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on January 13, 2012
A cast of geniuses playing geniuses. Acting geniuses playing science geniuses. Brilliant, lovely actors all of them. The scenes in the "Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" when Penny gives Sheldon his "Saturnalia" (Christmas present) - his miracle gift - a signed napkin from Leonard Nimoy - is the BEST television I have EVER EVER SEEN!!! And I was RAISED on television. The laugh out loud factor keeps me happy ALL DAY... I can think of what I watched the night before and settle into a warm feeling that I will be seeing another episode later... And the DVD's ARE wonderful because there are no commercail interruptions...
Some of the same format as M*A*S*H*. And as brilliant writing ... doctors with a sidekick nurse - scientists with a sidekick waitress/actress. God, wouldn't I love to be in Penny's shoes...
Having grown up around scientists from MIT and CalTech, I can honestly say that Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady are insightful and gloriously honest!
I hope it just keeps going and going...
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on January 21, 2017
So I got this season 5 of Big Bang theory earlier than expected which is nice and everything seems ok except the discs do have a few minor scratches and scuffs so I'm hoping that won't be an issue but If anything changes I'll come back with an update but over all so far I'm very impressed thank you to The seller🙂👍🏻
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on November 5, 2011
Amy and Bernadette are great additions to the gang and it's great to see more of them, especially Amy with Sheldon. Greatly entertaining season, much like the other 4. Thank you, Bill Prady and the team of writers.
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on October 13, 2014
I love this show and own every season so far. The dialog, comedy and cast are wonderful!

EDIT: Still loving the show and cast, I own all nine seasons. The last three have been digital, thanks!
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on August 5, 2016
I love The Big Bang Theory. That is why I am building up my collection of all seasons on discs. However, I received season 5 on July 21, but just opened it to view it last night, 8/4/16. What did I find? There were 3 discs, labeled 3,2,and 3. No disc 1. Both discs labeled "3" are the same. No disc "1". I want disc "1". Who do I turn to? Where is the complaint department?
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on January 20, 2014
It's always been fashionable for Nerds to pose as superior beings who would like to believe themselves to be too sophisticated for the mainstream sitcom: except when that sitcom is The Big Bang Theory and plays all too nicely to their (our) particular intellectual and sexual wish fulfillment fantasies. In this aspect the show rather resembles Downton Abbey, which stripped to its core is little more than Days of Our Lives retooled for an audience that reads the New York Times. It's both embarrassing and fascinating (and relaxing) to be so addicted to a kind of TV show I would ordinarily despise.

Addictive as it undeniably is in its current incarnation, the show in some ways almost seems an evolutionary throwback to the 1990s when episode plots were largely self-contained and the laugh track reigned supreme. It's not hard to see how the show's creators could have made the show into something more adventurous a la Firefly or the original Arrested Development: the short lifespans of both shows probably explain why they didn't. One can't help but wonder what sort of mischief the talented BBT ensemble might have gotten themselves into if given the less constrictive canvas of online-only media to work with: a looser, more improv-driven style seems like a better fit for the show's spirit and is presumably much easier to make work financially via online streaming. Amazon would do well to snatch up many if not all of the show's actors and down the road give them something they can have a bit more fun with, while doing away with grating vestigial devices such as the laugh track that BBT includes presumably in order to make the show more friendly for syndicated TV.

In this sense the show might be thought of as before its time, if only as an example of what might have been (or still might be) possible had it started now, instead of 7 years ago.
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on June 17, 2013
Amazon has the best sales on the DVD's I am looking to buy. I am a big fan of the Big Bang Theory and I love to rewatch past episodes. I just cut the cord on cable TV and my DVD player has taken its place. I am my own programer now and watch what I like without all the commercial interruptions.
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on May 22, 2013
I got the first 4 seasons on DVD from a friend, and I blazed through them in a few weeks, watching them on my laptop in the kitchen as I cook. I had to get Season 5 and 6 as soon as I finised the 4! It is a silly, zangy show with funny characters who become your friends as you watch the show.
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on February 27, 2014
As a nerd I like making fun of myself. If you don't laugh with them they will laugh at you. This series makes gentle fun at the foibles of human existence, especially those of us who grew up shy, or introverted.
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on July 15, 2013
I love the big bang theory, after watching the first two seasons on DVD I wanted to continue watching them so I purchased them through the instant video. I always have a good laugh when I watch them and they are great when I have some time to kill.
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