movement can affect the fit. The way it hangs behind the head, if I look upward it will rub on the back of my neck and push the ear pieces out of my ears slightly, affecting sound. If I turn my head to the side, will catch on my shirt collar, and once again, it can push the ear pieces out of my ears. It's not good at all for running or exercising. Sitting still is ideal for consistent sound and fit.
-also, uncomfortable. This may very with head size (mine is average), but there is a bit of pressure pushing the ear pieces into the ears, and it becomes uncomfortable after 5-10 minutes.
-did I mention, uncomfortable? The headphones come with 4 sizes of rubber covers for the ear pieces, and none seemed to feel good, perhaps due to the pressure on the ear (see previous item). Also, the design does not allow air to flow through the ear pieces, which creates a suction on the ears. This creates an annoying popping noise when the headset moves around, which feels uncomfortable on the ear drums. I'm fairly certain the lack of airflow is a reason for the muffled sound as well.
-the control buttons on the stems to the ear pieces, so any time you need to select the next song or change the volume, you'll be pressing on your uncomfortable ears once again. It also takes some hunting to find the correct button to press, since they are in close proximity

Overall, I'd not recommend these headphones. That is quite disappointing since Motorola is generally good quality. I've had better luck with $20 no-name bluetooth earbuds.
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on August 27, 2012
Disclaimer, I have a big head, 7 3/4 hat size and an 18 to 18.5" neck. So I'm not small and if your like me, order something else, the buds won't stay in both ears if you move. That's not the only reason for the bad review, but I think it's helpful to get an upper size out there so no one else will make this same mistake.

-They sound perfectly adequate for workout music.
-They seem hardy.
-They paired easily.

-control buttons are weird to push, more squishy than a firm button push.
-very limited on who they will fit, Motorola could do better by just giving a hat size and neck size recommended for the device. I think that will address a lot of the negative reviews on here, if it doesn't fit half the people on here, then maybe they picked the wrong 1 size fits all, maybe they'd be better served with two sizes.*
-had connectivity issues right away. after I first paired the device just getting it working it started clipping(sound cutting out and back on) the audio with my motoactv sitting on the kitchen table at arms reach.*

*neither of these issues is a deal breaker in itself, if the first unit is just defective I'd normally just seek a
replacement and if they don't fit comfortably I'd use them as a spare or pass them on to a family member or coworker or something. But getting an uncomfortable product that has problems right out of the gate, well it's time to try something else, because even if the first unit was a one off issue and they got me a second set that worked, I'd have something I didn't like that worked.

The second star is because like I said it does have some redeeming qualities. If Motorola came out with these in different sizes, I think I'd want to try them. I guess it's on to trying something else.
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on November 11, 2016
These are still one of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones on the market for runners/exercising. I bought a pair of these almost 3 years ago and they are still going strong. I'm an avid runner and run with these 3-4 times a week for 30-40 minutes at a time, sometimes longer if I lift weights afterwards. They are definitely snug, but that's the idea if you're running or lifting or doing any kind of physical activity. I've never had a problem with pairing, and the sound quality is surprisingly good considering how small these are. The battery usually lasts a few weeks for me, and when it starts to get low you get a slow, periodic beep in your ear that gets faster over time as the battery wears down. An hour or two on the charger and they are back to full strength. Now, full disclosure, the first pair of these I destroyed in a little over a year. I sweat a lot and I think it was getting in through the charging port because of where it rests on your neck when you have these on. They finally got to a point where I couldn't get them to power on any more. After that, I tried several different brands and styles of bluetooth headphones, and came away completely disappointed. I ended up buying another pair of these ($70 at the time, instead of $100 like my first pair) because I liked them so much, and I haven't had the same problem with these - not sure why. Ironically, I got yet ANOTHER pair of these for my birthday about a month later, so I use one pair at work and one at home and they are great. If either pair dies on me, I'll snatch up another for $30, or maybe even two because that price is a steal for such a great product.
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on August 5, 2013
I ordered these headphones to replace the S9-HD headphones which were left on a plane flight. I didn't expect to find much difference between the S9 and the S10. However, there were several differences worth noting.

The battery life on the S10 seems to be much longer than the S9. My S9 would only run for about 75 minutes before requiring recharge. The S10 has almost three hours on it and hasn't quit yet.

The design of the S10 headphones cause them to ride much lower on the back of the head. They sit about the middle of my neck. This is a much better design. It allows me to rest my head without the headphones hitting the back of my head as they did on the S9.

The volume of the S10 headphones is also much louder than the S9. In fact on some connections even with the volume on the headphones and the device turned to the lowest level, the volume is still a little loud.

Now for some of the problems with the S10. I was able to make the initial connection of the headphones to my iphone, ipad and laptop without any major problems. When I try to connect to the devices again, the automatic connection I used to get with the S9 doesn't seem to work with the S10. I have to open the settings, click on bluetooth and click on the headphones in order to connect the headphones to my iphone. The S9 would connect without having to do this.

I have noticed a lot of static on some connections with the S10 on my iphone when making phone calls. I never experienced any static and the sound quality was excellent with the S9.

I have only been using the headphones for a few days. My experience may improve after I have more use with them.
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on November 23, 2012
So I decided to use these pretty heavily for about a week before writing my review (8 hours a night 5 nights a week) so that I had a real idea of how they work and their ups and downs.

First, only use them with one device, unpairing/repairing is annoying. It can be done, but really they're for work/working out, just use them with your phone and you'll get the best satisfaction out of them.

Second, try all the ear buds. Find the ones that fit best and use them for a few days, they'll get more comfortable, though my ears still hurt if I use them for more than an hour continuously.

I find their call quality to be excellent and people on the other end say that I come through very very clear. That's good because it means that if you like talking while running/biking, wind noise won't be too bad.

The battery is great and audio quality for music is better than a Jawbone, but nothing to higher end phones designed for music (klipsch S4, Sennheiser HD-280 Pro, Audio technica, etc... all of which I own, but those are wired and designed for music, which is what these are for, going wireless).

As for the connection, I've had no problems with it at all. Music control, volume control, etc... all work perfectly without a single problem. They get plenty loud and put great stereo music into your head without the wires. No cut outs or anything from me. I use them while throwing freight during a graveyard shift with my phone (GS2 Skyrocket with AOKP Jelly Bean ROM) in my pocket.

The only reason I'm dropping a star is because they really aren't very comfortable. The ear buds are too big, and the loops aren't big enough to actually go around my ears.... albeit I do have a big head with big ears.
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on December 27, 2013
Have had them for about a year. I use these every day with my motorola Droid phone. The good:
They fit well and rarely use their signal. The phone call sound quality is great. It works flawlessly with my Motorola phone. Picks up my voice great and the people I'm calling say the sound is great on their end. I have run with them many times in the rain and they have not shown any signs of damage. The battery lasts a long long time.
The not so good: The ear bud covers tend to fall off easily. I had to buy a bunch of extra ones. You can find the replacements cheap on Amazon. The red strips you see in the picture came off. They don't seem to serve any purpose other than to add some color.. but they are glued on and fell off. They aren't very loud at all. Don't plan on using them to mow the lawn or on a noisy treadmill. This isn't a huge deal for me. I mostly use them running through the neighborhood and walking around the house doing chores. If you are running on a busy road they can be hard to hear as well.
I like them... but i'm going to look for another pair if these begin to show signs of wear.
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