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on February 25, 2011
For the most part...just the looks alone are nice and clean. It doesn't look like a spaceship on the counter.
Nice simple straight lines and simple on / off / bake / broil / etc controllers.

There were later design ovens from this manufacturer, but for the price, and all the Basic Features, I figured how can I go wrong?
With 1800 watts for the total heating elements...right there that tells you that it is going to heat up fast...maintain quickly to attain the setpoint, and perform like a regular electric range / oven / broiler; but just in a smaller package.

Toast making is complete on both sides. Fast! And with no drying out of the toast bread.
I was looking for the ability to toast bread, without the bread sitting there in the oven just drying out on the inside of the bread; while the outside was browning. That is the problem with toasters that are Lower Wattage. It is a proven fact in the testing sequence of a toaster designed to do just that....make toast.
The setpoint maintains just that, with not much droop in temperature. It is quick to respond to maintain the setpoint (temperature selected) to do a fast cooking chore.
The crumb catch tray just slides out easily for cleaning which is a plus. My old toaster oven had to be turned on its side to flip open the crumb tray. Wow! Those crumbs really sat in there till they cooked themselves to the tray.
With the slide out easy clean tray...I clean the crumbs every two or three times I use the oven / toaster! Smart Design!

The only downside ...and it does not affect the useability of the oven; but it is annoying trying to see the settings plainly stamped in black lettering and numbering; but very very small. Just one step UP in the font SIZE would be a big improvement. I lost my 20 year old perfect vision some 40 or so years ago, and even with corrective lenses...I have to keep a little magnifying readers glass there just to see the settings of the controls. My 18 Y/O granddaughter who has perfect 20 /20 vision even has difficulty seeing the setpoints.
All In All....I recommend it highly. The functions and power of this little machine are absolutely great. It is definetely not in the toy division like some other products of the like are in.
I had to give this 4 stars**** only because of the inability to clearly see the setpoints on the controls that are printed so small. That's My Opinion Anyway!

Oooops! one more important item, is the fact that there are multiple slots to position the shelves / rack etc for the different applications of cooking / heating / toasting etc."NICE"
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on August 18, 2012
The first Cuisinart TOB-40 Toaster Oven I received was defective: the dial that controlled the darkness of the toast didn't work. If the dial was set anywhere but at the lightest setting, the toast was burnt. At the lightest setting, it produced hot bread. I tried moving the dial in tiny increments hoping to find a "just right" setting, but no luck. The dial simply didn't work.

I phoned Cuisinart. They didn't come right out and admit that my toaster oven was defective, but what they said amounted to the same thing: "It's an issue with the toaster oven itself." (I suppose the other choice is: "It's the fault of the stupid customer.") They were willing to replace the toaster under the warranty (I'd only had it 3 days) but -- here's the catch -- they wanted me to pay return shipping (the package probably weighs around 30 lb) PLUS give them $10 to ship me the new one. What incredible nerve!

So I went to Amazon's returns and explained that the toaster they shipped me was defective. They immediately shipped me a replacement (same toaster, same model) and even paid the postage to send back the defective one. Cuisinart: 1 star; Amazon: 5 stars.

I'd give Cuisinart a zero-star rating if I could. The second toaster had exactly the same defect.

I didn't return it. We needed a toaster and it's a hassle to get the thing back into its original carton and lug it to the post office (my husband and I are in our mid-70's). Also, it didn't seem fair to ask Amazon to pay two-way postage TWICE when it wasn't Amazon's fault -- it was Cuisinart's!

So I'm using this defective toaster oven. I bought a wonderful little timer from Amazon (the Polder 898- 90) and I set the timer to 2 min 45 sec when I make toast. The toaster dial is worthless. The manufacturer's boast ("Always even shade control monitors the temperature and adjusts timing to consistently toast to the shade selected every time") is a pants-on-fire lie.

There are other things wrong with this toaster. The door doesn't close tightly. As others have noted, the "auto slide-out tray" function is a joke. The controls are poorly designed, especially for older users: the (black) dials have a slightly raised (black) ridge that's supposed to serve as the pointer, but under normal lighting conditions the ridge is almost invisible. I have to feel the knob to tell which way it's pointing.

Twenty or thirty years ago, we had a Black & Decker toaster oven that served its purpose perfectly and never gave us any trouble. They don't make 'em like that anymore, alas.
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on April 5, 2014
There are a lot of things I like about this toaster - it has a big capacity, but a relatively small footprint. It gets things hot.

My first complaint is that when it is done toasting, it beeps 5 times really loudly. These really loud beeps sound just like a fire alarm going off, which is really disconcerting. If one person is trying to sleep while another is trying to make toast, the beep is loud enough throughout the house to wake everyone else.

I could live with that, but after I had the toaster for a while, the heating elements started to warp. As they warp, the protective coating on the heating elements peels back. I'm afraid this is going to make a toaster fire far more likely. The warping continues to get worse, so it won't be much longer before this toaster doesn't work. For something as expensive as this, it should last longer.
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on November 4, 2014
Avoid this toaster. We have a Cuisinart coffee maker that my wife likes so we went with this one because of brand. I read several reviews and even noticed some were having issues with the door. I tried it anyway. (If you don't buy anything on Amazon with negative reviews, you won't buy anything.) Within a few weeks the mechanism that pulls the wire rack out when you open the door broke. So at that point you're reduced to fishing your toast out with a utensil while trying not to get burned. Within the last few weeks, the door was getting stuck to the point it was extremely difficult to open. My wife called me in the kitchen this morning because she couldn't get it open at all. I pulled on the handle while holding the top of the oven and bam! the glass door shattered into hundreds of pieces of glass while I was left holding just the handle. The glass exploded back onto me and my wife and all across our kitchen. This thing is dangerous. Side note - this thing has (had) the most annoying pitch of a beep when your toast was ready. I mean, it pierced our skulls. We hated it for that but lived with it. At least that part of misery is gone. In all seriousness, this toaster should not be on the market and I will think differently about the Cuisinart brand golng forward.
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VINE VOICEon August 27, 2011
My more expensive, super fancy Krups toaster oven recently kicked the bucket after about 4-5 yrs of service, and it was time to replace it. While my Krups was a good toaster oven (before it died), it took up a lot of space on the counter, it was expensive to buy, and frankly it had a lot of features (convection) and interior space that I just don't use and don't think are necessary in a toaster oven. So when I shopped for a replacement, I decided to go downmarket a bit.

Problem is, the toaster oven market is bifurcated towards two extremes and IMO neither is ideal. On the low end, are super cheap pieces of junk. On the higher end, are expensive behemoths that take up all your counter space and have a lot of features that most of us will never use. Now I'll admit, for someone who lives in say a small apartment and doesn't have a regular oven, the second type may make sense. But I live in a house with a regular kitchen and I have a regular oven and a cooktop, as well as a gas grill and a big green egg. What this means is, I'm not going to be roasting a whole chicken or searing steaks or baking any cakes or cooking thanksgiving dinner in my toaster oven. What I mostly use my toaster oven for is 1) toast! and 2) heating up things like leftover pizza or empanadas or really anything else that will get soggy in the microwave but you don't want to wait for the regular oven to preheat when alls you want to do is heat up a single item, and 3) odd things like maybe an open faced sammich or something. So really, anything small that you want to heat up quickly yet still have it be crispy. I have a hunch a large percent of toaster oven owners use them pretty much like I do and want a quality product but don't want a $300 large convection toaster oven taking up all our counter space, but also don't want to trust the $20 hunk of junk that looks like it will die in 2 weeks and can't toast evenly.

This toaster oven is a good choice because:

1) It's simple - toast, bagel, bake, broil. The analog controls are simple to use, and unlike a digital keypad it "remembers" what your last setting was (for say toast darkness or oven temp), which you are likely to use repeatedly. Some reviews complained the controls are hard to read, and I don't find this to be a problem although I do have good near-sight vision. The crum tray is easy to remove, clean, and replace.

2) It works - nice even toasting. Heats up quickly for reheating items. I was surprised at how light it was out of the box, but it works well so this doesn't appear to be a problem.

3) It's a fair price - way cheaper than the expensive convection ovens, but not so cheap as to be garbage

4) Small footprint - doesn't take up much counter space yet still big enough for everything I want a toaster oven to do. Honestly if something can't fit in this thing I have no problem firing up the regular oven.

Now, there seem to be 2 basic complaints on this model and I don't find either to be a problem:

1) No timer - who cares? I'm only using it for toast (which does shut off when it reaches desired darkness) and to heat up small stuff that only takes a few minutes, I can hang around and keep an eye on it. Again, this seems like more of a problem for people who want to bake a cake or something and I don't know why you'd want to use a toaster oven to do that.

2) A lot of people complain that the toast comes out too dark - I'm puzzled by these complaints as I find it extremely easy to set the toaster to desired darkness. The medium setting comes out pretty much what I'd expect medium toast to be, and more importantly you have infinite adjustability with the analog controls so it shouldn't take you much experimenting to figure out how you want it. One person even complained they had this for over a month and couldn't get toast that wasn't burned - I'd say this person either got a defective unit, or they are severely challenged when it comes to the operation of small electronics and/or employing the trial and error method.

Overall - there should be more toaster ovens in this segment. If you don't routinely roast whole prime ribs or do hard core baking in your toaster oven, this should suit your needs well.

Edit: Well, 3 1/2 years later, one of the coils was coming apart and my girlfriend threw the Cuisinart away because she claims that's a fire hazard! Replacement is a Kitchenaid unit purchased from Costco (which also doesn't have a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles, although it's a bit bigger). The new Kitchenaid definitely does not toast as quickly or evenly as the trusty old Cuisinart! I wish we'd just bought another as it's replacement. 3 1/2 years isn't too bad for a toaster oven that was used fairly often and not really taken care of, rarely cleaned etc. I stand by my old 5 star review.
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on December 13, 2012
Unfortunately this toaster oven just hasn't lived up to the Cuisinart name. While it is roomy and does a good job at baking and toasting, one of the elements is literally splitting open after just over a year of use. See the photo in the customer submitted photos above.
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on October 31, 2014
It does fine job of toasting etc. Knobs could be better marked.

I would have given it 4 stars except for the problem listed below.

The heating element started warping in about 15 months of use and really created a fire hazard two months later.

Cuisinart agreed to replace the unit under warranty, but I had to pay $10 to Cuisinart to ship the unit to me and I will need to return the unit at my expense ($10-$15). So I need to spend $20-25 due to this product failure within warranty period.
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on September 4, 2011
In the past 4 years I have gone through 3 of the $29-$49 toaster ovens. I was at a loss because the one I was given in 1974 lasted until 2007 and the only difference I could see was the old one was made in the USA and the last 3 were all made in China. Anyway I was sceptical about forking over the extra $$ for the Cuisinart if it lasted about the same amount of time. I read all the reviews and decided to give it a try. I'll see how long it lasts and update the post, pretty sure it won't last 33 years. I decided to get the more expensive model because the last one almost burned up my house, it would turn itself on and had to be unplugged whenever I used it, pretty scarry.

It's only been a month but so far I love this thing, it makes perfect toast and I have baked 2 cakes and some cinnamon buns in it. The best part is the cleanup, I made a toasted cheese sandwich in it and the cheese melted all over the inside, normally this would be impossible to clean but with the Cuisinart, I just pulled out the tray and ran it under water and the same with the grill. It took about a minute to clean, that's a very good thing.

I use it at least once a day. I gave it a 4 because it's not made in the USA which I wish I could find more often.

1/2/13 well I've had this oven for a little over a year now and it still is working excellent. Happy with my purchase

4/2015 should have updated this sooner, the burner fried like everyone else's about a year and 1/2 ago...I'm done with toaster ovens.
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on November 15, 2011
This oven burns too hot. Toast comes out burnt even when the dial is turned barely past Light. I'd hate to see what happens if I even turned it past the halfway mark. Forget trying to cook or reheat anything above 350 degrees. Burnt. Same thing for the broiler. It's rendered itself useless.

The only positive thing about this toaster is that it doesn't have an obnoxiously loud buzzer.

Edit: Returned the product to Cuisinart for a replacement. They stressed that they need to hear direct feedback from other consumers so they can pinpoint the problem and fix it. They did replace my toaster oven with another, which is doing a better job. Not perfect, but better.
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on November 13, 2015
This was a great buy... UNTIL it spontaneously exploded this morning while making toast. Thankfully no one was standing near it when it happened.
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