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on March 22, 2011
When I bought this keyboard, I knew I was getting a generic Apple knock-off, that wasn't as high-quality as a genuine Apple product. It was also a lot cheaper.

And that's just what I needed. I specifically bought this keyboard so I could type on my iPhone while I'm in the car. I needed one that was just the bare basics -- as small as it could be while still standard-spaced keys. I also didn't want to pay too much, since I'd only use it every so often when we go on road-trips. I have a Rocketfish Bluetooth keyboard which I do most of my heavy-duty typing on, though it's a bit of a beast as far as size goes, so having something this portable is awesome.


-- Slim, Sleek design -- exactly as pictured, nice and concise.
-- Quiet keys indeed -- almost exactly like my ASUS laptop keys. Quiet and smooth.
-- Long battery life -- haven't tested it yet, but the seller reports 3 months continuous use.
-- Relatively solid construction -- it doesn't feel flimsy, at all. Definitely not aluminum, but it's not like I'm going to be storing my jewelry in it or riding it down the street.
-- Price -- Half as much -shipped- as the Apple keyboard's -list price-.
-- Functional Hot Keys! -- They definitely work! Though, I can't quite figure out what the flower is supposed to do... So perhaps that one doesn't work -- it just makes the screen go black.


-- All plastic -- Unlike the Apple keyboard, there's no anodized aluminum frame here.
-- Unfunctional Hot key? -- the aforementioned flower... maybe it's an iPad thing.
-- Connect button -- It's a bit hard to press, and if I didn't have long nails, I think I'd have to get something to push it with.
-- Bit slow -- There is a slight delay between 'waking' the keyboard and it typing again, and it seems to go to sleep after not too long. However, this may be an iPhone software sort of thing, rather than specific to the keyboard.

It's always important to do your research. Are you getting an Apple-quality keyboard for $30? No. But, you are getting a tidy little keyboard, that looks very sleek, types very smooth, and didn't break the bank. As long as you don't go dropping it, the plastic construction isn't going to be a problem. And hey, if you do? You can probably get another one, and still come out cheaper than the Apple. X) We'll see how long the silver paint lasts, though...

On the flip side, if you're going for longevity, power use, dedicated desktop keyboard, etc... it's probably best to make the investment.

Hopefully, this helped you be a little more informed so, like me, you can find exactly what you were looking for. X) <3
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on August 18, 2011
I ordered this to use when doing email on my IPAD. I am not big on the touch screen keyboard for email. I selected this based on some other customer reviews after I had ordered and tried 2 different flexible keyboards I thought would be great that I was not satisfied with. This keyboard has all the apple function keys, and works flawlessly so far (2 months). It works every time you turn it back on- sync's automatically every time. I also just had chance to compare it to the actual Apple version, and this one looks almost exactly the same. The Apple keyboard has a real metal surface, and I cooler battery housing molded into the design, but it is also over 2 times the cost. The keys are exactly the same.
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on July 26, 2012
For $14, this is absolutely worth every penny as an iPad accessory. I'm not sure if I received a newer version than other reviewers, but I'm not seeing any of the issues that other people had reported. I can walk away/surf the web for a good 3-4 minutes without using the keyboard, and it's still connected with no delay when I get back. All of the keys work fine.

The only downside I would say is that the range is TOO far for iPad use. I'm never going to use it outside of 3' away from an iPad. Sometimes i pick up the iPad and walk into the next room and have to turn bluetooth completely off to use the on-screen keyboard because the BT keyboard is still connected. This isn't just an iPad keyboard though, and could be used in a media player environment, so that could be a benefit for some people.

There are other iOS issues that would happen with any bluetooth keyboard. I'd really love to be able to use the arrow buttons in safari to scroll...reaching up to the screen is annoying. I also wish when you were on the iOS home screen, you could use the arrows to select an app. Finally, there's no alt-tab fast switch equivalent I can find...you have to double-tap the square button, and then touch the app you want on the screen. Hopefully iOS 6 remedies some of these issues.

As-is, between an app like TeamViewer, this keyboard, and a stand (good ones are only ~$7), I can finally travel wihout lugging around my laptop.
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on November 27, 2012
This keyboard caught me off guard, it is almost the exact same as an iHome brand keyboard but about $37 cheaper. I have used this with my Nexus 7, iPhone, PC and Macbook over bluetooth. You just have to pair it with the devices. Since I do not own an iPad, I cannot test the special functions but the volume and play/pause keys work for me. For $13, it is a nice accessory to go with a tablet but I would not rely on it for writing long multipage documents or emails. I did not notice any lag but the tactile feel of the keyboard is a little weird to get used to. Since they did it macbook style, the keys tend to sink below the plastic frame webbing when depressed. Occasionally you will press the silver webbing instead of the key but you get used to where the buttons are located. Also, the build quality feels a little cheesy, definitely not a $70 Apple keyboard. I took a star off for those reasons. I gave it 4 because, well, good luck finding a new bluetooth keyboard for this price. It is great for typing a quick review on Amazon or short email. I got mine for about $13.50, I wouldn't pay more than $15.
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on February 16, 2013
this is the best buy I have made in a while. bought this keyboard based on another reviewers information. he said that she had a more expensive and bulky ipad keyboard, she had bought this one for the light porablility of this one and liked it for and said it was a good keyboard based on the price. even though there was a slight delay. I have not experienced a delay but every now and then I will press a key and nothing happens. some of that might be that there is a sleep or power save mode it goes into if not being used for a few minutes. but pressing a key on the keyboard will turn it back on. I have not tried this keyboard with any other bluetooth devices yet. but I don't see a problem. No software to install, just go into the settings turn on the blue tooth. put the batteries in the keyboard and turn it on, then press and hold the connect putton doen until the blue light blinks and it will connect. then you type in the character code that pops up on the screen, and thats it! Enjoy! it's a Great keyboard for the money. and a great size too. will fit in my laptop bag easily.
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on January 17, 2013
I start off by saying rating systems are very subjective.
What I do is, rate a product based on the advertised functionality and the price range. Otherwise a keyboard like this wouldn't get more than 3 stars TOPS, compared to say, the Apple Wireless Keyboard (which is the product this tries to mimic).

First off, for the price, don't be amazed, but it's a little good keyboard. Running on 2 AAA batteries is great (I've seen other use up to 4!) and the design and key layout is exactly like Apple's.
As a matter of fact I'm using it to write this review, on a Mac Mini 11'.

The keyboard has an ON/OFF switch, which is a give and take thing, depending on the POV. Some people will love it (to allegedly consume less battery) and some will hate (because they'll forget to turn it OFF). I personally find the feature useless and would like an AUTO turn-OFF feature.
Most of the function keys will work, but there is NO escape key, so be aware.

Now, I bought it to use primarily on my iPad, where function keys are easily understandable due to the little iPad-custom icons, so to speak.

It remember at least two pairings, but you need to press the discover button obviously every time you intend to switch.
Otherwise, and if using with only one device, it's turn-ON and type, which is great.

Construction-wise, it feels cheap and flimsy, but not that bad.

I bought it via Poltones (Fulfilled by Amazon) so I don't know if different sellers carry slightly different "models", but let's just say mine was poorly packaged and it came with spacebar, G and S keys lose a bit, so I had to patiently kill some time putting them back to place. Regular keys are no problem, but you know spacebar is always a pain in any keyboard. I basically based off Youtube and the Shift key (which I removed) in order to get it back on track and now it feels right.

So, it all seems great right?
Well, not so much.
The keys are so hard to hit it's annoying. I don't know if it's due to the fact I'm already used to soft laptop and Apple's keyboards that I feel it extremely disappointing. Literally I have to hit the keys in order not to miss any character.
I would say, if you are also used to "soft" (read: top quality) keyboards, and you intend to use this for your workhorse (laptop, desktop computer), then look elsewhere, this will give you headaches.
If you intend, like me, to use it for the regular mail here and there, the long note taking and posting on your Tablet, then it serves as a good replacement to the on-screen keyboard, but frankly the strength required to press the keys will make it a non-pleasant experience. Maybe you can consider an USB keyboard via the CCK (iPad) or USB port (Android), although those are usually pretty big (extra numpad area).
I understand some people will tend to think that the cheap price makes it up, but when you have $10 USD USB keyboards with pretty decent key-action, then you understand this is not even those keyboards with the bluetooth module, this is worse than those keyboards.

I think mostly the problem is due to the keys being too low in height, so they require more pressure.

I don't know how so many people have rated this keyboard as the best thing after sliced bread, but... to be honest If I could return it, I would (can't because I don't live in the US). I don't even know if I will throw it or just leave it to die from dust exhaustion.

In the end, I'm not saying this keyboard is terrible, it works and it's usable, trust me, but the most basic thing you do on it (which is pressing keys) is quite an annoyance, hence even given the "low" price (because now I see I should have searched more or maybe spend some extra few bucks), I don't think I'm happy with this product at all.
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on July 6, 2016
I bought mine for my iPad 3. The product came without the SANOXY logo (I bought it a little over a year ago), but looked like a fine imitation of the Apple Keyboard. The Bluetooth Keyboard has a silver plastic finish, and is angled comfortably for typing.

At first when I used it, the connectivity was great. It was a good, cheap substitute for an expensive keyboard, and it was also reliable and transportable. (Note: it doesn't match the length of the iPad 3; it is slightly longer.) However, after a while, the keyboard began to lag to the point where I couldn't reliably use it any longer. If I didn't type anything for a few seconds, the keyboard would disconnect and I would have to wait a few more seconds for it to reconnect. In addition, I experienced immense lag when I typed on Safari, Google Docs, or anywhere in general.

My SANOXY Bluetooth Keyboard now sits in the corner of my closet and I haven't used it for the past six months.
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VINE VOICEon April 23, 2012
I've been using my iPad more and more to browse the web, and for the most part the virtual keyboard is decent enough for most tasks. It's not so great when I feel moved to write forum posts, though. It's main drawback is that numbers are pushed back behind a menu, and many punctuation marks (notably [] braces, needed for italics, URLs, and the like) are _two_ menu presses in. It's remarkable how difficult that can make typing some messages.

Enter this Bluetooth keyboard. I can use it when I really need a full-featured keyboard, and set it aside when I don't. It has all the keys I expect except Home / Page Up / Page Down / End, which are normally part a numberic keypad, which this lacks. The layout is considerably less cramped than most laptop keyboards I've used, and many portable Bluetooth keyboards I viewed, despite being only marginally wider than my M11x's keyboard. For example, the left shift key is nice and wide, and the arrow keys, while somewhat small, have an area of their own instead of being jammed into a tiny area, as is normal.

I did have some difficulty adjusting at first, since the keys are relatively short-throw compared to my desktop keyboard. That's true by design of most laptop and portable keyboards, to keep them compact and light, but I'm doing much more typing on it than I have in the past with such keyboards. I find I have to be a bit more deliberate in my typing, since at first I tended to drop letters, because the longer key travel of my desktop keyboard meant I had considerably more leeway in what would be registered as a keypress.

Yes, it's plastic, as another reviewer noted. So what? Every keyboard I've ever owned has been plastic. It's quite lightweight, and I can't fault anything about its build quality. The spec sheet claims about 4 ma draw when awake, and 0.2 ma when sleeping, which means with a standar pair of AAA NiMH batteries I should get ~200 hours of continuous use, or 4000 when it's sleeping. I haven't owned it long enough to test this, but ballpark we're probably talking about charging the batteries every 6 months or most given my usual habits.

EDIT: I had to change batteries after 2 months. The charger reports both batteries are at 1.25v, so probably they didn't last as long as I expected because the keyboard has higher minimum voltage requirements than most devices, which are happy enough until the batteries hit 1.2V. In any case, a couple of months seems like a decent amount of time between battery changes.

Physically, it's 11" x 4.6" x 0.2", though the back edge with the battery compartment is thicker at 0.7", which gives it a slight slope when resting on a flat surface. It weighs 11 ounces with batteries loaded.

In summary, this is about as good as you can expect a portable form-factor keyboard to be, regardless of price.
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on November 24, 2012
I have been looking for a cheap Bluetooth keyboard for a while so that I could type faster on my iPhone. I looked around on Amazon, and I came across this. I read the reviews, and decided to give it a try. I am not disappointed. It arrived at my house today, two weeks before the estimated arrival date! I charged up some AAAs and popped them in, turned the switch on and pressed the "connect" button, and it connected to my iPhone right away! All of the specialized function keys worked as follows:

1. (Esc) - functions as the home button
2. (F1) - brightness down
3. (F2) - brightness up
4. (F3) - spotlight search page
5. (F4) - picture frame (iPad only)
6. (F5) - toggle onscreen keyboard
7. (F6) - no special function
8. (F7) - previous song
9. (F8) - play/pause
10. (F9) - next song
11. (F10) - mute
12. (F11) - volume down
13. (F12) - volume up
14. (del) - functions as lock button

It also works quite well with both OS X and Windows. In fact I am typing this review on this keyboard! :) One thing to note when using this keyboard with windows: there is a noticeable delay when you first start typing which is rather annoying. However, there is an easy fix to this: Open up device manager (search "device manager" from the start menu/start screen), click on "Bluetooth", then right click your Bluetooth device entry. Select Properties, then go to the Power tab and uncheck the "allow this computer to put devices to sleep". If you are still confused, watch this video: [...]

The build quality of this keyboard is nothing to write home about, but it is definitely sturdy enough to withstand all of the typing you can throw at it. And for $14, you really cant go wrong. The tactile response of the keys feels a bit cheap, but it is definitely usable for just about everything you might need it for (except for maybe coding or writing a long paper).

So if you are looking for a good, cheap, and useable keyboard, this is the one for you.
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on July 7, 2013
I bought two of these. One to use with my TV/mac mini from the couch (about 10' away) and another to use with my ipad2. They both work fine, and the key spacing is nice and wide. It's very similar to the Mac keyboard in overall feel, although obviously lower quality construction. The only issue I've had with either is range. Neither one is useable from across the room. This wasn't an issue for the Mac model (that was killed in a tragic beverage spill) and the annoyingly close-spaced generic keyboard I meant to replace with them. But if range isn't an issue, they're great for the price. They seem to be fairly rugged as both have been dropped at least once, and both work well for my ipad and for both macs (a mini and a pro) I've tried them with.
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