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on October 24, 2011
I bought it for my PS3
wanted to upgrade my 160GB HDD

received it in my mailbox, 2 minutes later i had a 1TB PS3 at my disposal

If you're looking to buy for a PS3, I truly recommend this (a worthy purchase)
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on October 20, 2014
I bought this when the 250GB 5400rpm Toshiba HDD in my wife's Macbook Pro took a crap. If you're replacing the drive on a MacBook Pro, make sure you have a Phillips 000 and T6 screwdriver. You'll need the Torx to transfer the four screws that hold the drive in place from the old drive to the new drive.
I was pleased with the shipping. I chose 3-5 day because I like to save money. The drive arrived within the allotted shipping time in an appropriately sized box. The drive came in a sealed antistatic bag, wrapped in bubble wrap, and surrounded by packing peanuts.
It was fairly easy to install. The Macbook uses 3 different types of screws for the back case. Just remember which ones go in which hole and you should be fine. The drive fit perfectly, as it should.
I booted into recovery mode and formatted and partitioned the drive. The capacity after formatting was 1000.20 GB. I installed OS X Mavericks to the drive and rebooted.
The computer is working as well as it ever has. I'll update if I notice any changes. All said and done, $52 is a great price for a 2.5" 1TB hard drive. If that's what you're looking for, I see no reason not to buy this product.
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on September 12, 2016
In real estate, it's Location Location. In the computer world, it's back-up, back-up. This drive does the job.

I was NOT BRIBED errr.... I mean paid, NOR did I receive a FREE product OR DISCOUNT on the product for my UNBIASED and HONEST review.
In other words -- I paid my own money for the Amazon asking price for this product.
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on March 10, 2014
I order this from MBMTUSA. I needed a hard drive for my son DELL Inspiron 1545 laptop, the old one was a 350 GB original Samsung made in Korea, and it lasted 5yrs. I wanted to upgrade to 1T so I looked in Amazon for a 1T Samsung hard drive. This one claimed to have all requirements I was looking for. Delivery was quick and the product arrived in good conditions. The only detail is that it is not a true Samsung product, although it says Samsung Spinion it is actually made by Seagate in China. I installed without problems and it load just find, although it is a 1T GB the computer only recognized 931.50 GBs, which it still good for me as it is far more than what the computer had before. The only reason I give this product 4 stars is because it is not a true Samsung, I have deal with Seagate at work (I am an IT Tech) and this hard drive are somehow unstable. Will see how long this one last, just installed yesterday.
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on November 2, 2011
Bought this 1TB hard drive to replace the Apple Super Drive in my Mid 2010 MacBook Pro 15 inch. I had already replaced my main drive with a Toshiba Apple 256GB SSD but I wanted to have my iTunes library on my MacBook Pro but the size of my iTunes library had reached staggering 855GB! An option for me was a 1TB or more external USB drive but I access my iTunes library almost on a daily basis and plugging in and plugging out a external drive did not appeal to me. I also bought a caddy on Amazon to hold the 2nd drive in place of the internal Super Drive. After installation, I basically created a single partition and formatted the drive. No issues whatsoever with MAC OS X Lion 10.7 and this drive. This drive a super quiet, the only time I can hear it is when it is really quite and I intentionally place my ear above the keyboard and listened for it! Prior to purchasing this drive, I did look for either a 1.5TB or a 2.0TB, but no one makes that capacity, yet. I figure that as the pace of the growth of my iTunes library, I still have 1 or 2 years before I completely fill up this drive's capacity, worth every cent since I purchased this drive for $124 on Amazon, although I did see this drive under $90 a week prior to my purchase but the flooding in Thailand affecting the hard drive production factories, I've seen hard drives in general rising in price, simple supply and demand.

I can tell you 100%, with the correct hard drive caddy, this hard drive will fit perfectly into a mid 2010 MacBook Pro 15 inch. If you are on the fence., I say go for it as you will not be disappointed with this hard drive. Since I've only had the drive for a couple of days, I will post an update on how the drive is function semi long term or if I have any issues but so far all lights are green and I am one happy customer.
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on May 30, 2014
Quickish shipment to east coast (8 days, northern MD), boxed and wrapped in bubble wrap with an obviously brand new static proof bag. Came in priority mail with $100 insurance included! I couldn't have asked for better shipment. (Except maybe just a tad bit faster!)

Took a while to format and hook into my ps3, I got a little confused. To make things easier for people out there, get a usb and follow the instructions from the following link.

Well amazon didn't let me post the link? search sony pc hardrive upgrade system software, its on the sony website.

After following the above instructions I'm now downloading 160 gb worth of games from the marketplace, and waiting for my online storage to let me access my copyrighted saves. (I didn't want to hook up 2 ps3's through an ethernet and wait 15 hours, or go through a laptop or external hardrive to back up data, though I recommend an external hdd!!!)

Hope this helped
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on November 18, 2012
This Samsung hard drive is manufactured by Seagate. That comforts me considering my previous Seagate Maxtor 120 GB hard drive has lasted 6+ years thus far. It still works.

I trust Seagate.

I installed the hard drive on an aged 2006 Dell Inspiron e1705 / 9400 laptop. Drive is very quiet and seek time's a little slower. No surprise here given it's 1 terabyte. Installation a snap, although hardware screw proved to be difficult to remove. Yet, that's a Dell issue -- not Seagate.

BIOS recognized the drive. Windows 8 running on it. Drive performs quietly.

I will update as time goes on. Will potentially update in 1 month.

11/22/13 UPDATE

Hard drive still running strong. No complaints or problems.
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on December 28, 2014
I've been using this with my Playstation 3 for nearly two years now. Still running well, and allowed me to download and install over 40 full length games with hundreds of gigabytes left over. It allowed me to download the free Playstation Plus games every month; they filled up my previous deafult HDD of 250GB astonishingly fast. If you don't own a Playstation 3 and are still planning to buy one, buy the cheap 12GB Playstation 3 and replace the HDD with this one. If you have a Playstation 4, opt for a 2TB drive, the installs from disc games are reaching upwards of 50GBs.
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on November 21, 2013
I found this hard drive with 1 terabyte of data for about a the same price as many of the 500 megabyte drives out there. Samsung makes a great product, and I purchased this to upgrade the 120 megabyte drive I had in my PS3 slim. Worked like a charm, took literally 5 minutes for the swap, and I now have enough memory to last me God knows how long!
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on January 3, 2012
It came in an excellent box, perfect protection, works great but didn't ship with original box, also came with slight scratch of wear. maybe it doesn't come with boxes, but just that complaint, but hey 1 tb for laptop at this price. just awesome it has above 90mbps read and write, i replaced my macbook pro stock 750 gb (2011) and put the 750 gb in optical bay, so i have 1750 gb storage, gonna upgrade the other drive soon, but i'm gonna buy another 1 tb, i just want to see if theres better once. btw it doesn't heat up as much as the stock 750 gb, and you could barely hear it.

This Drive is Perfect I bought this drive around 3 weeks ago, it works like charm, same speed as macbook pro late 2011 hard drive. I love it, i also purchased a second one to replace my optical bay, now I have them in RAID 0, 2 tb + 160 read and write speed, sweet. but I'm just saying, when theres 2 babes in this bad boy, the noise is not loud but it sounds like the fans at low's not annoying though. If you Raid 0 this drive for a mac os, since you cannot verify disk, or repair disk you run the risk to your mac crash and lose all your data, right now i haven't backed it up so i'm scared. the other day I opened all the programs on RAID 0 to test the speed difference, then I turned the mac off, back on, and RAID set was missing, I lost all my data, so i was tight, but since i'm just a teen, there was no important data, lucky for me. i have used up .09 tb (90 gb )

1 month update
Ok this bad boy's great in ps3 but for some reason my ps3 keeps getting corrupte hard drive, the lights went out and i had to format the drive, my ps3 was installing a demo. It frose i restarted it and it got corrupted. I restored the file system and it corrupted in less than 2 weeks, going to restore database and see how it goes..
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