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on April 5, 2017
I didn't realize the lack of creativity this would have. It's nothing like Most Wanted for 2007 PS2. The only similarity is the map layout but the gameplay is pretty different... there's no garage to go to, you don't buy cars from a shop or edit their appearance. There are some kits you can unlock and you can change the color of it but that's as far as editing and detailing goes. There's nice cars and the racing can be fun so if you want that then this is a good game only giving that it's so cheap.
Another let down are the police chases, there's no break away things (kinda look like this symbol 🔺) that you can hit that total the police cars like in PS2. Which made the police chases a lot less fun for me. Also the cooldown zone isn't used in this, you just hide anywhere. Whereas in the PS2 version you have to go to a cooldown zone to make the cooldown happen faster or you could go to your garage to evade but this one doesn't have that.
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on December 13, 2014
I really, really like it. But first, a bit of caution: I almost exclusively play single-player, so my experience with that mode will make up the bulk of my review. Most Wanted is a solid work that knows how to deliver fun. Criterion has curated an environment and set of driving mechanics that provide a road trip-like experience through an urban city center and its mountainous surroundings; based off the American city of Boston, Massachusetts. It feels wonderful to drive around Fairhaven. I can't emphasize that enough. This is the first time I've repeatedly returned to a game specifically for the experience of moving through it. The driving feels very comfortable and the controls are responsive. With the vast majority of cars, you consistently feel like you can get into and out of any situation that arises (there are, of course, some difficult vintage and supercars). Initially, I crashed a lot, but once I got familiar with tracking the objects beside me and those ahead, the experience became quite thrilling. Once you're comfortable careening through the world of Most Wanted and observing its contents at the same time, the beauty of its landscape starts to resonate with you at a frequency few games have achieved. (To be clear, I'm talking about driving so comfortably in a world so beautiful. It's the combination of these that hits the mark.) That said, the magic of an unknown world fades with mileage. And while sunrise is always captivating and sunset always soothes the mind, it eventually becomes all too clear that this world is both artificial and quite limited.

While driving around in Most Wanted is a wonderful experience, the more game-like aspects of it are not as strong. That includes races, getaways from the cops, time trials, and speed trials. The getaways are nice, but I think the most reward comes from the time and speed trials and the Hard races. Races that are of Hard difficulty are exhilarating - they really drive that self-achievement/self-disappointment gauntlet that molds gamers. But beyond that, your experience with an event depends heavily on what car mods you've earned in prior events. You don't tweak cars like in, say, Gran Turismo, but there are upgrades that you unlock through placing well, completing an event in a certain time frame, or in achieving some average speed. Some mods are better for certain events, such as dirt tires or a reinforced chasis. At any time you can take part in whatever event you want that's associated with the vehicle you're piloting (that is, each car has access to specific events). Because of the way events are organized, however, you could end up starting a race or trial run without the speed needed to stand a real chance. However, once you realize why events are organized the way they are and get a feel for what each mod does, you'll have no problem deciding what to play. You can enable and disable mods at-will, even returning the car to its original state (which makes for an interesting test of skill in Easy races, but is nigh impossible for Medium and Hard).

As for the multiplayer - it's pretty darn thrilling. I usually avoid online play, but when I hopped in for the first time, I really had a blast. I later gave it another go, and I had another blast. There's nothing quite as challenging as human opponents. There are different events online, too, but I don't recall them as well. Some are much more fun than others, but each one seems designed to encourage craziness. I read a number of professional reviews before getting Most Wanted, and they all said that if you're going to get it, get it for the multiplayer. The thing that got me hooked to the game was its single-player demo, though, so multiplayer was never a focus for me.

Whenever I boot up Most Wanted, I almost always do it to experience Fairhaven as a place, rather than to race against AI or to play online. I feel a bit bad about that, since I know how fun the online component is, but I've gamed for so long that I don't mind missing out on that kind of fun. That said, the massive amount of time I've spent in the single-player has led to shorter play sessions - both because there's much less to accomplish and much less to be enthralled by. If you prefer multiplayer, however, you're likely to have many enjoyable experiences for as longs as the servers hold. So much so that you may continue to "love" the game rather than "really, really like it" one year down the road.

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on October 11, 2016
A fun thrill-packed video game that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you speed thorough various courses and also trying to elude the police. I would also highly recommend the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel to use in this game which will assist you in better steering your car through the various obstacles you will encounter during gameplay.
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on March 4, 2016
This is easily one of Electronic Arts' best games. It takes some getting used to the controls. You'll crash a lot when you first start out. However, once you get the hang of it, this is easily one of the best games in the series and an absolute must have for the PS3. I couldn't help but wonder if some elements of the game were borrowed from a similar game called "Burnout" (which is more about destruction than racing). Even so, for the casual auto race fan, this game has all of the best features of all the best Need For Speed games ever made. It's not just racing and eluding the cops (who are fun to get away from), but a plethora of other activities scattered throughout a massive free roam city called New Haven that will keep you playing for hours. Plus, there are dozens of fantastic real cars licensed for this game that you can customise to improve performance and handling. There's a LOT to do here. If you only buy one Need for Speed game or only one auto racing game, this is the one to get.
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on February 28, 2016
After the disaster with The run, Pro street and the mediocre of Carbon and Undercover. Nfs seemed to have picked up on hot pursuit. Most wanted has a nice arcadey feel. Most wanted forces you to drive all the cars because all the cars have their own specific races which makes it interesting and fun. The map of the game is pretty big and graphically it looks beautiful. The games car handling is pretty excellent making it easy to drift around. This also has a con to it. It can be a bit dangerous driving fast and doing a sharp turn. As far as the difficulty you will be retrying some race events. Because of the game having the creators of the burnout series the game often feels less of a nfs game but a sort of like a sequel to burnout paradise with better improvements. Overall its a pretty great nfs game but feels less of a nfs game if that makes any sense.
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on December 8, 2012
I am a huge fan of Need for Speed: Hot pursuit, so when The Run came out last year I was very excited, and ended up being very disappointed. So I had high hopes for this new Need for Speed: Most Wanted. After playing for a few months, there are a fews things that I feel could use improving. First off, wrecking out is so ridiculously easy, it is crazy. You can bump someone in traffic going 30 miles an hour and get "treated" to the stupid crash animation. Until you can build your cars up and upgrade the bodies, be prepared to crash. A LOT. Once you get your cars upgraded, you end up pushing the traffic (of which there is a TON) out of your way or crushing them. Single player mode can be fun, as previously mentioned there are multiple races for every car. But you can really lose yourself for hours just driving around and doing ludicrous jumps and breaking your friends speed records. Which brings me to the online play. Playing with a group of friends can be fun. You select a pre-set playlist or make your own from a mix of races, team races, stunts (jumps, parking tasks, drifting) and then you compete to see who can win the 5 events. What adds an extra dimension is you can take out the other players in the middle of an event like drifting, so they can not score anymore. Can be fun but also annoying. After a while it does get a bit repetitive though. What is really missing is any interaction with cops. In single player mode, they never leave you alone. In multi player, you never see one. That commercial they are running with a pack of cars being chased by the cops? Only in single player. Would be nice to have something in the multiplayer, it is called Most Wanted after all. In Burnout Paradise they also had a team mode where you tried to take each other out and a most wanted race where your friends tried to take you out. Those type of events would be cool. Overall, fun game, drives well, if a bit more difficult to control than Hot Pursuit, and something I feel will give me a good amount of enjoyment. We will have to see if any DLC becomes available to improve upon the game. After all the best part of Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit was the most wanted DLC they added after the fact. We still play that regularly after almost 2 years.
Edit 12/9 One thing I forgot to mention is the checkpoint system. When you are doing a point a to point b race, there are checkpoints that pop up that you have to drive through. Miss one and you have to double back for it or you do not complete the race. The problem with this is that unlike in some other NFS Hot Pursuit games, you can't use shortcuts to cut down you time if it means bypassing a checkpoint. It is kinda of a rigid system which doesn't award you for learning the city. Also if you are playing multiplayer and you are stuck with some idiot who never stops yapping, you can't mute him like you could in Hot Pursuit.
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on June 28, 2013
Best grafx yet for a NFS game. Normally I think EA music is wack and it's a little better here. I do recommend this game. Usually you can jump right into the multiplayer action. This is def better than the run and the best since Shift, and it blows that away. If you like FFS can't go wrong with this one, casual fan or seasoned pro, there are lots of tutorials and practice levels. I also have the vita version and that is sick too. I hope GT 6 is at this level as i'm not buying a ps4 for at least a year. I blew money on the vita but I love it.
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on March 18, 2017
Very fun game to play, a bit old but i still enjoy playing it.
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on August 7, 2013
I bought this because I loved the Most wanted game that was released with the xbox 360 launch. In the conversion to PS3 they made a lot of changes that I am not 100% happy with. I understand that the publisher wanted to make it more current for a re-release 5 years later to boost sales, but I really loved the feel, story, and look the original game. The controls in this game are very loose, hard to get used to (I find myself in wrecks more than I am racing). Graphics are better, however they changed all the scenery and roads, at times there is too much and when you are racing at 150-200mph all that extra stuff just gets in the way. The story line is different too, the original started off with a story that I thought was great, I love to have a story with a racing game, although i know that not many other gamers care, they just want to race. This Game you have a 30 sec intro and you are driving and racing. I have only played it for 6 hours and still getting used to it, but was disappointed on how different it is from the original release. I think I will still enjoy it when I get used to the roads and controls, just right now it is a little frustrating. Also if you do buy this, there is a long load time so don’t get mad when you throw the disc in and it says 60 Min load time (I have 18MB download, so I could not imagine what this would be on a slower connection)
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on November 14, 2016
Christmas gift will update soon price awesome!! Update great racing game, single or multiplayer game, iif u enjoy racing games u will love this one ! Amazing price for the product!
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