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on May 31, 2017
I got this only for small changes to code on a program I'm running at a machine. Its ok for that, but you can't type like a regular keyboard on it, the keys are just a bit weird on the layout. I don't like the buttons along the left and right sides, they are easy to hit while your picking up and putting down the device. The mouse buttons in the corners are nice along with the scroll wheel and additional mouse buttons on top and the roller ball is smooth and reactive. They could dump the side and top 'special' buttons completely and save money, they are useless.
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on April 21, 2017
This is a very compact wireless keyboard. There could have been a bit more case on each end. I find myself pressing the side buttons accidentally, but all in all, not a bad keyboard. I had a previous model (now discontinued), and i think the layout and design was a bit better on the previous model.
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on July 18, 2017
Great size. It has lots of features. Cheaply made, see though plastic cheap, drop it once and you will be sorry. đź–˛trackball is a good idea badly implemented! I bought the 60$ Logitech and this iogear... Only the Logitech gets used. Flimsy to the point of, I'm uncomfortable using it, but I I am not a monster but 6 2" 250 this keyboard creaks in use.
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on March 12, 2014
I was surprised to see all the negative reviews because this has BY FAR been my favorite keyboard to use with my HTPC.

Keyboards are very subjective but here are some things I like about this when compared to others:

1. Trackball: I don't like trackballs normally but for some reason I like it better in an HTPC keyboard. It allows me to keep both hands on the keyboard while navigating instead of awkwardly putting a trackpad keybard in my lap to move the mouse.

2. Grip: When holding it in both hands, the left/right mouse button are at the upper left/right of the keyboard. This makes it very easy to navigate the mouse using my thumb and clicking on whatever I want with my right or left pointer finger.

3. Size: I have large hands and I can type one-handed on this as well as two handed (like I would on a normal keyboard). Granted, I make some mistakes while typing with two hands but it's a FAR better experience than with a smaller keyboard.

4. Battery: This uses standard AAA batteries (2) which I find easier to use than one with a built-in battery that needs to be connected with a USB cord to charge. The batteries last a long time from what I can tell.

5. Scroll wheel: Under the trackball there's a vertical scroll wheel that I use all the time for web pages. Scrolling with this wheel is way easier than scrolling by using the far right-hand side of a trackpad.

I might have a newer revision of this keyboard b/c other complaints such as volume buttons being in the wrong order and the trackball is too light don't appear to be the case with my keyboard.
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on September 17, 2014
Okay this is small, has every key you need. Works great - meaning the key board works with you as you type. No delay reaction time like other cordless keyboards. The reason I gave three stars - it does need some improvements. If you are using this keyboard for computing in the dark (TV, gaming or just kicking back to surf the Internet) it needs a back-lit. Also, the keys on the sides where you would hold the keyboard tend to get in the way. Those keys should be across the top. Don't get me wrong this keyboard is a good one for it's size. Don't buy if you want back lit.
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on September 27, 2015
Unfortunately this is the best portable non-bluetooth keyboard with a physical scroll (for me this was a requirement!), track pad/ball and mouse buttons I could find. This thing has soooo many buttons on it you can hardly hold it without hitting a button, waking up the keyboard and accidentally activating whatever the receiver is plugged into. So I epoxied the corner mouse buttons so they won't move/activate. Then I added a physical ON/OFF micro-switch to the keyboard so I can grab the keyboard or put it in a bag/case without activating it. Now I am reasonably happy with it. Lots of buttons. Bought it for my car radio (runs on Android) so I will be less than 10 feet away. Better than pecking at the screen when I want to type commands and settings. Obviously I do not use it while driving! Was able to decode all keys then modify the OS to performs certain actions. I want to get a second receiver so I can use it elsewhere.

FYI, It would not sit flat...was rocking on the lower left corner due to either a smaller rubber foot or a design error(?).
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on March 28, 2017
Cheap plastic, ball has alot of friction and lacks precision. Short range and easily interfered signal. Battery life is good and typing is almost natural for small hands. Gets the job done but overpriced based on quality. Expect cheap fragile plastic.
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on September 19, 2013
Bought this to replace a couple different mini keyboard options I'd been trying with my Home Theater PC. First I tried one of the super small rii wireless units. Worked find but typing on them was a chore not to mention the tiny touch pad would often have to be multi-swiped in order to get the cursor across my 60" screen to click a link. Felt all wrong and I've always been partial to trackballs anyways. Saw this, saw the price and decided it was worth it even if it sucks. I LOVE the mouse portion of this unit. The right and left click on the top sides of the board work great and the metal ball works great. The keyboard itself is fine. My only 2 small complaints are the placement of the media buttons on the sides. I often find my palms will press the buttons on accident. This also happened when I try and hold the unit one handed or when I pick it up to use it since they cover almost the entire edge of both sides. The other one is the lack of backlighting, I know they probably didnt think a keyboard would need this but being a portable wireless all in one unit they probably should have aimed it at HTPC users. We're often in the dark, ya know? Who watches a movie in a bright room? It's a good unit though, even with a few drawbacks. I would recommend it for anyone who needs to use a pc at a distance. I havent had any issue with wireless even though my couch is a good 11 feet from the receiver. At about $32 this is one of the cheaper all-in-one trackball/keyboard solutions that doesnt make you use your thumbs to type, good deal for an HTPC board. Check the alternatives and you'll see what I mean!
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on February 21, 2017
Cute little keyboard. Too big to thumb type, too small to touch type.

OK to carry around for very casual input
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on March 30, 2017
had trouble communicating with my tower. I bought 4 for my office and 2 worked, even replaced one that did not work and still did not communicate with tower. keys are really small. Size of an Ipad keyboard. Better for personal use not business
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