Customer Reviews: Mahjong Solitaire
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on December 1, 2010
Mobigloo has now updated Mahjong Solitaire, as of January 21, 2011, and they changed the method of maneuvering around the layout. The navigation is now from tile to tile, which makes the game a lot more enjoyable to play. And if you hold down your directional button you can almost fly across the layout to reach tiles you want. This great improvement has resulted in my rating being upgraded to 5-Stars. If you already have this game, and you are happy with the navigation, then you may not want to update to the new version. But trust me, this new navigation is a whole lot better! My original review, minus the mention of the previously non-intuitive navigation, is below.....


This is an excellent version of Mahjong for the Kindle.

This is the typical game of Mahjong that just about everyone knows and has played. There are two different sets of tiles you can use. The normal set makes the game a little tougher, as the tiles are harder to differentiate since they are not in color. The easier set of tiles simply has numbers or letters on them. I would suggest this set when first playing the game, until you get comfortable with playing on a Kindle.....then move to the tougher set of tiles.

There are ten layouts available, and it's a pretty good selection. Each layout will provide you with an endless supply of possible games. There is also a "Fastest Times" list that will show you your best time on each layout completed.

You can shuffle the tiles if you get stuck, up to three times per game. You can also ask for a hint up to three times per game. In addition, you can undo your moves as often as you want.

If you like Mahjong then I definitely recommend this game. It looks great on a Kindle, as do most games, and it's a great break from reading.
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VINE VOICEon December 2, 2010
Buying a Kindle was definitely the best idea ever. Not only can I read books, newpapers, magazines and blogs, I can now play all of my favorite word and puzzle games on my Kindle as well. New games for Kindle appear almost on a daily basis, so there is always something new and fun to experiment with. I love Mahjong but for some reason I was convinced that a version of this game that would work well on my 2nd generation Kindle could never be developed. I am extremely happy to have been proven wrong. Mahjong Solitaire is great!

The graphics are beautiful. Every tile is very distinct. I only play the traditional version because that's what I'm used to. Still, even though there are no colors, I have no problem distinguishing the tiles. During the first couple of games one needs to figure out how to move the pointer to reach the tiles you need, but then you get the hang of it very fast and it becomes very easy to play. There are 10 different layouts to experiment with, so the game never gets boring.

In short, the Kindle version of Mahjong Solitaire is as good as any on-line version I have ever found but it has the added advantage of always being easily accessed on my Kindle.
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on December 6, 2010
I have only played a few games of this, but hopefully this will set your expectations:

I agree with prior reviewers, the graphics are good and clear. Good jungle theme looks nice. Very easy to tell which tiles match and which one is selected. Fonts are clear and fit the theme.

The game is also basically good. 10 different tile layouts to chose from (of course, each game randomizes the tiles within the layout). Choice of easy or traditional tilesets. Keeps track of best times.

Which gets me to the interface and the primary reason for 3-stars instead of 4 or 5. It is a bit slow, but more importantly, very difficult to figure out which 'direction' to go on the 5-way to get to the tile you want. If you have a tile one row up and over to the right, pressing up may move you 2 lines up, forcing you to go left to come down to go over. Very counter-intuitive. And, of course, the game is timing you as you are digging around trying to figure out how to get to that tile that you want.
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on December 15, 2010
I really love computerized Mahjong, so I was prepared to be really excited about this game. Boy, was I disappointed!

First, if you have any kind of vision problem, beware! In the traditional tile set, the tiles are totally impossible to differentiate in black and white on a 6" Kindle screen. Even the easy tile set causes eye strain after playing for a while. Maybe it would be better on the larger DX, but on the smaller screen it is just awful.

The real problem with this game is selecting tiles. Moving from one tile to another is very difficult and totally counter-intuitive to any other Mahjong game I have ever played. Trying to play was like driving a car in which the power steering had gone out-- yes, it was that difficult! And that was on the easy layouts. I shudder to think what it would be like on the more difficult layouts.

In my opinion, this is a truly sub-par version of Mahjong. If you *really* enjoy playing, I suggest you give this one a pass.
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on December 24, 2010
After reading someof the other reviews, I wasn't sure I wanted the game. Went ahead & got it and I don't regret it. It takes some practice moving around the board, but I don't believe it is as bad as implied by other reviews. Definitely worth the trouble!
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on December 11, 2010
Let's start out with the fact that I love my Kindle. Plus I thoroughly enjoy Mah Jong. The problem in the marriage between the two is that the game on the Kindle is slow and clunky to use. I spent so much time trying to get the cursor to the desired tile that my frustration level finally got the better of me. Good concept, but definitely needs more development.
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on March 19, 2011
I used to love playing mahjong on the computer so was excited to discover mahjong for the Kindle. But I agree with other 1-star raters, that game is too slow and cumbersome to navigate on the Kindle that I get a splitting headache within the first few minutes and have to quit. A pity
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on December 1, 2010
I've already played thru one game on the "easy" tileset (letters and numbers, rather than the traditional mahjong characters) and it works pretty well (the tiles are sometimes tricky to get to, as you only stop on a playable tile and only have up/down and left/right movement on the Kindle). There are ten different layouts, so between those and the traditional tiles, I suspect I'll spend many hours playing this one.
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on February 2, 2011
It's a good interface, takes only a few minutes to get used to. It navigates over every tile, as opposed to skipping only to tiles that are available, but I guess that might be to keep from using the interface as a cheat (maybe?).

One thing to watch out for - do not go 'home' directly from a game, the kindle will freeze either then or when you reopen the game, and the kindle has to reboot. Also try not to go 'home' after pausing the game, it also seems to freeze up and the counting of the time gets messed up.

Overall totally worth the couple dollars it costs, I have been sick and spent a few hours at least playing this game to take my mind off things.

There are 10 layouts, all of them are fun. My average time for completing them is around 15 minutes, some a few less and some a few more.
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on December 2, 2010
I'm glad to see more games are becoming available for the Kindle. As an avid mahjong player, I enjoyed this version except for the limited way to move the 5-way cursor, as previously mentioned by another reviewer. I wish the 5-way controller allowed diagonal movement because I find myself ineffectively moving the cursor everywhere but where I want it to go. Moving the cursor to the side sometimes moves it up to the next row, which you have to do sometimes because if you try to move the cursor up, it'll go to the next available tile in that column rather than to the next available tile in the row above it. It can get very frustrating. I enjoy the 10 different layouts though.
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