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on September 26, 2016
I remeber playing the first 3 Halo games when they came out & loved every one of them. My old copy of Halo CE was not working & local Game Stop stores don't sell original Xbox games anymore. So to get it for Xbox 360 is great because I'm still happy with my Xbox 360 slim & am not really crazy about the Xbox One so this is a much cheaper & better alternative to buying an Xbox One with the Master Chief collection.

The game play is smooth most of the time & the graphics look allot better than Halo 2 on original Xbox did & you can still switch back to the origonal Halo CE graphics if you want like on the Master Chief collection. There is a bit of lag on check points & loading points & they still haven't really figured out a good waypoint marker system for missions so I still end up getting lost sometimes on certain missions. Also noticed some of the missions are harder than they originally were & the shield seems to go fast & helth drains faster than before to me at least.

Missions seem to have allot more enemies even on easy which took some getting used to but It has been a long time since I last played Halo CE so it could just be me. Now if only they could just get it over with and remaster Halo 2 for 360 already that would be awesome so I can complete the Halo 1-4 collection on 360. Us 360 users feel pretty left out they only have Halo 2 remastered on Xbox One.
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on February 14, 2016
They made this game specifically for Original Halo chumps like m'self. I'm "that guy" who always says original Halo was -and always will be- the best Halo. I stand by that opinion, and was quite pleased when I found this. The feature to switch views from original version to updated version will blow your mind. Very cool. I think they got a little carried away with adding extra music during times when it should be deathly quiet, but I'm glad they didn't modify the original tracks (this feature can be switched off, BTW). And they made Legendary mode harder. Way harder. It's near impossible by yourself. It's a lot of fun, but wow. There is a considerable gap in difficulty between Heroic and Legendary here, which I think was a little short-sighted. And I swear they changed the handling on the Warthog, which I'm not amused by.

Still, definitely worth the purchase. While I'm not interested in seeing videogames go the way of Hollywood (remake city), I like the idea of modern updates on old classics. But like anything else, there's a limit. I would not spend money, for example, on an update to Mario World 3. Because that game is perfect and perfect things should not be messed with.
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on November 21, 2011
It's hard to hate on this game when you "should" pretty much know what you are getting into when you pick it up. This is Halo, the original xbox game, with updated graphics, achievements, and a few other perks.

Immediately before putting this game in, I spent 7 hours strait playing Halo Reach from start to finish. What I found when I finally put in this game was that I was surprised by how different it was. One needs to realize that this isn't Halo "reimagined" with completely updated graphics like you'd find in Reach. The AI, the level designs, and the flaws from the original Halo are all kept.

Some of you will LOVE that they kept the game completely intact instead of tweaking and modding it ala the George Lucas treatment. Others will be disappointed by the incredibly stupid AI, certain abnormally overpowered weapons, poor repetitive level designs that make you feel lost (particularly in the beginning), and a bland environment. While yes, the graphics are "better", they didn't add to the preexisting environments, so when they design a level that is bland because that is all the xbox could handle at the time, upping the graphics didn't resolve these issues. The game is exactly what it was on the xbox, flaws and all.

So if your question is "is this game for me?", you will need to look at a few things. If you own Halo CE on the Xbox, you'll need to decide whether a facelift, achievements, 6 "new" Reach Maps are worth a repurchase. If you don't own Halo CE and you like the Halo series yet haven't played 1, then it's a definite buy. I personally found that at $40 price tag, it's a bit steep for anyone who already owns Halo CE, so I pulled off a star for that. At $20 though, I think any potential Halo fan should pick it up.
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on April 20, 2012
I preordered this game, and was very much surprised to discover a feature that hadnt been advertised or mentioned on the packaging at all.

a redemption token to download the anniversary mappack.

that alone made the game a great bargain, along with the $10 credit from amazon.

I popped this game in, installed it immediately to the harddrive and spent the next two weeks off and on working at first playing through and becoming reacquainted with an old friend, and then discovering the new content that had been loaded into the game.

the content adds to the overall story.

now, the nitty gritty.

this game uses two engines, one for the campaign, and the second (the reach engine) for the included multiplayer part of the game.

as advertised, a simple press of the back button switches from revamped and much improved graphics, to classic original graphics, and some gamers may find themselves spending 10-20 minutes messing around with that feature at random times during gameplay, I know I did.

both graphics sets are run concurrently at the same time for easy on the fly switching as indicated above.

I still havent finished the game fully, I'm saving that for when I get together with a friend who was originally responsible for introducing me to halo way back in 2002, 2003.

very much worth having.
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on November 26, 2011
Halo: Combat Evolved is, by far, my favorite video game - which is why I literally counted the days until I knew my Amazon pre-order of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition would be sitting in my mailbox so I could get my eager fingers on it, pop it into my XBox 360 and start playing. I was not let down in the least, instead I was thrilled beyond any of my already high expectations. From the moment I put it into my gaming console, until the wee hours of the morning when I could no longer keep my eyes open, I was shrieking with delight at the magnificently upgraded graphics and in awe of the gorgeous new colors that went with them. The anniversary edition of Halo: CE will keep you entertained for countless hours with new additions to the original campaign, better cooperative play, newly added Xbox achievements, remastered multiplayer maps and more. If you were, or are, a Halo fan, I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

In order to be fair I must first confess that I am a latecomer to the video game world. I am a middle-aged female (48) that didn't get her first XBox until 2005, upgrading to a 360 in 2007. Although I got on board with the pc movement early on, including a fair amount of pc gaming on my part, I just did not think video games would really hold my interest. At the nagging behest of one my younger friends I decided to finally purchase an XBox, which, by this time, was fairly inexpensive. I awkwardly fumbled with the controllers, for what seemed to be a small eternity, trying to understand the layout for what button did various moves. I actually threw my controller across the room a couple of times in sheer frustration. But eventually I learned them well enough to start playing a few games (on easy, of course.) Halo: CE was highly recommended by a friend of mine, so I purchased a copy and I have never looked back. Immediately I fell in love with the sci-fi futuristic setting, the first person shooter perspective (move over Doom!), Cortana, The Pillar of Autumn's AI, and the overall storyline. Cooperative play utterly enchanted me; as now my domestic partner and I could simultaneously enjoy the same campaign together, as did sticky grenades, Banshees, Grunt chatter, and so much more. Halo: CE quickly became my new favorite pastime, and eventually I even mastered the game.

I loathed Halo 2, liked Halo 3, thoroughly enjoyed Halo 3: ODST, as well as Halo: Reach (Hoorah! I can actually play as a FEMALE character!!) - But nothing ever quite met my archaic fondness for Halo: CE - until the brilliant remastering of the anniversary edition. Sorry Bungie, but 343 Industries has not only usurped you as the new Halo universe creator, it has crushed you. 343's intuitive understanding of what Halo junkies REALLY want in the Haloverse is evident in their first creation: Halo: CE Anniversary Edition, as well as their brilliant categorizing of all things Halo via Halo Waypoint (available only on Xbox Live.) It is because of their exceptional gifted talent I can truly say I am now as anxious for Halo 4 (which I have already pre-ordered,) set for release 12/31/12, as I was for the remastered anniversary edition. If Halo: CE Anniversary Edition is any indication of what is to come for the future trilogy of Halo 4, well, let me just conclude by saying I will be playing Halo well into my 60's. ~TourmalineQueen (Xbox live handle)
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on August 8, 2015
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary review

Pros: Story

Cons: Gets repetitive (in second half of game)
The game drags, and most missions are too long in length
Vehicle controls were hard to control and use, also inaccurate (such as scorpion tank and warthog)

Now before I get into this review, I'll say that I never played the original version of Combat Evolved. I just never got the chance to, so when the time came I picked up anniversary for 360. In ways it was very good and at times it wasn't so good at all.

Story: 3.8/4
It made sense, the story was simple but classic. I think the strongest in the series just because of its originality. I don't really need to go into detail about this.

Gameplay: 3.7/4
Gameplay is the strongest part in the whole game (besides the story) and it was really fun such as the guns and vehicles. They were cool to use, especially guns like the pistol, assault rifle, sniper rifle, etc. covenant weapons. All guns were pretty well balanced even though there weren't as many. And the way you me lee with the pistol is pretty badass when master chief flips the gun afterwards. Even though the pistol is a bit overpowered but whatever I guess. But the gameplay was great, taking down enemies is always fun. Grenades were well balanced also.

Graphics: 3.5/4
Not too bad, overall good. The areas looked great and a lot of scenery in some missions. Especially indoor areas as well as outdoors, pretty good in the remake.

Controls: 3/4
So, as chief when not in vehicle will be a 4/4 because it's so easy to use. But controls with vehicles were too hard to use and move around the way you wanted it to go. And especially the inaccuracy from the scorpion and warthog, it just wasn't good and got annoying at times. I'm glad they improved this in future halo games. And what's up with a warthog not being able to blow up after being hit many times? Oh well I guess was just curious about that. Ghosts and banshees weren't so easy to control either.

Lasting appeal: 2/4
While the game lasted a very good amount of time, I was just annoyed that it took way too long to beat each mission. Even on a not so hard difficulty. Maybe the first 2 missions weren't so bad, but afterwards it can at least take you 40-45 minutes just to beat a mission on normal difficulty. But the second half of the game was just not so fun. (I'll get more into that on my final complaint).

So my biggest complaint about the game, is that it drags on for too long. Definitely in the second half, and yes there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. And the flood, I didn't think it was a necessary second enemy type to bring into the game. Just sticking with the covenant would've made things a lot better. But they took it too far with the repetitive layouts and just too much flood to fight, I just started complaining around "The Library." And so on afterwards just from how tedious and repetitive it was. Let me make this clear, I love this game. It was very fun to play, but like I said there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. And in the second half, I found it more annoying and repetitive with the flood rather than fun like the first half of the game was.

So that's my reviews of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. It's a very good game, besides the flaws that I listed. But I highly suggest you get a copy if you're a Halo fan, I guarantee you'll like it.
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on April 2, 2014
After Bungie's departure from the Halo franchise, Microsoft rounded up a rag-tag squad of code monkeys and veteran developers that just couldn't let go of the series. Together these people formed what we now know as 343 Industries, dedicated to continue bringing your frequent Halo fix. Their first order of business was to win over the fanbase with a special HD remaster of the one game that started this whole thing -- Halo: Combat Evolved.

First announced in conjunction with Halo 4 at E3 2011, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is a faithful recreation of Halo: Combat Evolved with high definition screen resolution, revamped current generation graphics, virtually UNTOUCHED gameplay so as to remain faithful to the original game, Xbox Live achievements, 3D capabilities, Kinect interactivity and special features, and brand new inclusions to the game such as Skulls (game modifiers) and Terminals, which unlock special videos to uncover hidden Halo lore. This complete HD remaster is the near-definite version of the game despite one downside that knocked off two stars on this review:

343 Industries, presumably on a dead line, neglected to include the original game's multiplayer modes or maps. In order to appease hardcore fans with their choice to not include the original multiplayer, 343 designed their own multiplayer mode. To achieve this, they used the Halo: Reach multiplayer engine, remade seven of the most popular Halo: Combat Evolved maps in that engine, and modified the Reach gametypes to emulate the feel of the original multiplayer. It sure isn't the same, but it's close enough for the time 343 was allotted.

If you're interested picking up a copy of Halo: Combat Evolved for just the single-player features, definitely consider picking up this Anniversary copy. The special features, new graphics, and new goodies justify the price tag. The Reach multiplayer is a simple bonus, depending on how you feel about the original multiplayer.
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on January 3, 2013
I'm a huge Halo fan, but this game was probably unnecessary. Probably no one will read my review, but whatever. Gameplay levels look amazing, the terminal videos are very enlightening, and the 100,000 Reach cR you get from finding all the terminals is awesome. But the cutscenes are murdered.

Keyes and Cortana both looked perfect in Reach. But they look terrible in CEA. Keyes has duck lips, and Cortana is her Halo 3 self slapped on the original animations. Keyes and Johnson are both missing their iconic tobacco products that added personality to them, and everything is too colorful to take seriously. The opening shot is a major disappointment to those who know the original, and it's only the same opening if you do it on legendary.

There's achievements, though, making all the Halo games now have achievements (If you include Halo 2 PC). Gameplay levels look awesome, and it's nice to have updated graphics, but I often find myself switching to retro graphics right before a cutscene starts.

The anniversary map pack is cool, too, if you care to sit through the 30-second intro every time you want to play. The maps are great remakes of the originals, but it would be nice if they'd have made a more faithful remake of blood gulch than Reach's Forge World. It's nice to have maps that don't appear in the Reach campaign, though.

Get it if you want the Reach map pack or the 100,000 cR from getting all the terminals, or if you don't have a hard drive and can't play the original Halo 1. If you don't care about Reach, get the original and save yourself $35.
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on June 8, 2014
Unfortunately I didn't own the original xbox (though my PS2 was an amazing machine so no regrets there) but I fortunately had friends who did and Halo and the franchise is one of my favorite games of all time. Everything from the overpowered pistol, the ridiculous amount of assault rifle ammo, to the elite battle cries and the grunt screams of terror, it is still fun to play even to this day and while more then 10 years old is an amazing game that set the tone for many of the first person shooters that have followed since. So how does 343 industries (the new handlers of the halo franchise) remake a classic that many fans love? Keep all, and I mean ALL the gameplay mechanics exactly the same and slap on a fresh paint of HD graphics. The story is the same, the controls are the same, the voice overs are the same, the guns are the same, which is a good thing. The HD graphics are not the best the Xbox 360/PS3 generation has to offer but it is obviously a noticeable upgrade to graphics of old (which unfortunately didn't age too well) and in its own right is nice to look at too. Even if you want to play the game in it's original graphics whether it be for nostalgia or to compare the remake to the classic, all you do is hit the back button and in 5 seconds it switches (although the game is still running so don't do it in the middle of a firefight). The game soundtrack has been remixed, however it keeps what you liked about it and gave it a more modern update. However I still think the original halo soundtrack is one of the best gaming soundtracks of all time and was perfect the way it was and you can just change the music to the original score in the main menu. There are achievements in the game and skulls to find but it doesn't affect the game except for taking a small detour or two and once you find the skulls you can turn them on or off to make the gameplay more challenging if you so choose. There is a multiplayer aspect to the anniversary edition, however it has nothing to do with the halo remake, its just a few halo reach map packs for remade multiplayer maps from halo 1 and 2 and some new modes that mimic old school halo multiplayer. They're good maps don't get me wrong but it would've been nice for the anniversary edition to have its own multiplayer as well. All in all if you loved or remotely enjoyed the original halo in all its glory you'll love this game too and even if you never played the original now is the perfect time to pick it up, especially for $20 you can't go wrong and won't be disappointed.
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on January 3, 2012
This was the perfect remake of the perfect game. After reading the 1-star reviews, I recommend the following:
-realize that the multiplayer IS the Halo: Reach engine, not anything to do with Halo CE except the fiction and maps (roughly)
-the graphics switch on and off. if your xbox cant handle a cutscene or landscape, switch them off or fix your xbox
-Reach did not stray from the path of Halo, or ruin it. Sales are proof of that. If you hate Reach, just don't play it
-Halo CEA is the SAME game. turn the updated graphics and skulls off and most people can't tell the difference

Overall, I loved this game. It was more challenging than the last 3 titles, even without skulls.
I would recommend this to all halo fans, of any era.
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