Customer Reviews: Super Dynamite Fishing Premium
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on February 26, 2015
TL;DR version: the developer recently updated the game solely to add in-app purchases to a $5 game that hasn't changed at all in four years. Scummy developer is scummy. Do not buy. Ever.

I got this game about four years ago as one of the first free apps of the day. Back then the graphics were fine enough because I was on a Droid Eris which had a small screen and not much in the way in processing power. Fast forward to today where I have a Kindle and this game is still in my inventory. It's not changed one bit. Where the graphics are clean and crisp on a small screen, they're blurry and overall just ugly on my 7" screen. If the game had been forgotten and left to die by the developer that'd be understandable, but apparently he or she still wants to make money off of it, and updated it today. What was in this update? Graphical enhancements? Bug fixes? Anything that adds to the game? Nope, none of the above. The only addition was in-app purchases, and maybe a bump in price. A five dollar game with IAP is absolutely detestable, especially when the game HASN'T CHANGED AT ALL SINCE IT WAS RELEASED. I cannot stress this point enough. It's not particularly suitable for a contemporary android device and the developer hasn't done anything to modernize it. There is no reason this should continue to be in the marketplace. I'd give it zero stars if I could.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon May 1, 2015
First note: the developer hand-games GmbH is based out of Europe (GmbH is a form of Limited Liability Company used in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), and I suppose it is an interesting social commentary on how Europeans view certain stereotypes and related sensationalistic behavior... one older review may have gotten it succinctly with the title "Guilty Pleasure", quite in line with the underpinnings of how we as a society tend to approach such depictions.

The game's very atmosphere reeks more than of ruptured fish bellies. From the Confederate flag hanging in a ramshackle tin home to the voluptuous girlfriend in an Red, White, and Blue Bikini top, the very name of our dubious protagonist, "Redneck Joe", sums in essence what you will be presented in full.

And yes, the IAP - ranging from 10,000 Dynamite Dollars for $0.99 to 150,000 for $7.99 Real Dollars. On top of the already hefty price of the normal going of $5.19, this game takes everything over the top.

The mechanics are simple yet messy: tilt left to move right and vice versa (which frankly is a hassle with a 10.1" tablet), while tapping fish to throw dynamite or fowl to shoot. That's it for the mechanics and actual game play. You buy weapons to use, you buy gifts for your "girlfriend", you buy upgraded boats... but in the end, it's moving back and forth, blowing up fish, shooting fowl with single taps.

And then being Ad Free, the second time I entered the game, I got a full screen "Play More Top Games" page.

Three advertising modules: Chartboost, Google Mobile Ads, Millenial
IAP licensing for Amazon and Google
Flurry Analytics and Google Analytics
Google Play Services integration (but not Amazon's GameCircle)
and some developer libraries

Full Internet permission set (View Network/WiFi State, Full Network Access)
Read Phone State (but not Identity per the coding syntax)
Billing Services (for Google - don't need IAP permissions with Amazon's App Store)

Installed at 27MB, moved manually into Storage, leaving 7.34MB on Device Memory - can be played OFFLINE, but it doesn't stop that full screen More Games from appearing first upon subsequent game entries. The back-key did exit cleanly and fully, however.

This game simply goes overboard in so many ways, from bow to stern. Nevertheless, I present you with the facts, and you decide. Now that is a principle I firmly believe in.
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This app has it all in app purchasing, adware, higher than normal price. The adware code is Chartboost, Google Mobile ads and Millenial. It also includes Flurry Analytics and Google Analytics that can track your in app behavior and actions. Don't forget to add in Amazon InApp billing and Google InApp Billing. The app opens up with Facebook and Twitter buttons in the fist page.

You get to shoot ducks and toss dynamite into the water to kill the fish so you can sell them and make money. Touch above the water to move your boat and below the water to toss dynamite. Touch the fisherman to change to a shotgun to shoot the ducks. You can also blow up treasure chests and collect prizes and more dynamite. Move your boat to collect you dead fish and treasure. You earn money to pay your bills, buy supplies and even pay your alimony to your ex wife and pay for your child support.

The app depicts the fisherman living in a trailer with a Confederate flag hanging. You also get to purchase fake app money using real money like for example for $3.99 you can buy $60,000. This is after you purchase the app for $5.19. Because of all of the garbage in the app and the IAP I rated the app at 1 star.

* full network access
* Google Play billing services
* View WIFI connections
* View network connections
* Control vibration
* Read phone status and identity
* Android vending billing

The app downloaded 28.67MB into my device memory. I manually moved it to the SD card and it left 7.34MB in my device memory and it moved 24.50MB to my SD card.
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on May 1, 2015
Today's free app of the day - Super Dynamite Fishing Premium - is a shoot and blow up game. You hit your target by shooting or throwing anywhere in the general direction.


The Bad....

Skill Required - No
Quick Start - No - 30 Seconds (then stays in memory)
New App of Day Offer - No - Repeat Offer
Efficient Programming - No - (21MB) - Prior Version (16MB)
Landscape & Portrait - No - Landscape Only
Product Push Free - No - Ads First Page

The Good ....

Social Network Free - Yes
SPAM Free - Yes
Plays Offline - Yes
Easy Back Exit - Yes
Autorun on Boot Free - Yes

This app is repeated from May 2 2011. It is the 19th repeat in 30 days, and the 59th for 2015
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on July 17, 2015
Silly and ridiculous but lots of fun. Go fishing using dynamite, refridgerators, car batteries, and more! You have goals to meet, money is needed to buy better boats and gear plus there are 'dates' to go on.
The gameplay is very simple click to drop the "lure" and either move the device side to side to move the boat to new areas. Annoying birds will try to steal your catch and various fishing areas have different fish, worth different values.
You get 2 missions a "day" (a day resets after a few minutes of fishing) that will really help you meet your financial goal.
His home is a sad little place, he never uses a fishing pole and his dates are pretty pathetic. Yet through it all there is some mindless amusement to it all. Fun to play as a time-killer or something to do when you just need to relax and not think much.
The rotating the tablet/device to move the boat can be frustrating when changing positions and when the day is over birds still steal food even though you can no longer stop them until the clock finally recognizes you clicking it. Those are the two main annoyances I have. Otherwise, I am enjoying it.
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on May 23, 2015
This is a fun time waster. I love it.

My complaint is that it is just too easy to win. If you want to 'get the girl" , just buy as many pieces of dynamite you can, and rapidly throw them over the boat until it is full. Once you have finished your day, do this again.. and again.. and again. No strategy needed. Then you have enough money to buy big tits and have her live with you. ..boom.. youre done. You won. Thats it.
You can keep playing after this of course , as I do, but that was the whole point to the game which I completed in just 3 days. Due to that, I would have been a bit disappointed if I had spent money on it especially when it is one of the more expensive games ( running near 5.00) . Granted, 5.00 is NOT a lot of money, and this program is well put together and the work behind it justifies the cost. I just wish there had been more to the actual game itself .

Thank you though, for making a game that is fluid, to the point and fun. Too many game developers throw out things quickly just for the money. This was better than expected.
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on September 8, 2012
great idea! great design! works great on my kfire! BUT...its actually a pretty boring game. if this was the only game I had I suppose I'd be happy enough w/it. But why play this when something like Shine Runner is waaaaayyyyy more fun?
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VINE VOICEon May 1, 2015
I can put up with a lot. The graphics and game play are old. It has minimal spyware and iaps. That I cant put up with. If you want to charge 5 bucks for a game you morally lose the right to do that. You can but you then get to deal with 1 star ratings. Regardless, you have been warned.
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on May 13, 2012
Used to be great. Now just constantly force closes. When you can play the game it's extremely glitchy. Equipment disappears without being used. Sometimes fish swim at super speeds. Game randomly chooses levels and resets your boat.
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on December 24, 2011
I love playing this game. My issues with the game is at a certain point, I cannot beat the kill 30 shark level. There are never enough shark. I've wiped the game once and started over, but it's stuck again. The second issue is the restaurant never opens. I keep forgetting it's there.
I also see there's an update for the Paid version that will have ads....NO! I guess I'm stuck b/c those ads really get in the way.
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