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on January 18, 2013
I will start by saying that I purchased these for $99 which at $5.5 represents a great value-per-knife ratio

Here is a ranked order of things I look for in a Knife Set:
1) Sharp as hell
2) Sharp as hell
3) Sharp as hell
4) looks pretty

That is the entire list. I am not nearly proficient enough in the kitchen to have other requirements. The knives are sharp as hell. They cut the crap out of stuff. I enjoy showing off their sharpness to amazed visitors (more realistically, I just show my girlfriend over and over again). Look how easy it is to cut through lemons! You try! Case closed. They are also a pretty good looking knife set. I'm not sure I needed 18 knives, because I only know what about 8 of them do, but it is impressive looking and really makes people know that I'm the boss.

I purchased them a few months ago, so I cannot objectively weigh in on the rust-issue (I have none at this point). Therefore my only real con at this point is that this point is that the block is really big and awkwardly fits in my small New York City kitchen. Please note the massive size before you follow me to sharpcity.

Update: 4/27/14 - THERE IS NO RUST. Believe it.
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on July 29, 2013
I have had and used these knives for over a year now and could NOT be happier! I have not had to sharpen once. I wash by hand and immediately dry them and have had NO issues. They are sturdy and sharp and easy to clean. The best I have ever owned. I don't have to worry about handles coming off or getting loose. The wood block is also worth mentioning because it's classic looking, not too large or bulky and super easy to keep clean. I love the grip of the knives as well. After a year, my knives and block are still looking and feeling new.
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on October 26, 2012
As a certified chef, I have a very pricey set of knives I use for work, but I wanted a good looking well made set for my kitchen at home. These knives have a nice weight, excellent hardness (keeps sharp under heavy use), and they offer a good grip even with wet hands. The bamboo block adds a very nice decorative touch. The knives will require frequent sharpening IF you use them a lot, but for daily use in a home kitchen they will hold an edge for a long time.
The package claims "Dishwasher safe". I don't recommend putting them in a dishwasher. It will dull them and water will probably get in between the metal and the rubber of the handles. Wash them by hand with hot soapy water and they will last forever.
Be very careful, the factory edge on these knives will shave your arm, in other words THEY ARE EXTREMELY SHARP!
For the serious amateur home chef/cook these are a great buy. They will stand up to daily use and keep a good sharp edge, as will just about any Chicago Cutlery knives.
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on April 30, 2015
Very disappointing... After just over one year, the knives do not stay sharp for very long, but I can sharpen them, that's not a big deal BUT I dropped one of the steak knives on my kitchen hardwood floor and it broke in half ! Cheap cheap cheap! I thought no biggie, I will just ask that Chicago Cutlery send a replacement, their response, "We do not warranty the product if you drop it".... you gotta be kidding me!!! What rotten customer service.

12/15 I just wanted to add- it has now been two years since I bought this knife set, the first steak knife broke the first year, and now we only have four of the eight steak knives left... if you drop one on the floor - I guarantee they will break in half. No use in asking Chicago to replace, they said "misuse" when the first one broke and refused to send a replacement. This is a Company that does not stand behind their products.
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on April 27, 2015
I absolutely love this knife set, however, one of my steak knives broke clean in half! How do I get it replaced?? Thank you!
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on March 3, 2015
I have owned this set of knives for 8 months. One of the steak knives tips broke off the knife. I attempted to clean the knife by hand, and it broke again at the base of the knife. It seemed that the warranty would cover the knife since it broke into pieces like it was made of glass. I contacted World Kitchen (they own Chicago Cutlery) to be told that their lifetime warranty will not cover the knife. I will never buy another Chicago Cutlery product.
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on August 26, 2014
I bought this knife set in March 2014. I was very please with this product, even after reading the negative reviews. I have noticed a small amount of rusting on the knives, nothing serious. Today while I was slicing a piece of cheese a knife broke in my hand. The blade completely broke in half. I wish I could post the picture. Not only was this dangerous, now my knife set is incomplete. I cannot figure our who to call to replace this knife.
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on October 30, 2015
I bought this knife set and block for my husband for his birthday. My husband is a chef and definitely knows good quality knives.

The shipment was timely and the packaging was of usual amazon quality.

My husband and myself were extremely pleased with the quality weight and balance of these knives. These knives have a noticeable weight to them without being too heavy for my smaller hands to handle. While the balance of the knives a is not 100% spot on the working center of the blade it is close enough to be considered comparable to the higher quality, higher expense, professional cutlery sets.

While machine washing professional cutlery is never advised, these blades hold up nicely to the riggers of an industrial dish washer. We have had these blades for almost a year now and they have yet to show any sign of rust, wear, or dulling from general use. We have not had to sharpen the blades yet.

We have used the sharpening stellar several times for older knives but are slightly less pleased with the steel than the rest of the set. The steel included in this set is not as weighted as its professional or industrial competitors making it slightly more of a task to sharpen dull blades. We have actually continued using our other steels instead.

The block provided with this set is as bulky as can be expected from the amount of blades it is made to accomodate. It is nicely weighted and shows no signs of tipping. The wood seems of acceptable quality and is not strong in odor.

All in all we are rather pleased with this cutlery set. Professional and industrial block sets can go as high as 2k and start around 500. This set is an extremely nice and feasible option for those not looking to pay the price of a small car for a set of blades. This was a good investment and if you are looking for a good, sturdy set of blades without paying professional prices, this set will definitely be a good buy.
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on October 10, 2015
Bought this set 2 years ago, while using one of the steak knives at dinner, it fell from my hand and broke in two closer to the handle. Never any of my other knives ever broke this way when falling from such small height. Since this product has a "lifetime warranty" I called World Kitchen (they now own Chicago Cutlery) just to be informed that this is not covered by the warranty. When I questioned what else is covered I received no answer. I then requested to buy another individual steak knife just to be told they don't have replacement steak knives. I think this "lifetime warranty" is a total misrepresentation, a downright lie to the customer. Shame on World Kitchen/Chicago Cutlery ! I would give them negative stars if it was possible!
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on August 7, 2014
A few years back I was one of those annoying people that sold CutCo knives. During that time I got pretty familiar with some of the things that you should expect from kitchen knives.

Here are some thoughts:
* Sharp - these are some very sharp knives. About what you would expect for the price point, though.
* Edge retention - I'm a real snob when it comes to my knives being sharp. I had a set of wusthof knives that I'd take the steel to whenever I used them to hone the edge. So far I haven't had to do that with these knives and they've retained their sharpness through fairly light use during my two months of ownership. I haven't had to hone or sharpen them at all, yet.
ergonomics - The bigger knives are awesome and comfortable to hold. The smaller knives were made for some seriously tiny hands. It makes no sense to me that the handles are so small. My girlfriend has small hands and they fit wonderfully. However, my hands are of the larger variety and I've held sticks that are more comfortable than the steak knives. The handle is both, too thin and too short. It's awkward to hold, but not impossible.

My biggest gripe: Yep, this even trumps the steak knives burrowing into my palm with each cut. I accidentally put one of these in the dishwasher after having some people over. I've had these knives for two months and the one that hit the dishwasher came out with RUST SPOTS EVERYWHERE!! There were spots and pits developing on the blade and the handle. Keeping decent knives out of the dishwasher is a pretty standard practice, but that's more for blade retention than anything. I veeeerrry rarely leave dishes in the sink because I'm a bit OCD and don't like a dirty house (no kids, so that might help..). So, this knife wasn't left in the sink and the only time that it was dunked in water for more than a few seconds it rusted.. That is a huge quality issue! My $25 set of onieda flatware doesn't even rust in the dishwasher, and that was where I decided to be cheap(er)! I'm pretty disappointed by this.

I have not yet contacted Chicago Cutlery about this, but will be doing so and will probably add to the review once I've tested out the warranty. So far this is my first set of Chicago Cutlery and I'm not very impressed. They're sharp and hold an edge, but what good is that if they're made of cheap steel that's prone to rust? It makes me wonder how long an edge would really hold if I used them more often..
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