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on July 23, 2016
Blown away again with another awesome story. Lewis is an exceptional story teller. Kept me interested from page 1. Nick uprooted from his alcoholic mother who promises to get her life back in order and come get him one day, is taken to live in an Amish community with the Bishop's family next door to Rose. Sad he never adjust to their way of living and continues to hope his mother will come get him like she promised. Rose feels compassion for Nick and befriends him. They grow up confiding in one another and becoming best friends. Nick works for Rose's father so she sees him every day. He never joins their church so he's considered an outsider. Christian, the Bishop's real son thinks that Nick is ungrateful and should join the church. He also thinks that Nick should cut his long hair and show some respect for his father. Christian never got along with Nick. Nothing changes when they grow up, except that Nick finds out his mother has died. Rose is of courting age and when one of the local Amish boys starts courting her Nick feels hurt because he realizes she is more than just a friend. Rose is torn between her friendship with Nick and her new beau. She has an important decision to make. Then tragedy strikes and is a total game changer. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next.
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on December 20, 2016
Let me state up front that I am probably not part of the target audience for this book, as I am a middle-aged male. The story started pretty slow and there were few times it changed pace, maintaining mostly low-level tension. There were a few times that I felt more drawn in because of minor tragedy and conflicts/challenges in relationship, but still nothing that kept you in suspense for more than a minute or two. I liked the fact that it was clean and reflected wholesome values. The development of the few main characters seemed pretty thorough and interesting. The story had sweet times as it explored the relationships between the characters. It was interesting to see the author's view into the Amish community, and even as different as their way of life is from mine, I empathized with them and the beliefs and passions they espoused. I don't regret taking the time to read the book, but I would probably not do it over again and I will not be buying or reading the other books in the trilogy. For those who especially enjoy light romance and/or Amish culture, you might really enjoy this book.
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on December 27, 2015
I had read Beverly Lewis books before and they were very good. This definanely brought you into the Amish way of life. Rose, Nick and Hannah all had their struggles. They met others along the way who had their struggles as well. Rose was able to help Mr Browning daughter Beth come out of her shell. Rose ends up being in love with two young men. The one Nick she had known him all her life but only had friend type feelings for him. But he had come to love her. But he had come from the outside world away from the Amish and he wanted to go back to it. Silas was Amish and didn't want to leave it and Rose was stuck in the middle not knowing what to do. Her oldest sister Hen had married an ENGLISHER as the Amish called them. She enjoyed being in the outside world forawhile but she wanted to raise their daughter Amish which her husband didn't want her to do. But she came back home anyway she also started work for an Amish lady. This was a start to the series for these three characters. So it will be interesting to see what happens next.
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on November 11, 2015
This was a really good story. I expected something quite a bit lighter, a quick read, but was pleased to discover it was something more involved and many layered. Lots of things going on in this story: the curious accident that crippled Rose's mother, the situation with Nick, the animosity between him and Christian, the problems between "Hen" and her husband, the strange Mr. Browning, the almost lost romance between Rose and Silas. And woven into each storyline is the Amish way of life. I really enjoyed it. The only downside I found was the character of Rose's mother. She was almost entirely useless, IMO, and added very little if anything to the story. At the end when the kids saw the shooting star in the sky and one of them predicted that it meant someone would die soon, I was hoping it would be she who died, but it wasn't. She continued to live on in her pain and uselessness, and someone else died. All in all though, a very good read. The second book in the series continues the story, so I'm going to order it up.
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on March 16, 2016
bevely lewis is the best amish fiction author, ever, in my opinion. Her books are always clean, wholesome, (never have to worry about what you might come across!) teens can read them, adults can read them, they are well researched, and you can tell she knows what she's writing about. She comes across as authentic, whereas a lot of the other authors of this genre do NOT. Never fear when buying her books. She always does a great job. This particular series for me, was not as interesting as some of her others, hence the four stars, but that's just me. It in no way reflects on the book or the author's writing. I have the highest respect for beverly lewis' writing and i never hesitate to buy her books. She's excellent!
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on November 4, 2014
Excellent book. I was forced to go to the library and check out the two sequels. I can't afford full price books on my retirement income! But the entire series was great. One thing I love about Beverly Lewis is her authenticity. Since she has an Amish background, she writes Amish reality. So many authors come up with the idea to do an Amish book, and do little or no research. They just have the Amish doing what they consider to be "conservative" things. So instead of courting secretly, they'll have the Amish boys coming to ask permission of the father before even asking the girl for her first date. They have them praying out loud before meals, when actually Amish pray silently. They have the little girls wearing dresses that button up the back until they are old enough to manage the buttons themselves, when Amish do not use buttons at all, but rather put their clothes together with straight pins! Since we live in Amish country here in the Fingerlakes of New York, we interact with them quite a bit and can spot a phony Amish story a mile away. Beverly Cleary is the real thing.
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on December 11, 2015
I enjoyed thus novel by Beverly Lewis just as I have enjoyed all of her novels. There are several situations going on at the same time. Only one situation seems to be truly resolved by the end of the novel. That's true to life. The book does an excellent job of showing the pain that is ultimately involved when one leaves God out of momentous decisions. Many of us tend to forget this until it's too late. The other situation doesn't exactly leave the reader hanging, but it isn't resolved in a way that pleases the reader. That too is just like life. The reason I gave only three stars for this book is that it was too wordy in the beginning and I wasn't sure that I could stick with it until the end. That's an unheard of appraisal for a Beverly Lewus novel.
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on April 4, 2017
I ordered this book for a friend. So can't tell you about the content and how it is written. I know I have ordered her several books by this author and she has never been disappointed.
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on June 30, 2016
What a beautiful story about Amish life as we have not seen it before. The family is so believable and the two sisters have their own problems to contend with. When we get to know Rose, we truly know what a caring young lady she is. She is always willing to give the benefit of the doubt to her fellow friend. Hen, who left the family to marry an outsider, now has a new feeling towards God and her family. I wonder what will happen to the two girls in the next book of this series. I just couldn't put this book down. Another good read about an Amish family by Beverley Lewis.
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on November 4, 2015
This is a long book which never gets interesting or gets to an ending. I t just goes on and on with several story lines started but with no conclusion to a single one of them. And I really don't see the point of throwing in a few of the idiotic words like gut for good or denim for thanks. If you want to write a book in a foreign language, write the entire book in the same language. It's pretty simple to understand.
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