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on August 26, 2011
Let's start off with the good parts about this product: the keyboard itself connects well, charges without any problems, feels decent, and has all the shortcuts for your iPad that you'd want.

There are three problems though. The first is that the case, when closed, presses the keys into the iPad screen, so a screen protector is a must. The second problem is the entire case is a bit bulky, bulkier than it needs to be. The iPad is effectively within a case, then the case is enclosed in a second layer of casing that makes everything a bit awkward.

By far and away the most annoying issue with this keyboard/case, though, is that there is pretty much one viewing angle it works at. This means your iPad is only useable with the keyboard when you are sitting at a desk. I like to use my iPad in bed, or in class where the small, seat-side tables are quite low. As it stands, I can't, and am going to have to make a set of stiff hinges that will slot onto the areas on the case where there is movement so that I can decide what viewing angle I want it at, rather than being forced to use an annoying one. I think that the Trent case may have this functionality, but sadly am a poor college student, and can't buy multiple accessories till I find the right one.
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on August 8, 2011
I bought the keyboard because of the look of the keys and spacing of them. The keyboard is of a better quality than most other Keyboard/Cases. Typing is fine for me on the keyboard. Battery life on the Keyboard is Amazing, I get just over a week with moderate use each day, meaning about 2-3 hours of active typing and about another 2 hours when it 'Sleeps'. Other than that I turn the switch off and tote it around.

I use this tablet for Med School and I dont like the way in which it folds. You only get one viewing angle when you are typing, which is really fine, then you can move the flap over the keyboard and just use the iPad in a standard tilt. But if you want the iPad on a flat surface you flip the case around and the keyboard is touching whatever surface you place it on. Not to fun when holding my iPad and trying to scroll through things while holding it in this manner. I do like thought how sturdy it is. I can type on any surface from a table to my lap with no problem. I enjoy sitting back on my couch and pounding through some notes with a sturdy keyboard surface.

As has been mentioned the case is a bit thicker than some but I dont use this as a case to carry, I close it and stuff it in my backpack.

The part where you place the iPad2 secures it nicely and it will stay in no problem.

I do wish there was some sort of latch or strap that kept the case closed. Im thinking about putting in a magnet or just asking my wife for a hair tie to wrap around it.

All round it is an amazing case for the iPad. Im using my iPad as a mobile word processor and the keyboard has helped tremendously! Its a good sturdy case with a really nice keyboard. For the price 60-70 I think its one of the better ones in this price range.

I bought the new iPad (3rd Gen) and the case works with it. It pairs right away with the new iPad and still gets the same great battery life from the keyboard with the new iPad.

Update: 12/1/12
I've now had the case for about a year in a half and it is going strong. Some wear and tear but nothing that would not be expected. The Battery life is still great! I use this case everyday and Im glad to say it is holding up to the use.
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on September 2, 2011
I purchased this Bluetooth keypad/cover for my iPad 2 a week after I got my iPad. While the on-screen keyboard was "OK" for casual use, I wanted a "real" keyboard that I could use in typing notes, emails, etc.
The Kensington KeyFolio Pro keyboard/cover delivers just about perfectly. The QWERTY keyboard layout, with dual "shift" keys (some Bluetooth keyboards only had one, making it awkward to capitalize half of your letters.), control, option, and command keys, plus a top row of "F" dual function keys. There is even a ".com" key for entering URLs. The iPad 2 is held nice and snug with easy access to the power button and a "notch" for the front camera. The rear camera has its own "peep hole". It takes some getting used to, but the sleep and volume controls are not blocked, it is just the way the iPad curves to the back, and into the solid backing of the cover, that makes using these buttons a tad (and I mean just a little) clumsy. Overall, the case is very well constructed and has a very solid, well built, feel to it. And it looks nice too! The pivot feature works well, allowing you to have the iPad screen held up in Portrait or Landscape. I'd say that, overall, the way that the screen is propped up in front of you is great.

Here are the reasons I dropped one star from my rating. Each somewhat minor, but worth pointing out.
1) Bluetooth - setting up the keyboard to work with the iPad is very straight forward. Charge up the keyboard. Turn it on. Press the "connect" button. Go into "Settings" on the iPad. Turn on Bluetooth and when it "sees" the keyboard, connect. Done! Right? Yes, for the time being. Type away happily. Set the iPad down and let it go idle for an extended period and when you come back, the keyboard and iPad have mysteriously disconnected from each other. You have to go back into "Settings" on the iPad. Turn Bluetooth Off and then On again and then reconnect the keyboard. I don't know the exact amount of time that has to go by before they disconnect as it has seemed to vary. Not a huge issue once you realize what's going on.
2) The keyboard is pretty "flat" as you would expect it to be. You will have to adjust the angle of your fingers a bit, but again, once you get used to it you will be typing nearly as quickly as you do on your iMac or PowerBook Pro. The issue here, for me, is the space bar. There is a "frame" that goes around the keyboard. (i.e. the keyboard waffle board is recessed and the keys extend up through it. The tops of the keys are level with the top of the "frame".) When I tap with my thumb to insert a space, I hit the frame as many times as I actually hit the space bar. And when you hit the frame, nothing happens - of course. If you are a touch typist like me, this becomes frustrating.
3) This last point is also the "least" point. I know this isn't the Apple "Smart Cover", but couldn't Kensington have duplicated the auto-sleep feature when the cover is closed? And some sort of Tab or Flap with a loop or Velcro to keep it closed?

All that said, I would heartily recommend that you get this product if you are looking for a Bluetooth keyboard / cover for your new iPad 2.
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on January 10, 2012
I'm really happy with this purchase. This is the second time around for me with a wireless keyboard. First time around was awful, and the product was flimsy with the connector breaking after 4 uses.

When I purchased this one, I was really impressed. Nice sturdy keyboard. The off button is easy to use. The lock button is F12 and is out of the way of accidentally being pressed. Very nice feel to the keyboard, and the cover is good. The cover picks up fingerprints a bit, so be careful where you lay it down. The charge seems to hold for quite some time. I've left it on by accident, and it still had plenty of power. The connector is also solid, no problems as of yet.

Happy with my purchase and I recommend this to others.
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on December 28, 2011
I love this folio. Ever since I got my iPad I haven't touched my laptop. The only thing that I am not 100% impressed with on the iPad is the touch keyboard. With this folio that is no longer a problem. It was easy to setup and I was ready to go in under 30 seconds. It did not add much bulk to carrying around my iPad.

The only thing I would like to suggest to the manufacturer is a keyboard cover that can be put on for the times when I just want to read etc. I
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on April 20, 2012
This works great with my iPad. I like that the screen can be rotated. My friend purchased a hard-shell with keyboard but she cannot turn the screen. It would be nice to be able to remove the keyboard, but this works fine the way it is too.
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on October 17, 2012
After a few months of using the product, the keypad will no longer hold a charge. Useless now. To bad, I liked it.
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on October 4, 2011
When I bought my iPad2, this was my first purchase as I LOVED the original keyboard for the iPad1.
What a mistake! My iPad2 slipped inside the case constantly, it was hard to fit my charger into the slot to charge,
it was awkward to hold and read with the case, but I figured it would just take time to get used to the new case.
Well it never happened.
This might be a good case if you just carried your device to & from meetings to take notes, but doesn't
work for someone who always has the device at hand. I wish I could return it & get my money back.
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on January 3, 2012

I literally searched for WEEKS to find a good and protective iPad case with a keybord. I finally decided to go with this one and I love this case!! So worth the money! I've only had the case for a couple of days, and if I have any more Cons after more use I will update the review. Here is a list of pros and cons:

The leather is nice and soft and the stitching is great.

Everything is alined right. The camera is not covered by the case so you do not have to remove the iPad from the case to use the camera.

Keyboard is great! All of the keys work and it feels just like a apple Mac computer keyboard.

The iPad can swivel to either portrait or landscape mode.

There are shortcuts on the keyboard such as volume or a home button. (Just like the Mac)

The iPad is secure and snug inside the case.

The indention where the iPad sits up is nice and deep so the iPad wont slip out while typing.

Great for taking notes!

People call it "bulky and heavy" but I don't find a problem with either.

There is no strap to hold the case together.

Thats it!!
Hope this helps!

I have now had this case for about 3-4 weeks and it has ALREADY stopped working.
The Bluetooth connects fine and then when I type, it's like I'm holding the key down and not letting go. The keyboard continually types the key that is hit and doesn't stop. Now I can't have the luxury of typing up notes in class. I am VERY dissapointed.
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on August 30, 2011
- The case is quite bulky (i could not fit it to my usual Ipad 2 bag).
- The quality of the cover is also not very good. I got tear in the side of the bag within several days.
- The position of the keyboard and the ipad is also not very good. It's difficult to type as it stands very straight forward.

I would suggest to buy New Trent instead. It has sliding keyboard, so, it's easier for typing in different position.
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