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Price:$84.68+ Free shipping
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on June 20, 2011
This fan is legit. I had to order two. The first actually came with TWO right legs (you need to assemble the stand) and no left leg. After sorting that out, I received my new fan and it works great. It is FAST, a touch loud (what did you expect?), and vibration-free
Some uses so far:
- Stopping the smoke detector from beeping
- Frugally avoiding the use of air conditioning
- Scaring the cat
- Cooling off the cat
- Making darth vader sounds by speaking behind the fan

I would recommend this fan if you are interested in the aforementioned uses

- Reviewed from my iPad 2
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 19, 2011
The Patton PUF2010A-BM 20" High Velocity Fan is a very large fan. The cage is well over 20 inches and the overall dimensions when assembled with the base and used in a vertical position are 24 inches wide by 25 inches tall by almost 10 inches deep. The 20 inch model was only a few dollars more than the 18 inch model but the smaller one might have been more appropriate for me, just be prepared for the size. The cord is nominally 5 feet long which is fairly short for household appliances but not uncommon for heavy-duty electrical tools for the workshop where the use of an extension cord is expected. There is a tiny fuse in the plug and an extra one is provided. The motor produces significant heat.

A 10mm hex wrench and a #2 Phillips screwdriver are needed for assembly. Some black powder similar to that in printer toner cartridges fell onto the floor when I started the fan--I assume that it was powder paint or rubber dust from the manufacturing process. It wiped up from the parquet floor easily but stained my fingers but so be careful if there is carpeting where you unbox this fan.

This fan is designed to be left in one position and not adjusted frequently and it doesn't pivot horizontally. It is easier to adjust the vertical tilt if the bolts are loosened with the 10mm hex wrench. The blades are metal.

I use a fan continuously while in my small apartment primarily to produce white noise to cover up the inevitable small disturbances from the hallway, neighboring apartments, and from outside when the window is open and this fan is doing a great job of that. I also use it for air circulation year-round since I don't like air conditioning and the heat is from radiators and it is doing a good job of that, too.

When I first started the fan, it produced a slight metallic rattle which I find very irritating. I adjusted the fan to the vertical position and slightly loosened the small screws holding the cage together and that seems to have fixed the problem. [Sometimes fans will rattle a little when new, anyway.]

This Patton fan replaced an inexpensive box fan from a national home improvement store that only stocks portable fans during the summer. It lasted two full summers and the intervening seasons with near-constant usage so this fan will need to last six years to be of equal value to me although the fans are not really comparable in quality and force. Before the box fan, I had a Cinni fan made in India that lasted about a decade but these are not available in the US at this time. This Patton fan is made in China.

On the lowest setting, it is a little louder than the box fan I had before was on the highest setting. It produces significant airflow. Along with that comes significant vibration but the rubber feet do a good job of insulating and I can't feel the vibration in the parquet-on-concrete slab floor from even a couple of inches away. The rubber feet also seem to be keeping the fan from creeping around on the floor.

I ordered the fan on Monday and received it on Wednesday by UPS which is fast for free super-saver shipping. The seller was Amazon and it was shipped from Pennsylvania to New York. It was packaged only in the manufacturer's carton which arrived opened and damaged but the fan was in good condition.

There is a three-year limited warranty. I called the number and it rang about a dozen times before I was placed in a queue. After about eight minutes, a human answered the phone. For warranty service, they ask questions about what is wrong with the fan and the computer indicates if your product is covered. If it is, they replace the product and if they want the malfunctioning fan returned, they provide a shipping label.

My initial impression of this Patton 20" High Velocity Fan is four stars. For questions, leave a comment and I will respond.

11/5/11 UPDATE: The fan started rattling again and it got progressively worse. The problem was with the wire cage. A small binder clip at the bottom of the cage eliminated the rattle completely.

8/13/12 UPDATE: This fan is still going strong after thousands of hours. I keep it turned on whenever I am at home, usually on low.
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on September 13, 2011
I have owned 4-20 inch Patton fans for many, MANY years and have been completely satisfied with their long trouble free operation. Haven't thrown one out yet! I needed to add an 18 inch fan for a smaller room. After reading the other two reviews, I began to wonder if this was a good decision. Finally I decided what the heck---if it didn't work out I could return the item.
Well it arrived and much to my suprize this one was the SAME GREAT quality product. The fan blades are corosion free aluminum and the cage is painted black (the older unites are chrome that tends to rust over time), the motor is heavy duty steel and copper. The assembly is a smap and cord is 4 feet long. Fan blades are perfectly ballenced
Be forwarned-------these fans move a lot of air and are designed to HEAVY DUTY LONG TERM use. As air moves through the grill, a moderate amount of noise is generated---nothing excessive and impossable to eliminate. They easyly move 3 to 4 times more air than a box fan.
Bottom line--------like senior citizenship----its not for sissies.If you want something quiet and soft go to Wallies world and get a plastic job that will be sticking out of your trash bin next year. Again, their soft, their quiet, no assembly and they are much less expensive.
Beware of cheap imitations at Lowes that look like Patton! Blades vibrate, switches break and they join the plastic jobs above in time. On the bright side, if you ever need extra electrical cords, trash days provide like manna from heaven~!!!!!
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on June 23, 2012
If you ever owned a Patton fan that used to be made in the USA, you are not going to be happy with this fan. I own three older Patton fans (20 inch, 18 inch & 14 inch) which were all made in the 1980s - 1990s in the USA and they are of top quality. So when I decided to buy another 14 inch Patton fan to use in a bedroom I assumed this one would be the same. I was wrong. This new Patton fan which is now made in China is FAR from the quality that these fans used to have. The metal cage is thin and flimsy and the blades are of very poor quality and workmanship. The fan I received actually had a bent blade, but that is not why I returned it. This new Chinese model is just not good quality and therefore not a good value for the price.

I guess this is the way most companies have gone in the last few years. Closed down their American factories and shipped the work off to China. However, I will never understand why the quality has to be so poor. It's just a fan, not a rocket ship. You would think the Chinese model could be made just as good as the old American models with the same parts and technology. But obviously this company has decided to cut all the corners and pass off junk under a company name that used to mean quality.

I just purchased a used Patton fan on ebay for $56(not including shipping) and was glad to pay that price for something that I know will be far better quality. I don't see how this product has so many good reviews; the people obviously never owned anything of "industrial strength" quality before.
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on July 22, 2012
I purchased the Patton fan from Amazon. The noise of the fan was not an issue for me, its effectiveness was most important. Now the practical side, most all other fans I've owned; the front grill is riveted together making it impossible to remove the grill for cleaning. The Patton has removable screws and makes access a snap. The Patton does what its suppose to do, move air and it does it well. The ability to direction the flow of air is a real nice feature. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this product to others.
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on September 7, 2013
I had Patton fans I inherited from my mother that has lasted over thirty years purchased in early 80s. I purchased three of these Pattons here on Amazon between June and September 2012. One of them has already died. It started slowing up on start and then quit completely a few weeks ago. It lasted about 14 months. One of the others is a rattle trap as it makes a loud rattling noise after only about six months. I paid $34.99 for mine and I see their $60 now. Don't waist your money, Patton fans are now Chinese junk fans.
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on June 30, 2014
This is total JUNK! Don't waste your money. I bought this fan end of the season last year to replace one I have had for 20+ years, same brand ... the old one the motor gave out after 20+ more like 30 years ... the new one, about three months of use and the motor gave out. The switch is very, very cheap too. Sadly it seems anything new is not worth buying and hang onto your old stuff as long as you can. I tried to replace motor from Patton and they refused to sell a replacement motor, I still have the old one so I will look for another source for an "American Made" motor. Don't buy junk and then send it off to the landfill!
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on July 23, 2016
The Patton PUF1810C-BM 18-Inch High Velocity Fan works great. It will cool you off without the air conditioner on as long as it is faced directly in your direction. There were days when it was very hot in my apartment, but the fan kept me cool. Now, the downside of the fan. This is my second Patton fan in four years (same model). Check out my pictures because the fan with the longer cord is the newest model. The three speed adjustment part was also changed. Patton added numbers so you could know if it was on speed 1,2, or 3. The older models did not have numbers.

Update as of 07-28-16

Patton no longer sells the fuse needed in the plug. The representative did tell me that I could use one similar. I forgot to mention this in my review. I tried to replace the fuse after the previous model from 2012 stopped working. I discovered the fan just stopped working after four years and this is why I purchased another a new fan.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on July 16, 2011
i really like the fan, and i really like to buy through Amazon, there is a high ratio of products arriving in good condition using Amazon compared with most online shopping. The fan didnt get 5 stars simply because it is not a high-end piece of equipment and things like the switch and logo emblem on the front of the fan just 'feel' a little flimsy .. no big deal i kind of expected that in this price range, but the motor and fan itself runs solid and acceptably smooth and really puts out the air. I will mention that it does sound like a small airplane and is on the loud side but that doesnt bother me personally. I will likely buy another one of these in the near future. In the past ive really only had experience in the home with the little square box type fans with the mostly plastic construction and this fan beats those in performance probably 5 times over conservatively .. get it.
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on August 19, 2012
The 20" Patton fan used to be the greatest and would last for years. I ordered a new one and the pitch in the blades has been reduced making the depth of the fan smaller because (guessing) they can fit more of them in the hole of the ship coming from China. Motor must also have been cheapened as the fan has no where near the power of the older 20' Patton Fans.
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