Customer Reviews: Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000
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on June 22, 2011
For $40, you cannot get a better desktop wireless keyboard + mouse combo. The keyboard is amazing, feedback is great, quiet, and it has nice buttons at the top that are integrated into Windows 7 programs, along with the standard volume controls. The mouse is what I really love. Most wireless mouse combos include a tiny mouse that is really meant for laptop use/on the go, but this is a full size mouse that has excellent feel and response. Plus, they look awesome. 5 stars Microsoft.
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on July 6, 2011
I use a computer all day, so I'm very picky about my keyboard and mouse. I tried out the Logitech MK520 for a week, and didn't like the typing feel (it looked and felt cheap, with slightly loose keys).

So I decided to try out the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000, and was much happier with it right out of the box. It has a solid look and feel, and the keys are tighter -- it just feels better when typing (even the keystrike sound is better). I also like the addition of the programmable keys along the top to launch apps or websites. The mouse also feels solid (it weighs a bit more than the Logitech), and is a good medium size.

The only minor drawback is that the transceiver is about an inch long. The mouse has an on/off switch, but the keyboard does not. Both have slots for storing the transciever. The mouse does not have side buttons (get the Wireless Desktop 3000 if you want them -- it's also a great combo that I use at home).

All in all, I'm very happy with both the keyboard and mouse.
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on December 17, 2011
Works out-of-the box with Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows (though it takes Windows about 15 seconds to figure out the new device). Range is great for mouse and keyboard; no delays or inconsistencies encountered. I liked the Wireless 2000 non-business version so much I decided to try this one as well.

NO CORDS!, to state the obvious, but very nice to eliminate clutter on and under my desk.
Works with Linux (thank you, Microsoft)
Only one USB widget required for mouse and keyboard, saves one port (nice for my older machines)
Keyboard is nicely sized and shaped, and has feet pads that keeps it solidly in place, no sliding around in spite of its very light weight.
Nice feel on both keyboard and mouse, but I'm not that fast and therefore not fussy.
Mouse wheel has side-side movement for lateral scrolling, and found this to be the only difference between the "business" vs. "non-business version", except the non-business costs a bit more.


Great combo for the cost.
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on December 26, 2011
OK first the good part. The keyboard and mouse generally feel nice to use and have a bunch of nice bonus features like the media buttons etc. The downside ergonomically is the function buttons are a bit too small and awkward to use.

The real issue though is the terrible wireless signal reception. I use a Midi tower case which is sitting on the floor next to me under the desk and even with the USB receiver in the top slot at the back the keyboard is regularly dropping keystrokes (most frustrating when you are in the middle of typing in a password!!!) and the mouse is not smooth to use. The mouse pointer will regularly jump across the screen making accurate work difficult.

It's possible to improve the reception slightly by moving the USB receiver to one of the slots on the top front of my case however these USB slots are there for the convenience of plugging in occasional external devices like external hard drives and flash drives so to use one up simply to plug in a wireless receiver would be a waste.

I'm not sure whether this is a common occurrence with other wireless keyboard/mouse products but I can't recommend this particular combination unless you have a desk mounted case.

Edit 06/01/2012: I've since given up on the mouse. Have checked batteries and they are fine but wireless reception and usability are simply impractical. Consequently I've lowered my original rating.
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on July 6, 2011
For $35 it's a great keyboard and mouse bundle. The keyboard itself looks very elegant and the keys are pretty quiet compared to some other keyboards I have used. The mouse works great as well it's not too heavy nor to light just the right weight. The mouse does have a power off/on button to turn it off the keyboard doesn't for some reason. They both do come with batteries. My only problem is that the mouse uses batteries up very quickly I have had this for almost 7 months and the keyboard still has the original batteries it came with so that is not a problem so I now understand why it has no off/on button it doesn't need one doesn't use much battery energy. But the mouse batteries die like every month and half so my suggestion is to get some rechargeable batteries to go along with this purchase as well I'm not sure if it's just mine since I haven't seen any other reviewer mention it. It works great it just goes through batteries to quickly the mouse.

As for the installation It was very easy to set up. Just put the usb stick it comes with and then just let it install by itself the computer installs all the necessary drives for it and done it was a very simple installation. You don't do anything if you can just figure out how to put a usb stick in a usb slot then you should be good to go it's really not hard. If you seriously are having a hard time installing this then wow.
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on April 9, 2014
Purchased 11/15; Used about 35 hours a week. I had to replace the battery in my mouse once (no bfd). Little to no delay in typing/mouse clicking. Works fabulously...when it works. For about the last three weeks, the little usb receptor thing isn't being recognized by my computer--I have to tap it and wait, tap it an wait, tap it and wait. Every morning. Every time the computer goes into standby. Sometimes for no reason at all. I tried re-installing the driver, but same results. Aye-Yey-Yey! It works great...when it works. I tried it on my work computer and my home computer just to be sure that it is the keyboard/mouse/usb. It is weird. It isn't annoying enough to purchase a replacement, but it is enough to make me write a bad review. I recommend forgoing this set-it is definitely on the cheaper side, but if you have to replace it every 5 months, it is a horrible value.

Update: Well, it finally died. Microsoft support to replace the usb receiver is non-existent. To be clear, this was in my office, unmoved, for 5 months before it gave out. That is really unacceptable.
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on October 21, 2012
I wanted to replace a Microsoft Wireless Desktop 6000 with this one, because some of the keys on my old keyboard are worn out and sometimes get stuck, especially the space and Ctrl keys. The Wireless Desktop 2000 does not live up to my expectations. I am a programmer of 25 years and while not a formally trained typist, I can get things done with a good keyboard. I am really struggling with this one. The biggest issues:

- The layout is cramped: the numeric and cursor blocks are adjacent to the main keyboard without any space in between. I sometimes miss the space between the backspace and insert keys, and the right Ctrl and the cursor left keys. The keyboard feels a bit tight and I make a lot of typing errors. This is the most frustrating issue.
- The F(unction) keys are tiny, are slightly more to the right than usual, and difficult to find without looking. The F labels are small and difficult to read. On the other hand, the multimedia keys above the F keys are gigantic in comparison, and I hardly ever use them.
- The wireless transmitter does not sit on the desktop like the old one, but is plugged directly into the USB port of the computer under the desk. Sometimes keys are swallowed, even though the batteries are new and I replaced them once, just to be sure. Other reviewers seem to observe this problem as well. The battery status LED on the keyboard sometimes lights up even with new batteries. Maybe this is related.
- There is no mute button for the speakers. I can turn the volume down all the way, of course, but most other keyboards have a separate mute button.
- The general tactile feel of the keys is of lower quality.

I have no issues with the mouse. It feels solid.

I am having real productivity issues with this keyboard and will pass it on to another family member or maybe a media PC. I will switch back to my old keyboard while I look for a better replacement.
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on November 23, 2012
What was I thinking when I bought one of these keyboards?
Yes, the keyboard is built nice and solid. I really do like they feel of the keys, but take a close look at that key layout.
wtf! The top left button is NOT the escape key, but the home key. I could live with that if that was the only issue but every key sits anonymously next to every other key. There is NO way to 'feel' for the correct key.
Go for the backspace key, and you're just as likely to hit the Insert key. Feeling your way for the F8 key? sorry you're gonna have to look close to get it right the first try.

This keyboard belongs on a laptop, not on a desktop. I absolutely hate mine and am replacing it, not for the feel of the keys but because I can't find the keys. I'm a touch typist. I never look at the keyboard. But this one requires me to constantly fumble about.
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on December 4, 2011
Purchased this beautiful black wireless keyboard and mouse from Office Max for $32.83 (w/tax) in July of 2011. The light weight keyboard is easy to type upon, owns a quality feel and maintains excellent battery life. The mouse is smooth and comfortable; battery life is great. Both are well designed for normal to larger hands. The usb connector stores inside the mouse or keyboard for "on the go users".

I use the combination from my couch (6ft away), with my computer tucked inside my tv cabinet. (Laptop is connected to tv). The mouse works perfectly on the couch and polished table (any surface is a mouse pad). The connection remains strong, even with the laptop completely out of sight.

If you haven't purchased a new keyboard or mouse in a while, this package should fully impress. After six months of use, both feel brand new. Great Product.
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on January 20, 2014
The keyboard is not perfect, but has a good range. The mouse is equally impressive, very stylish and connects without a hitch.

One of the problems with the keyboard is that the keys are so low it's hard to type. However, like any new keyboard it takes time getting use to. I love the quick access buttons at the top - I find myself using them more and more. The rest pad at the bottom, I thought was soft from the photo, but turns out it's just hard plastic like the rest of the keyboard. Plus, it's not removable so you are stuck with it. I find it gets in the way only a little, but does prevent me from resting my wrists on the edge of my desk, so I think it's doing its job - I'm just not use to it.

The mouse had a battery life of about 5 months. Not what I expected, but I guess it will do. I forgot most of the time to turn it off when I left work, so I guess it could of been longer - especially if I have turned it off over the weekends. It has a good range. I guess my longest test was about 30 feet using MS Lync and controlling a colleague computer remotely.

All in all the combo is the way to to. They are both well made, with the mouse being the better of the two.
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