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on March 20, 2013
I am a connoisseur of bad usability design, and I love this alarm clock! I have definitely gotten my money’s worth of amusement out of it. It’s like the design team at Timex set out to take a simple, well-established piece of technology and make it as unusable as possible.

I can’t decide which is my favorite feature.
Is it the ear-splitting beep at every button-press that wakes up everyone in the house when you go to set your alarm at night?
Is it the small, close-set buttons that each have several features having nothing to do with the feature they’re labeled with?
Is it the “soothing sound” that goes PING! PING! every five seconds or so?

...No, I think my favorite feature of all is the placement of two of the buttons arranged vertically on the front surface of the clock: the Up button BELOW the Down button.

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on December 21, 2011
As far as I can tell, the colors only change when 1) a button is pressed or 2) you play the "soothing sounds". Otherwise it looks like a clear plastic sphere with a white faceplace/insert. The silver "button" on top apparently does nothing (I thought this would be perfect for snooze!). The soothing sounds are very digitized, but for the price I wasn't expecting much from that feature. I had thought with an "INDIGLO night-light" that the clock would remain backlit at night, but that does not appear to be the case--at night you have to press one of the face buttons (which always BEEP when pressed, annoying!) and then you get a brief backlight.

The pros...it's cheap, it tells the time/date/temperature (though I have yet to understand why anyone needs their room temperature readout on their clock), you can wake up to a pseudo-nature sound that is not a buzzer, and it runs on batteries so it is small and compact without needing a trailing cord. I think the design overall is cute, but the functionality could have been much improved.
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on December 2, 2012
I decided to buy this clock based on everyone else's "bad" reviews. So glad that I did! I wanted a small white or clear clock for my baby's nursery. I needed something that was battery operated, so I could move it around the room and not have to worry about finding a free plug. I really like that the color changing lights don't stay on constantly, only when the "nature sounds" are on. (My baby seems to enjoy listening to those sounds and watching the lights.) I also like that you can set the amount of time until the sounds shut off (one hour or less), so that it doesn't stay on all night. Seeing as how this is used in my baby's room, I also love the thermometer function. Bottom line, this is a nice, small, inexpensive, simple clock. As long as you read the manual, operating this clock is not confusing at all. Perfect for what I was looking for. However, I do not use it as an alarm clock, and not sure that I would. I am a sound sleeper and I don't think that the nature sounds would wake me up. There is a beeping alarm option, but it isn't very loud compared to other alarm clocks out there.
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on December 20, 2013
I bought it so my second grader could have her own alarm clock and practice time being aware of the time, etc. It has a lot of great functions--date, time in twelve or 24 hour options, temperature, etc. This alarm clock has fun colors and sounds. Unfortunately, it doesn't actually keep the time.

At first I wondered if my daughter was playing with it and messing it up pushing all kinds of buttons (it is a little confusing to set and use). After a few months I finally took control over it to test it. Within an hour of setting the clock to the accurate time, it is off by 8 minutes! Within a half of a day it is off by more than an hour. I've repeated to this test and had the same results. It's super, super fast (to the point I wouldn't trust the time it displayed within a few minutes of setting it).

A great toy I let my kids play with, but it doesn't actually function as a clock.
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on February 16, 2016
The changing colors and different alarm sounds are nice.

Poorly constructed.
Loud operation
Not durable

This is truly one of the worst products I've purchased. I got it because I was looking for a battery operated alarm clock and the price was decent. You get what you pay for. Right off the bat, the battery clover wouldn't stay on. It wasn't broken, mind you, it just did stay on. I then periodically had a problem with the batteries popping out and I had to reset the clock.

Speaking of the setting the clock, it's annoying. It beeps - loudly - every time you press a button. When having to do this more often than usual because the batteries have popped out, it gets on your nerves.

The changing colors are an interesting, but utterly unnecessary addition as are the different alarm sounds, which I suppose can be more pleasant than a grating beeping like most alarm clocks. But other than that, it's junk. The upper display is already not working. Buy something else.
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on March 25, 2014
Like many parents of preschoolers, my preschooler sneaks into my bed in the early morning hours. Now she has a clock that tells her when she needs to stay in her bed. And if she stays in it all through the night and morning, she gets to see and hear the fun alarm.

about features
- Like a telephone, the buttons beep to give you feedback that you've pressed the button. Apparently some customers don't like the pitch of the sound.
- Oddly, the alarm is turned off by pressing the "set" button. Not a big deal for me as I'm not relying on the small child to turn it off. I do it.
- laughably, the up button is located below the down button.
- front cover--softer plastic than I expected which I noticed from a scratch in the first week

bottomline--it was never meant to be a long term clock for an adult, just something fun and motivating for a small child for a while. It's meeting our needs fine enough.
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on December 30, 2013
This is a great clock... and that's it. There isn't a designed option to continuously have the clock's LED lighting 'on' all the time. I have rechargeable batteries and was hoping for this feature. A light blue or purple LED lighting near my end desk would've been nice. But this is not to be with this product.

I should've read the spec's more closely. It only light's up when you touch a button(an unnecessary button at that), and only for a few seconds.

Oh well, it wasn't a pricey error on my part.
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on January 10, 2014
The actual clock display is about the only positive thing about this. Let me start out by saying this photo is VERY misleading. THE clock is essentially a clear sphere with a small column up the center. As its referred to as color changing, and even the words "night light" on the front of the clock, the illumination only happens when you press a button, or when the soothing sounds are playing. The colors do not transition into each other, they abruptly appear one after the other, and some of the colors are really quite bright in the dark. Take note, the actual clock face does not light up, and is therefore hard to see in the dark unless you have the blinding colors going. The "soothing sounds" are frankly not very soothing, as I don't find loud pings or the loud clanking associated with ships comforting. Even further, the lowest volume setting is still quite loud from my bedside table. I also don't know why they bothered labeling the buttons, as all of them have multiple functions, and slightly annoying that DOWN button is placed over the UP button. As far as pros go, once you figure out the buttons, its easy to set. I like the fact it does run on AAA batteries, as it frees up one more outlet. I will keep using this, because it ultimately does what I want it to do, but I am disappointed in all the things that make it more than just a clock.
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on February 21, 2014
I am SO disappointed that the shiny chrome spot on top is not the snooze button. Instead you have to search for a small white button with an embossed label that I can't read without my glasses. I will learn which one works but when I forget to disable the alarm before I step into the shower and my husband needs to turn the alarm off, he's going to get pissed off and probably throw this clock through the window. Also this is BATTERY OPERATED ONLY, which I think ought to be more clear in the description. In my experience, any clock that does not plug in to A/C is called a "travel" alarm clock. I just got it today, so I'll give it a try, but expectations are low.
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on May 18, 2014
I purchased this clock… after several other failures b/c I'm tired of the loud obnoxious alarms on most other clocks and I didn't want a radio. I have 6 kids… it doesn't take an Act of God to wake me up. This clock…though pleasing to the ears is the most ridiculous clock ever. First, the numbers don't light up so if you need to check the time at night you have to press a button which wouldn't be so bad except that every time you press ANY button it makes a very loud obnoxious beeping sound. Not good when rest of house is sleeping. Then, the controls are so illogical and backward… I've one alarm time set and if I need another time I use my cell phone b/c I can't figure out how to change it without the manual… which means it isn't easy and if it's not easy then I don't have time for it. To repeat… EVERY time you press ANY button… even to turn alarm on, get light… the same loud obnoxious beep occurs. Shouldn't alarm clocks be quiet until you want to wake up?? Would NOT recommend this product to anyone for any reason. If I could find a clock I liked I'd return it……
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