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on October 17, 2013
I bought 2 of these earlier, and then 2 more last April. They are very compact and perfectly transparent. One of them arrived with a 2-inch crack across the top of the cover, but it didn't expand, & I kept it. I keep my larger beads in the usual organizer boxes with fixed or configurable compartments and plastic latches that snap in place. When one of these was accidentally dropped, it was a disaster -- beads flew everywhere. Yesterday I dropped one of these 30-jar boxes (every jar full of tiny glass beads) from 3 feet above the ground onto a hardwood floor. The lid came off and 2 jars opened(the beads were all retrieved undamaged.) Twenty-eight jars did not open. The only damage was a tiny chip off the bottom edge of the lid. The broken edge wasn't even sharp! For the price, these boxes are a TERRIFIC value.
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Darice makes great bead storage containers! I've been making a lot of jeans bracelets recently and I like to attach beads willy-nilly as the mood strikes. So I need a lot of choices, right? So from Amazon and at Michaels, I've been buying lots of different beads and containers. I got these as well:

Darice 1992-89 Clear Bead Container with 12-Small Boxes
Darice 2025-251 Clear Bead Container with 24 Storage Jars

If you read the reviews, you'll see that some people have had problems with the jar top threads not working so well or there's a crack in the top of the box. But mine arrived in perfect condition and all the lids are uniform and close nicely. Yes, the acrylic has to be thin and so a bit brittle in order to keep the boxes light and crystal clear--I don't think they'd survive falling onto a hard surface without getting some cracks but you just have to take care not to drop them! And I can attest that buying them at the store is not necessarily safer than shipping--the one I got at Michaels has some minor cracks in a top corner from rough handling that I couldn't see for the shrink-wrap packaging. (I didn't even return or exchange it because the cracks are barely noticeable and don't take away anything from utility...and the price is usually better on Amazon.) I also bought some of these:

15/24/36 Grid Clear Adjustable Jewelry Bead Organizer Box Storage Container Case (15 Grids)

and who doesn't have a whole bunch of these:

Darice 10767 Deluxe Bead Organizer 8 Compartment
Darice DCB100 Floss Organizer with 100 Bobbins

I only use the above to store floss or larger beads because seed beads will spill over the top or under removable dividers into other compartments

I'm extremely happy with this item and will be buying more.
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on September 25, 2015
I usually like to wait awhile before giving a review but it seems I over looked giving a review on these. I do remember the delivery wasn't too long a wait and that they were well packed. Now I can give a review that will tell you how good these containers are. I've had these for several years and have been in and out of them almost everyday. There are 30 containers and after using them consistently they are STILL in good shape. Since I use them with the other sizes and have been so happy with them I decided to buy more. Yes I'd recommend them and if I should need more I'll come back for more.
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on June 26, 2016
I use these to hold my mini leather alphabet punches and they are great. I put two punches in each compartment and don't use any of the lids for the circular compartments. I think it would be a pain to have to take the lids on and off all the time but because my punches are big enough they aren't separated from their circular compartment even when the case is flipped upside down (lid on obviously).

I did read that some said the plastic wasn't that durable. I haven't had any problems with mine but I keep it on a shelf in my sewing room and tend to be careful with it because the punches are so expensive. I really am not concerned about it breaking though - it seems plenty durable to me.
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on April 7, 2015
Teeny Tiny Containers, Width < 1" x H 1 7/8 " ) but still VERY USEFUL for separating Tiny Findings, Special items you want to set aside, ... I match up pearls & put in these (
To give an idea of size, i just put 15 7 mm pearls in one of these, and with @ an 11 mm pearl~
I can fit 4 (pearls not being perfectly round).
I did have one of the outside containers that these come in crack to a point it was not useable, but Amazon was terrific about replacing. Sending Plastic containers in bubble envelope.... Not ideal.
The Lids will not be tight and not fit when u get them, but just mix & match until they are a better fit.
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VINE VOICEon September 27, 2017
I cannot stress how small these are. They hold 10 pennies comfortably. You could cram about three more inside and still screw the lid shut. The plastic is very thin. At best, you might get away with using these as a one-time lip balm jar or as throw away craft paint pots. These will break too easy to use over and over for bead storage if you could fit beads in them.
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on July 19, 2014
These jars are wonderful! Such a lifesaver. I use them to make small mixes of acrylic colors/glitters and they screw shut so there's no spilling! On top of that, they come in a handy case so you can keep everything together and tidy. It arrived quickly and as advertised. I'd definitely recommend.
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on February 19, 2014
This should have shipped in a box not Manila envelope with bubble interior. The size of the little containers are small but perfect for small beads you need to organize and carry for a project. I was able to fit 5 gram package of 11/0 easily. But..I really want the container that holds all the little ones not broken so will be contacting company and sending this back.
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on July 3, 2015
Very very small containers....too small for most of my beads. The larger, stackable Darice system is much better for storing larger (4mm) beads. BOGUS RETURN POLICY! GIVING ME BARELY ANY CHANGE BACK! BEWARE
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on February 9, 2014
I thought this would be perfect for all the little bits of stuff collected when making jewelry. The biggest problem is that most of the screw caps are too large for the little jars so they pull off if you lift them by the lid - which is what you must do to remove them from the tray. And they just sit in a tray and the tray lid doesn't snap or lock in any way.
I spent about an hour sorting little items into all 30 jars, put the lids on, put the tray lid on, and then it slipped from my hand! It only fell about 6 inches and into a drawer in my craft cart but the lid popped off as did almost all the jar lids - only three stayed on. The contents scattered.
I abandoned this and bought new containers that snap shut.
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