Customer Reviews: NY Times Crosswords Vol. 1
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on December 22, 2010
I know everyone's waiting for someone else to take the plunge on this, as other crossword implementations have been so bad. Well, this one is pretty good. Not perfect, but playable.

The good:
--Clues are right where you can see them, both across and down.
--Everything is very readable.
--Answer checking is available.
--Fully interactive.

The not-so-good:
--The game doesn't know where the next answer should be placed, so you have to scroll around a bit to get to a clue on the next line.
--It's slow. There is significant lag time between typing and letters appearing, but you can type ahead.

I enjoyed playing the puzzles, and wasn't all that frustrated over the problems; however, I won't break the bank scrambling to buy every last set of puzzles.
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on December 27, 2010
Unfortunately the slow speed of this application spoils the experience. Simply entering a single letter or moving to another square takes way too long. As a software professional I would have to say that something is wrong with this application since there is no major processing occurring when typing a letter. The Scrabble game performs the same actions and is significantly faster. Hopefully there will be an update that will fix this problem.
Speed aside the program is fine and has some nice features to make it work on the Kindle.
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on December 23, 2010
The puzzles are great, the layout is perfect, the only problem is that the interface is extremely slow. Expect second-long, or longer, delays when cursoring around the puzzle.
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on January 3, 2011
I do two things to retain my sanity on an airline flight. I read and work crossword puzzles. The puzzles were always problematic because after you are shoe-horned into a slender seat in coach (I weigh 165 and it is still a tight fit at times), you have to dig out your puzzle book, pencil, and eraser. If you get up to stretch your legs and drop the stuff, you're on your knees looking for the pencil, etc. Today, I discovered this nifty new item and decided to gamble $2.00 to try it out. I'm not sure where the complaints of slowness come from as my version works wonderfully. The interface seems well thought out. The display is clear and easy to read. The cursor moves quickly, given the device retrieves the clue and displays it at the top of the screen. It is easy to change cursor movement from horizontal to vertical. I also do not experience any lag with cursor moves or text entry. You can also blank out the puzzle and re-work it at some future date (for me, on some future flight). Now, I can throw my puzzle books away and just bring my Kindle with me to the airport. Absolutely brilliant!! Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon July 27, 2011
The New York Times Crosswords (easy) Vol. 1 is a great "active" program on Kindle. It has 30 crosswords, easy meaning it is a little more challenging than the puzzles you get in a daily local newspaper. The puzzle can be solved with no help or with the help of a crossword puzzle dictionary. You don't even need the dictionary because of the useful help menu. When you get stuck, you can reveal one letter or the complete answer to a clue. The 5 way controller on the Kindle allows you to go to a clue and use the keyboard to type in your responses. Across and Down clues can be called up to the display by pressing down on the 5 way.

The puzzles are entertaining, most often following a theme. Some puzzles have circled letters that are repeated in more than one clue. Some have circled letters that when combined spell out a phrase or series of items related to the puzzle theme. Some crosswords have clues containing a single box that contains 2 letters. Finding these same two letter boxes in other clues sets the stage for answering an Across and a Down clue starting with the same box.

At the end of your work, you get a congratulating message or an indication there are errors in the puzzle. You can check for errors (X over the wrong letters) and fix them to complete the puzzle. A timer checks your speed of solution. The sleep function or turning off the Kindle stops the clock. It resumes when you come back to the puzzle later.

If you like crossword puzzles, you'll really like this program. I solved all 30 puzzles in Vol. 1 and have bought two more easy volumes. Even though the puzzles seem to get a bit more challenging as you work through the puzzles, I plan to move on to the more challenging New York Times puzzles offered for Kindle in the future.
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on January 17, 2011
Answer: The New York Times 30 Crosswords Volume 1

The New York Times' Crosswords are progressive during the week: Monday's are the easiest, Tuesday's a bit harder and so on. This Volume, NY Times Crosswords Vol. 1 contains 10 puzzles from each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY (30 TOTAL). The title says "30 EASY CROSSWORDS", but remember it is the NY Times, so I would say they range from Easy to Medium, and some of the Wednesday clues have been downright HARD and/or obscure! This volume of 30 is a great way to test them out to see if this active content is for you, as the price is quite low. There is a second volume which contains 90 more puzzles, as well as 2 other volumes of more difficult crosswords.

You can select any puzzle at any time. I have not noticed a great amount of lag on my Kindle (2nd Gen), but you can choose in the set up to have to type out each letter each time OR to skip the letters already in place. This is great and allows for much faster entering. Using the Aa (font) button, you can select the size of each puzzle and the lettering on the clues as well. There are enough options to make this VERY user-friendly--you can select timed or un-timed entry, choose to get 1 letter as a hint or the entire answer (as well as solve the whole puzzle). Like everything else for the Kindle, you can select landscape or portrait orientations, too. You can jump ahead (or back) to a clue/answer by just typing in the number! SO EASY!

The WORST thing about this content is there aren't enough puzzles! 30 was just enough to get me going, so I quickly ordered Volume 2 NY Times Crosswords Vol. 2which has 90 MORE Monday-Wednesday puzzles. For those who want MORE challenging/difficult puzzles, Volumes 3 & 4 are the latter part of the week's crosswords and correspondingly, more difficult clues, which I would say are HARD-CHALLENGER OR EXPERT. MY OPINION ONLY!

This content pack of 30 puzzles was difficult enough without being too simplistic, so I felt I got enough of a challenge, especially from the Wednesday crosswords. I want to enjoy the puzzles, have a little brain exercise and do something besides read or play card games. This was a wonderful option to me, as I love crosswords and often carry around a book in my purse. This is PERFECT because I can slip my Kindle in my purse and carry all the books and magazines I want to read AND have both card and with this purchase, CROSSWORD puzzles with me at all times! Waiting in doctor's offices, as a passenger on car rides and airline travel have all become so much more bearable with my Kindle loaded with these crosswords (and all my other content!).

GET THESE PUZZLES! I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who likes Medium(to Hard)crosswords!
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on January 30, 2011
I was a bit concerned because of some of the reviews of this being 'slow'. I don't have a problem. I mean, sure, it's a little slower than an LCD screen would be, but hey, it's eink, so I'm not sure what people expect! It's not slow enough to diminish the enjoyment of completing a crossword puzzle on it, that's for sure. I also am fine with the size, it is large enough to see everything, plus, like other digital crosswords, the clue comes up larger on the top when you click on the box it's supposed to go in. I just got this last night and have only finished two puzzles so far, but I have no doubt that I will get more once I'm done with this one!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 8, 2011
Much to my surprise, the New York Times Challenging Crosswords (NY Times Crosswords Vol. 3) were a bit too challenging. Actually, they were a lot too challenging: I couldn't even start the first one! How humiliating, for a veteran (albeit slightly rusty) double-crostic solver!

So it was back to the Kindle Store for a download of these New York Times "easy" crosswords. They are perfect for me: hard enough to be interesting, but easy enough to use for killing time while waiting in a doctor's or dentist's office. And I'm pretty sure that after I finish all of them, I'll be ready for Vol. 3.

The crosswords show up clearly on the Kindle display, and the navigation is intuitive and quickly mastered. So far, the software has worked perfectly in my Kindle Keyboard 3G.
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on February 5, 2011
For starters, I'll say that I have not had some of the issues that other reviewers had regarding lag. The cursor moves around easily and the game is responsive when letters are pressed. Overall, this is probably one of the better puzzle games for the Kindle. I really like some of the features such as revealing one letter in the answer. I find the entire application very functional. If I had one complaint though about this specific volume, it's that some of the puzzles are too easy. I have a DTB of NY Times Monday puzzles edited by Eugene Maleska, and some of those are much more difficult than ones presented here.
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on September 7, 2015
Once you get the hang of moving and positioning the cursor where you want it, the game is playable. HOWEVER, I found it greatly annoying to discover that as soon as I had almost completed the puzzle, it got slower and slower until my kindle cut out and then did not remember what I had already done on the puzzle when I tried to go back re-starting the page. So, being stubborn, I tried again and the same thing happened just as I was almost finished. This happened several times until I just gave up.

Amazon/NYTimes, as things stand, no way would I recommend this game to anyone.
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