Customer Reviews: WD Scorpio Black 500 GB SATA 7200 RPM 16 MB Cache Bulk/OEM 2.5" Mobile Hard Drive (WD5000BPKT)
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on October 4, 2008
"Free-fall sensor - As an added layer of protection, if the drive (or the system it's in) is dropped while in use, WD's free-fall sensor detects that the drive is falling and, in less than 200 milliseconds, parks the head to help prevent damage and data loss."

Model: WD3200BJKT HAS this sensor and is a little more expensive. Worth it , In my opinion.

Model: WD3200BEKT does NOT have this sensor. Retailers are not very clear about this.
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on July 10, 2011
I have purchased three of these hard drives, and love them. As of this writing, this is the largest, fastest, standard height (9.5mm) internal laptop hard drive on the market. It is also quite inexpensive, and fairly quiet. Like all SATA internal hard drives, this is fairly easy to install and use.

Some technical background:

Almost all internal hard drives are either 2.5" (for laptop computers) or 3.5" (for desktop computers). Almost all laptop computers sold today and in the last couple of years use SATA hard drives, like this one. The three main features to look for in a laptop hard drive are: capacity, speed, and height.

All SATA laptops can accept standard height internal SATA hard drives, which are 9.5mm tall, like this one. Some laptops can also use hard drives that are 12.5mm tall. The 12.5mm tall laptop hard drives contain an extra platter inside, so they can have higher capacity than standard height 9.5mm hard drives. Many Mac laptops can use both the 9.5mm tall and the 12.5mm tall internal hard drives, so you have a choice. The Dell laptops that I am familiar with can only accept the standard height 9.5mm internal hard drives. This particular Scorpio Black hard drive is the standard 9.5mm tall, so it can be used in any laptop computer that uses SATA hard drives, which is almost every laptop computer sold today.

Hard drive speed is another consideration. Most hard drives rotate at either 7200 rpm (rotations per minute) or around 5200-5400 rpm. For performance, 7200 rpm is significantly faster. Applications like Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing specify that you should use a 7200 rpm drive (if possible) for best performance. If top performance is not a big consideration for you, or if you are mostly using the drive just as extra storage, 5400 rpm is perfectly fine. This particular drive is 7200 rpm, so it is very fast and is excellent for performance applications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The fastest internal laptop hard drives of all are the fairly new solid-state drives (SSD drives). These "drives" are really just special persistent memory chips, put into an enclosure with a SATA interface so it looks just like an internal laptop SATA hard drive. As such, SSD SATA laptop drives can be used in any laptop computer that uses SATA internal drives (which is almost all laptops sold in the last couple of years). If you want super fast speed, look at SSD drives. They are amazingly fast, and look and act just like a normal hard drive. (Plus, SSD drives are whisper quiet, because they have no moving parts.) Your laptop will boot up in a flash and your applications that are hard disk intensive will zoom along, it's quite impressive. SSD drives are more expensive than traditional hard drives, but if you only need moderate amounts of hard disk space, look at the pricing on SSD drives, you might find that it is worth it for you.

OK, back to "normal" laptop hard drives. They have gotten so cheap, you may as well buy the highest-capacity, fastest drive you can that will fit in your laptop, so you can sort of "future proof" your laptop. As of this writing, this particular Western Digital Scorpio Black hard drive is tied with the highest-capacity (750GB), highest speed (7200 rpm), standard height (9.5mm) laptop (2.5") internal laptop hard drives on the market, and it only costs around $100 or so.

If you want even higher capacity, and your laptop can handle 12.5mm height drives, and you don't mind the drive being a little slower (5200 rpm), consider the Western Digital 1 TB Scorpio Blue SATA 3 Gb/s 5200 RPM 8 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Notebook Hard Drive - WD10TPVT drive, which has a full 1TB of capacity (33% more than the 750GB capacity of this Scorpio Black drive), and costs about the same as this Scorpio Black drive.
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on June 27, 2009
I installed this in my C2D 2.16Ghz MacBook Pro yesterday and couldn't be happier. The size has freed me from continual file cleaning and the speed increase is noticeable. There is a slight bit more noise from the drive, but is sounds like a white noise generator, a gentle hiss/hum, nothing to worry about and I am picky. There is no clacking or anything truly noticeable, definitely no heat issues.

As far as some of the comments people have posted regarding noise I would recommend anyone who has noise problems after the install check the rubber grommet mounts. If you don't get them back in place properly the mounts can't do their job and the noise will resonate thru the sounding box that is the MacBook Pro. As far as heat issues I would guess the user didn't check the cooling fans. I pulled my fans while I had it open and found each heatsink 1/3 covered in a cake of dust. I cleaned them and now the whole thing runs cooler.

NOTE: Do not get the WD3200BJKT for a MacBook or MacBook Pro. Apple includes a sudden motion sensor in the laptop and if you get the WD3200BJKT the sudden motion sensor in the drive will conflict with the unit in the laptop and neither will work.
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on May 13, 2012
I was on edge about buying this hard drive because all the negative reviews regarding noise, and vibration. Not to mention I own a mid-2009 White Macbook and noticed some people had trouble with the Sudden Motion Sensor. I was stuck between this hard drive and the Hitachi Travelstar. I ended up going with this because I have a WD my passport which works pretty swell after running steam games off it. AND I noticed many of the Hitachi drives were dying at an alarming rate in ONLY the macbook reviewer's reviews (everyone was reporting similar problems in an alarmingly similar time frame-- go check it out for yourself!)

So it was pretty to swap this hard drive in, and I restored from a Time Machine Full System Back up, and LION Recovery Assistant USB (which I made myself following Apple's instructions on their site! This is highly recommend for all Lion users who are switching to a new hard drive using LION/Time Machine seeing as how your Lion Recovery Partition will ONLY be on your old hard drive--- even after restoring from back up you lose the partition! LOL I checked and the only way to restore it is to reinstall lion which at this point I feel would be too much of a hassle and the recovery thumb drive works just fine.)

It took about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get back up and running. (I only transferred over 80 gb from a 160 gb stock Fujitsu 5400rpm hard drive. So let's address some concerns I had before purchasing (it took days of me going OCD on forums trying to figure out everything users had to say about this drive and it's performance.)

- NOISE: Since this is a 7200rpm drive, many users noted that theirs makes loud whirring noises and chirps. I have yet to experience this (I've had the drive for about two weeks now.) I really believe these people got a fluke drive or weren't careful enough installing it correctly. My drive, while not as quiet as the stock drive, does give off a slight "air" sound which is lower than the macbook's "monster" fans. Overall the system is very quiet and you should NOT let negative reviews stop you! This is actually quieter than my "whipser"-quiet 160gb PS3 slim.... and that is saying a lot :)

-ADVANCED FORMATTING troubles: Didn't have any. LION/Time Machine recognized the drive immediately! No crashes during set up.

-VIBRATIONS- seeing as how this IS a 7200rpm drive, there is a slight vibration. Like another reviewer stated, it is no more than a WD MyPassport portable hard drive! Actually a bit less vibration. To help Macbook users get an idea, it feels a little less like what it feels like to have a DVD in the Superdrive.

- TEMPERATURE: Using iSTAT, my old hard drive was 37 degrees all the time. This one is 40 degrees when it's really working.

-SPEED BOOST: Though not exactly noticeable coming from a 5400 rpm drive, start up is about ten seconds faster. Programs start 3 seconds sooner. What is better is that capturing footage or audio recording straight from the macbook is much faster. I use my macbook to record videos, music, and occasional design files. Everything seems to feel a bit snappier and smooth. No hiccups or stutter with media.

-BATTERY LIFE: My battery health is about 79% but I do notice this drive sucks more power than the stock drive. I get about 20 minutes less than before with each charge depending on what I am doing. Not bad.

-SUDDEN MOTION SENSOR: The Macbook settings are the same and moving it around while recording videos has no effect on it. (Just don't go crazy shaking it like you want to kill it. No conflict.


Though I have not had this drive for long, I would highly recommend it for those of you who are on edge. I will definitely be updating this review if it happens to die, or some funky things start happening to it. So, if you need the space, don't care for an SSD, and want a slight speed increase, I HIGHLY recommend this! Not to mention the price on Amazon is swell!
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on January 19, 2011
I have been a fan of WD for many years. Sure most companies go through periods when their products might not live up to expectations but WD has really stepped up their game.

I purchased this drive to replace a Momentus XT in my Macbook 15" Unibody 2010. I simply gave up with the bizarre behavior and constant firmware upgrades of the Momentus and went with this Scorpio Black released just days ago.

Much to my suprise, its pretty much as fast as the Momentus XT (when it was working correctly) except for boot. Since I am on a Mac, I really dont reboot much so its not an issue.

The 750GB capacity is stunning!! I have a 500GB Mac partition and a 250GB Windows Partition and I am pretty much set until SSDs drop in price.

This drive carries a 5 year warranty and WD has always supposed their warranty program well.

I am not noticing very much vibration in my Macbook but to be honest, I yanked the slow 5400rpm drive and replaced it with the Momentus as soon as I unboxed so I can not compare against the original drive.

Battery life has decreased slightly (30 mins) but given the speed of the drive and the performance increase, that is to be expected.

Remember if you are replacing in a Mac, do yourself a favor and invest in a quality set of percision screwdrivers as the screws are easily stripped and can often times be tight enough to strip inferior tools.
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on March 8, 2011
This is a perfect upgrade for your new Quad-Core Macbook Pro. Although Apple offers a 750GB drive option, it's not 7200rpm and that's a shame-their drive options limit an otherwise excellent machine. The speed of this drive in a new quad-core i7 15" Macbook Pro is astounding, and places this machine squarely at the desktop replacement level. It's quiet (as quiet as the stock 5400 rpm drive) and I can feel zero vibration. Battery life seems excellent, topping 7 hours with web surfing, MS Word, and less intensive applications that are not disk-intensive or use the discrete graphics.

Highly recommended.
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on August 26, 2011
I swapped my 60 gig hard drive out of my ps3 for this 500 gig one and it worked great. Don't worry about loosing your downloaded content because you can redownload it for free (you already paid for it). Just look in your PSN account("download history").It took me about 15 min. to copy my game save data to 16 gig usb flash drive, swap hard drives, then reinstall them. If you buy a 2.5 inch sata hard drive case you can use your old one for a portable external storage device.
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on January 26, 2011
This was my first time going WD for an internal HDD, and though I'd already had experience with their harddrives for small and portable externals - good experience I might add - I generally prefer Hitachi for internal hardware. That said, I am pleasantly surprised to find that this harddrive is a very smooth piece of hardware. Set-up was painless, the usual upgrading process was equally painless as far as the OS side goes, but what really has me the happiest is seeing how smoothly my computer seems to be operating. It's a bit on the weird side in that it actually feels better than my former 320GB Hitachi 7200rpm harddrive!

All in all, a good experience. I'll definitely keep my eye out for Western Digital internal harddrives in the future.
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on December 3, 2008
I replaced the original hard drive on my first generation MacBook with this one. Worked like a charm. No problem whatsoever. Boot time significantly improved. Plus four times the space.
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on December 25, 2008
I purchased this one over the other one that was 320 gb and with a speed of 5400. this one is faster at 7200. it was so easy to replace my ps3 hard drive. i went from a 60 gb to a 320 gb. the only downside is that after i formatted it, it only showed 298 gigs available but i knew that would happen after reading the reviews for the other 320 gb drive that has the speed of 5400. bottom line works like a charm. i have played games offline and online for few weeks on it. i have seen several blue ray movies on it too. i cannot even hear it running. works great! I really havent notice that it runs faster than the stock PS3 seagate drive however it is much faster, so i am sure t must help a little. i also havent notice any diffferece as sound goes. the noise is just as quiet as the original if not more quiet. if you want to learn how to replace your hard drive on your ps3 go to youtube. there are so many videos on how to do it, it was a peace of cake.
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