Customer Reviews: Doodle God
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on March 27, 2014
Not a screen goes by without some kind of social media integration icon bouncing up and down like a Jack Russell friggin terrier, urging you to spam all your friends with links back to this app.
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on August 31, 2011
I liked Alchemy, then I read that Doodle God was even better, so I downloaded the free version from the Google Market. It worked well on my Evo 3D, and when I checked Amazon and found it available here, I decided to purchase it.

Unfortunately, Amazon's version of the game is VERY far behind Google's. The version Google has is, Amazon's is only 1.3. It appears Amazon's version hasn't been updated in over 5 months! Alas, this version does NOT work properly on my Evo 3D.

It's a great game, but don't buy it from Amazon, get it from Google if you ever hope to see updates. I only hope Amazon will give me my money back.

EDIT: The game finally got updated on Amazon, but now it's utterly broken. This version has actually been pulled from Google by the developer because of all the problems, but slowpoke Amazon still has the defective version.

2nd EDIT: There is a new update which supposedly fixes the force close issue (I haven't tried it out yet). The current version is, which actually puts it ahead of Google (which still reports version at the moment. Only time will tell whether the developer will keep the Amazon version up to date or if it will fall behind like in the past.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon March 27, 2014
Maybe I was over expecting. I had at first an idea that this may be like the old classic Populous. Ah, no. Logical (sort of) tile combining.

The usual 2 Privacy permissions, Phone ID and USB - obviously developed for phones, as only portrait mode is available. No malware is present currently (I say currently as apparently there was an issue a year ago).

IAPs are present, but thankfully demarcated by the universal "shopping cart" icon. You start off with 1000 game coins to purchase hints or unlock side games with, and timed regenerating hints keep you going without being overly tempted to buy hints.

Rather nice artwork, pithy remarks with each successful combination, logical connections (kind of) even with the more outlandish combinations (weapons + void = deathstar), and apparently daily renewed Artifact mini game along with unlockable puzzles, quests, and more mini games.

The reason I don't sound excited is because... I'm not. I played for an hour, got 28 elements, completed the first mini-game, and I'm done. Half the time was spent in random mish-mash; once in a while, a brilliant flash of insight would lead me to an interesting combination (sun + glass for a vampire's gift, I r smrat!), but after all that, I'd rather play something else other than trying to combine tiles to make more tiles to only then spend hours trying combinations of tiles to get another... ya. Your Mileage May Vary.
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I have a few problems with this app.

* First, it did nothing for me personally. I just considered the game play to be mechanical, random, and boring.

* Second, so will kids like it? It doesn't matter. Unless you want to school them on age inappropriate language and other content. If you want a developer to control when you expose your kids to certain concepts and language instead of having input on that yourself, go for it.

* Third, there has been some discussion that the Amazon version of this app is waiting for an update to catch up with the Google version. I'd be a bit leery about that. The permissions for this app don't appear bad at this time. But this dev has been rightfully slammed for intrusive permissions in some of their other apps, which include things like both fine and coarse GPS location and in app purchases (in apps aimed at kids). I prefer not to have this app updated and find that they've slid in the intrusive permissions that permeate their other apps. For example, those intrusive permissions are STILL IN Doodle Farm three months after Amazon customers made it plain that we don't appreciate them. So I have no confidence that this or any other app from this developer won't grow those permission in an update.

I downloaded the thing to take a legitimate look for writing a review, but it's going right back off my account as soon as I submit this.

Not recommended.
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on July 8, 2013
Have you ever been so bored that you are having a hard time keeping enough tissue around to wipe the drool off your face? Tired of playing Mahjong and solitaire on your computer? Then you might be so computer illiterate that you could enjoy this game.

The object of this game is to touch two different pictures in the vague hope that you might get a new picture. When you do, you can then use that picture to combine with your old ones to make still others. Oh the joy! Rapture!

Personally, I quickly discovered that the most efficient use of my time was to match each picture item by item until something new popped up. There was no rhyme or reason to it. Just keep clicking until something happens. By that point, I was about 30 minutes into the game and made the decision to delete it never to look back. And now I have written this review so that you need not suffer. Aren't I nice?
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on July 26, 2016
This app seemed interesting so I decided to give it a try. I downloaded this app for free when it was the free app of the day a while back on the Amazon App store. I used it several times and it worked well as advertised at the time. I tried it out for a while but just didn’t find myself getting very engaged in it. Not too say it was a bad app, it just wasn’t for me. As far as the app itself goes it seemed to be made well, worked as advertised, and ran well on my phone. At the time I had a Galaxy Note 1 and it worked well on that. After a few weeks I found myself uninstalling the App from my phone as it just didn’t appeal to me anymore and I lost interest in it. I tend to lose interest in things really quickly if they aren’t really engaging and this just wasn’t holding my interest. This is just my opinion though and your opinion may vary. It can be hard to judge with apps sometimes what will grab someone’s attention and keep them going back to it. I would say give it a try if you’re into this type of App and think it looks interesting. Go ahead and give it a shot. You’ve really got nothing to lose right. After all, if you don’t like it all you have to do is uninstall.

I hope this was helpful. If so, please consider clicking the "yes" button below.
Thank You!
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on June 27, 2014
Every now and then, some obscure game publisher or developer makes something original.

Among the "casual gamers," we've seen this in games like Plants vs. Zombies, and Bejeweled... Doodle God is up there for me. It's interesting, it's sometimes funny in its own way such as combining elements like (SPOILER) the fruit apple + gold = cell phone.

You'll find yourself addicted, and perhaps guilty an hour later as you still struggle to combine elements and make the world you know and live in. The mini-games on this app were well worth their playing value as well.

It CAN be even somewhat of an educational tool with your kid, as you explain perhaps why the game-makers decided two elements formed its product element.

It sells a lot, and rates high for a reason. It's addictive, fun, and worth it.
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on February 8, 2015
This game has been my favorite game since I was....idk....9? Anyways, I still love this game but while I was playing it last night, I couldn't exit out the game. I mean, you'd think it's one of those cases in which you press the back button and it does nothing, but no! I straight up had to shut down my tablet in order to get out! And before you ask, yes I know how to exit out of stuff by pushing the little black tab and it'll show the menu. Well, the black tab wasn't there. For a second I got scared! XD lol but that's the only thing I find wrong with this game. Other than that, I love it. Nice job on that globe btw. Thumbs up to you people.
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on March 20, 2012
Problem fixed great game
Same problem. 28 elements and force close. Hope you fix this soon so you can get 5 stars.
In your comments you asked for 5 stars to keep the updates coming. I think if you update it you will get the 5 stars coming.
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on March 30, 2014
I only gave it four stars is because, I did not like the icon or titles for each element. I have played this kind of game before and it showed all the elements. This does not, you have to remember where a certain element is then open that icon up and start mixing. I do enjoy this game, it is not for young children with some of the elements that it show, IE: sex. besides all that it is a great game, have fun and enjoy.
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