Customer Reviews: Celestron 44121 Microscope Kit
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on February 23, 2013
Celestron is better know for their telescopes, and indeed their top of the line scopes are pretty good. Their low end telescopes suffer from shaky mountings and cheap eyepieces.

Now, about this microscope: Decent optics for the price, and a serviceable small "starter kit" suitable for the curious with a tight budget. Keep in mind that with "toy" microscopes, the higher powers are about useless. Keep the magnification under 150x, and you will do okay.

1. Price is good, under $30.
2. Fair to good optics.
3. 2 very adequate light sources.
4. Seems fairly durable. (Note! There are 4 little rubber feet that will need to be properly glued on with superglue. Don't lose them!)

1. Internal reflections: As a telescope maker, Celestron should know better. All internal surfaces of an optical instrument should be flat black, with no internal reflections. (I may take this apart someday and try to fix it.)
2. Nothing is parafocal. When you zoom the eyepiece or rotate the turret to change power, it has to be re-focused. Not critical for a "toy" but compounded by "con #3" below, it's a little annoying.
3. Rotating the turret to change power also results in a slight misalignment - what was centered before is now off center. taken together with "#2 con" it becomes difficult to change magnification.
4. Although a minor complaint, there are no cover glasses provided for the 2 blank slides, and the well slide is plastic.

Given that this is intended to be a toy and it has a great price, I give this scope 4/5 stars based on the value for your dollar. Well recommended for a curious child. However, if intended for an adult or if you can spend 2x as much, go for the "My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope" My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope for about $55.

(Don't forget 2-aaa and 2-aa batteries for the light sources.)
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on April 18, 2012
I received this Celestron Microscope kit much earlier than I expected. I am very happy with how quickly it arrived. The microscope itself is fine for my purposes. I intend to use it as a hobby, thus far, it has worked well. The optics are of great quality, the prepared slides are quite fascinating, and everything in the package is intact. Setup of the microscope was very easy and fast. Learning to use it, even if you have never laid eyes on a microscope in your life, is very simple. For such a great price, you can't go wrong with this microscope. If I have any complains at all, the plastic tweezers that are contained in the package don't work very well. Also, the frame is plastic, which does not trouble me but it may trouble some people. I wouldn't recommend this microscope for young children. It is durable, provided that you aren't careless. The package includes pretty much all of the things that you need to get started with basic microscopy. I like this microscope, it is great for my needs and satisfies my curiosity about the tiny world that we cannot see with the naked eye. For amateur science/biology, you likely won't find a microscope this good for such a price.
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on September 25, 2012
Just received this instrument today. My son needed a microscope for schoolwork; he is in a virtual charter school. Although it may look "cheap" because of the polymer body, it was easy to set up and worked from the get go. The dual built-in illumination system expedited the completion of his assignment. Despite a robust feel and build, the new, all metal bodied microscope sent to my son from school had a loose spring and detent ball upon unpacking and had an understage mirror for light. Brand unknown, we could not get it to focus nor even get an image from a prepared slide. In contrast, the Celestron was easy to set up and easy to use for a 12 yr old. For the money and its intended usage (occasional to light use), it was money well spent.
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on August 11, 2012
Not a fantastic scope but a great buy for the money and excellent starter scope for my grand kid. The included accessories were useless and the prepared slides nice but not enough. I purchased several prepared slides from other sources to allow grandson a chance to see the microscopic world around us. Instructions are vague at best and suggest purchasing other publications on the care and feeding of microscopes to make the experience worthwhile.
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on May 16, 2013
This product is excellent from an childhood educational perspective. Great, inexpensive way to learn how a standard compound microscope works. The product advertises magnification to 600x, and while technically true, nothing will be visible at such magnifications, the optical quality is just too poor. Human blood cells will be visible, but will be too blurry to discriminate their type or true color. For looking at small insects and small objects found in nature, this will be a great entry level tool for a child. However, if you desire to see any kind of detail at the cellular level, you're going to need to spend significantly more.
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on September 6, 2012
This product is great! It really works and my daughter had so much fun learning with it!!!! It bring a few examples to use and you are going to need some batteries for the light, besides that you or your kids are going to have a great time. I'll recommend this product to anyone starting at this world or for kiddos who are interesting in science... It really work awesome!!!! The seller and time to get home was great!!! Well packed too!
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on March 12, 2014
I've seen a lot of mixed reviews but figured how horrible could this be? It's $30 (which says something in itself) plus I was buying for my 9 year old daughter. We were both incredibly disappointed when we turned it on and not only could we not see through two of the lenses, but the third had permanent markings that were visible at all times. Quickly boxed up and returned. Now looking for something slightly higher-end that won't discourage a budding scientist. Don't waste your time with this microscope.
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on April 30, 2014
Celestron makes some of the finest optics in the business and they are both durable and economical. The Celestron COSMOS Microscope Kit made an outstanding birthday present for my 10 year old grandson. Combined with a pre-prepared slide kit, it was an excellent choice. Don't be fooled by other companies that advertise similar microscopes. These are not the same quality and will not perform as well, nor will they last as long. I highly recommend the Celestron COSMOS Microscope Kit for those looking to give a quality science product to anyone - even yourself!
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on July 30, 2013
I bought this as a family fun item. We have all enjoyed viewing things from insects to tiny salt cubes. It works well for our purposes. We did have an issue with the pen light only working for a short time, but after one quick email to VMInnovations, they sent a replacement.
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on February 23, 2013
I chose this microscope because I was so impressed with this brand of telescope, also from Amazon. It is first class, two,light sources (need triple A and double A batteries). It works like the larger metal ones we used at school! I bought it for my 4 year old grandson who is fascinated by science. He can use it, but I recommend due to danger of glass slides, that adult supervision and assistance is a must. It is truly for an 8+ who would enjoy it themselves. It is made of heavy plastic, with metal and optical glass lenses. The rotating lenses move easily and the up and down mechanism works great. There is also a mirror for illumination, but using the lights, totally adjustable, gives the best result. It comes with starter glass slides and specimens, but We enjoyed the premise specimen slide sets also from Amazon. This is an amazing device at just a great price. No my grandson wants to examine blood. Volunteers???
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