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on December 20, 2010
Maze A Thon is a very nice and well-done Kindle game, especially for kids. The mazes are drawn on what looks a ragged-edged piece of paper (as if you tore it out of the magazine), a nice touch. The more advanced types include mazes drawn on the faces of a cube, and ones that allow you to wrap around from edge to edge on a normal flat maze. The difficulty level can be adjusted from game to game to be either harder, the same, or random, which adds some variety, and the most difficult levels are very challenging. Try a cube maze with the highest setting if you want to work really hard! You can optionally leave a "bread crumb" track if you'd like to see where you've been in the maze.

From a software point of view, it is a very clean and well-written game that makes good use of the e-ink display on the Kindle. The text and menus are easy to read and don't unnecessarily blink the display, which takes some effort to optimize.

Definitely recommended for those hours at the airport while you are waiting for your plane and can't bring yourself to start the 40th book that you've ordered on the Kindle but haven't read yet :-)
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on December 22, 2010
I had been looking for a Kindle game that did not feature letters or words. Don't get me wrong: I love word games and crossword puzzles. But I wanted something different that capitalized on the Kindle form factor yet understood its limitations (I did not want or expect an iPad app).

Maze A Thon is a clever, configurable game that fits the bill. It is appropriate for both children and adults.

Think the mazes are too easy? Switch to the three-dimensional cube, turn off the breadcrumbs and increase the number of maze squares. Take that!

My only gripe is that the mouse is too cute. We all know in real life mice have beady eyes, little claws and creepy long tails. (Yes, this is a joke.)
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on December 23, 2010
My Kindle (which I adore) just got a whole lot more fun when I downloaded Mazeathon - a simple and intuitive game that challenges your visual-spacial brain. You are a mouse trapped in a maze, trying to find the cheese. Once you succeed a new maze launches, this time a touch more challenging.

So far the mazes only take a few minutes or less to complete, which makes them super handy for a quick procrastination break/brain refresher. (except that it can be hard to stop after only 1 game, if you know what I mean). I have a gen2 kindle, and the game works fine on it (very occasionally the slow refresh rate of the screen requires me to pause for a millisecond, but it's not a big deal).
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on May 9, 2012
Have loved mazes since childhood when first discovered them in playbooks for kids. Have been waiting for them to update this for the K-Touch and here it is!! Just in case anyone else has a brain like mine - did have to email AGamz on how to move one square (or just a few squares) at a time rather than just going from one side to the other or top to bottom. I kept trying to tap right next to the object I wanted to move - you have to tap once (or several-depending on how far you want to move) time(s) to the left, top, bottom, or right to get your object to move square by square. And, of course, if you want to go to the end of a hallway, you just swipe in that direction. Works like a dream and have already worked a couple of mazes. As an added plus - the AGamz folk replied within 30 minutes and in my book, that qualifies for a top recommendation on its own!! They also didn't make me feel like an idiot when they patiently explained how to work it. You don't get that kind of service for a $200 item most of the time, never mind one for 1.99!! I am super pleased - have been with all their games I've downloaded - but am specially tickled over MazeAThon. Am off to feed my inner child (still hanging in this 60+ old broad) and keep my old brain working with mazes!!
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on September 24, 2011
I absolutely love this game. Once I got it I instantly had quite a few friends, one in particular, asking to borrow my Kindle for a while to play this awesome game. A Gamz definitely did an amazing job at this game. All my friends love it!

First of all, if you know much about this game at all, you know that it has three stages of maze-ness: a flat version, the maze that you are probably used to, to a wrap-around version, that wraps around the screen, for example if you see an arrow symbol like this: > or this: < then that means that it takes the mouse to exactly the opposite side of the screen, or the maze. Finally you have the most challenging or fun version, the cube. This version is a 6-sided cube that eventually leads to the cheese, but is much more difficult than the other versions because you cant't see all the paths all the time, so that version requires a little finding.

Overall I would rate this 9.5 out of 10, not because it's in the least bit bad but because the mazes take a while to actually get hard if you are on a 2-D maze, but that can sort of be changed.

TIP: You can hit the back button to go back on your path of crumbs. By default the mouse drops crumbs so you know if you've gone on a path or not, but you can change that by hitting the "Aa" button, or going to the menu and selecting OPTIONS.

Hope this review helped!
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on July 22, 2012
Mazes are very interesting kind of games and it's very nice to play mazes on Kindle Touch. In fact it's the only maze game designed for eink Kindles.

What I like:
1. There are three modes - classic, wrap around, and cube like.
2. Controls on Kindle Touch are very intuitive - it's possible to move cell-by-cell by tap and wall-by-wall by swap.
3. Nice graphic - simple and clear.
4. You can set different options like difficulty.
5. App remembers my last played maze - I can continue solving after have closed and launched app again.

What I would like to see improved:
1. All mazes are generated randomly - but I like more customized ones, made by human.
2. Options menu works not correct on Kindle Touch - when I tap one item, in fact another one selects. It seems tap areas are small or shifted.
3. It's confusion to solve Cubetastic mode while the finish is not visible.
4. Would like to have timer.

Note: you can play app on Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle DX and Kindle (2nd Generation) devices.

In overall - it's a very good maze (the only for Kindle in fact to the date) but for paid version you could expect more variety and better polishing.
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on September 11, 2011
I love a few special games on the computer. I love a few hand held electronic games. I don't do well with word games and hate math. I am an Art teacher, and play Bejeweled as an example because I am fast with color, shapes and patterns. MAZE A THON works great on a Kindle, using mostly the little square controller ) left, right, up, down). In this game you have those mazes you used to try on paper, with a shape like a road to get to the center. Here you have one mouse and one cheese as the goal. I loved it right away when I picked it up. I could visually see the right moves. Sometimes I do them backwards,starting at the cheese instead of the mouse, and find that makes them easier. After that, I discovered the flat maze goes into a cube, 6 sided maze. This is much trickier. Great game and works so easily on the Kindle. It's the best game I have bought.
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on September 10, 2017
fun game
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on December 26, 2012
I've just started to explore the numerous puzzles on Maze A Thon, but I'm delighted that
the game contains so many maze variations not often found in books. For instance, one
of my favorites is the type in which one can "jump" from one side of the board to the
opposite in order to get at seemingly unobtainable pieces of cheese. I've got some work
to do to master the geometric cube sorts, as I was never as good at geometric puzzles
as the classic kinds. One can also choose to work any given puzzle on a scale of difficulty
that ranges from easy to challenging. Good fun, and great for sharpening up ones own
mental "mice."
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on January 15, 2011
1) only $0.99
2) doesn't take long to do most of the puzzles. great for breaks.
3) you can go up or down in levels of difficulty. so it'd be great for kids and adults.
4) cube mazes... awesome

1) those passages off the side... not usually a bad thing... except a lot of puzzles (flat particularly) can be easily solved by taking passages off the corners!
2) increased difficulty means smaller graphics. at its worst, the mouse and cheese are nothing more than dots in the maze. given the size of the screen, there's probably not much the developer can do about this. just a limitation of the hardware.

In the end, I'm finding only the cube mazes to be challenging. However, that alone is worth the $0.99 price.
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