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on July 1, 2017
I have only used mine for about a month so far. I got the 320gb version. So far, it is holding up good. It is nice and quiet. I have not had any problems so far. If I have any problems, I will be sure to update, but, to be fair, I have bought multiple Black drives over the years, and have not had any problems with any of them. I have had many blue drives go bad over the years, but not with the black version. For that reason, I highly recommend the black drives, but not soo much with the blue drives..
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on October 10, 2011
I was originally looking for a 1TB hard drive, but when I saw how small the caches were and the low RPM, I decided it would be better to sacrifice space in exchange for improved performance. This hard drive was very easy to install in my 2010 MacBook Pro 13" and worked perfectly. I used Carbon Copy Clone to copy the contents on my OEM hard drive to this one and it worked great the first time. It seems to actually be quiter than my OEM hard drive, however I notice that the MacBook gets slightly warmer. No big deal. It's not heating up enough that it would cause performance issues or damage. Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase and would recommend the hard drive to others.
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on April 16, 2012
I purchased this to replace the 320gb 5400RPM stock hardrive of the mid 2009 15inch macbook pro. It was very easy to replace in about 10 minutes.
Note that when you are installing the operating system onto it, it will need to be formated first. This is very simple and the formatting tool can be found within the OSX installation window. Simply look for the "disk utility" tool and format it from there. Otherwise you will not be able to select the drive as a destination to install the operating system.
As is mentioned in some other reviews you can actually hear this disk spinning since it has a higher RPM. This does translate into faster read/write times. Which means any task that requires disk access (pretty much everything) is done faster.
The noise it makes is not particularly annoying, and you only notice it if the fans are running slowly; since the fans make much more noise at high rpm than the disk.
All in all, I would strongly recommend this disk if you are looking for more storage and improved performance at a low price (the lowest I have found on the web in fact!)
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VINE VOICEon September 20, 2012
My wife's mid-2009 Macbook Pro laptop had been feeling sluggish, even though its original 500 GB drive was a 7200 RPM model. Checking System Preferences > Serial-ATA showed that the factory drive was only connecting at a negotiated link speed of 1.5 Gigabits, half the potential 3 gbps. Many on the Apple forums noted this, and expert replies noted that standard drives cannot even achieve 1.5 gigabit throughput... but...

This WD drive, easily installed, connected at the max negotiated speed of 3 Gigabit... and whether due to the drive or the higher speed connection, bench marks show a 50% improvement in read and write speed of large blocks. Unfortunately, sustained and random writes of 256K and smaller blocks are quite slow. As this applies to so many plist, cache and other items on OS X, I'm not seeing any performance improvement on this laptop with daily work.

This drive runs really cool - never feel heat on surface of the Macbook above the drive (vs hot old drive) - and quiet; the increased capacity is welcome and the overall performance is fine. A good upgrade for the price, and in our case a good replacement for the original drive which was failing.
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The 5,400 RPM 8MB cache 320 MB factory-installed hard drive on my wife's Toshiba notebook computer failed recently, so I bought this one as a replacement. Toshiba's technical support representative confirmed that the computer's BIOS would not recognize a larger drive. Savings from buying a slower, smaller drive were not significant, which is why I chose this one.

This drive was delivered quickly in a cushioned package and has performed flawlessly. After I restored the same original factory-installed Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and re-installed all of the application programs, boot times with this drive have been noticeably faster than with the computer's original hard drive. Opening and saving files has also been significantly faster, which I attribute to this drive's larger cache and faster rotational speed.

Without any long-term experience, I have no way of knowing whether this drive will outlast the Hitachi drive that was installed in my wife's computer by the factory, but my experience with WD drives has generally been good, which is one reason that I chose this brand. Any hard drive, if used long enough, will eventually fail. Therefore backing up important data is always important, even with a relatively-new, hard drive from a respected manufacturer.
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on March 6, 2014
This is the 3rd WD Black hard drive that failed in my laptop. This one died in 2 days! I replaced it with a Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD 500GB Hard Drive ST500LM000 6Gb/s 64 MB Cache and it's been running like a champ for months now. The laptop hard drive went bad after maybe 6 months and when I opened it up this is what was inside. So I just ordered the same thing to save time researching what my replacement options were. Well 5 months later the second one failed also and who knows why but I actually bought a 3rd one. I must love replacing hard drives and reinstalling everything! 2 days later I went to boot up the laptop and it wouldn't. After spending an hour with it I determined to my disbelief that the 2 day old hard drive failed already. I didn't return it though, I smashed the thing by throwing it across the yard and into the street. Trust me I got my more than my monies worth out in aggression. The Seagate has been running for months now without even the slightest hiccup.
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on January 22, 2014
Wife's MacBook started running a bit slow and ran out of memory, came with 250gb hard drive and 2gb RAM. Upgraded RAM to 8gb (Crucial 8gb for mac) and after doing a lot of research on hard drives decided on this one. Install was a easy after watching a couple of YouTube videos. Computer runs considerably faster and now have a bunch of additional memory which is great. Drive is not as noisy as some have posted, and there is little to no vibration. Does not run particularly hot (certainly not hotter than the original drive). The 7200rpm upgrade has made a big difference in speed and performance. I also saw some reviews about compatibility issues with MacBooks, however, I did not have this experience. It works great on the MacBook Pro 5.5 mid 2009. I also upgraded my own MacBook (5.0) with a Hitachi 1tb drive. The scorpio is considerably faster (Hitachi is a 5600rpm) and actually quieter. No complaints here, highly recommend this drive.
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on April 30, 2012
I bought this with intent to replace my 120 gig hard drive in my PS3. Once I figured out that I needed a system update download on a memory stick from the PSN site, I finally managed to get the Hard Drive to initiate and format while in the PS3. Suggestion for others attempting this... DO NOT attempt to format the Hard Drive before putting it in the PS3. You lose memory space each attempt because the Hard drive will save the DOS info for each time, reducing memory space. Then you have to go to a professional to get each extra attempt DOS off of the HD so you can have your full memory space available.

But also, as a reminder for those wanting to put this into PS3. It does work and works great. But, keep in mind that you need at least a 1 gig memory stick formatted to FAT32, go to the Sony Entertainment/PSN site, look in the support section for latest "System update" download, and follow the directions they give you for making a proper directory file on your stick so the PS3 can recognize it. Then, you're all set to either download all your game data again, or if you have an available drive to make a back-up file on another hard drive formatted to FAT32, just restore the info off of it onto the new hard drive in the PS3. Those of us that didn't know that have lost everything and have to do everything again, which really sucks, and in my case has taken over 7 days to get back everything lost.
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on August 26, 2011
I swapped my 60 gig hard drive out of my ps3 for this 500 gig one and it worked great. Don't worry about loosing your downloaded content because you can redownload it for free (you already paid for it). Just look in your PSN account("download history").It took me about 15 min. to copy my game save data to 16 gig usb flash drive, swap hard drives, then reinstall them. If you buy a 2.5 inch sata hard drive case you can use your old one for a portable external storage device.
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on February 8, 2013
I am using this on a MacBook Pro 13" mid 2010 model. This is definitely light years ahead of the 250gb 5400rpm stock hard drive that apple provides.

Black Magic disk speed test shows a 100-110 MBps read speeds and 90-95 MBps write speeds.

I chose this over an SSD or the Momentus XT hybrid drives because of the following factors:

1. I dont shutdown my Mac that often. I always put it on sleep. I may restart once in 2 weeks. The SSDs and Hybrid drives are definitely faster if you need to restart your system often.

2. The SSDs and Hybrids are quicker in launching apps. However, programs launch in 3-4 bounces in the dock using this HDD. I am willing to live with an additional 2-5 second delay in launching apps if that saves me money.

3. After reading the various reviews for SSDs and Hybrids, I realized that the failure rate seems to be high. Traditional platter based HDDs like this one have been around for longer and are proven.

4. Cost/GB - This is definitely a plus point for the traditional drives.

I spent the money I saved on buying a 1TB USB 3.0 portable drive. I setup a time machine schedule to backup my mac frequently. This gives me peace of mind that I wont lose my data if this drive fails and also gives me value for money.
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