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on March 4, 2017
I have to say that this is a really good bundle that combines the need that every player has (data) and a stellar game with a pretty good critique in the internet (that I will let the game with this one, and only talk about the PS3)

There are obyous changes if you compare the first PS3 that got in the market with this one, and may I say, is better looking, running and the new games are really promising!

Appeareance: this one is a classic one, all black and I think is more comfortable to use, the disc drive is manual to the close and with this is impossible to see a stuck game in the PS3. Although the appeareance looks a little bit more brakeable, is not an issue but a better way to avoid all those problems with system failures.

Heat: this one is really good, you can feel the hot air going out the console in the back part, keeping everything more fresh than before. A personal recomendation is to keep the PS3 in any open space, if the back part is against a wall it maybe heat more than usual.

Noise: I think it is really really quiet than before, the noise that you can hear it's at the beggining when everything is starting but seconds after all keeps it quiet.

Data: the data is something SUPER important to players, we hate tonne choosing what to erase from the system because we want a new game or something, so this 500gb are awesome!
465 gb are the real that you have when you turn it on and put apart the operative system memory that it needs.
You can transfer data and at least 50gb takes like 1 hour to transfer!

If you don't actually like the game there are other similar bundles but also you could change the game for another, but still it's an stellar game with an awesome critique.

Resuming, it is a quite good system and bundle, the price is really razonable thinking in 0,50 $ per gb and 60 $ for the game (as any stellar new game)
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on March 8, 2017
Im not happy. No game no control. No wires .only power cord and ps3 system i got only .Cant play or to see it work. Im very upset.
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on January 6, 2013
500Gb storage space which is incredible and a smaller console. Plus the price was extremely low! Amazing features Amazing price!
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on March 17, 2017
Thank you much, love the game, great deal. Will definitely be back for more! Love the ps2 games
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on March 13, 2017
My Cousin enjoyed it
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on December 16, 2016
Don't buy!!
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on October 30, 2012
This was well worth the money spent.
I spent about $250 for a 120gb PS3 "slim" when it originally came out, but man....This is an amazing deal. An extra 380gb of memory plus a free game for just an extra $50 compared to the original sales price when the "slim" model came in 2010.

It was wonderful when it arrived. It actually came a day earlier than it's supposed to. In fact, it actually came about 24 hours earlier than it should have. The box was nice and secured, they left it at the front office, since I was not at home at the time, and picked it up.

I opened the box, and the box looks just as it was in the picture, amazing. It came with the 30-day free-trial of PSN+, however I did not like that they asked for credit card information to activate it. The Ps3 "slim" was impressive. I compared it to my old one, and wow! It was so small compared to it. I was thinking, whilst looking at the new Ps3 "Wow, now THIS is a Ps3 slim!". I hooked up all the wires, and had it working. The new disc slot is cool, press a button and it actually slides open, my only gripe is that it basically is just manually shut. Other than that, the system runs perfectly fine. It's incredibly quiet compared to my old Ps3, and just more aesthetically pleasing.

All in all, I recommend this product for buy as a replacement, or a gift for the holidays. I mean, think of it. It's around $250 for 120gb, about $279 for a 180gb, $299 for a 320gb, but come on! for the same price of a 320gb Ps3 you could get an extra 180gb and a free game! So buy it now.
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on November 27, 2012
first of all, wow! this is the largest ps3 sony has ever offered, and the price is definitely right. having it bundled with a very recent triple-a title makes it a product that more or less sells itself.

there are comprehensive reviews for AC3 in other areas, so i will leave this review to the system itself.

actual storage space: it is a 500gb system, however upon installation, it would appear to be far less. yes, there is always space taken for the operating system, however this one had a larger than usual chunk. out of the 500 gigs, there were only 465 at the outset. i'm glad to have this system, but i doubt it takes a full 35 gigs to run it. so be forewarned.

appearance: i, personally, don't care about appearance, but yes, it does appear to be a little cheap looking compared to my 120gb slim it replaced. the system feels a little more breakable, and the disc drive has a manual open/close (well, you can push a button to open it, but not to close) panel. i don't like that the lens is exposed to the elements while the cover panel is open, but i understand why they did it (to always have access to the disk inside, in the event of system failure). i have the system on its side, and i have no trouble with the panel. i'm sure the ridges on the panel side of the system are to more easily grip the surface to push/pull it open/closed.

noise: when first starting a disk, it is a bit noisy, but after it has done the initial reading of said disk, it gets much quieter than my previous system.

heat: i had heard that this system ran cooler than previous generations, but i'm not sure how true that is for me. it seems to be pretty warm pretty often, but we DO run the system quite a lot for multiple uses (i.e.: games, netflix, blu-ray).

data transfer between systems: i had found a great website that detailed quite clearly how to transfer one system to another, so i was fortunate there, however there were a few things that didn't go as planned. the new ps3 did NOT retain all my settings (resulting in a hilariously tiny gameplay window that took a while to figure out). the data transfer requires both systems to be connected to your television simultaneously, and i would HIGHLY recommend changing the new ps3 to an HDMI port, and the old one to another slot (either an alternate HDMI or, in our case, composite slot). we did not know to do this, and it was the cause of some of the setting issues.

the data transfer estimate time should be taken with a huge grain of salt. we were transferring about 80gb worth of data, and it said it would take around 1 hour and 45 minutes. the total elapsed time came in around four hours. just be forewarned that you will need to set aside some real time to make the transition.

the system runs quickly and well, and i am SUPER happy with all the extra storage space. previously, i had had to delete game data off my system just to install new games, and i won't have to do that here (unless i go game bonkers).

if you think about how the price breaks down, it's pretty awesome: $60 retail for the game, and about $.50 per gb of storage. not a bad deal at all. and honestly, if you aren't a fan of the AC series, you could always trade the game back in to amazon (though the reviews for it have been solidly stellar).

i would absolutely recommend this system, and i am (mostly) really pleased with the data transfer utility that sony provides on the systems.
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on October 31, 2012
I never upgraded to the slim ps3 and figured it was time to upgrade from the original bulky version. I was amazed at the size difference. It is extremely small in comparison to the original and about 25% smaller then the slim. 500g of harddrive space makes it useful to store movies, music, and games off of the PS3 Store. I highly recommend Assassin's Creed III as well. Have not played too far into the game, but so far it lives up to the previous two games and you notice a few minor improvements in the amount of NPC's on the map as well as the combat system. If you are purchasing for someone who does not already own a PS3 make sure to buy a HDMI cable as this does not include one. Add to cart now!
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on May 21, 2013
I have been waiting a long time to get myself a PS3, I figured I didn't really need and or want one because I had my PS2 but then I started to seem some pretty awesome games coming out and unfortunatly for me at the time they were not coming out on PS2. So I finaly broke down and decided to spend the money on a new gamesystem. When I saw this bundle pack PS3 with a 500GB harddrive for the price I said I couldn't go wrong. I was right and I have never before had a wireless control but this one came standard with t and I Totally Love that. The charge holds quite a long time and the games and graphics are AWESOME AND AMAZING!!!! Love this system and set up. AAA+++
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