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on July 26, 2016
Love this show, but the story took a dramatic detour in Season 4. I get that they're trying to spice things up, but there are several points at which I felt like they ran out of time and just forced the story to progress instead of letting it happen more naturally (this gets even worse in Season 5). It's not a bad season. I watched the entire thing and mostly enjoyed it; however, it just didn't feel up to the quality of the previous three seasons.

For those interested, that dramatic turn I mention above is that Peter gets erased from the timeline, has to sort of fight/haunt his way back, and then deal with a completely altered set of character backgrounds.

And I just hate the typical Hollywood insistence on ruining any romantic relationships as soon as possible. Yeah, they eventually get back together, but the relationship is not the main point of the show. Just focus on the story. Unless, of course, you don't feel you have a solid story and need to distract the viewers from that fact.

Lastly, I loved where Olivia's character was going. But in seasons 4 and 5 they completely "reset" her into a person a lot less interesting.
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on September 12, 2016
This show it great!! What sucks is that Amazon is now charging for it. Yesterday (9/11/16) it was.99 an episode and today it's up to 2.99 an episode! I may rethink this prime thing if I'm going to be charged for shows in this manner.
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on July 28, 2015
Unlike any other show on a major broadcast network that I can remember, Fringe was consistently willing to take big risks - in this case practically wiping out its entire previous continuity. The only comparable thing that I can think of off the top of my head would be Alias (another JJ Abrams-created show) but that show descended into such an incomprehensible mess of interconnected and double-crossing alliances that it became unwatchable.

Unlike Alias, Fringe seemingly grew once freed from the need to slavishly devote itself to established mythology and plot arcs. The characters had opportunities to justify their existence all over again within a different context, and upon second watching, I sort of forgot that I was annoyed with Joshua Jackson and actually grew to like his character.

What stitches the whole thing together however is still Walter, played brilliantly by John Noble. At times tortured, and at other times childish or impish, Walter's growth and his need to reconnect with the son that he lost are heart-warming. Forgetting the fact for a moment that this is a high-concept science fiction show, this just becomes good television with astonishing production values. The special effects are first rate, the characters are almost something that you can relate to. Anna Torv does the best she can with the material that she is given, but she doesn't have the opportunity to shine that she was given in the previous season (what with her slightly naughty incarnation of Nimoy's William Bell)
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on July 18, 2015
Writing is largely a process of developing story arcs, and a series that lasts five seasons will need a variety of them, both short and long. There is of course the arc of the immediate story, contained within an episode. But there are also individual character arcs, arcs developing the relationships between characters over time, the underlying theme of each season, and, spectacularly in the case of 'Fringe', the arc that unifies the entire run of the show. Viewing a show like this on Amazon gives you a great opportunity to condense the experience - there are no commercials, for one thing, and unlike viewing the episodes on TV you don't have repeats and episodes run out of sequence. You can steep yourself in the series and completely understand what's going on. There isn't a better program to do this with than 'Fringe'. It is dense with character interactions and interlacing plots, each episode's ending makes you want to rush right into the next one, and it has an amazing over-arching story arc that begins in the very first frames of the first episode and doesn't play out until the last few seconds of the finale. I enjoyed sporadically watching the episodes on network TV a few years ago when it was running, but getting the chance to watch the episodes back-to-back over a couple of months was a marvelous experience! I can't recommend it highly enough. J.J. Abrams and the writers of this show deserve great praise and credit for creating a universe (several of them, actually) that works on so many levels. Watch it. You'll see.
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on June 19, 2015
This series was one of the best and certainly piqued the interest of those folks (like me) who were (and are) X-Files fans. The writing, acting and complete production of this wonderful story of 3 people who are inexorably linked to the past, future and another dimension, made this series intriguing and memorable.

Season 4 has a number of twists to it, most especially the attempt by Peter to return to physical world, one which seems to have forgotten who he is, or more accurately, never knew him. Or... did they? His saving of both worlds and his strange disappearance at the end of Season 3 was a twist which seemed predictable to a degree. However, having to reboot with him lost and not in anyone's mind is a very strange way of handling the series. The Observer, September, was supposed to completely erase Peter from history now that he saved both dimensions. He balked and Walter saw Peter's face in the TV, as he saw him in the lab. So, where is Peter?

As with everything in this series, the science within the series is accurate and real to our non-fictionalized world to a very distinct point. Then, JJ Abrams takes off into the unknown and shows us a world or two on the fringe of our world. The "monster of the week" is quite entertaining and Abrams has twisted these stories within the lives of the characters so each episode needs to be viewed in series in order to understand the entire "mytharc".

Enjoy season 4 and a short season 5 which concludes the story.
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on January 23, 2016
I love this series so much! As soon as I completed watching the series, I immediately started from the beginning and watched it through again. I highly recommend it! Excellent actors, phenomenal story lines, each episode is unique and stands on it's own. I'm not typically pulled to this genre, I'm so sad that I didn't catch it when it was on air. They need to continue this series! Just have the crew bring Walter back. I would be so very happy!
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on September 13, 2012
Well let's see... I agree with the earlier review saying that the 4th season is a change from the past 3 seasons. It was a little hard getting used to things not being the same as they were. BUT in the end, the love story that is Fringe, was redeemed.This show is about love more than anything else. It's not about the cases - they are secondary to the thread that ties Walter,Peter,Olivia and Astrid together as well as the characters from the other universe not to mention Broyles!
Some of these episodes are so good that each one goes by in a flash. Granted some of this season's episodes were slightly less interesting than in other seasons but overall I had NO trouble staying interested.
The chemistry of this show between the characters reminds me alot of the original Star Trek series between Kirk, Spock and Mccoy - it is that good!
Looking forward to the final season in 2 weeks. I'l be interested to see where they go with the story. I'm wondering if we'll see the characters in the other universe again....will Olivia regain her powers to fight the Observers? Will they continue the story from Letters of Transit? I doubt we've seen the last of Bell either. I have no doubt that there will be a climactic ending calling all characters to overcome the observers and set things right once again.If they do it right the bond between all of the characters will matter the most.
We'll see!
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on December 2, 2012
Fringe is one of the greatest Sci-Fi properties I have ever seen, and this is coming from a life long sci-fi fan. It touches on the greatest sci-fi tropes and puts its own unique spin on them, if not outright improving on them. The show created its own, unique mythology throughout its first three seasons, and many people were dismayed by the beginning of season 4, which in many regards reset continuity. Rest assured though, this was just the shows famed "slow burn". Half way through, you find, not only are the events of the past still in motion, the dangers are greater than ever.

This would usually be the segment of the review where I would outline the plot of this season, but it is so sophisticated, so involved, that even the most general outline will ruin the surprise. What I can say is that season 4 doesn't skimp on genre defining episodes. "One night in October" and "Welcome to Westfield" are just a couple of my personal stand outs.

The Blu-Ray version boasts the series usual spectacular visuals and dynamic sounds. The entire cast, once again, go above and beyond with their performances, but John Noble continues to give Emmy award caliber performances. I know this review doesn't offer much in the way of "content", but knowing how much I enjoyed the twists and turns offered by this amazing season, I simply couldn't live with myself if I deprived potential viewers the same experience,just to pad my review. I will close by saying Fringe Season 4 continues the impossibly high standard of quality the show has set, and it is must see TV. A modern classic and a must buy.
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on March 8, 2014
We Fringe fans are a bit nuts -- sort of like everyone's favorite Mad Scientist, Walter Bishop, and we're unapologetic about how much we love the show and its characters. However, Season 4 initially took some getting used to, particularly in the wake of Season 3's outstanding run and its climactic ending, where (possible Spoilers!) Peter saves both universes, only to be -- ERASED?

When Season 4 first aired, fan feelings were decidedly mixed, particularly at the beginning when we introduced to the same characters (except Peter) but all living different lives because, in this new timeline, Peter died as a child in BOTH universes, not just ours. This is soon revealed to be the handiwork of the Observers, those mysterious bald-headed guys in the black bowler hats (and always carrying a satchel -- what's up with that?) who apparently decided on their own that, to reset history to its "proper version"...well you get the idea.


And we didn't like it, because our beloved friends from Seasons 1 - 3 were so -- different! Walter is a sad recluse, hanging onto his sanity by a thread (and sometimes losing his grip altogether); Olivia is back to the guarded, closed-up person she was through much of Season 1; Nina Sharp is now Olivia's "foster Mom"; and our universe's Lincoln Lee (ably played by Seth Gabel) becomes Olivia's new partner and potential love interest! And William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) is officially dead. What's not to hate?

Turns out our patience was rewarded beyond our wildest dreams. By the end of Season 4 we had been treated to a variety of excellent stories, and gotten to know our friends all over again, AND saved both universes one more time, although Walter had to kill Olivia to do it. (Sorry, you'll have to purchase the season to get the answers to that one.) We were also treated to the return of David Robert Jones (from Season 1) as the main villain, and he delivered far beyond anyone's expectations. And yes, those rumors of William Bell's untimely death? Sorry, you'll have to find that one out for yourselves as well.

Whichever medium you choose to purchase (DVD/Blu-Ray/Online) you'll still want to see every episode, because even the "weaker" ones were critical to the characters becoming a family again -- and let's be honest: the real secret of Fringe's ongoing success has been the family unit centered around Olivia, Peter and Walter, plus Astrid (and all the names Walter still calls her) and Agent Broyles. But in this season, as opposed to how things went in Season 3, the alt-universe characters play key roles as well, even "Walternate" (the Walter Bishop from the other universe) and "Fauxlivia" (also played by Anna Torv) who gets to show us she's not all that different from our Olivia after all. In fact, the best episodes are the ones where both Fringe teams are involved -- still leery of each other at first, but fighting together against the threats posed by Jones. And we can't fail to mention how much Lincoln Lee's expanded roles (in both universes) was a key element to this season's success.

(It's hard to pick favorites from this season, but the two episodes (#17 and #18) that I keep watching over and over again feature BOTH Lincoln Lee's in pivotal roles, as the full extent of David Robert Jones' plan is finally revealed and Walter visits the other universe for the first time (in this new timeline) since his initial incursion back in 1985, when his crossing over and back set all these events in motion. Also, episode #17's opening scene includes one of the most memorable "bad employee getting fired by his angry boss" scenes you'll ever see on television, and in #18 we get to see how Alt-Broyles makes another sacrifice, equally tragic but unexpected, to save his world.)

And yes, this season's Episode #19 ("Letters of Transit") was in fact the "pilot" for the fifth and final season of the series, but that's another review for another time(line).

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? (You won't be sorry. "Trust me; I'm a scientist.")
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on October 13, 2012
First I have to say I am VERY sad they are canceling the show after season 5. This show is AWESOME!! If you like paranormal, scifi, and action then this show is for you. It keeps you constantly on your toes, taking turns and twists where you least expect them. Although some people say the turn in season 4 - *Spoiler alert* - having the alternate world without Peter, then the incorporation of the observers taking over, and jumping to the future were far fetched, I think over time in the episodes (as more was explained) they showed themselves to be BRILLANT. I am definitely looking forward to season 5 and all the new avenues and twists the are coming.
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