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on November 27, 2012
first of all, wow! this is the largest ps3 sony has ever offered, and the price is definitely right. having it bundled with a very recent triple-a title makes it a product that more or less sells itself.

there are comprehensive reviews for AC3 in other areas, so i will leave this review to the system itself.

actual storage space: it is a 500gb system, however upon installation, it would appear to be far less. yes, there is always space taken for the operating system, however this one had a larger than usual chunk. out of the 500 gigs, there were only 465 at the outset. i'm glad to have this system, but i doubt it takes a full 35 gigs to run it. so be forewarned.

appearance: i, personally, don't care about appearance, but yes, it does appear to be a little cheap looking compared to my 120gb slim it replaced. the system feels a little more breakable, and the disc drive has a manual open/close (well, you can push a button to open it, but not to close) panel. i don't like that the lens is exposed to the elements while the cover panel is open, but i understand why they did it (to always have access to the disk inside, in the event of system failure). i have the system on its side, and i have no trouble with the panel. i'm sure the ridges on the panel side of the system are to more easily grip the surface to push/pull it open/closed.

noise: when first starting a disk, it is a bit noisy, but after it has done the initial reading of said disk, it gets much quieter than my previous system.

heat: i had heard that this system ran cooler than previous generations, but i'm not sure how true that is for me. it seems to be pretty warm pretty often, but we DO run the system quite a lot for multiple uses (i.e.: games, netflix, blu-ray).

data transfer between systems: i had found a great website that detailed quite clearly how to transfer one system to another, so i was fortunate there, however there were a few things that didn't go as planned. the new ps3 did NOT retain all my settings (resulting in a hilariously tiny gameplay window that took a while to figure out). the data transfer requires both systems to be connected to your television simultaneously, and i would HIGHLY recommend changing the new ps3 to an HDMI port, and the old one to another slot (either an alternate HDMI or, in our case, composite slot). we did not know to do this, and it was the cause of some of the setting issues.

the data transfer estimate time should be taken with a huge grain of salt. we were transferring about 80gb worth of data, and it said it would take around 1 hour and 45 minutes. the total elapsed time came in around four hours. just be forewarned that you will need to set aside some real time to make the transition.

the system runs quickly and well, and i am SUPER happy with all the extra storage space. previously, i had had to delete game data off my system just to install new games, and i won't have to do that here (unless i go game bonkers).

if you think about how the price breaks down, it's pretty awesome: $60 retail for the game, and about $.50 per gb of storage. not a bad deal at all. and honestly, if you aren't a fan of the AC series, you could always trade the game back in to amazon (though the reviews for it have been solidly stellar).

i would absolutely recommend this system, and i am (mostly) really pleased with the data transfer utility that sony provides on the systems.
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on March 4, 2017
I have to say that this is a really good bundle that combines the need that every player has (data) and a stellar game with a pretty good critique in the internet (that I will let the game with this one, and only talk about the PS3)

There are obyous changes if you compare the first PS3 that got in the market with this one, and may I say, is better looking, running and the new games are really promising!

Appeareance: this one is a classic one, all black and I think is more comfortable to use, the disc drive is manual to the close and with this is impossible to see a stuck game in the PS3. Although the appeareance looks a little bit more brakeable, is not an issue but a better way to avoid all those problems with system failures.

Heat: this one is really good, you can feel the hot air going out the console in the back part, keeping everything more fresh than before. A personal recomendation is to keep the PS3 in any open space, if the back part is against a wall it maybe heat more than usual.

Noise: I think it is really really quiet than before, the noise that you can hear it's at the beggining when everything is starting but seconds after all keeps it quiet.

Data: the data is something SUPER important to players, we hate tonne choosing what to erase from the system because we want a new game or something, so this 500gb are awesome!
465 gb are the real that you have when you turn it on and put apart the operative system memory that it needs.
You can transfer data and at least 50gb takes like 1 hour to transfer!

If you don't actually like the game there are other similar bundles but also you could change the game for another, but still it's an stellar game with an awesome critique.

Resuming, it is a quite good system and bundle, the price is really razonable thinking in 0,50 $ per gb and 60 $ for the game (as any stellar new game)
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on May 21, 2013
I have been waiting a long time to get myself a PS3, I figured I didn't really need and or want one because I had my PS2 but then I started to seem some pretty awesome games coming out and unfortunatly for me at the time they were not coming out on PS2. So I finaly broke down and decided to spend the money on a new gamesystem. When I saw this bundle pack PS3 with a 500GB harddrive for the price I said I couldn't go wrong. I was right and I have never before had a wireless control but this one came standard with t and I Totally Love that. The charge holds quite a long time and the games and graphics are AWESOME AND AMAZING!!!! Love this system and set up. AAA+++
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on November 27, 2012
I think that this may be worth it alone for the HD space. However, when opening it I noticed something that instantly bugged me. It does not look sturdy at all...
The lid looks like to could be broken off at any moment and the sides seem to have the same look about them. Now of course this is an expensive electronic, and you really shouldn't be tossing these things around anyways. I am just saying that if your idea was to buy this for a younger child I might go for the Slim model that was made before this, they seem much more sturdy in my eyes.

If you have the proper TV you may want to buy an HDMI cable or component cables as the console only includes composite cables. Also, if you want to chat online you may want a bluetooth headset. Just about any bluetooth should work, just don't plan on using it often as the online community isn't all that talkative. This may be due to the fact that the console doesn't come prebundled with a headset.

Oh, and Assassin's Creed 3 comes with it as well...
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on April 5, 2013
I love my new 500 gb PS3. I finally let my 80 gb fat ps3 die. This newer model is a 3rd of the size of my old one bought in '97. It runs much much quiter. Which I enjoy alot. Also, there were reviews about the sliding door being too cheap and it would break easy. Not true at all. You would have to stick your hand in behind it a pull as hard as you could. The design is great.

Another cool thing about this bundle is you get Assassin's Creed 3 free. Thought I haven't played it much. It's story and graphics are very good. Plus, you get 30 days of Playstation Plus free. I've down loaded a few games far. So, that's about $100 in sayings just on the games alone.

This system is not backwards compatiable, but I really only play one PS2 game regulary. I still have my PS2 to this isn't a big deal.

I also picked up the silver stand for the base that was pictured in the photo but not included with the system (the only negative thing about this buy). The stand if a great space saver and worth the extra 20 bucks.
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on June 12, 2013
The PS3 is a great system. It's more than a video game console, its an entire media center, especially if you have Netflix, Hulu Plus, and use Amazon Prime and/or instant video. Assassin's Creed III is a great game as well (especially if you've played the previous titles). The game looks amazing, great storyline, the ending is... well, i dunno, i guess i have to see what they do with it in AC4. The PS3 is worth it alone, so if you want an entertainment center, this is worth it, blu-ray player and various content sources make it a worthy buy. However, if you're not planning on gaming much or don't want to play this game, obviously, don't buy the bundle. Also to note, this is the super-slim model which is pretty neat, though it dropped slot-loading in favor of a tray that slides open on the top and you place the disc in directly. I think it's fine, especially considering the size savings. I went from the launch edition (80gb) to this one (my first one broke down a second time only a few months after repairing, so i figured it was time... it lasted a really long time) and the size difference is astounding.
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on January 26, 2015
First of all let me point out this is a review of this system that I purchased (CECH-4001C) PS3 Super slim model only. I bought this in November 10th 2012 and the cooling fan has failed causing the system to overheat. Repair from playstation is $80 which also includes shipping/handling and repair (not bad except for the fact it is 2 years old). I would consider my system lightly used. I don't get time to play very much anymore but I have always kept up with the latest consoles and own several. My ps1 that I bought in 1996 and my ps2 that I bought in 2001 are both still working without problems. I have always considered the playstation a quality system. I guess that is why I am leaving a 2 star review on a system that has barely lasted 2 years and needs to be repaired. I absolutely love the playstation exclusive games and the fact that they have many quality games for playstation + members for free. This review is in no way bashing Sony Playstation. It is just the super slim model that seems to have multiple problems.
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on November 22, 2012
In my opinion this console is awesome, this is my first ps3, I have an xbox 360 and a nintendo wii too, and ,atleast for me, this is the best console, why? Because it has blu-ray, also a HUGE capacity (500GB) and the best thing is that online gaming is free but still doens't come with HDMI cable so you have to buy it if you want the best HD experience with your HD tv... And I don't have to pay xbox live membership anymore!

The game is absolutely a masterpiece, long and interesting single player campaign and online experience is very funny and adictive to play because you want to keep getting more better everytime, and also has different online game modes so you have various good options to choose.

I have read some reviews that say that the cover or the disc is weak, looks cheap and other things, but nothing of that! It and the entire console looks nice and not cheaply. It is very quiet and doens't overheat! I also like that the power cable doesn't have the enourmous brick as the xbox 360 cable does. And it comes with a free 1 moth membership of PS plus

If you want to get your first ps3 or to change your old one and if you like Assassin's Creed as i do this is the bundle for you and only for $300! This is an excellent offer. Get it! Thanks for reading.
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on January 10, 2013
This is a five star device all around for what it can do, but when it comes to aesthetics, this device is a big downer. I question the product team at Sony sometimes and wonder why Japanese innovators who are known for churning out cutting edge technology and creating such lovely Japanese Anime cartoons can churn out an electronic device that is just down right unattractive. Boxy and square does NOT read futuristic. The PS1 and PS2 where all unattractive rectangular devices as well. Let's not forget the ugly Sony tablet from 2012 that was discontinued immediately when they just weren't selling because of form factor. Sony is on a roll in the fashion forward department, but i digress.

Now that i have my only complaint out of the way, i have to say that this is an amazing all in one device. It's a video game console, a streaming media player, and comes with a built in blu-ray player all rolled up into one. In addition, PS3 does not charge a fee to utilize Amazon Instant Videos, YouTube, and Netflix. Xbox charges a fee which makes no sense. I am going to keep my review basic and short because everyone knows about the PS3, what it can & cannot do, and its main function as a video game machine with perks and extras. This is a great device and i highly recommend it to anyone. I purchased this for the 500GB hard drive (even though i wish it was 2TB of hard drive space), so that i can store my media movies on them and watch it at my convenience. Plus, i like that the PS3 allows the movie files being played to have a repeat feature, so i don't have to keep pressing play again when the film is done. It just plays continuously. I like leaving the TV on at night and hearing the white noise. It makes a great night light too. I'd recommend the PS3 to anybody and think it's a great product to have next to any flat screen TV. Though for the price, i wish they did throw in the PS3 system stand, a PS3 remote controller for the Blu-Ray, an extra controller/charger plug, and 2TB of memory, but i digress. Tee hee!
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on December 25, 2012
I got this as a repacement fo my old System, which I gave to my son. First of all I did not know the Sony changed the size again. This is slightly smaller than the second generation PS3's known as the slim model. Some people are call this the super slim. Overall it is slightly smaller with a few differences. The disc now loads from the top with a spring loaded door ( no way for the auto load motor to die or you not being able to get a disc back out if something bad happens). The hard drive is now on the side ( besides being a higher capacity). You have manually push the disc door closed, ( no biggie if you think about the upshot of not having a motor that can fail ). I am reasonably certain that by moving the hard drive to the other side that less heat gets to the CPU area, another plus. It is pretty stable if you stand it on end which the last generation really wasn't, which is I think another reason they moved the hard drive. If you stand it on the end opposite the blu ray, air should move through it without the need for external fans ( a problem with the slim model ). I turned this one on, connected to my network to do the mandatory updates, disconnected both systems from the network, and used an ethernet cable to transfer data from the old system to the new. All my games save data and videos went right to it. I did have to redownload song packs for Rocksmith but it let me do it without arguing about copyright issues, so bonus. If you are going to transfer data like I did you will need to deactivate your old system before you transfer, and there are instructions for doing it all over the web.You do it right in the menu. I then took my old system into my son's room and fired it up,, NO ISSUES. I got this system with a 500gb hard drive for the same price as what they want for one with a 320gb drive on the old format,, kinda strange don't you think? If your gonna get a PS3 this is it, I could care less about the game although it is kinda cool, think original Tomb Raider with better graphics and storyline. Also this one SEEMS to turn on faser than my old one but the layout and the hard drive is the only difference I'm 100% about so don't quote me on that.
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