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on March 30, 2017
I bought this to replace one that I broke accidentally when I turned the machine on its side and bent/broke the USB wireless dongle. This replacement product works just great. But the keyboard is slightly warped and will not lie completely flat on the desk. While this is easily remedied with folding a piece of paper under one corner, it's a bit aggravating. Given that this product is no longer being made or sold by Microsoft I had to take what I can get and returning it for something minor like that when it's for a laptop didn't seem worth it.

I had hoped that my old keyboard and mouse would work with the dongle in this set. But they are paired from the factory to ensure the signal can't be hijacked (and probably to ensure you have to buy a new one if any of the parts break - God forbid you should be able to, gasp, FIX, something, huh, Micro$oft?). This is NOT the fault of the seller but a design choice by Microsoft. And a poor one if you ask me. Yeah, key logging of a wireless keyboard signal can be done. But it takes proximity and access which is highly unlikely since the operating radius is pretty small (30 feet, I think). Microsoft COULD have sold replacement units for the mouse, keyboard or dongle. But they chose not to. You can't even pair your old keyboard and mouse with the new dongle. There's no switch to allow that like you get with many other wireless keyboards and mice.

The star taken off is for the keyboard being warped, not Micro$oft's anti-consumer design decision.
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on April 9, 2014
Purchased 11/15; Used about 35 hours a week. I had to replace the battery in my mouse once (no bfd). Little to no delay in typing/mouse clicking. Works fabulously...when it works. For about the last three weeks, the little usb receptor thing isn't being recognized by my computer--I have to tap it and wait, tap it an wait, tap it and wait. Every morning. Every time the computer goes into standby. Sometimes for no reason at all. I tried re-installing the driver, but same results. Aye-Yey-Yey! It works great...when it works. I tried it on my work computer and my home computer just to be sure that it is the keyboard/mouse/usb. It is weird. It isn't annoying enough to purchase a replacement, but it is enough to make me write a bad review. I recommend forgoing this set-it is definitely on the cheaper side, but if you have to replace it every 5 months, it is a horrible value.

Update: Well, it finally died. Microsoft support to replace the usb receiver is non-existent. To be clear, this was in my office, unmoved, for 5 months before it gave out. That is really unacceptable.
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on December 17, 2011
Works out-of-the box with Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows (though it takes Windows about 15 seconds to figure out the new device). Range is great for mouse and keyboard; no delays or inconsistencies encountered. I liked the Wireless 2000 non-business version so much I decided to try this one as well.

NO CORDS!, to state the obvious, but very nice to eliminate clutter on and under my desk.
Works with Linux (thank you, Microsoft)
Only one USB widget required for mouse and keyboard, saves one port (nice for my older machines)
Keyboard is nicely sized and shaped, and has feet pads that keeps it solidly in place, no sliding around in spite of its very light weight.
Nice feel on both keyboard and mouse, but I'm not that fast and therefore not fussy.
Mouse wheel has side-side movement for lateral scrolling, and found this to be the only difference between the "business" vs. "non-business version", except the non-business costs a bit more.


Great combo for the cost.
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on June 22, 2011
For $40, you cannot get a better desktop wireless keyboard + mouse combo. The keyboard is amazing, feedback is great, quiet, and it has nice buttons at the top that are integrated into Windows 7 programs, along with the standard volume controls. The mouse is what I really love. Most wireless mouse combos include a tiny mouse that is really meant for laptop use/on the go, but this is a full size mouse that has excellent feel and response. Plus, they look awesome. 5 stars Microsoft.
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on July 13, 2016
Probably the best mouse/keyboard combination I have ever used. I've used many different brands, normally Logitech due to the price. This one is a winner. They keys are not clunky our loud but have enough give to assure you they are being depressed. The mouse key depress isn't a hollow KA-KLICK that wakes everyone in the office out of their after lunch coma.

Pro's: Still working after 5 years. Battery Life is exceptional. Smooth mouse scrolling wheel. Very reliable.

Con's: After 5 years, the letters have worn off of the home row. The rubber around the mouse scroll wheel is disintegrating due to constant use as natural oils from the hand will slowly cause that wear and tear.

Only reason I'm replacing it would be due to disintegrated mouse roller and my inability to replace the worn letters on the keys with whiteout. The picture is of it today with five years of use and still serving admirably.
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on July 11, 2015
I read quite a lot of reviews of various combos and thought I'd have a safe and reliable purchase in this set but I was wrong.

First off, I noticed after the purchase that the description does not seem to inform of the range of these devices, and for good reason: it's pretty bad. Normally my desktop sits on the right of my desk and regardless of the adapter being on the back usb port or the front usb port I rarely have issues. However, sometimes I have to use my other desk and the desktop sits on the left side of the desk, with my mouse being about 4ft away and I encounter countless issues. I don't fully lose connectivity, but the mouse will stutter and miss clicks quite often. Such a short range seems inexcusable, and a wireless set should not dictate where you want your desktop to sit.

Also, if you're a gamer you might want to pass purely because of the click-free mousewheel. Generally it's really nice, I rarely need tactile feedback for scrolling... but when you're gaming it's a nightmare. Because the wheel doesn't click or lock into increments you'll often find your wheel "accidentally" moving just a bit--enough to it to detect the wheel as having been scrolled. When you're playing a game that will often have detrimental effects, such as accidentally changing weapons. Between the poor range and mousewheel you might find the mouse has more control over how you play your game than you.

But what really motivated me to finally break down and write a review is an annoying problem I have with this set: full unresponsiveness for seconds and sometimes even minutes. It worked fine for at least a month, and then this problem slowly started appearing. My mouse and keyboard losing all responsiveness. Even unplugging and replugging the adapter doesn't trigger any sort of fix. During these bouts of "blackout" even plugging the adapter into another usb port doesn't "fix" it. If my keyboard and mouse lose connection(or whatever is happening), I can plug the adapter into another usb port and it will still not respond. I'm not sure if it's a driver issue or not, but honestly I can't be bothered to spend hours debugging something as simple as a keyboard and mouse.

If there is any device I think should come headache free, it's a mouse and keyboard, and this set has been nothing but headaches. I could tolerate the poor range, I could accept the lack of precision with the mousewheel(after all I knew what I was getting)... however dealing with a minute-long lack of response from both mouse AND keyboard multiple times a day is unacceptable. It's a shame, I feel like otherwise I could really like this set and chances are maybe I just got a lemon. But here I am, on Amazon a few months later looking for a new keyboard and mouse.
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on May 12, 2017
I haven't used the mouse yet since I already have one I like, but the keyboard is great! I love the feel of the keys being pressed. Very comfortable. I do think the listing is a bit misleading in saying it has a "pillow" wrist rest. There is nothing pillowy about it. That makes it sound like it will be soft or squishy like gel, but it's not, it's just textured hard plastic. Actually hurts if you leave your hand there too long, especially if you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, because the bumps dig into your wrist. Would be much better if it were gel. But the actual functioning of the keyboard itself for typing is great.
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on September 19, 2016
I was looking for that particular mouse for years (literally - starting from 2013) and almost gave up: this model seemed to be too old and discontinued.. You might wonder why would I need this one when there are so many different "makes" and "models" on the market today? Well, my answer is simple: every mouse I tried (and I've tried *many*, trust me) causes pain in my fingers. Not necessarily on the very first day - but no later than a week after beginning using it. First I blamed it on sizes: modern mice are smaller than they used to be - but then I found out that even relatively big mice cause the same effect (although milder and slower). Not knowing what else to blame, I blamed mice "geometry" (all those curves and slopes, you know and ... my hand: apparently it was too old for modern mice :)
I always had Microsoft Mouse 2000 in my mind (after I got a chance to use it for some time): it was an ideal mouse (gone forever).
And guess what?! Dream came true! I swear that I was more happy getting this mouse than getting my new cell phone! ;)
Well, enough about the mouse: keyboard is very good too. My only complaint is about "F" keys: they could have made those full-size: programmers use them a lot... As for the rest -- no complaints.
Last word: can't say anything on durability yet: I'm using this mouse/keyboard combo less than a month. Will try to keep you guys posted (if anyone gets interested :) )
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on August 4, 2016
Got the keyboard/mouse combo because of the encryption and better wireless security it offered. The keyboard has function keys but not full sized ones I prefer and I use F4 and F5 a lot. The function keys are not separated every 4 keys to make them easier to find by touch. The mouse wheel is a bit wobbly and sometimes gets stuck. I'll look to see if the brand I was using has an encrypted version. If there is and it's reasonably priced, I'll send this back. Otherwise, I just make the best of it. The lack of a caps and numlock light on the keyboard is fine. A small dialog box shows up on the lower right side of the screen to let you know they have toggled positions. The box stays up about 5 seconds. A keyboard LED for both along with scrnlock would be better. The low battery LED on the keyboard (and looks like there's one on the mouse too) is nice. Other than the mouse wheel, the mouse has a nice form factor and easy to use. The keyboard is full size and comfortable to use. The palm heel rest is great.
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on January 20, 2014
The keyboard is not perfect, but has a good range. The mouse is equally impressive, very stylish and connects without a hitch.

One of the problems with the keyboard is that the keys are so low it's hard to type. However, like any new keyboard it takes time getting use to. I love the quick access buttons at the top - I find myself using them more and more. The rest pad at the bottom, I thought was soft from the photo, but turns out it's just hard plastic like the rest of the keyboard. Plus, it's not removable so you are stuck with it. I find it gets in the way only a little, but does prevent me from resting my wrists on the edge of my desk, so I think it's doing its job - I'm just not use to it.

The mouse had a battery life of about 5 months. Not what I expected, but I guess it will do. I forgot most of the time to turn it off when I left work, so I guess it could of been longer - especially if I have turned it off over the weekends. It has a good range. I guess my longest test was about 30 feet using MS Lync and controlling a colleague computer remotely.

All in all the combo is the way to to. They are both well made, with the mouse being the better of the two.
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