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on December 28, 2012
This camera is awesome for a kid. We got it for my boyfriend's daughter on her 6th birthday. The fact that the camera lens turns around to face the child is genius -- what kid doesn't like taking pictures of themselves? And there are so many features -- you can add mustaches, stretch people's faces, add borders and stamps, and lots of things. And the games on the camera are actually fun for her -- her older brother (almost age 8) was even wanting to play. The features and games are all very intuitive and easy for her to figure out on her own. She was playing with photos, taking videos, and playing games in no time with very little assistance. Also, I love the plastic sides, which help the child grip the camera AND help protect it when it is eventually dropped.

The only thing I don't like about the camera is that the case for it is being sold on Amazon for an outrageous price, and the camera is larger than a regular digital camera, so you have to get a larger sized case. I found a pink and white polka-dotted case at Wal-Mart for $24.99 -- still expensive, but probably the best deal around.
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on November 28, 2012
This is exactly what we needed. If you have a smartphone you'll know where I'm going here, lol. For our daughter's 3rd bday we wanted to buy her a camera because she love, love, loves to play with the one on my phone. We picked this one because it featured the front facing camera. It works great! Of course (to all those commenting on low quality photos) it is a KID'S CAMERA. It has TWO MEGAPIXELS. I'm not quite sure what some folks are expecting here, but this is an awesome product for kids. Easy to operate, has fun features, very durable, and great size. Some of the games are a little confusing for our 3yr old, but that just means the product will continue to be fun as she gets older! New features to use even after owning it for months/years! The camera allows you to manually turn the lens back & forth with the rotating lens feature. It took my daughter a few weeks to a month to become a little pro with most of the extra features but only a few minutes to master the rotating lens & run around taking hundreds of photos! Literally, haha. It has optional flash, 4x zoom, microphone recorder, video recorder, and tons of funny hair/borders etc. The microphone feature is really neat. Not only does it record, but it allows you to play back your voices in different robotic/high-pitch/low-pitch filters. Our kids think it's hilarious to hear their voices altered! The viewing screen allows you to review pics that you've taken, but it also shows you a live image of what you're shooting. Kids can take photos by looking through one of two traditional view finders (there's one on the left & right side of the camera) or you can shoot pics by looking at the viewing screen. This is particularly awesome when they're using the front facing cam so they can check themselves out :) Then you can download (literally hundreds of photos and vids it holds) to your computer to see the hilarious images a kid captures ;) Guarantee you'll want to erase a few, HA!
Great little camera for kids!
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on November 28, 2011
My 4 year old received this for her birthday. I bought it because she kept taking my iPhone and taking endless pictures of her face really close up. She loves the camera and loves that she can flip the lens around and take close ups of herself. She is even branching out and taking photos of other people and my furniture and floors. she literally took 100 photos within two days.

She has needed guidance with the phone, but it's actually been really good for her. Her daddy showed her how to focus her image into the box so her pictures don't come out blurry. I showed her how to take pictures with the stamps. Some of the features are a little over her head, but I like that this will be a toy that can grow and develop along with her.

Her younger brother who is two is also keenly interested in the camera. He can turn it on and take pictures.

It's fun and educational, plus I don't have to delete random photos off my phone anymore.
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on January 7, 2012
Purchased this as a gift for my 4 yr. old granddaughter. First, the new Amazon easy packaging was great. The camera was securely packaged in heavy duty cardboard (made specialty for this product). Yea -No vacuumed plastic to cut or struggle with. I was able to open it and do a bit of checking out and setting up and then easily slipped it back into the box for wrapping.

It came with cables for PC and TV connection and batteries. The booklet says you can add an SD card but for initial use you really don't need one. The internal memory will hold up to 400 stills, unknown length of video.

At only 2 megapixels the resolution is a bit grainy - but to a 4 yr. old these pics are perfect. It worked surprisingly well on indoor photos. This camera was THE HIT gift - (yes Grandma is a genius). In less than 2 minutes I showed her how to turn it on, select from the six icons, press the shutter button and she was off and clicking. She loved the fact that she could see her creations immediately with the review button. And she was so proud when Daddy plugged in the TV cable and the pics appeared on the screen.

The resulting pictures were hilarious. If you are a parent or grandparent you will be amazed at the view in a child's world. I highly recommend this camera for its creativity, sturdy construction and ease of use. Go for it Grandma and Grandpa, be a hero.
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on November 23, 2013
I got this for my daughter for this Christmas (2013) and when I tested it, there was an error on the screen that said "program version incorrect". I've posted a message on VTech's Facebook page but they told me to get in touch via email to but no one replied. I saw about 3 other people on the web who had the same problem. Two solutions were offered: 1) while turning the unit on, hit the home button several time; repeat the cycle until this action overrides the error - didn't work for me and didn't want to try too many times (i tried about 6 times and gave up). 2) remove the batteries and press and hold power button down for 45 seconds then replace with fresh batteries - didn't work either. Now I don't know where to look for help to either troubleshoot the thing or reset the camera!!! Amazon - can you help????? I live in the Philippines and there is no VTech support here. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks! (I can only rate it 1 star because while the unit turns on, I don't know what else it can do at this point)
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on November 21, 2012
This camera is probably the exact age-appropriate item you're looking for if your preschooler has been asking to take photos.

The buttons are easy to interpret if your child is old enough to understand symbols or has any working knowledge from toy laptops. The games, frames, stamps, and faces might take a bit of tutoring for the younger users, but they're easy to figure out (and probably won't be the main attraction). Most of them use images in the memory and enourage kinesthetic and visual learning with the camera itself.

Image quality is what you would expect from a decent cell phone shot, but that's really all a young one needs. Includes a flash function which you can disable as you would on a real digital camera. The limited image quality turns out to be a good teaching tool: finding your subject, holding the camera steady to reduce blur, choosing when to use a flash, etc. The swivel lens is also a nice exploratory addition so they can practice with faces while taking their own picture.

Takes video as well - again, with the same cell phone quality. The ability to add a separate memory card is a nice addition, but the camera can take about 500 or so photos before the internal memory has been filled. Hookup via USB is as easy as it should be.

The Bottom Line -- It's mostly a preschool teaching camera, not a first point-and-shoot. Rugged, sturdy, easy to hold, encourages camera mastery, gives significant space for the hundred pictures of their feet, and not so expensive that you're hesitant to hand it over to a little hands. Good buy.
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on December 18, 2012
I bought this camera for my 5 year old's birthday. It's durable, doesn't chew through batteries, makes a minimum of annoying sounds, and takes decent pictures. She was able to learn how to operate it quickly and has enjoyed taking pictures of herself with the flip lens. The video and voice recorder are both decent quality as well. The icons are mostly intuitive and the buttons all seem to work.
As her parent, I like the camera but I could have done without the games - I go to a lot of trouble to steer her away from sitting in a corner hunched over an electronic screen, so to me it's a shame that a perfectly decent toy (a first camera) has to be sugar coated with games.
I also noticed that when the memory is full it doesn't give any notification - it just goes blank and refuses to take more pictures. That confused us for a bit, but now that we know, it's ok.
Lastly - I'd probably redesign the battery door switches - they attract fingers and yield their contents to the floor rapidly.
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on February 19, 2013
If I had written this review the day after we received it, I would have given it four stars. The picture quality is pretty awful but I didn't have high expectations, and my daughter had a great time playing with this camera. Until it stopped working. It wasn't dropped on concrete or in a pool, etc., it just died. New batteries? No help. Restart? No help. It happened to die about the same time the return window expired on Amazon. So I tried to contact V-Tech about getting a replacement (surely it has a warranty of more than 6 weeks?!) but so far have been unsuccessful in my attempts to reach an actual person. This toy is junk, I would give it 0 stars if that were an option. Do yourself and your kid a favor and just get an inexpensive "real" camera with a durable case. The few things I've ever bought with the VTech label on them been of questionable quality, and this purchase is no different.
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on December 30, 2011
I bought this camera for my 3 year old daughter. It has turned out to be a great item for both of my kids (my other one is 2 years old). They LOVE it...they walk around with it and take pictures of whatever they can (mom and dad, their toys, the floor, the ceiling, etc.). The icons are easy to figure out without even reading the instructions. I can show my daughter what buttons to push and it's simple enough for her to remember. The swivel lens is great -- they love being able to take pictures of themselves! I love that this camera has a viewfinder OR can be used binocular style. The large hand-grips make it easy for little hands to hold onto it without the camera slipping. Picture quality is impressive considering the price and that it's a "toy." If you help your child and hold the camera completely still, it takes pictures as good as an iPhone. Most kids don't hold the camera that still, but I can already tell that my kids are becoming better photographers. It's also really cute to see what pictures they've taken ...from their point of view. The camera also has some fun features: fun frames for your pictures, a voice recorder that you can alter the sound of their voice, video camera setting. I wish V-tech would throw in an SD card, but they're so cheap nowadays that it wasn't a big deal. This camera takes batteries which I prefer because I don't have to worry about re-charging the camera. When the batteries are done, they're done and I can just put in new ones. I highly recommend this camera for a child anywhere from 2 years old and up. My girls literally fight over the camera. I save every picture they take and will eventually burn them to a CD for them when they're grown up!

Just remember to buy batteries and an SD card when you buy!
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on January 5, 2012
this was the best thing I have ever bought any of my kids. This is saying alot considering my kids ages range from 18 to 5. I bought two of pink and one blue. my kids got it for christmas and they hardly put it down. it was very easy to use. they can take picture of themselves and others and make funny borders. the video on it is pretty good and it also has funny things you can do with it. My 13 year old neice wants one now. even the adults and other kids would try to "borrow" it to play with. All in all i am very satisfied with it so much so that this is the first review i have ever giving a product.
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