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on June 30, 2013
I have read a bunch of negative reviews about this game and they all seem to revolve around the controls. Let me enlighten all of the youngins out there: the controls are ridiculously true to the arcade game. X-men the arcade game never had good movement controls; I can still remember getting extremely angry at the cabinet and swearing at it as a kid because I would get knocked down once and be unable to get back up because the ai kept taking cheap shots. I spent sooo much money in the arcade on this game and was never able to get past the savage land level. Bad controls were actually not limited to the X-Men game, just about all of the arcade cabinet side-scrolling fighting games had crappy controls: Streets of Rage, Fatal Fury, Golden Axe, and even my personal favorite, the Avengers.

That being said, this game had just about the best graphics of any arcade game when it came out and actually had just about the largest roster of playable characters of its time (this was just before the big boom era of 2D player versus player fighting games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat). The game was actually a treat to all of us X-Men fans as it did a great job of capturing the feeling of the Chris Claremont era team: characters actually looked like their comic book counter parts (which was amazing considering the X-Men games that came before it for the NES). In short, this game should be appreciated for its part in the evolution of arcade gaming in which it had a definite impact.

I must urge all fans of the original to download this game. This is a very faithful port of the original, and I bet that
the price of the download is far less than the amount you spent in quarters to play the game the first time around.
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on August 20, 2011
I grew up in the arcade, and this game holds some very fond memories for me. I remember my birthday at alladins castle with all my friends and I playing the hell out of this. I had such high hopes for it, but as things usually go, it didn't live up to them. This time however it was not because the game was outdated as much as the controls are just god awful.

You have a on screen d-pad, it doesn't work like a floating joystick like most other games use. It is really just 4 touchscreen buttons, if your finger goes outside of one of those buttons or doesn't hit it just right, it won't register. Not only that but the game likes to just stop working mid play. You will be standing there, unable to move, attack, or defend yourself in any way until a enemy hits you. Honestly this has by far the worst controls in anything I have ever played before.

Yes all 6 heroes are there, and its widescreen formatted which was really nice. Good sound, and the graphics look nice and crisp. But the game is borderline unplayable....

Final words....
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Here is a classic game that has potential but the list of permissions is just too much. Open WIFI, Access to Kindle State and ID, Access the list of accounts....

Come on this is supposed to be a game and not a piece of spyware to take all of your data. It even has access to Openfeint. I don't need a game that has all of this in the code. I only want the game!

* Read only access to phone state.
* Enter Wi-Fi Multicast mode.
* Write to external storage.
* Open network sockets.
* Change Wi-Fi connectivity state.
* Access information about Wi-Fi networks.
* Access the list of accounts in the Accounts Service.
* PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
* Access information about networks
* Kindle calls - read Kindle state and identity
* Openfeint gateway with option to not access
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on June 7, 2012
Konami's X-Men is a classic that anyone who spent time in the arcades in the late 80's will recognize. This port to smartphones and tablets is quite well done, being almost 100% arcade perfect. The graphics are sharp, the animations smooth, and the music perfect. The sound effects are good too, but are one of two things keeping this game from being a full 100% perfect in my opinion. Even with the volume down low, the playable characters death screams are way louder than the rest of the sounds in the game which is annoying when you have the volume down low to try to be quiet, and not in line with the volume levels of the actual arcade machine. The other small issue is the lack of haptics with the directional pad which is on screen in the lower left corner. It is very easy to lose track of where your thumb is and find your character standing there like a punching bag while you scramble to re-orient your thumb. This can be gotten over by being mindful of where you place your thumb, but I personally still find I lose it about 15 to 20% of the time. Lastly, the addition of a multiplayer mode is a nice touch, though unless you have friends physically local it is of little use since it only works over ad hoc wifi.

In closing, I give this game 4 out of 5 stars. I would actually like to see other Konami classics that ran on this platform adapted to Android/iOS such as the 2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games, Sunset Riders, or Metamorphic Force to name a few. I would just hope they mix the sound levels right and perhaps add haptics to the d-pad, then these would easily be 5 star games.
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on August 5, 2013
The graphics are not as good as I hoped they would be, Hopefully they will fix that in an update. The game-play is fine for the most part and it's very loyal to the arcade style game-play.

The biggest flaw of the game is just that. It poorly executes the arcade style game-play. It's tough to move in the way your typical arcade game does and that alone will result in numerous deaths, Even on the lowest difficulties. I think if they can fix the movement problem then it will be a far better game.

So that pretty much sums it up. Poor controls ruined the game so I wouldn't recommend picking it up until they fix it.
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on May 17, 2014
Let's just say I'm addicted to X-Men. But this game is really fun except for the point… it didn't have Jean Grey which I can understand because it's from 1987 and Marvel girl ( aka Jean Grey) didn't come till the 1990s cartoon. But cyclops is fun to play with. The only problem is that if u play storm or dazzler the sound like there so weak ( even though there not) it's just sexes I know. I'm glad in the newer X-Men the girls have credit more as strong girls. I wold recommend using cyclops or dazzler not Logan oops wolverine storm or nightcrawler there not as powerful. Also at the end when it says that game is not over it pretty much is.
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on May 7, 2012
Perhaps it's cause I never played the original X-men Arcade game. And maybe it's cause I'm playing the game on my phone (HTC Evo Shift) and not on a tablet. But I have absolutely no problems whatsoever with the controls. The graphics are beyond excellent, and I love that whenever I run out of lives, by touching the screen I simply resume from where I left with a new batch of lives versus starting the level or batch of levels all over again (like in Lep's World, though that game is fun too).

So for those of you playing this on a tablet, try installing it to your phone too. Perhaps controls would work better on a smaller surface area, as it does on my phone. Though I can certainly understand the frustration of controls being difficult on a tablet. Might be something for the developers to reconsider for an update.
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on August 4, 2012
I've been playing this on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 since I bought it. I dread even attempting to play this on my Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G.

The game itself is definitely a faithful port of the arcade, limited to the US version it seems. If you've played the re-release on PS3 or XBox 360, those versions allow you to choose between Japanese and US ROMs. This one offers no choice, but the differences are minor anyway.

I spent $0.99 for this game, and the price was definitely right. The controls are stationary and not adjustable. If you read the other reviews for this game, you'll see a lot of rage towards the controls. Those reviews are accurate. Let me say that if I was not playing this on a 10" tablet, I would have a very difficult time controlling the game. However, that being said, I've had only minor problems with the controls, when I forget to pay attention to the location of my thumbs and miss the function I was trying to press.

The size of the control pad is definitely too small, but I assume it was done to avoid taking up too much real estate on the screen. Perhaps when this app was made, no one was thinking about a disappearing and translucent control scheme. Also, make sure you keep your fingers at the exact same place in order to properly control the game.

Aside from the controls, the game itself is just like the original, and a lot of fun. The online multiplayer is a plus, but make sure you DMZ your device or at least tweak your router to be P2P friendly when you want to play this game. I don't use social features, but there are accomplishments in the game, so I can only assume the Facebook features are to post accomplishments to your news feed.

The game also lets you choose between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio, which is a nice option to have, depending on what kind of device you're playing this on. You'll also notice that the game has been cropped, and you're not able to go as high or low as you would on the console versions or the original arcade. That's fine, though, as it doesn't interfere with the beat-em-up gameplay.

You can also select what stage you want to begin on, and what difficulty, so at least you can start on easy to get used to the game, and work your way from there once you trash Magneto. I've not had a game over, so I don't know if freeplay is enabled, but continuing is easy enough once you run out of lives, and with the stage select, the game isn't too difficult to beat.

If you've got friends with mobile devices compatible with the game, definitely encourage them to pick it up or share the love, as co-op is proabably the best way to enjoy this game (in my opinion).

Key Points:

Try to use it on a 10" tablet, or at least be aware that the controls are stationary and non-customizable, so their size is small

At $0.99, it's worth the risk to test out the controls, as long as you are aware that they will be small and stationary. Otherwise, why not have a beat'em up on the go?
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on June 13, 2012
I'm extremely glad I got this app on the day that it was free. I got it for my Android phone, and it would lag, up until choosing my character, then when I chose and went to play the actual game, it froze, then crashed. Every time. I don't even know if I like the game, because I never got to play it!
My friend has an iPhone, though, and it works for his. (I wanted the game because I saw him play it, and it looked neat and very nostalgic) Don't know what was wrong with it, but ended up giving up and uninstalling it to save space on my phone for other apps.
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on September 20, 2013
Great game I love it. Really enjoyed reliving the experience. I see a lot of reviews complaining about the controls not being responsive enough. They aren't perfect but I really didn't have a problem with them. It takes a couple minutes getting used to that's all. I'm assuming people were too impatient to give it a chance. Great game totally worth the money if you're a fan of x-men and retro games.
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