Customer Reviews: Oreck ProShield® Plus Air Purifier
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on January 4, 2010
I recently purchased one of these for our house. Our family suffers from allergies which result many times in sinus infections, as well as colds. I was tired of our two young kids constantly being medicated for their runny noses and I thought this would help. My wife was a bit skeptical, but within the first 2 days of installing this air purifier in the family room the stuffy noses went away and we have not had a sinus infection (or really even a runny nose) since. I have purchased 3 more - one for each bedroom - and am very pleased with the performance. The unit is barely noticeable on the "silent" mode (I have to put my hand over it to know it is on). The kids like the "medium" setting for bedtime because it provides some "white" noise. I typically leave them on medium when we are not home. I have cleaned all of the units and it was very easy. All you do is use the brush attachment on the vacuum and clean up the front, top and inside of it. I did use the Assail a Cell cleaner on the Truman Cell - simply spray it on, wash it off and let it dry overnight. Some people have complained of the snapping or popping noise that the Oreck's occasionally make but I have only heard it a couple times and it let me know it is doing it's job. I have had overall excellent results with this air purifier and highly recommend it. The remote control is very handy. The air in our home feels and smells clean and fresh.

UPDATE: Two years later and I still love our air purifiers. They work great, I clean the filters about every two months, and it continues to help with allergies. Defintely feel like I got my money's worth out of these. I just use dish detergent now to clean the filters, letting the filters soak in the sink for a few minutes, rinse and dry. I occasionally use a hair dryer to dry the filters instead of leaving them to dry overnight.
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on August 25, 2013
I have had Oreck air cleaners in our home for the past 12 years. Each unit has lasted a minimum of 6 years each. I just purchased this model at an Oreck last month and paid $299 with an upgrade trade in of a $100...yeah. I got rooked. After getting over the money I could have saved by ordering from usual I am very impressed with Oreck's air cleaners. This latest model cleared the musty air in a large bedroom in about 30 minutes. We have had so much rain in TN this year that musty has become the signature scent in our older home. As the years go by and the unit gets less effective I forget how wonderful these units are at keeping the dust and odor out of our house. The only problem I have found with each series is that when you dust, or in our case, the dogs come back into the house, you will hear a loud electric pop as it hits the air cleaning cell. It's awesome to know it is getting the dust from our 4 large dogs, but, in the middle of the night while sleeping it can be startling. I have to clean the main cell at least twice a month, but with four dogs and a bunny I assume that's not a bad thing. The pre-filter has to be cleaned weekly as pet hair is an issue. I have not found Oreck's particular brand of coil cleaner to be any more effective then the very cheap product "Awesome" degreaser. We no longer smoke in the house, but when we did, the cell would be heavily covered with tar and nicotine, so I would wet the cell with water and then spray with cleaner, let sit and then rinse with the faucet and then submerge it to get rid of the cleaner's residue.
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on May 17, 2012
I've had one of these newer Oreck ProShield air "purifiers" for almost two years now. It's Okay as an "air cleaner", but was an expensive disappointment for it's intended use.

First, these units are not air "purifiers". The "Truman Cell" is just a fancy electronic grid of wires and flat metal panels that ionise particulates as they pass through, causing them to adhere to the metal plates by a static charge. Particulates large enough to be affected by the change in ionic charge are trapped, while smaller ones may still travel through the unit and remain suspended in the air. It is very effective at removing particulates from the air. But, this is far from "purification".

This is also nothing new, and Oreck have actually been making this exact same air "purifier" in the same essential design for at least 30 years. The only differences are that the units have gotten larger, and they now have pretty blue LEDs--they are also almost 5 times the price.

Back in the 1980's I had purchased one of Oreck's Truman Cell air cleaner units and I was rather amazed as how floating dust went in and became stuck to the metal plates. It was certainly convenient enough to wash clean without having to buy new filters every month or two.

After all the hype over the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze I decided I wanted a unit that had an added carbon filter to help remove perfumes and other chemicals from the air (as I happen to be allergic to them) and since the Oreck units are essentially an Ionic Breeze with extra fittings, I figured it would be a good choice. What I got was an oversized version of the air cleaner I had in the 80's.

Oreck claim the unit is "Whisper-quiet" which is nonsense, unless your are hearing impaired. Even on the lowest setting the centrifugal fan in the back of the unit buffets the air in an annoyingly noticeable manner. It's unavoidable as this type of fan is inherently noisy. At the higher speeds, the unit grows more and more intolerably loud.

There are two different units: one with an activated carbon filter, and another with what Oreck call the "UV-A Helios Shield".

The carbon filter model has contains a removable/replaceable flimsy honeycomb insert of activated carbon that is designed more for high air flow than for absorbing anything. As well, due to the limited surface area of the carbon filter, these would need frequent replacement, and at $50 per carbon filter, Oreck has positioned themselves for a fair profit.

Not only is there insufficient carbon surface in the carbon filter to remove odours for any length of time, it also fails to absorb airborne chemicals in any useful manner. If someone walks into the room dowsed in perfume or body spray, I'm better off leaving the building than relying on this thing to clean the air.

The "Helios Shield" is a UV light device that is intended to kill airborne micro-organisms that "cause odours" and are intolerant of UV radiation. Unfortunately, on the scale permitted by the unit's size and power consumption, this does more for one's emotional ease than it does to sanitise the air. This is not even close to a hospital grade UV bacterial shield. Save your money. You don't need UV light in shelf-top air cleaner.

I have read complaints in other reviews about the direction of air returned to the room and static "snapping" coming from the "Truman Cell".

The air return is directed over the front of the unit to help increase circulation in the room so that static pockets of air don't form at the far side. It is also meant for shelf use, as well as a free standing unit, and should the unit be placed under another shelf the air needs to be directed so that it can escape from the shelf space.

I would certainly prefer moving vent louvres so that the owner can adjust the air flow--especially with the option to rotate the vent to the opposite side of the unit when in a standing position. This is not at all possible. The louvres don't move at all.

The snapping sound from the metal plates is common on these units, and with all cleaners that use this type of ionising grid. When particulates become trapped between two electrified surfaces they arc, creating the snapping sound. This can be increased by soap residues (use a grease-cutting dish soap, and rinse very well), as well as by moisture/humidity in the metal grid.

Keep in mind, this is essentially the same technology used in backyard bug zappers, except that the grids are designed to trap dust, not bugs.

If all you want/need is to remove dust and allergen particulates from the air, this is definitely a capable unit to do it. It will work a bit more efficiently than the Ionic Breeze, but with that efficiency comes the sacrifice of added noise due to the squirrel-cage type fan.

It will certainly not suck in dust that has settled on furniture, and if the quantity of airborne allergens is too dense, this unit may not be able to compete. (I.e., if allergens are flowing in through an open window, this is not a solution unless you close the window.)
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on November 30, 2011
I bought my unit two years ago directly from Oreck and I've never had any problems with it. I live in a city that has smog problems in the winter. And some days the air is so bad I couldn't even find relief at home. This product solved the problem. I stopped coughing at night. I stopped sneezing. I stopped waking up with a sore throat.

I don't know that the unit removes 99.9% of dust particles from the air as claimed. But if it removes even 75% then that's a major improvement in air quality. I definitely notice the difference.

My only problem is that the old man in the commercial said that it would cut down on dust and that I would see less dust in the room. I think the reality is that the unit emits an electrostatic charge to dust particles throughout the room. Some of that dust is captured by the unit and the rest of it sticks to surfaces around the room. The electrostatic charge causes the dust to stick to surfaces rather than float in the air; which means that those particles are no longer in the air--and that's what matters. My observation is that I still see the same amount of dust on surfaces; but the air is cleaner, my breathing is easier.

In this case it should be understood that the electrostatic charge is the alternative to buying expensive filters. With this product you don't have to buy filters, you just have to wash the Truman Cell once a month. The trade-off is that you will see dust on your furniture. But again, in my observation it is no worse than before I bought the unit. I save money on filters.

To conclude, I have no regrets about my purchase. It does the basic job that it is supposed to do. And when this unit finally does break I plan to buy another one--unless something better comes along.
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on February 17, 2012
I've had this in my 12x12 bedroom for 6 months now and it was amazing. Now, the quality is poor and the "silent" mode has a constant sizzling. I searched for countless hours on finding a solution, Even bought new Truman cells, Nothing. I am very unsatisfied with this product.
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on September 3, 2013
I don't know why everyone's reviews are so negative! I put this in my room for one night on its lowest (and very quiet) setting, and in the morning for the first time in months, woke up without having to blow my nose 500 times and sneeze for hours! No snapping noises, no problems at all. I wouldn't have it on its highest setting at night, but I'd use that if I were out of the room but wanted the air cleaner when I got in there to go to bed. But even at the other end of my small room, the lowest setting had the whole room fresh by morning, and my allergies are SO much better, even in Florida in the summertime with the AC going and the windows closed (thus worse indoor air quality), and potentially mold or something in the walls, who knows, this house is 50 years old and a rental. I've dusted everything, changed my linens regularly, neti-potted my sinuses, but THIS works the best!
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on January 31, 2011
I bought 2 of these. I smoke a lot in my apartment. I also have allergies. The unit looks very nice. I had the impression that it might even look good next to my receiver in my home theater. The item really pushes a lot of air both on medium and high settings. It's pretty noisy at those speeds, but near silent at the low setting.

It apparently uses an electrified metal grid to draw charged dust particles to it. It appears to have alleviated my allergies and does seem to keep the cigarette smoke at bay. If you put your nose up to it in operation, the air does smell clean, but I think what you're smelling is ozone. Isn't ozone harmful to people to breathe? Anyway, so far I've noticed it doesn't do a great job of removing the smell of smoke from my apartment immediately but over time it does appear to offer some improvement.
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on January 26, 2015
Like the other reviews say, this is a serious filter. It moves a lot of air and catches really fine particles. if you run it, you wont see much dust hanging in the sunbeams in your house. I haven't experienced any of the problems previously listed, except one that I think is pretty important: This thing plain and simple makes a lot of ozone (the 'plastic' smell other reviews complain about). IMO, Oreck massively oversells the ozone filtering capabilities of this puppy, and at least in this particular unit, doesn't deliver. Perhaps they will reply on this? The ozone is strong enough that if run continuously it's irritating; for that reason I'm contemplating returning it. Ozone smell worst when in low speed mode. Other disappointment is it's really loud in full-speed mode, though it moves so much air in that mode medium seems to be adequate. the noise is surprising since they chose a typically quiet and efficient tangential fan design. So that's the bad. The good is, (and the reason I'll probably keep it) it is so good at filtering, that at least in our case, you don't need to run it continuously once you've gotten your house straightened out and the dust load reduced. For reference, we have 2 cats, live in the city, and I have mild asthma, the reason for getting it in the first place to reduce the dander load.
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on October 18, 2015
I purchased this item from in 2009. It still works. I do think that this product reduces the dust in the air, but the popping sound this thing makes is annoying (it sounds like a bug zapper). Other than that, it’s relatively quiet even on the medium setting.

Recently, I had to replace the pre-filter because some of the screens had come loose. This wasn’t a big deal, as the pre-filter was six years old, and was only fifty cents from This product came with a three year warranty.

My chief complaint with this product is the Truman Cell. I recently began hearing a lot of static, and I smelled smoke: no one in my house smokes. So, I bought a new Truman cell through Amazon in January 2015. About eight months later, I had to send back my “new” cell to Oreck because I was experiencing the same issues. Oreck stated that one of the wires on the new cell could be loose. Oreck stated that they would replace the new cell even though the unit was out of warranty as a one-time courtesy. There’s one problem with their “courtesy”: Oreck claims that the Truman cell never needs to be replaced, which is one of the reasons why I bought the air purifier. They acted like they were doing me a “favor”, when in reality they were doing what they had to do. This is a very noteworthy distinction. I wish I would have sent the original cell from 2009 back to Oreck rather than buying a new one from Amazon. By the way: you can buy a replacement Truman cell from Oreck on their website. Why exactly do they sell replacement Truman cells when they claim that the cells never need to be replaced? I know! $$$!

The cell also cannot be kept clean. Oreck claims that all you have to do is wash the cell off in water. That works for a bit, but you have to start using their Assail-a-Cell spray to get the thing clean. I question why Oreck sells a spray when all they claim you need to do is wash the cell off in water to keep it clean. Money, perhaps? I sense a recurring theme.

Just a word to the wise: David Oreck sold his interests in the Oreck company in the 1990s, but is still the company spokesman. Oreck filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2013, and is now owned by TTI, which is a division of a Chinese company (Oreck denied this, by the way).

I would say that one of the reasons why my product has lasted for so long is because it was still made in America by Oreck Direct in 2009. In short, be very careful about buying this product, as it has almost certainly been manufactured in China. Save your receipt for warranty purposes. You’re going to need it!
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on May 20, 2014
I have been running my purifier for about 2 weeks now (on low speed) 24/7 in the bedroom. To address the popping/cracking sound, I must say I have only heard that sound 2 -3 times and it is not loud at all. I love how fresh the room smells and the sound of the unit running is nice to sleep by. It is like having a fan going in the room except not as loud. I just checked the filters (yet to clean them) and they have a bit of dust but not enough to clean at this time. From the looks of it, I will only be cleaning the filters no more than once per month or maybe longer. I may update this review after cleaning the filters. So far, I am glad I purchased this unit.
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