Customer Reviews: Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool [31-000749]
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on February 16, 2011
I am in the military and the multi-tool is the most important non issue item that you carry on you from day to day because you always need to fix things as they become broken and things come up. You can't always carry around a tool kit with you, and this is just an amazing, functional one that has everything that you need and easy to get to and use. The grip is awsome. I have had lots of different multi tools in the past. leatherman's are horrible, actually had the pliers break off in mission once. Most Gerber's tend to rust and it makes the sliding function difficult. SOG has been my go to but big and bulky and really expensive, so when it got lost (pretty sure stolen) I replaced with this after being really happy with a bear knife I had purchased and I think this is probably teh best of his line. A must have.
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on March 27, 2011
Im in the Navy and work on a lot of computer equipment, I have gone through MANY gerbers before buying this one and so far its my favorite. It hasnt rusted like my others and it isnt stiff or to lose. The grip is great. I have found my self actually moving more and more away from my knife and more into using this gerber. The blade is sharp and hasnt dulled on me yet. I highly recommend this as it is durable and i used it every day of deployment and its still in a new condition.
Thanks Bear for this AWESOME product!
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on April 4, 2011
The only other multi-tool I've owned is an SOG Specialty Knives & Tools S61-N EOD PowerLock. While I like my PowerLock, I wanted something that was lighter, smaller, and more convenient, and this fits the bill. It's only about an ounce lighter than the SOG, but it's nearly an inch shorter, which makes it easier to carry around. More importantly, having all the tools accessible on the outside is much more convenient than the PowerLock. Both have a locking mechanism, which I consider a necessity, but this is one area where the Gerber comes short. Unlike the PowerLock's gentle but effective lever and flat spring, the Gerber has a sliding lock with a compression coil spring. It's stiff and can rub your fingers raw with overuse, and I worry about how well it will hold up with age. While the Gerber doesn't have the range of tools of the PowerLock, it does have the most important ones. The flat Phillips head screwdriver doesn't look impressive, but it's worked when I needed it. I haven't tried the combined can opener/bottle opener yet, which is the other one I think looks iffy.

Others have pointed out that this is identical to the Gerber Suspension Butterfly. There's at least one difference, in that it has a rubberized grip rather than the open one of the other Gerber tool, which I consider an improvement. It may also have better weatherization, as other reviewers have noticed that it seems less prone to rusting than other Gerber tools, but that's anecdotal, so I can't be sure of this. In any case, the price was lower when I bought it, so the cost differential was considerably less. It's a good tool, overall, and I've found it worth the price.
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on March 25, 2011
For the money, this is a decent multitool. Upfront, the Philips Head screwdriver blows and the other screw drivers are not very well executed. I like the spring-loaded pliers and the innovative fold out scissor design, but I can't recommended this product fully. The carry pouch has a design flaw in that it contains an additional inside pocket. Every time you attempt to holster the device it gets caught on the other pocket hampering insertion. Not good. May be good for including in your car's First Aid kit, but you'll not use it as your primary MultiTool.
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on February 17, 2012
First: This product is almost identical to Gerber 01471 Suspension Butterfly Opening Multi-Plier with Sheath. The biggest differences are Bear Grylls's name, and a rubberized grip. I thought the rubberized grip was worth the 10 bucks extra. It may not be for you.

Second: The tool is pretty good. The knife blade needed some sharpening, and it's held it pretty well. The Phillips screwdriver is not the best, but it works. Loss of one star for not holding an edge as well as I think it should.

Third: The sheath sucks. I had to restitch the Velcro on, right out of the box. Then, I had it on my belt for less than a day when it broke. Loss of one star for the sheath.

Gerber used to be a great brand. Now they're middle-of-the-road. I hope they don't slide any further!
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on April 27, 2011
First off I'd like to say I own several multitools. I have 6 different Leatherman tools, a Coleman, Winchester and now this Gerber. I like Gerber knives so I figured I would give this multitool a try.
Some Features I like: It has a Rubber grip on the handle, nice fit and finish, Spring loaded pliers, a cool locking tool design and scissors, Nail nicks on the fold out tools and nubs on the knife blades that make deployment easy. It has a quality sheath however incorperates an inside pocket for survival instructions that constantly catches the tool when you try to holster it.
Features I did not like: Most of the tools that fold out are too small to use effectively. The phillips screwdriver seems to be copied from Coleman (Made over 10 years ago)and is a complete failure,Even my relatively low cost Winchester has it beat, the straight slot drivers are ok but could be better. The saw blade is too small to effectively use on anything larger than a dime sized diameter branch. The knives are sharp but small. The bottle / can opener is a cleaver design but when I put the can opener to work it seems to not be sharp enough to do a good job of cutting through the can lid. My other tools breeze through cans with ease. I tried out the cutters in the jaws to cut through a zip tie and was dissapointed, it took a few tries, my others slice through easily.
For comparison my go tool tool is the Leatherman Supertool 300. It is almost 3/4" longer but 1/2" narrower. I have also broken my leatherman tools 3 times over the years (They get heavy use)and I sent them in for repair and they always have returned them very quickly. As a technician this tool falls short for me, if you don't use multitools much this may be a good tool for you.
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on November 23, 2013
I was looking forward to adding this multi-tool to my collection which includes a 1st generation Leatherman Wave. I wanted this tool to be my backup, however when I was disappointed when it arrived. The quality and workmanship is only about one step up from cheaper $20 multi-tools from Wal Mart. The tools are very tight and hard to fold out. Also the lock releases have a gritty feel to them as if there were sand or something trapped inside. Bear's included "survival guide" is a OK addition, but could be more detailed and informative.

* All the tools can be locked into place. To fold any of the tools back you need to engage the release.
* Nice rubber grips on the sides provide a sure grip and feel good to hold.
* Pliers are spring-loaded.

* The Philips head screwdriver is oddly shaped and is difficult to use.
* The main blades are only about 2 inches long, Too short for hard survival use.
* The multi-tool itself is rather bulky and takes some effort getting back into the included nylon case.
* Not as well constructed as a Leatherman product
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on December 7, 2011
As a single gal of nearly 30, I've learned if you want it done, do it yourself. After a few years of fixing things myself I found that I was missing a good multi tool for little jobs around the house and on location for my job... being a fan of Bear and his adorable accent, I found myself drawn to his line of knives and recently purchased myself the Ultimate Multi-Tool. After light use thus far I have a few helpful tips for any ladies out there looking to do the same with purchasing this multi-tool.

1. The ease of movement in each tool and the pilers is great. Very comfortable on non-man hands and easy to hold and use.

2. I love the spring loading pilers and the fact that this has wire cutters is so useful.

3. The scissor design and the way it's folded into the knife is nice and is easy to complete the fold out, however if you were to use these for any length of time your "cutting" finger would really be hurting. There is no padding on the moving handle so to use these for more than just a few cuts would be very uncomfortable.

4. The range of tools is nice, though I'm not sure what you're suppose to do with the lanyard tool? Bear, I'm sure, has some amazing life saving use for it like tying a bit of cordage to a boat, using a tree for leverage and putting it from 3' of thick mud using nothing but this lanyard tool and his pinkie. The large and small flat head screw drive is very nice to have, many times I've found myself with a flat head that was just too big to use with a screw. I kinda think it's a bummer that you have to raise every tool starting with the knife to get to the tools in the middle or the far end of each side, I know that's pretty standard with multi-tools and at least the tools are on the outside of this one.

5. MAJOR BUMMER, the weak beware: My one complaint with this (and I'm not looking for something to complain about but this is huge) - Not having very strong muscles in my hand or a finger tip made of steel, I find it VERY DIFFICULT to close the tools. There is a metal sliding lock knob that you're suppose to push in and pull down to get the tool to release and lower... I find it impossible to do.. not only with one hand but I'm having to use my shirt over my finger as to not rip my nail off and try for a few minutes to get these to work. I'm not sure if it's a defect in my knife or if this was made for those with herculean strength but it can't be done.

6. I share in the disappointment that others have commented on in regards to the case.. there is a little pocket inside, which I assume is to hold the survival guide, and without the guide in the pocket it's tough to get the knife in the case. It gets caught and you have to struggle with it. But WITH the guide in the case, it's impossible.. getting the knife in the case can't be done. I'm not an extreme survivalist so I have no use for the sheathing knife but I really love the case that's included with it and the fact that it has a knife sharpener and a fire starter in the handle. I really wish they would redo this case that included those things into it with a faster and easier pack and unpack motion.

All in all, the locking feature is a major fail... Bear, us ladies want to be able to use this too ya know... and the case is pretty lame, nothing exciting about it and it's basically unusable for someone who would use this all the time... unless you use your multi tool to cut out that annoying extra pocket inside (HEY..BRILLIANT!) but in the end - a good multi tool to have with you.
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on February 9, 2013
Easy to use and get at the tools. I like it that they are on the outside and they seem and look solid. I still have the old habit of reaching for my swiss army knife but I am glad the multi tool is there if I need it.
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on December 27, 2013
Ordered the Gerber multitool from Amazon, received it promptly. My first impression was that it was a well made tool and a great deal. But further examination showed some issues. The first thing I noticed was that the pouch is a joke: (as other reviewers mentioned) there is a divider in the pouch that makes it hard to slide the tool into it. The pouch is also too tight, and does not have a clip, only a belt loop. The philips screw driver tool does not seem to be very useful, it is too small. When I tried the scissors they did not work, the tension spring rod kept slipping off. I bent the tension spring rod with another pair of needle nose pliers and now it works fine. The rest of the tool seems well made; I like the locking blades/tools, and the spring tensioned pliers work great. But the other problems add up to keep this tool from being a really good tool. Debating whether or not to keep it, or send it back.

Six month update: Still using the Gerber Multi tool, it does the job. Use it mostly for the plier/wire cutting feature. Found a clip on pouch at a hardware store that fits it nicely (is a cel phone pouch). Gerber should have made the pouch correctly in the first place.
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