Customer Reviews: Samsung SpinPoint SATA 5400rpm 8 MB Cache 1 TB 2.5-Inch Hard Drive (M8 HN-M101MBB)
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on October 24, 2011
I bought it for my PS3
wanted to upgrade my 160GB HDD

received it in my mailbox, 2 minutes later i had a 1TB PS3 at my disposal

If you're looking to buy for a PS3, I truly recommend this (a worthy purchase)
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon July 25, 2011

Coming in at around a hundred bucks, this new drive is definitely a contender in the realm of 1TB notebook drives, and so far is getting rave reviews on the internet. I don't like to buy into hype however, so I decided to buy one and take it for a test spin (pun intended). I normally buy everything off of Amazon, but for this drive I had to venture elsewhere (sadly).

Backed by an industry-standard 3-year limited warranty.
Average Seek Time: 12 ms
Operating Temperature: 5° F to 131 ° F
Liner shock (operating): 325 G
Liner shock (non-operating): 1000G
Typical Read/Write Draw: 2.5W

First thing I want to talk about is the design. I believe this is the only 2.5" hard-drive on the market that is 9.5mm in height (as of 05/2011), rather than the usual 12mm. Now this won't make a huge difference for most people, but for those who want more storage in their ultra-slim laptop, or for people like me who wanted to add some storage to an Apple laptop via an optical driver adapter, this is the hard-drive to go with. Those extra 2.5mm can mean the difference between success and failure. Apart from that, this is your standard laptop drive. I must admit it is quiet, I can barely hear it over my laptop fan, even while seeking/powering up. The noise guard technology simply works.

In my opinion, this is not the ideal drive for a main OS. At 5400RPM and 8MB of cache, you are looking at the lower end of the spectrum as far as drives go. If speed is very important to you I would highly recommend going with something like the Seagate Momentus XT 750 GB 7200RPM Drive, which I also use and it is night and day faster than the Spinpoint. While 5400RPM is the standard for most manufacturers (including Apple), that does not make it ideal, and there are better drives to be had. That said, for a large percentage of users, this drive will be a great choice, it offers reasonable speeds, low noise and a huge amount of storage! For all intents and purposes, for ME this is a storage drive, and in that capacity it functions VERY well. I have added my XBench results in the "Customer Images" section for your consideration. With an average seek time of 12ms and an average initial response time of close to 4ms this drive is not at the top, but well within normal ranges.

So I have been using this drive for a little while now, and have gotten to know it a little better. This is an excellent storage drive and is pretty snappy in response times - I have it set to sleep when not in use to conserver energy, and it only takes a second or two to wake up and be accessible. I installed Photoshop on it to see how it would react, and while it was definitely useable it didn't have the slick response of my primary Momentus XT drive. That said, it wasn't half bad and would definitely work in a pinch, or if you are a regular user without the need for the fastest hardware available. Of course the biggest attraction for this drive will be the giant 1TB storage space. It is excellent to not have to worry about external drives coming with me as I work, as well as having my entire iTunes collection constantly at my fingertips.

- Fits in most laptops out there, including ultra-slim (+)
- Price is more than competitive for this hardware, a hair faster than competitor drives (+)
- Extremely quiet (+)
- 2x500GB platters vs 3 platters on other drives (+)
- Works with Optibay Adapter for Macbook/Pro (+)
- 3 year industry-standard warranty

I am still extremely pleased with this drive, and if Samsung's other products are anything to go off of, I don't expect many problems with it. The price is right, let's not forget that a 1TB hard-drive for your desktop or even externally topped the two hundred dollar (or more) mark just last year! In the year that I have owned it, I have had ZERO problems, and it has even been used in several different machines. It's fast, quiet, and adds 1TB of internal storage to my laptop - there really is just no complaining about this.

Don't let my comments about speed scare you off from this drive - I consider myself a power user, and my day to day workflow involves some very hardware-intense operations. If you are using this for a work/social/gaming computer, you will be just fine!

Highly recommended!
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on September 21, 2011
I purchased this drive elsewhere because amazon would not ship it to Hawaii.

Originally I wasn't sure about using it in my macbook pro because of something that the other reviewer said: "If you are purchasing this for an OS drive, and the 8MB of cache wasn't a warning sign, then you are on your own. At 5400RPM and 8MB of cache, you really shouldn't be using this for an OS drive, or even as a secondary application drive."

I am pleased to report that the above statement is not true. Originally, my 2011 macbook pro came with 320GB 5400 rpm drive. Apple considers them good enough to be included as standard. I installed this Samsung drive in my macbook and it works even better than the one that it came with from Apple. It definitely feels much faster than the Apple's 320GB drive. Later on I came across some benchmarks that someone posted online of the Samsung drive, and they were the best in class and even exceeded some 7200 rpm drives' benchmarks. My point is if you are considering using this drive as your primary mac os drive, it is a good choice. Don't listen to this other reviewer. My personal plan is: use this Samsung 1TB as a primary OS drive until the prices for Solid State Drives (SSD's) drop, and then install an SSD in addition to this. SSD will be my primary OS drive and I will use this nice Samsung drive for "deep storage."

Some other things that I wanted to point out. The drive is very quiet. In fact, it is silent. I don't hear it working. I've heard that some 7200 rpm drives are audible. This one is not. If you appreciate silence, this is a drive for you.

I monitor temperature using iStat and it runs nice and cool.

I used it for over a months now and I don't have any complaints. My boot times, shut downs, application launches are quicker than the ones I experienced with the stock Apple drive. Knowing that it is a Samsung gives me a peace of mind; I suspect it will last, but I still back up often using the Time Machine (it's a good habit to have).

It is a good investment. Highly recommend.
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on January 8, 2012
I wanted to upgrade my 120 gb PS3 (yes, that's a PS3 slim), and bought this hard drive based on the few reviews that stated that this drive absolutely worked for that purpose. There was a little bit of trouble with rebooting the PS3 after the physical switch, but a quick search on the internet helped me fix the problem. Now I have a crazy amount of space on my PS3 and even though I'll probably never use it all, it is very satisfying to have it.
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on December 26, 2012
Working great in my PS3 as a replacement for a 320G drive. Just plan on a couple of days to back up and restore from these large drives.
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on September 1, 2011
For all of you who may be wondering how well this drive functions in a PS3, I have been running the Samsung M8 HN-M101MBB 1TB in my console for almost a week now. It acts as a perfect/identical replacement for my Western Digital Scorpio WD3200BEVT 320GB drive (with more space, obviously). I am running this on an original 60GB PS3. After loading up nearly 250GB of data on to the Samsung last week, it appears the drive performs just as good as any stock drive the console comes with. I have noticed that the console runs much more quiet with this drive as opposed to the Scorpio. A great addition for anyone looking to have their PS3 cracked out with a ridiculous amount of free space :)
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on September 26, 2012
Perfect for your PS3 hard drive upgrade, i been using this for a while now & i have absolutely no issues with this drive what so ever .Great for internal data / space, for your PS3 being on Official or custom firmware.. (EDIT) ,November 3rd 1 year later this drive is still kicking in my PS3. I use it for 16hrs a day,movies & play games. I am buying another for my 4th PS3 :) Excellent drive & has not failed me.
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on February 18, 2012
i ordered this product specifically for the purpose of putting it into my old(fatty) ps3. i followed the online directions and it went in easily, i had to look up a video to get in reformatted while inside the ps3 but once that was done it has since worked wonders.

it almost has to much space! i have since re purchased games that took up to much space, this item is a great price and has tons of space! runs faster and smoother then the old 40gig i had in it.

i recommend this to anyone wanting to upgrade, i know i didn't need this much space but just telling people that i have a TB of hard drive space on my ps3 just feels good!!
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on September 18, 2013

Install and upgrade of this 1Tb drive in my original PS3 80Gig console went super smooth. Restore of original backed-up data did take around 3-hours to complete, but that was probably due to the age and slow speed of my 80Gig external backup drive.

SKILL/EXPERIENCE: I would rate the skill/experience necessary to upgrade the PS3 HDD a 2 out of 5. It may seem daunting to a novice, but in reality, it's a piece of cake and you'll feel so proud of yourself once you do it.

TIME: Project time is about 1-hour total, not including the actual time it takes to backup data from your current HDD and restore your data to your new HDD.

ACTUAL STORAGE SPACE AVAILABLE: After installing and formatting the drive in my PS3, but before restoring my backed up data, there were 898Gigs of 928Gigs of total formatted, usable space available. As expected, like all HDD drives, this one holds less than the full 1TB drive capacity advertised. I was surprised, however, that it needed/used 30GB (928G - 898G) to install the OS and file sytem and recover what it could remember from my accounts and settings before actually restoring any of my backed up data.

ACTUAL DRIVE MANUFACTURER: Drive label says Samsung, but label also says it was manufactured for Samsung by Seagate. So, you are really buying a Seagate drive to Samsung's specs. Label also says my drive was manufactured in 2/2013. Drive comes with standard 3-year warranty.


Okay, I don't know how I was able to go so long without upgrading the original HDD in my 80Gig PS3, but I was. I was close to maxing out and somewhere around 76-77Gigs, so it was time! I shopped around and found this drive was rated highly for PS3 drive upgrades and replacements.

SUMMARY OF STEPS: Anyone interested in swapping out their PS3 HDD drive, there are countless websites and videos that show & tell you how to do it, but here's a summary of the steps that I took to upgrade my PS3 for the first time:

1.) Check for system updates and also software updates to all apps. you may use. Namely PS-Home, PS-Store, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc. You can do this by going into each application. If there is an upgrade, the PS3 will automatically look to install it. For the system update, go to system update.

2.) Make sure you can log in and out of your PS3 online account and you know the password. (Not a necessary upgrade step, but good to check to see if you remember your ID and password and can sign-in and out of your account BEFORE upgrading.)

3.) Synch your Trophies so game achievements are saved. This step should be done since Trophy information is not backed up when you run a system backup. If you don't do this, you will lose achievement info. when you upgrade drives. (Go to the Trophies icon, press triangle button then synch.)

4.) Backup your current HDD to an external USB drive. You will need a USB drive with at least enough room to store the amount of data you currently using. In my case, I used an old external USB 80Gig HDD I had laying around. Drive is slow, but reliable. You can check system Information to see how much HDD space you are currently using on your PS3 and pick any external storage device you have, that has at least that much space available. There are tons of instructions on the web about how to do this. (NOTE: It took about 2 hours to backup 76-77G on my 80G HDD. As I mentioned, it may have been due to the age/speed of my external backup drive.)

5.) When backup complete, power PS3 down, including flipping the switch on the back of the machine to off.

6.) Disconnect everything from the PS3, remembering where the wires went. (Better yet, snap a photo with your phone and/or draw a quick picture/diagram of all hookups.) - Removing power cord should be first.

7.) Follow instructions on how to remove and replace HDD. (Instructions are all over the web.)

8.) Reconnect all wires. Power cord should be last.

9.) Remember to flip switch on back of machine to on, then connect a PS3 controller to your PS3 console via a USB cable since wireless may not work when you power the console on. (You can use the same cable you would use to charge the PS3 controller.)

10.) Power on the console and follow the on-screen instructions, indicating yes to all the prompts to format the new HDD. During this step, do not turn off they system or disconnect power to it. You could ruin both your system and your new HDD. (IF during the start up, in the unlikely event you get a message indicating it could not find or restore your file system, you will need to manually re-install the file system. There are instructions on the web about how to do this. It's not hard, but requires a USB flash drive (thumb drive) and adds a couple of steps I won't include here.)

11.) When your system comes back up, it may look like it has everything, but it won't have your game saves data that was on your original HDD. For these to re-appear, you will need to restore them from the backup you made earlier. (There are instructions all over the web on how to restore data from a saved backup on the PS3.) While you are restoring data, do not turn off the system or disconnect power to it. You could ruin your system.

12.) After the restore completes and the machine restarts itself, you are done. (NOTE: The restore of 76-77Gigs of data off my old/slow 80Gig external USB HDD took nearly 3 hours, which I attribute to the age/speed of my backup drive.)

Hope this helps.
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on November 2, 2011
Bought this 1TB hard drive to replace the Apple Super Drive in my Mid 2010 MacBook Pro 15 inch. I had already replaced my main drive with a Toshiba Apple 256GB SSD but I wanted to have my iTunes library on my MacBook Pro but the size of my iTunes library had reached staggering 855GB! An option for me was a 1TB or more external USB drive but I access my iTunes library almost on a daily basis and plugging in and plugging out a external drive did not appeal to me. I also bought a caddy on Amazon to hold the 2nd drive in place of the internal Super Drive. After installation, I basically created a single partition and formatted the drive. No issues whatsoever with MAC OS X Lion 10.7 and this drive. This drive a super quiet, the only time I can hear it is when it is really quite and I intentionally place my ear above the keyboard and listened for it! Prior to purchasing this drive, I did look for either a 1.5TB or a 2.0TB, but no one makes that capacity, yet. I figure that as the pace of the growth of my iTunes library, I still have 1 or 2 years before I completely fill up this drive's capacity, worth every cent since I purchased this drive for $124 on Amazon, although I did see this drive under $90 a week prior to my purchase but the flooding in Thailand affecting the hard drive production factories, I've seen hard drives in general rising in price, simple supply and demand.

I can tell you 100%, with the correct hard drive caddy, this hard drive will fit perfectly into a mid 2010 MacBook Pro 15 inch. If you are on the fence., I say go for it as you will not be disappointed with this hard drive. Since I've only had the drive for a couple of days, I will post an update on how the drive is function semi long term or if I have any issues but so far all lights are green and I am one happy customer.
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