Customer Reviews: Merrick Before Grain #2 Salmon Paté Style Cat Food, 5.5 Ounce Can (24 Count Case)
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on March 8, 2013
I switched from "garbage" cat food to Merric BC salmon canned food. My cats loved it, their coats got shinier and I was convinced I was feeding them the right healthy food. A few months later I'm in the vets office with my cat who has always been healthy on his yearly check ups. He's been lethargic, vomiting and losing weight. He had a battery of tests done, all came back negative for any illnesses. His Xrays did show a swollen, food emptied belly.

Upon coming back from the vet I opened a can of BC salmon and dished it out. I noticed my spoon hit a hard chunk. I looked closer. It was a bone. I dug around in the food with my spoon some more. In less than 1/4 of a can of BC salmon food I found about 20 shards of bone. Not soft bone, hard bone. They ranged in size from 1/4 of an inch to 1 inch. Some were even about 1/4 inch thick. All were very sharp. I know a lot of foods use bone Powder for calcium but, these are huge shards. Imagine you're the size of a house cat swallowing a one inch long shard of bone. Ya... I instantly called my vet. She told me to stop feeding them that food. The bones can get lodged in their throats and even puncture their intestines and stomach. We're now both very sure as to what has caused my cats illness. I have kept the bone shards and have taken photos to send to Merrick. I have e-mailed Merrick but, I'm fairly sure I will never hear from them. I will also be e-mailing the FDA so no one elses cat ends up the same way mine did or worse. Also, I've tried to upload one of the photos here, who knows if it will be allowed.

So please, be very careful with this food. You think you're feeding them healthy food and doing what's best for your pets when companies that don't care end up sending them to the vets.
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on January 4, 2013
When we first changed to Merrick Before Grain wet food from an organic dry food, our cat's coat became noticeably more shiny and healthy looking. His eating habits changed slightly and he would eat his food a little bit at a time rather than all at once. After he would eat a little he would scratch at the floor around his food dish as if he were trying to cover it with earth like cats would do in the wild with their prey's carcass. To me it seems this food is so much better suited to his body and stimulates his instincts more than the old stuff. I take that as a sign that this food is very good for him because it's a more species-appropriate diet.

I'm thinking that some owners who buy this food for their cat may notice they don't gobble it down like their old food but I'd venture to say that lesser quality, grain or starch-filled food may be more tantalizing to a cat but that's not always a sign of healthy food. If I had a big bag of potato chips I might gobble up the whole bag, but if I had a bag of baby carrots I might not eat it all at once. Obviously the carrots are healthier. So if you try this food and your cat doesn't seem to eat it like the old stuff, persist for a few weeks and notice the great change in their coat. All this said, my cat prefers the Merrick chicken and or quail variety the best and maybe the salmon flavor the least. But he will eat it all and doesn't act deprived or unhappy.
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on March 8, 2012
Great price and shipped a lot faster than expected which is always a plus! While definitely be buying more in the future. Not sure if Amazon reads these reviews but subscribe and save discount would be awesome!
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on December 8, 2012
I started ordering Before Grain food on amazon several months ago after one of my cats had a near-fatal hair ball (no joke, it was an expensive surgery!). I thought switching to a higher quality grain-free diet might help prevent future health issues.

I order both the dry food and have tried a few varieties of the canned food. They eat all of them, although I'd say they like the Tuna flavor the best.

The price on Amazon is about the same or a little less than at the store, and it's so convenient to have the heavy bags and boxes of food brought right up to my door.

So far, fewer hairballs, shiny coats, happy cats!
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on January 28, 2013
I fed my cats "Fussie cat" wet food for over a year & they all loved it. I had thought maybe they were sick of it due to them really not gobbling it up this last shipment? So I bought a few cans of this & they gobbled them! I ordered the 24pk. Well, before I received it I read that "Fussie cat" had taken out the Oligo ( natural sugar from fruits etc) from all the foods. Well, that explained why my cats reacted differently to it! They were looking for the sugar fix & weren't getting it! The had eaten this brand before I found Fussie & I knew they liked it. When the food was delivered it was about 6pm & the cans were like ice cubes! I tried to open 1 but it was almost frozen! I finally got a couple open but the food was frozen SOLID! They wouldn't eat it. I tried microwaving a bit, yet they still refused. The next day it had defrosted & I gave them a few cans, they ate a little bit & walked away. It's all I have for wet, so they have been eating up the dry & "picking" at this. The liked it from the pet store days before, so the only thing it can be is that being frozen , then defrosting did something to the food. Shame. I was going to order different flavors but can't risk throwing away more $.... Good food though- when NOT frozen!
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on October 4, 2013
I'm no nutrition expert, but it does seem like these Merrick products are a bit more healthy for my cat than your typical Friskies brand, and while it's too expensive for me to feed him exclusively, I do like to supplement his meals with some of this food. The real problem with this Salmon flavor is how it compares to the Turkey flavor. Not in taste, mind you - my cat vacuums this up like anything else - but in volume and consistency. When I open a can of Merrick Turkey the entire can is filled, and the texture is nice and firm. The Salmon, on the other hand, is only about 85-90% filled and has a very soft, almost soupy texture, even after it's been refrigerated. It makes it harder to portion out the servings at mealtime, and provides my cat with less per portion. I don't know why this is, but I feel like I'm not quite getting the same value as with the Turkey flavor, so I'll definitely be buying that again next time.
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on September 30, 2012
I have never once come across a cat eating a fruit salad or a bell pepper in the wild. This is because cats eat meat. This food is mostly meat, ergo, this food is for cats.

As for taste, my cat isn't the most picky, but he has rejected a fair number of foods. He loves this stuff.
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on August 8, 2013
Apparently, Merrick's has opted to discontinue this line of cat foot (according to our local pet store). We tried the new "pate" style that they offer (more expensive) and our cats showed their displeasure by returning the "pate" to us. Between this flavor and another Before Grain flavor, we bought an eight month supply from Amazon.

The food gets five stars, but the packing job on three out of the seven boxes was bad news. Each of the three boxes had four cases of 24 cans each; the cases were packed on their sides in the boxes which is a recipe for disaster. A medium-sized bit of pressure on the top or bottom would cause the cans to pop out of the side of their shrink-wrapped cases....and they did.

Twp of the shipping boxes had burst open and one was ready to pop. We lost only a single can of cat food out of the 12 case and none of the cans were dented. UPS left a mess on my doorstep;
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on May 28, 2013
I tried this from a local pet food store, and my cats loved it. It's good stuff, and cheaper than some other brands (although being a pate means it's not quite as good for their teeth). So, I figured I'd save on hassle and price by coming to Amazon. A good idea in principle, but something in Amazon's storage process or shipping process ruins the food. I've had 3 batches now, and they've become progressively worse. A dull gray in color, soft-mush in texture, and, worst of all, my cats hate it.

I became curious so I did a side by side -- one can of my most recent (and mostly uneaten) case from Amazon versus a can from the local store. Same food. The color difference is significant, and my cats easily finished off the stuff from the store. The can that's been ruined by Amazon? I fed to the dog.
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on March 10, 2013
I was looking for a healthy, grain-free food and got a case of this based on the high reviews BUT reviews are not written by cats. Upon opening the can I was a bit put off by the grey goop studded with bone chunks, but thought "hey, if they like it..." They would not even taste it. After 12 days and 12 tries I have given up and will donate the rest of the case to the local shelter kitties (who may prove less picky, and certainly need good nutrition). Same for the quail and chicken variety (same color as the salmon, but no obvious bone chunks in that one). It may be good for them, but if they refuse to eat it isn't doing any of us any good. Oh, well. FYI I then tried Fussie Cat and the kittehs can't decide which variety they like best. Also, it looks like identifiable food.
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