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on January 22, 2014
Great magazine for anyone interested in telephony, security and information technology. The section with letters and responses to them are honestly the best part of the magazine - there is just something magically nostalgic about delayed reader interaction in this day and age of instant 130 character message exchanges. Unfortunately there are no images included in the Digital Edition when viewed on Kindle DX which, as you might imagine, detracts significantly from the reading experience. Took a star off for that.
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on January 10, 2011
I'm generally not a fan of the magazine format since I discovered the convenience of RSS feeds years ago, but 2600 is something that I still find I need and want. I've been reading 2600 for 16 years now and it's a magazine that gets better with each passing year. 2600 is full of information, not advertisements, and the articles are always entertaining and useful. Best of all, 2600 actually lowered the price of their Kindle subscriptions, compared to the price of their paper edition. Most other publishers think we should pay the same price even though they no longer have to pay for printing or delivery of the paper versions, so thanks for being honest, 2600, and not just pocketing the extra money for yourselves. 2600 will be the only magazine I'll ever subscribe to on my Kindle, which should tell you how awesome they are.
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on November 1, 2011
Everyone should be aware of the following line for the Kindle edition:

""The seven most recent issues delivered are saved on your Kindle. Older issues are automatically deleted for your convenience.""

Make sure you understand line 2, ""Older issues are automatically deleted for your convenience.""

NOT very convenient.
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on February 4, 2013
I didn't get much out of this for myself, and I won't subscribe. Of course, I'm not a hacker, and so it's a little too technical and dry for me (I'm more of a Popular Science guy, and I suppose I was expecting a little more of that style).

Nevertheless, it had great tech info for hackers, and would probably be riveting for someone with technical chops. That isn't me, but I can see the quality of the offering.
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on January 24, 2014
I've been reading this magazine since I was a kid. In honesty, even as a teenager I didn't love this publication.

Very few of the authors exhibit good writing skills. Many articles drone on needlessly to fill pages or meet the arbitrary length requirements of the editors. Further, few of the articles have any directly applicable content. The magazine also focuses heavily on pay phones, including pictures of pay phones from all around the world. I might be wrong, but I suspect many of the current readers have little interest in pay phones and don't understand the dedication these obsolete relics solicit.

Overall, there are rare articles that are worth reading.
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on September 7, 2014
A good trade magazine for the IT security industry. Any security analyst worth their salt needs to be on the leading edge of what's going on in the nefarious corners of the internet as well as opening their eyes to blind spots they may have missed. We all have them, which is not bad, we're human after all. The bad thing is arrogantly assuming you don't. Be a true hacker, actively seek out your weaknesses, patch them, and thank those who helped you on your way.
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on March 10, 2014
Even that, is greeeaaatt..I love it, but I apollogize since way previous numbers were far better, and more substancious, but even that is still a great advise on how to get into and out of troubles (because of the bad advise over NSA's modified firefox package they recommend as safe) i do read it over my kyndle when traveling..

Hopefully next month I still can pay it, to get the new number =)
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on December 11, 2011
Thanks to Amazon I've discovered this extraordinary magazine. It has really good content, well written, and aimed for the technology enthusiast (and hackers of course).

The price is more than affordable, specially considering that I live overseas (Argentina) and, even when I'm now considering a Lifetime Subscription in print, with the shipment costs included, the magazine gets more expensive. I'm waiting for the lifetime subscription to appear here in the Kindle Store, and when it does, I'll probably purchase the "History Collection" (1984-2010) on print.

As I said, its content is superb, and convering a wide area of current-hacking-territories, like cellphones, wireless, credit cards, and others. Of course, all the information is given from the "white hat" angle, so there are no misunderstandings. ;-)

Subscribe to the magazine, since it has been well ported to the Kindle and its content is clear and readable. I'm reading the issues on a 3rd Gen Kindle, and looks great.

Thanks to the folks at 2600 for this port, and I'll welcome the lifetime subscription right when you and Amazon arrange the fine tuning of it.
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on September 12, 2012
I was away from a metro newsstand for several years, and went to 2600.com about once a month, lamenting that I couldn't get it at a newsstand anymore. I could've probably paid for a subscription, through the website, but just couldn't deal with the price. Well, I got a Kindle last year and an Android, so I got a subscription. At a buck a month, it comes out to half the cost per year of the newsstand copy. Totally worth it, for anyone interested in their PC security, or in general as to hom things really work. Yes, some of the article writers are crackpots, but truth is in every issue, and there are reasons beyond paranoia as to why government security and security agencies in general have subscriptions too. I love the 2600 guys, and the knowledge gained from them has helped me in innumerable ways. Totally worth it.
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on November 1, 2011
I've been reading 2600 in print since Hectir was a pup. It's not easy to find on newsstands, so I used to buy it at Border's. Obviously, that didn't work any more.

You may assume that, if I read 2600, I'm one of those evil guys who breaks into computers and vandalizes them. Nope! I initially started reading 2600 because I figured I might gain knowledge that would help me fight illegal intrusions.

That turned out to be another bad assumption. The articles in 2600 are mostly about exploring how things work - and sometimes showing innovative ways to solve unusual problems.

In the end, it's been more entertaining than informational. The authors in 2600 show a child's glee in discovery, and the editor obviously has a great sense of humor.

If you already know what 2600 is about, this is a convenient way of never again missing an issue. If you don't, try it anyway. You'll know within the trial period whether you enjoy it - and I suspect most people with intellectual curiosity will enjoy it.
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