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on September 26, 2012
So, I purchased this router a little over a week ago and hooking it up was a breeze. However, I went to and checked my download speed...and I was supposed to be getting up to 20mbps download speed...but I was only getting around .80 mbps. Not good. I hooked my computer up directly to the cable to test and make sure it wasn't my internet provider. I got around 24mbps. So, it was the router. After troubleshooting it for a while over the phone with my brother (who is very good with computers and this kind of stuff...I'm terrible) we were about to call it quits and accept that I received a faulty router. But, we tried one last thing and now I really like this router!

If you are having a similar problem as I described above...try this.

Open up the Cisco Connect program that came with the router. Click on Router Settings. Then, under Other Options click Advanced Settings. This will open a new page. On the menu bar at the top click on Applications and Gaming. Then, in that sub-menu click on the QoS link. The very first setting should be called WMM support. If this is enabled...disable it. Save your settings. And then go test your internet speed. is a good site if you don't already know another one.

I guess that the WMM setting is there to help enhance games/applications (?), but lots of people have problems with it interfering with the internet speed/causing problems. So, it totally fixed my problem...I hope that this feedback can fix others problems as well!
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on December 6, 2015
This is not a very good product. It worked the first couple of months and then I started experiencing a lot of problems. I live in student apartments so the Internet is free, I just have to provide the router, but my internet almost never works. I thought it was the apartments, but my roommate has her own router (different brand) and her internet works just fine. I tried contacting linksys for help about two months ago, and they wanted to charge me for the customer service. I told their twitter account about my trouble with their customer service and products, and they never got back to me (but I see them responding to other people every day).

I thought if I bought a router more expensive than most (purchased at $60-ish), I would get a quality router. I honestly will not purchase another product through linksys and would not recommend this product to anyone.
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on August 7, 2016
Highly not recommended if you plan to use the E1200 in an avg. size home. I live in a small 950 sq. ft. townhome and the signal kept disconnecting. The router is directly downstairs of where the computer is located. Worse yet, watching Youtube video was almost impossible. I switched to the N600 (E2500) and everything went back to normal. Downloading is no faster than ever! So, overall......the E1200 didn't meet the expectations as stated in the product description. Maybe I bought a defective product? Either way, The Linksys N600 works great! They even have a N750 as well. As of 2016, the price is only few dollars difference.
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on February 23, 2017
I just installed this router. While it was great and simple to install due to the new interface, it is severely lacking in internet speed. This is not the "only getting 1mbps" problem. I am getting somewhere between 15-40 mbps, depending on which version of speed test is to be trusted. The problem is that I am paying my ISP for 75 mbps. When I directly plug my modem into my PC, I get 80+ mbps, but upon installing this router (replacing an older Linksys model that only gave me 22 mbps), I'm getting similar average results after several speed test runs.

I specifically bought this router due to the advertised 300 mbps data rate which even if reduced should allow me close to the 80 mbps that I'm paying my ISP to provide. It's definitely not on the ISP nor my PC since a direct link gives 80+, but there's definitely a limitation with the router somewhere.
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on March 11, 2017
It works! I know that's what it should be doing. The WiFi device works just like the description says. Its easy to set up and I had it in Place in 30 minutes. I have only had one difficulty and that was that the device cloned my ISP address twice but that was an issue for tech support and not a problem with the device its self. So far I have no major problems like security or a total breakdown.
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on November 27, 2016
I am not a genius when it comes to networking. With that in mind the setup was a breeze. My Amazon & Netflix run fine, no problems. Becuase we use this in a rental, I like that you can have a 'guest' logon as well and limit certain web sites if you choose. Same with kiddos. My only criticism would be better instructions, explaining which devices will need refreshing to access the new router.

My old router had a bunch of lights, this one does not, so I don't know when it is on line after a refresh of the modem.
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on May 6, 2017
My very first router was a Linksys. I couldn't kill it. It lasted like 7 years with no issues. This garbage didn't even last 7 months. Bought this in Jan 2017 and daily I have to reset it because it drops my internet. I updated firmware. I moved it to so many different places in my house. I tried different channels and turned off gaming and no difference. Had to bite the bullet and buy a different router from a different manufacturer. Just so disappointed!!!!
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on June 5, 2017
Very minimalist router that did not provide a flexible or strong connection. It did not even provide enough connection to stream - to a computer that was only 20 feet away from the router. I do not recommend this router for anyone.
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on January 11, 2012
Okay, I gave this thing a 5 star review after hooking it up and configuring in within 5-10 minutes. Everything sorta seemed fine. I was connected to the internet...what could be wrong? Everything connected to the device wirelessly just fine.

Then I started speed testing...

What a shame... my speed tests are 1/4 the speed of my wrt54g - now how can the company that made this masterpiece (WRT54G) make this hunk of junk?

I'm a huge researcher when it comes to buying electronics and I have to say - this thing might work great for N devices (I'm guessing here) but, it sucks for everything else including the wired connection.

Pros: you get internet, it's easy to configure (although wi-fi drops frequently on wireless G devices - at least this one did)

Cons: very slow internet compared to wrt54g, wireless signal is very weak - if you need a decent range router go with one that has actual antennas - also consider a dual band router.

After reading many reviews and having first hand experience with this device - I have to believe they are having some serious quality control issues.

other thoughts: I now have a bad taste for cisco/linksys products - ever since cisco bought linksys, they have products substandard equipment. I'm starting to think N routers are a myth. At least ones that work well.. I've tested a couple now and am hesitant to buy one due to none of them living up to my WRT54G standards.
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on March 6, 2013
This router is one of the better routers I've owned (and I've owned a bunch). I like the small size and the fact that it doesn't run hot, like others I've had in the past. There are no external antennas, but it has good range within my house (and out to the garaage!). With the caveat below about the firmware, you can get blazingly fast LAN speeds using either wired or N-class wireless devices. Note that your Internet speed is still limited by your internet provider, though. I've had this router for some time now, and it is pretty reliable. I does need to be rebooted periodically, but not as often as other routers I've had in the past.

The router has a nice feature for setting up a separate guest network so that guests can log in to your Internet without gaining access to your other computers. Note that they will not be able to print on your printers or transfer files to your computer if they are on the guest network, however. A serious flaw in the guest network is that it requires the user to go to a web page and enter a password, like in many hotels. You cannot turn this password feature off. I find that to be a major irritant. I would rather that people visiting my house just be able to connect and be off and running. Even entering a WPA password would be preferable to the web-page dance.

WARNING: There is a bug in firmware versions 2.0.03 and before that causes the N-protocol wireless to be very slow. By "very slow" I mean downloads in the 150-250 kbps range (that kbps, with a k, barely better than dial-up speeds). When you get your router, log in to the administration system and look in the upper-right corner of the page. It should say Firmware version 2.0.04 (at least). If it shows a smaller firmware version, go to the Linksys website, click support, E1200, download, then download the latest firmware. Then go back to the administration page for the router, click the Administration tab and below it the firmware upgrade tab, and load the new firmware. MAKE SURE TO DO THIS ON A WIRED CONNECTION, NOT OVER WIRELESS. (Note that, when I upgraded, it hung at 98% done. I eventually unplugged and replugged the router and it started up fine with the new firmware.) While you're in the administration page, for god's sake, change the wireless SSID! "Linksys" is a stupid name for your home or business's network, and it will cause every passing computer or smart phone to try to connect.

Pros: Fast, small and attractive, seems to use little power, fairly easy to administer, guest network.
Cons: Bug in older firmware causes major speed loss, guest network could be better.
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