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on October 16, 2012
I grew up with a Sunbeam and have always liked them. When I got married, I "upgraded" to a Kitchen Aid, which I despised. It was so cute, but it left a 1" thick layer of dough/batter etc. around the entire edge of the bowl that the one beater wouldn't pull in. You also couldn't scrape the sides while the beater was going because of the bowl being so tall and narrow, so in order to get to that ring of unmixed stuff, you had to stop the mixer, pull up the head, push the dough down to the center, and turn it back on. Four rotations later, it was pushed back to the edge of the bowl, again unreachable by the beater. I DO NOT recommend a Kitchen-Aid to anyone who actually wishes to mix anything!! I'm an avid baker and use my mixer a lot, so I cannot believe Kitchen Aids are so popular! The one thing it's supposed to do--mix your ingredients well--it couldn't do. I couldn't wait to sell mine and get something else.

Once I finally got rid of my Kitchen Aid, I wanted something attractive, powerful, and that would get ALL the mix off the sides of the bowl. I discarded any one-beater mixers because of my bad experience with Kitchen Aids. First I tried the Brylane Home 2-beater mixer. WAY too loud and powerful with no low speeds, only high, higher, and hurricane. So I finally crossed my fingers and ordered the Sunbeam (new and improved from my old 80's version) and hoped that the few negative reviews wouldn't make me regret it.

I'm happy to say, I like it a lot! It is a great mixer. It has all the power I need for even thick cookie doughs, and it whips cream very fast. I like that you can adjust the bowl to be in the center or the edge (I mostly keep it at the edge), and that the beaters start up slowly to keep splash to a minimum. This model doesn't have a self-propelling motor, and I'm glad! I like to move my bowl back and forward as it turns, which really helps mix that little spot in the center that seems to avoid the beaters if you just let the bowl turn by itself. Once you push the bowl the opposite way, all that missed stuff in the middle is quickly incorporated. Plus, this mixer gets everything on the sides down to about the last 1/8" of stuff. And you can easily scrape the sides as you mix with the beaters set to the side of the bowl, so you don't have to stop the mixer to scrape.

My one BIG disapopintment about this mixer is how poorly it does at making bread. My recipes call for leaving the mixer to knead the dough for 5-7 minutes. HA HA! This mixer just doesn't have the weight or strength to mix the dough unattended. It jumps all over the counter and would be on the floor in 30 seconds if I didn't forceably hold it down! This would have been enough for me to return this mixer if I had discovered how bad it was at bread in time, but I was on a low carb diet for the first 2 months after I got it and missed the return window. :(

That being said, I still like this mixer a lot. I don't make bread as much as I used to (those dang carbs!), and for everything else it is wonderful--frosting, cookies, cake batter, whipped cream, etc.--they all mix up beautifully. But if you are a big bread maker, this is NOT the mixer for you. You'll get a good arm workout holding your mixer down, but you cannot leave it unattended while it kneads.

p.s. It is also a big disappointment so me, Sunbeam, that the mixer doesn't come with a small bowl! I couldn't even find one to buy. My old Sunbeam came with the smaller bowl, which is so handy for making a cake and then making frosting without having to rewash the big bowl, or for whipping a small amount of whipped cream, or making a half-batch of cookie dough. Shame on you for cheaping out on that smaller bowl!

* 10/17/12: Edited to add: Sunbeam does now make the smaller bowl! You have to buy it separately, but it's only $20 on Amazon. I think at this mixer's price point, it should be included, but at least there is the option to buy it now. Thanks to those who linked me to the bowl!*
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on March 11, 2016
Well, I may have more to say later after more use. So far my first comment is on color. I ordered the sea foam green because it looks like it should be the classic jadeite type color that would perfectly match my retro kitchen (Heritage Series kind of leads one to believe these would be classic retro colors too). It is not. It is like a sour apple green. It has none of the turquoise undertone I see in the product pictures. Very disappointed in that. But, I decided to keep it as I had already tossed all the packaging. Used it for the first time to bake a cake. I read the instruction, set the bowl setting to large bowl setting as instructed. It did not rotate at all no matter how fast or slow I set the mixer. Really bummed that I FINALLY splurged and got my first stand mixer and it seems to not be any of the things that sold me on it.
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on August 20, 2015
I purchased this item because I'd owned a Heritage Series model previously for over 12 years and it finally saw it's better days and died. I wasn't ready to take the $$ plunge on it's competitor so I thought purchasing the same product again would be in my best favor. And the fact that it was a pretty shade of pink was a bonus. I can't even explain my disappointment this time around. It was delivered in a timely manner, packaging was great, no damages at all, but I had to set it aside due to a family emergency in another state. In my mind, this would be my prize to use when I returned back home. I noticed immediatly getting it out of the box that it wasn't near as heavy as my other mixer was, but hoped that was just a bonus for my old arms.Turns out its just basically all plastic. I used it regardless and I can't tell you enough about how it couldn't even mix up a batch of buttercream. It was simply annoying. The bowl is free standing on the wrack and the machine does not control it in any way, so I was assuming it would go around with the beaters anyway but it does not. Overall, this just isn't worth the money spent, no matter how pretty it is. I'd send it back, but it's my fault that my life is busy and I hadn't gotten around to it. I'll chuck it up to a waste of my money and my time, and either pack it away and eventually find someone unsuspecting to gift it to or sell it at my next yard sale. Blah.
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on January 1, 2015
I love the mixer. The beaters are rusting. Purchased 10/2013.
review image
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on April 3, 2017
This mixer works really well. It comes with a very large stainless bowl which for most everyday uses for a small family is too large and need to buy a smaller mixing bowl for another cost also. For my use, it would have been better to have the smaller mixing bowl vs this large one. Amazon has the smaller ones, but have found other places have same mixing bowl which is made to fit this mixer for less than half price. This mixer requires a special bottom on the mixing bowl to allow the mixer bowl to rotate to mix properly and needs to be a Sunbeam bowl. The mixer is strong and works great. I am giving a 4 only because it requires the special bowl and for me, the large is too big, but likely is good for larger families.
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on April 18, 2017
I actually sent this back because the color is way off. I ordered it in Seafoam Green, but what I received is a very bright apple green. Another customer had posted a picture of her seafoam green mixer, and it looks exactly like the picture shown on Amazon.The picture looks like a very cool, old fashioned looking green, which is what I was looking for. But the bright green mixer I received looks like a kids toy, and not something I'd want sitting out on my counter top. I'm not sure what happened with the color but I purchased this particular mixer based on the color, so this bright green mixer has been returned.
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on June 17, 2017
I bought this mixer to replace a Mixmaster I used for years and loved until the motor finally gave out. After using this new mixer for almost a year I have to say the quality is nothing like the original. You can't remove the mixer itself to use as a hand mixer like you could with the older model, you can't remover the bowl holder to clean spills, and you can't lift the beaters out of the bowl without pressing a button to do so. Also the bowl does not spin right. I have to use my hand to make it spin. And the beaters don't have the center post that I think help with mixing thoroughly.
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on January 7, 2013
I purchased this Sunbeam mainly for mixing bread dough after my old pro KA (Hobart) gave out. I'm thrilled with the Sunbeam's power and performance so far, not to mention the drastic savings over KA and others' price points. That I did not order it sooner is my only regret.

It kneads dough quickly and easily without a hint of strain and with much less need for scraping than with the KA (and with a lot more room to do so when needed). Adding ingredients is also easier with its off-center bowl option. Being able to actually control the bowl by rotating it either direction or moving it sideways while it's mixing equates, to me, to better control of the dough and a lot less scraping. I haven't had any issue with dough crawling up the hooks. When mixing bread dough I skip the beaters and use the hooks from the start. The hooks do a fine job of mixing it with a little scraper help if needed initially.

After reading some reviews that stated it strains to mix or knead dough, I have to wonder if some have mistaken the machine's mixing method for "straining". There's been no straining whatsoever with my machine -- while mixing or kneading the bowl will pause or stop (which does not mean the machine is straining) while the beaters continue moving and then the bowl will begin moving again as it grabs another foothold. It's the machine's mixing style. After a few uses and getting used to a different method I actually have come to prefer this method of mixing over my KA's -- for me, easily adjusting the bowl position left or right with the lever beats babysitting a fixed bowl with a scraper.

2 dots placed about 4" apart on the base of the mixer indicate the range that the tab moves so that the bowl can be adjusted left or right. These 2 dots on the base were not mentioned in the instructions, so, at first, even though I thought I had adjusted the bowl edge to get as close to the beater as it could get, I actually hadn't -- instead of even noticing the lever slot, no less the dots, I had incorrectly used a painted stripe near the base as the adjustment range indicator. Yep, haha on me, operator error for sure, but the dots could be mentioned in the instructions.

The mixer fits under my upper cabinets even with the head lifted, and it stays in place on my marble counters during mixing and kneading. It doesn't walk or slide around. The bowl wobbles slightly when mixing some things. Adjusting the bowl position takes care of any major bowl wobble, although I do still get a slight bowl wobble (which has greatly decreased as I've gotten used to the mixer). No wobble at all would be fantastic but I can live with it at this price. It wobbles more when mixing a (heavy) small amount in the big bowl, and maybe the smaller bowl would remedy that all together.

The pause-and-grab mixing and kneading method takes a little getting used to as a (previous) strictly-KA-only family, but now I wish I would have purchased this sooner instead of holding out for another KA. Doing so has been my baking loss, for sure. Time will tell how it holds up, but for the price I figure I could replace it a few times and still be ahead dollar-wise. I really like the handle and the lighter weight, and the machine looks like it costs a lot more than it does. This one's easier to clean than my KA and the beaters eject smoothly and gently. Love the slow-mo start, and this mixer is incredibly quiet.
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on April 12, 2015
I love my new Sunbeam mixer, I got it in the seafoam green color and it looks gorgeous in my red, yellow, white and orange kitchen. The color is exactly as seen in the online photo. I have used it to make pizza dough three times now. The dough hooks are strong and knead very well. So thankful I don't have to use my hands anymore. The first time I made the dough the bowl wasn't spinning and I had to turn it a few times myself until the dough was moistened enough to adhere to the dough hooks. I have found a trick though that helps it to spin on its own. There is a little lever on the bottom where you can move the mixing bowl from left, center or right. The dough cycle works very well when the bowl is placed all the way to the right. I have made vegan danish using the beaters and they also worked very well. I am happy with my purchase. There is one downside and I am hoping there is a fix. The day I received my mixer I made pizza dough and danish and used all the hooks and beaters. When everything was finished I ran hot soapy water into the mixing bowl and placed the beaters and hooks inside to soak while I finished cooking. A few hours later I washed dishes and placed everything on my drying rack. Today when I went to make pizza dough I noticed the beaters which I have only used one time had a bit of rust on them. So you must completely towel dry these. I really wish they were better quality and that I would have known they were going to rust after first washing and I would have taken extra precaution. This is a five star machine but 4 stars because the beaters need to be better quality metal. I hope they sell rust free beaters and dough hook attachments.
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on February 16, 2013
I've had this item for a little over a year and have used it enough to know what I think of it. I chose this item because I am not a serious baker and the price was very good at the time, I've never had an electric mixer before and didn't want to risk a large investment to find out I wouldn't use the item much, and there were reviews that had detailed comparisons between this and the Kitchen Aid mixer that convinced me this was worthwhile.
I have used it a lot for cookies, bars, and quick breads. I wasn't impressed with its ability to mix thicker ingredients without a lot of help on my part. I use my scraper A LOT. The bowl will even bounce around if it gets hung up on thicker items. I find I'm moving the bowl around myself to help the mixing.
Shortly after having it one of the beaters welding spots came apart. I'm not even sure when it happened - it wasn't during mixing because it was impossible to use the beater like this. I also hand wash them so I can only guess it was a weak spot that just eventually loosened up. Sunbeam customer service did replace the beater at no cost which I thought was great considering the beaters are not covered by the warranty.
I'm left wondering if I would enjoy the Kitchen Aid more with the paddle style beater. Would it be stronger and require less work on my part?
Aside from the reasons above I started to consider an electric mixer because my fingers over-bend and when I stir a lot by hand and my finger joints will aches for days. I'm sure arthritis will be in my future and I'm trying to minimize that. Because I'm still so actively involved in the mixing with the Sunbeam I'm not sure this mixer is helping me use my hand less.
I do use it and keep experimenting with how I add items to see if I can get it to work more smoothly. Yesterday I mixed meatloaf in it. I had to move the bowl at the beginning because it couldn't reach the eggs to whip them before I added the rest, but after I got more items in the bowl it went well. I'd use it again for this recipe and possibly consider the smaller bowl (which I don't have now).
Overall, I'll continue to use it but I don't know if I'd tell someone else to buy it. I'd like to try a Kitchen Aid myself for comparison. Then I'd know for sure!
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