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on June 13, 2012
I have been a PC instructor for 25 years, have bought zillions of keyboards, type 90 wpm, and work on the computer at least 60+ hours a week. I have also had carpal tunnel that whole time. Many of the other reviews simply mystified me - I don't think I've had any keyboard that has such a great touch, and I can type wickedly fast without the keyboard fighting me. I have had mine for nine months, and pound the heck out of it every single day. Batteries last forever, I never even turn it off. So the touchpad is kind of small, who cares? I most often use it in front of my laptop, which also enables better posture, and then I use a separate mouse. But it is the multi-link capability this board has that I have not seen in ANY other keyboard that really puts it in the stratosphere. No one seems to really get the implications of this. It will SIMULTANEOUSLY remain paired with SIX devices, an amazing feat. I am a bluetooth guru, currently own 6 sets of stereo bluetooth headphones, have high-powered BT transmitters on our two main TV's so family members can't drive me nuts with politics or sports, and NO other keyboard I could find in months of searching can do what this one can. Sitting in the living room running a PC through a flat screen TV - I can search for Netflix stuff with a full keyboard, search Pandora, surf the net on the big screen, write lengthy emails or documents - try to do that with some silly remote, or even a bluetooth mouse. Then I pick it up, go out on the front porch, with one Press of FN+2, I am connected to my Android smartphone, texting my brains out with friends at 90 wpm. Or, I am using this on my laptop, but get a text on my Android phone, and immediately switch to the phone to reply to a text; bam, I'm back on the laptop. With any other BT keyboard I know of on the planet, changing the pairing between different devices is a NIGHTMARE folks. Oh, I forgot, I also use it to type on my tablet - try typing 90 wpm on your silly iPad on-screen keyboards! And in a 5 minute period, I can seamlessly switch between 4 devices. It NEVER forgets the pairing, in NINE months of use, EVEN when I change the batteries - that truly amazed me! It has a built in wrist rest, especially nice when using it with TV's, but is very light and easy to grab and walk around with. There is no light - so get a very small portable battery operated light, I have some with clips and a gooseneck I can put almost anywhere, including hooked to the keyboard itself, or to one of those laptop desks if I am using on my lap.

Even if you never used it for anything but connecting to one device, I still think the touch, speed and durability rival any of my prior 25+ keyboards and countless laptop keyboards. But our devices are multiplying, and the notion of coming up with a fully usable keyboard solution for all of them is next to impossible without this multi-link capability. Even if money was no object, and you could buy 4 different BT keyboards, guess what? You are going to go crazy switching between them, keys will be located differently, etc. I have been a computer and gadget freak for many years, but I don't think I've been more excited about anything else I've ever gotten than this incredible keyboard. By the way, NONE of the lettering has remotely rubbed off in 9 months of using probably 8 hours a day, even using right after applying hand lotion, snacking, or having greasy fingers sometimes. But I've blown through two keyboards a year on each of my last 5 laptops - either the keys stopped working, from the massive abuse I inflict on them, or at the very least, after a year tops you can barely see any lettering left on the keys. Don't listen to the nitpickers - this is a ground-breaking device I spend most of my waking moments with, and wouldn't trade it for anything else.
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on December 30, 2013
I purchased this Bluetooth keyboard so that I would be able to switch quickly between controlling various Bluetooth devices and this keyboard works well for that purpose. I can quickly and easily switch between my laptop, my Nexus 7, and my Android Smartphone with just the press of a button and work on one device or another. That was the main reason I wanted to purchase this keyboard. I think that the keyboard is built well, and is very easy to pair and connect. If you want to switch between Bluetooth devices quickly, I heartily recommend this product.

As with some other reviewers, I do note that the enter key is huge, and the backslash key is located in a non-standard position, and also that in order to use the "home" and "end" keys you have to also press a function button. However, these things do not bother me as most of the Bluetooth keyboards I own I have purchased to be "mobile" and use only occasionally when I'm on the road and want portability. Most of these keyboards also have oddly placed keys, and most of them either do not have dedicated "end" and "home" keys or like this product, you have to use a function key to utilize them. I have never had a problem with learning how to work around the odd placement of any keys.

The trackpad is small, and while gestures work, the small size (coupled with my large fingers) makes some of the gestures difficult for me. However, I will say that I didn't purchase this device for the trackpad. The fact that there is one, is a bonus to me, and it's small size is not a detraction from the usefulness of the device.

Overall, the keyboard appears to be well built, and is very easy to set up and use. The surface of the keyboard is a shiny black plastic that shows fingerprints quite easily, but this isn't a detraction for me, as I'm a touch typist, and I rarely look at the keyboard itself. There is also a row of additional keys at the top of the device that I find quite useful. These keys do have a different function depending upon the operating system you have. From left to right these buttons include:

- A mute/unmute key
- A home key (in Windows 7 this opens your default browser, in Android it works as your home key does)
- A mail key (opens up your email program)
- Back and Forward keys
- A search key
- A refresh key

Many of the function keys also duplicate as media controls when used in conjunction with the Fn button.

Overall, I found that the keyboard was very well built - and the ease of setup and the fact that you can switch between control of devices using Bluetooth were major plusses for me.
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on December 8, 2012
The GKM611B has a wide range of reviews, but most of the 1 or 2 star reviews complain about using it to touch type. Since I never have ben able to learn to touch type, that is not a problem for me.
It paired easily with our MacPro and our PS3, and much to my surprise the touchpad has some multi-touch capability on the MacPro - Ctrl-2_fingers zooms the screen in & out. This is perfect for when we use the MacPro with our TV so we can zoom in to read small text.

I am finding 2 problems with it so far.

- The touchpad is tap-to-click. On every laptop I've used since that feature was first rolled out around 2001 I've immediately disabled this as I find it far more of a pain than a convenience. I have found no way so far to disable this and have contacted iogear's tech support about it.

- When controlling the PS3, I have not been able to figure out which key combos provide the functions of the O, X, triangle and square buttons. We're not heavy gamers so are not comfortable with using the PS3 controller to watch our BluRay discs or stream media through Amazon or Crunchyroll. Since iogear recommends it for use with Gaming Consoles, there must be some way to do so. I have contacted iogear's tech support about this too.

The keyboard itself has a solid feel and the keys have a nice feel even though some are oddly located and the Return key is HUGE.
I'll be curious to see how long the AA batteries hold up under our sporadic heavy use.

Incidentally - the MacPro has had an external Bluetooth antenna installed via an extension cable, since with the stock internal antenna even the Apple wireless keyboard loses contact when it's more than a few yards away.


I got a reply from IOGEAR's tech support:

> 1. There is no way to disable to the tap click on the touch pad of the GKM611b
> 2.. I am sorry but we do not have the PS3 key combinations that will work with this keyboard .
> This is an HID compliant keyboard that is not capable of the gaming functions on the PS3 game pad.

So, contrary to the description it is not actually suitable for use with a gaming console - at least not a PS3.
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This keyboard is great for surfing from the couch. You can connect it to your television, your tablet, your phone and your computer all at the same time. (Why you would want to is another question!) It's quite lovely though A LOT heavier than I expected. It has a nice extra space that acts as a wrist rest. Considering all that this keyboard does, the price is definitely great. If it had been lighter, I would have kept but I still recommend it if you prefer being able to multi-link over having a super lightweight keyboard.
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on December 4, 2013
I don't have much more to contribute than Andante51, the PC instructor, my situation is not his. But I will say that I am trully thrilled and excited about this keyboard: set up was so easy and I personally like the feel of the keys very much, they are quiet but still give a decisive (but soft) pop in their travel that I find very satisfying. I know people who like a keyboard with a lot of "road feel," their favorite keyboards are super audible and super tactile. This is a subtler experience which I like very much. I think it's perfect for quiet public spaces where this keyboard's noise pollution is minimal.

One thing I did learn from contacting their help chat is that there is no software required fot the device with which the keyboard is paired. As long as the device is compatible with Bluetooth HID accessories then it should work fine. I bought this keyboard to use with a Dell Venue 8 Pro (haven't received it yet, that's what I get for ordering outside of Amazon) which runs Windows 8 and the instructions stated requirements of up to Windows 7 only (for PC flavored devices). I wanted to be sure that the keyboard would work before I tore the plastic off and everything. The rep said it should be good.

Naturally, I wanted to play with it, so I connected it to my Nexus 7 (original) and it's amazing. I mean, it blew my mind that I could make a cursor pop up on my Android homescreen and navigate and open apps with the trackpad. I surfed Google Maps and manipulated the map with the trackpad just as I would from a laptop; I'm writing this review on the Nexus 7 with the keyboard. The Multi-Link function is spectacular. I hooked up my Note 2 and switched between them, on the fly, and I was really impressed with that functionality. I think this is a great keyboard, but for the price, compared to others this is an awesome value.
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I really need a keyboard like this and want(ed) this to work. Just purchased a week or so ago. The keyboard connected easily to laptop and PC, BUT the touchpad would not work at all when the keyboard was connected to the PC, and the keyboard would unpair when trying to switch between the laptop and PC. Contacted Iogear customer service, got an immediate response. Immediate response was that keyboard was defective and needed to be returned. OK.

When asked to whom / how I should return the keyboard (to Iogear or Amazon), was told to return to Iogear, and a form would be emailed to me to accomplish this. Three or four days later and two more emails to customer service, no return form received.

IF I just received a defective keyboard and IF I can get this one replaced for a correctly working keyboard, I WILL LOVE IT! I have a laptop and PC between which I constantly switch, and this would be ideal for that. Though touchpad is small, this is not a real problem for me. I don't use the touchpad extensively. JUST NEED IT TO WORK!

12-11-14 REVIEW CORRECTION: In the above review I stated Iogear customer service had NOT sent me the form to return the defective keyboard. THAT WAS NOT CORRECT. They had emailed me the form which I did not recognize as the return form. So Iogear customer service has been prompt in their response to this problem.

UPDATE 1-19-15: I received a replacement keyboard promptly from Iogear (via Amazon -- AMAZON'S AMAZING!) and put it into service. Have been using it about two weeks. It is working great! Upgraded from a 3 star to a 4 star.
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on November 11, 2013
I bought this keyboard touchpad combo to replace an RF keyboard mouse comb that I've owned for 3 years. It wasn't that the RF keyboard mouse combo was bad, in fact the RF combo still works even after 3 years getting kicked around, jumped on, and thrown around by a toddler. However the RF set didn't work well with a computer hooked up to a TV setup, especially when the kids are old enough to get a hold of the mouse, hide it, or attempt to throw it in the trash, so I decided to buy this set.

Although there are many RF keyboard touchpad sets, I wanted a bluetooth set because of its connectivity to bluetooth devices such as tablets and devices without USB adaptability like iFruit devices. So after an extensive search I only found two full sized bluetooth keyboard touchpad combos on the internet, the rest were mini keyboard touchpad combos, which would be impracticable to me because my children would be able to easily make a mini set disappear.

The keyboard touchpad set arrived right on time in new, original packaging. It comes with clear, simple instructions, and batteries. There are no bluetooth dongles or stylus included. The touch pad does not need a stylus and the set does not need a bluetooth dongle to connect to a bluetooth device. However, if you have a computer without bluetooth connectivity, you can get generic bluetooth dongle for couple bucks.

The keyboard touchpad combo is only slightly larger then a full sized standard keyboard, mostly due to the touchpad, the comfortable hand palm rest, and the special function keys at the top. The keyboard is fairly light and feels solid, made up of hard glossy plastic that seems very sturdy. The batteries are non-rechargeable, AA batteries. They didn't last long either, likely because they were a cheap no-name brand. Since replacing the batteries that came with the keyboard, I've noticed the keyboard can last about 2 weeks on a pair of dollar store AA batteries and that with leaving the keyboard always on. It can be easily turned off by a switch on the back. The battery life is about half that of a good RF mouse and about one tenth that of a RF keyboard standalone. So I would recommend getting a pair of rechargeable AA batteries and a charger for this keyboard if you use it a lot and don't turn it off.

The keyboard connects as fast as an RF combo and is almost as responsive as one. It can connect up to 6 devices using special functions keys to easily switch devices instantly. I have my laptop, my tablet, my wife's laptop, her tablet all connected the keyboard. There hasn't been any need to reconnect the devices even after the batteries are changed out. Re-ordering, adding, and removing devices is simple too.
The keyboard is very responsive, although there is some apparent lag from time to time when using the touchpad, however I've been able to type 55 wpm on the keyboard without any apparent lag. Typing is comfortable even when sitting on the couch or lying on the floor and the keys are not that loud or hard to press. I wouldn't say that they are very quiet though, you can still hear key presses clearly.
The touchpad buttons are not nearly as noisy as some reviewers have stated, the buttons are not hard to press and are fairly large. The touchpad itself is very small, it's only 1.5 inches by 2 inches long, just big enough to get the mouse pointer on my computer too move about 3/4 the way across the screen. I had to adjust the mouse pointer speed settings on my computer to get better coverage with less swipes. In doing so, the lag of the touch pad becomes more apparent, nevertheless it is a minor issue unless you are constantly using the touch-pad for complicated tasks.

Some pros and cons

Bluetooth means connectivity to a large range of devices.
Connects up to 6 devices
full sized keyboard
useful hot keys
comfortable hand rest
sturdy construction
decent battery life

keys are not backlit
touchpad is small
touchpad can lag sometimes

Considering the fact that computers are becoming more portable and with far less USB ports, a bluetooth keyboard makes a lot of sense as an investment, especially if you plan to get a tablet or portable device since bluetooth is a universal standard connection. With the limited options of full sized bluetooth keyboard touchpad combos, I'd say that this one is one of the best options and I do not regret this purchase in any way.
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on December 3, 2014
This Keyboard is extremely easy to set up. Using Windows 8, it took me less than five minutes, most of which was the actual installation and syncing. You can just type "Bluetooth" on the App Screen and go to blue tooth devices, then hit the button on the back to tell the keyboard to seek to pair up and your computer will find it within seconds. Once it does, it's an easy few more intuitive clicks and viola, it's installed for good.
I use this keyboard to sit from my bed and play videos on my computer so I can watch them in bed. It is also great for use with tablets like the iPad, and for texting or emailing from your phone. It is ideal for parents and older generations who aren't very good at typing on smartphones and tablets, since the simple touch of a button on the keyboard will switch it from your computer to your phone instantly (granted you've previously linked it)! It's a fantastic deal from Amazon (40$ as of the time writing this) with fantastic value.
If you have trouble texting, emailing, or writing anything on phones and tablets, I highly recommend this. Even as a technology savvy person, the value is great to just be able to relax in bed using this keyboard and the built in touchpad to watch movies and stuff and not need to sit at my computer.
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on May 16, 2014
This is a SUPER bluetooth keyboard IF you want full size, and it works well with my Kindle HDX/Samsung Pro Note 12.2 & Windows OS w/extras for video multimedia keys. It really pairs well (keyboard video functions) with an awesome Android video player called BSPlayer. It matched-up in key size and layout measurement w/my Full Sized Microsoft Natural (Curved) keyboard, so it's a bit bulky and heavy for mini-portable travel use. But it's great for a heavier duty bluetooth keyboard with solid feel key-press for daily use with Android or Windows, and/or you really need that full sized feel -perfect for bigger hands. The mini trackpad works very well with my Kindle HDX, so it's definitely worth having w/o mouse. At the $38.99 price I paid on Amazon this is an excellent keyboard for lap lounging or tabletop. If you don't need a small or lightweight or backlit keyboard, then this is the best value, imo. I've used many computer keyboards for 30+ years, and this one is tops, especially, for bluetooth.
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on September 21, 2012
I'm a software programmer and have many devices at my desk (many tablet PCs, a Mac mini, my laptop, etc.). I've been using an USB KVM switch in order to control all these devices with one mouse and keyboard, but attaching so many cables could be really messy. The GKM611B is maybe the most practical solution to my problem. I've easily configured it to work perfectly on Ubuntu, Mac OS X, Android, Windows 7 and specially Windows 8 (you'd rather prefer a touchpad than a traditional mouse with Windows 8, trust me). Switching between devices is really simple and fast. The only thing I regret is that the folks al IOGEAR could be more generous with the touchpad's size. There's a lot of space on the keyboard to put a bigger touchpad. The touchpad supports multi-touch gestures and the keyboard is well constructed and responsive. There are very few products that can compete with this keyboard. Most options are small and difficult to use specially when you are heavily coding. It could be better, but the product fits my needs.
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