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on July 29, 2011
I read the pre-release Engadget reviews of this device and pre-ordered the 32 GB Wi-Drive when available. It took 2 hours for a first-time complete battery charge via USB and mini-USB adapter. When I first connected to the computer, I saw that the drive was named KINGSTON, not WI-DRIVE, but it was easy to rename under either OS X or Windows 7. It took only 10 minutes to get things running. First, I loaded 10 full-movie video and 50 audio song files to test the device with 3 different iPads and turned the unit on by simply pushing the side button which has a green indicator light. Then go to your iPad/iPhone and download the free Apple Wi-Drive app, go to Network settings and select the WI-DRIVE network which is broadcast from the unit with blue indicator lights. There are no security settings by default so anyone nearby can connect to the drive. Open the Wi-Drive app and go to the setting button icon which you can set security WEP/WPA/WPA2 settings and complete your WiFi access point setup.

The app interface is just like using Dropbox or GoodReader and the menus are nicely designed. The audio and video files are listed on the left menu and simple to select. Now comes the great part, I used 3 different iPads to connect at the same time to the Wi-Drive and selected 3 different movies for each iPad and the movies ran perfectly without a single buffer hiccup. This problem plagues the Seagate GoFlex Satellite. I read comments by others who appear to be overly impressed by the 500GB storage which is functionally limited. The GoFlex menu is slow and does not permit sorting, drops connections and streaming video are choppy at times. The worst feature of the GoFlex is that it does not truly stream media, but rather sends a copy of the media file to your iDevice unlike the WiDrive which truly streams files allowing the user to maximize storage capacity. I just wanted a simple portable network device that will keep everyone in the car happy watching their own movies or listening to their own music. I was pleased to see that 3 different devices can access this portable WiFi network drive without any degradation of media streaming quality. Of course I wish we could have 64 GB or more storage, but 32 GB is fine for day trips and can still hold more than enough media files to satisfy everyone's preferences.

The next nice feature is the ability of the drive to connect to another WiFi network which you also configure in the setting button icon. For example, you're with the family at Starbucks and connect the Wi-Drive to the free Starbucks WiFi using the iOS app. The Wi-Drive reboots, connects to Starbucks network and now every one of your 3 other devices can access streaming media files on the Wi-Drive and also access the Internet using the Starbucks connection. Remember, you have to connect your device to the Wi-Drive network to use your files, but this network setting still allows you to retain internet access at the same time.

The drive is just a bit smaller than my iPhone 4 and very light. Unfortunately, the unit doesn't appear to work while plugged in to recharge. I was hoping that I could connect the device to a car outlet to continuously power the device on long trips since it is advertised to last only 4-5 hours on a single charge. Looks like you'll have to perform a complete recharge when it runs out which will take several hours using the provided adapter.

Summary - this is the best available portable media streaming network device for the iPad/iPhone which works well and simple to use with excellent streaming speeds. Definitely happy with my pre-order decision and suspect these units will sellout fast. Enjoy.

****** update 2 days later ******

I downgraded it to 4 stars after 2 days of use. File transfers are problem-free and easy to do remmebering that you can only use media files recognized by iOS (eg. mp4, m4v). Programs like Air Video Server are better for local networks allowing live conversion of all other media file types like avi and flv. So if you use other file types, you're stuck with having to use a conversion program which there are plenty available for free. Media streaming to multiple iOS devices works perfectly without any stutters. The main problem I see is the battery life which runs closer to 3 hours rather than 4 hours with constant streaming to more than one device. Contrary to other recent online reviews which makes me question whether some reviewers actually use their products, you CANNOT recharge this device with the miniUSB adapter while using the device. For example, if you have a long car trip, you will only have a little over 3 hours of use and then you'll have to recharge for a few hours using a USB car adpater or whatever else. The access point does not work while recharging. Some reviewers talk about using a plane adapter, but it still won't work while plugged in and I think it's a bad idea and just wrong to use this on a plane since this creates an unauthorized WiFi access point which may interfere with the plane electronics. I think it would be a major improvement if the AC adapter was permitted to continuously charge the lithium battery while in use allowing uninterrupted streaming. That would make it the ultimate traveling companion. Also, even with the 32 GB option space is limited and you will be forced to delete and add other files as time goes on which is a why a 64 GB SSD upgrade would be something I would be willing to pay extra.

*** update 8/12/2011 ***

Used this on 2 summer car trips and camping and the kids used this a lot. We had 3 iPads streaming 3 different movies from the WiDrive all at the same time without any stutters. Battery life seemed a bit better with average times of 3.5 - 4 hours in between charges. It works so well, that each of the kids now want their own personalized movie lists which is forcing me to constantly remove and upload movies to the WiDrive limited to only 32 GB (~ 25 movies encoded for iPad at medium quality settings). The perfect device would combine the functionality of the WiDrive with the space of the GoFlex Satellite. We have a 64GB iPad and 2 16GB iPads, and this fits our needs perfectly by serving as a portable media drive since the iPads are full of apps/photos/games/books/etc. The kids can keep all their games and not waste precious space with huge media files.

*** update 10/6/2011 (WiDrive vs GoFlex) ***

With price drop to $99 for 32GB WiDrive, went ahead and got another. Now I can setup movies/music for each of the kids and let them choose their own media libraries. This is a perfect easy way to upgrade a 16 GB iPad. Another option for those of you going on extended trips > 4 hours is to duplicate the drives so you can recharge one while the other transmits giving your audience continuous streaming (the WiDrive won't work while recharging).

Now for the biggest clarification - I also got the SeaGate GoFlex Satellite on sale. Another example that you can't always believe what you read (except for my review . . .) the GoFlex actually works pretty well and the app isn't that bad. It streamed video stutter-free contrary to many reviews that I read. The app has basic sorting capabilities. 500 GB storage is a big advantage. It also works while charging with the AC adapter, not the USB plug. For long travel, this is a better choice. However, it is bulky and heavy (feels like an oversized external hard drive - which it is . . . ). The WiDrive is much more portable and convenient. I actually like both and recent price drops make either drive a good buy for iPad and iPhone users. Which factors are more important to you will help decide between the WiDrive vs GoFlex Satellite - small, convenient, portable, limited space, max 4 hr runtime with no simultaneous charging VS large, bulky, capacious disk space, and simultaneous charging

*** 12/20/2011 (managing media files) ***
Thought it would help to give some advice about managing video files. The WiDrive is limited to iOS formats (i.e. mp4, mkv) and there are numerous options available to convert your video collections. HandBrake is freeware, well-supported and been around for a while which shows on its interface, but it gets the job done. There are lots of other alternatives from WonderShare, Aieesoft, Aimersoft,Snowfox, Tipard, WinX, etc. Check often at for free, fully-functional, non-upgradable software packages. They frequently offer full-version disc transfer (sounds better than ripping), video conversion, disc burning, and video editing software. There's more flexibility with the GoFlex Satellite and they actually provide references to third-party freeware to view other video formats using their iOS application which work well enough. It's a pain having to convert your video files, but once you get the hang of it it's actually not that hard and you don't need the latest and greatest machine which only determines how fast the conversion process will take. Many of the software packages allow you to setup up batch file conversions which you can run overnight. Good luck.

*** 1/24/2012 (WiDrive streaming while recharging) ***
Thanks and all credit to Andrys (Kindleworld blog) who revealed a great charging tip. Turns out the WiDrive actually can work while recharging under certain circumstances. If you turn on the WiDrive first and let it establish the access point first (blue lights on), and then connect your USB cable/AC adapter, you'll notice that it keeps working while the charging light indicates the drive is recharging. It won't work if you connect the charging cable before activating the drive which is what I tried before receiving the tip from Andrys. It also won't work if you plug the USB into a computer/laptop (I assume it's not receiving enough current through the USB ports to support simultaneous recharging and WiFi signal generation). The next step is to try this in the car. Stay tuned . . .

*** 3/14/2012 ***
Works in our Acura MDX when plugged into the 115-V power outlet of the front power console using Andrys' tip.

*** 8/18/2012 (laptop streaming) ***
Here's a response to a few questions I received about simultaneously streaming media from the WiDrive to both iDevices and laptops. The trick is to take advantge of the network address the WiDrive assigns itself as First, on your PC laptop select and connect to the WiDrive through your wireless network tool. Then open Firefox browser with Videolan VLC extensions installed (for some reason I keep having trouble getting this to work with Explorer, probably don't have the right extensions). Then type in in the address box which should load the root directory of your WiDrive and you can navigate to your media folders through the browser and open your media file which should immediately start streaming. For your MacBook, same thing, connect to the WiDrive wireless ad hoc network and open Safari and enter Note - I think the advantage of using PC browser with media extensions is that you can stream almost any media file type whereas it seems you are restricted to Apple video files using the MacBook.

*** 9/18/2012 ***
Still a big supporter of the WiDrive. The prices have really dropped, so picked up a third WiDrive (64 GB) for our trip to Europe which worked great and let the family take along their own personal libraries. I didn;t use it on the 11 hour plane ride, though it would have been nice. I hope the airlines and FAA will clarify issues for personal WiFi devices since it seems there's increasing reports that they are safe and pilots are already allowed to use their own iOS devices.
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on February 27, 2012
I've had the Wi-Drive for about a month, and it was working great until last week. I never set up a password to access the drive, but my Kindle fire suddenly started asking me for a password to access it. This drive has never been outside the home, and no one else has ever had access to it (or my Kindle Fire). I've tried re-setting the drive, but that hasn't worked. I'm currently waiting for Kingston's customer service to reply back to me. If nothing works, I guess I will have to send the drive back.


Tech support responded by e-mail within 36 hours. The solution to this problem is to press the reset button, which is besides the power button. Use a straightened paperclip to press the button for 10 seconds. You may also have to turn the Kindle off and back on to reset everything. Everything working fine once again.
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on January 4, 2013
UPDATE: Took it for an 8 hour car ride (4 each way). Battery lasted around 4 hours. Every time I go to connect (Ipad2 and New IPad Mini) I have to turn the Wi drive on, give it a minute, connect the iPad, load the wi drive program, disconnect the iPad, close out and reopen wi drive app, repeat 3 - 5 times until it works correctly. A little annoying. Once everything gets connected and it shows the videos it works without a hitch. Very important since fiddling with an IPad while driving is a dangerous nuisance. Still wish it connected faster and smoother.

Our 3 YO son jumps from a game, to a show, to a movie, then back to a show, etc so 12 hours of video simply doesn't suffice. After some games, TV shows, and a few movies the ipad gets full. After some research I found 3 options- the WiDrive, a device that lets use you SD cards, and the GoFlex. I chose the WiDrive mainly due to the price and the thought of switching out SD cards seemed like a PITA.

I Like:
-Loading videos was a easy.
-If your child can navigate air video server then they will have no issues with this.
-App is 90% stable, 100% while streaming
-I didn't have to purchase additional SD Cards/I don't have to continually switch out SD cards.
-USB charger means you can charge through a universal USB charger, USB car adapter, USB battery backup, etc.
-Internet pass through/bridge is very easy to setup and worked well for browsing
-Videos load quickly and stream well (3 year old + buffering doesn't work so well)
-I use Videora to convert our backup movies so I can adjust the quality to 1028k. This means that movies and TV Shows take up 1/3 the space vs. ITunes. Quality is still great and I can fit 20+ movies and 30+ 1/2hr TV Eps.
-despite not being the most well built item, it will do better with a fall vs. a traditional disk drive (GoFlex for instance). This is due to its solid state memory.
-Appears to use a standard mini USB that we all have 10 of at this point.

What I Don't like:
- The battery life at 4 hours isn't great. I haven't tested it for 4 hours -full disclosure
-it will let me plug it I'm while streaming but there is no indication it is charging. Won't know until we are traveling.
- It looks nice but a small amount of pressure shows that while it looks like an iPhone it isn't as sturdy. If you order this, order a case for it too (I did today).
-32GB is too small for more than one child if the age/interest gap is significant.
-No Charging light (maybe i'm missing something) or battery status in-app
-No USB3.0 means video copying takes a while. Doesn't bother me since I can rotate things out every 3 months or so but if you wanted to throw on a movie real quick for a subway ride you might be unhappy.

What I'd change:
This is difficult as the price was a driving factor. More features means more cost and I bought this due to the price. I would like to have seen it utilize USB3.0. Thicker and a larger battery would have been a great trade off. A charging status LED and the ability to plug/unplug it while streaming (or at least clarification) would have been nice too. Finally, a carrying case or neoprene sleeve would've been a cheap but welcome addition.

Very happy overall and looking forward to giving it a test run in real life. Holds a fair amount of stuff and works quite well in initial testing. As mentioned above, this is great for 1 or 2 kids but I would go with the GoFlex for multiple kids vs the 64GB WiDrive if you can find it for $99. At $199 You're paying for a traditional laptop hard drive that has a high probability of failure after 1 or 2 drops.
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on January 20, 2012
For anyone who might want to add additional wireless storage for your Kindle Fire, the Kingston Wi-drive is a great option. It' tiny, about the size of a cell phone, super thin and light, and works great with the Wi-Drive app for the Kindle Fire.

I purchased the 32GB version. Would have liked a larger drive, but 32GB is much better than 8GB (more like 5.5GB for media) of onboard storage.
I hear that Kingston has a 64GB on the horizon in the near future. But $90 for a 32GB WIFI drive is very inexpensive, so it's easy to buy a few if you desire.

To use it's as simple as this...
1. Download the FREE Wi_Drive app from the Amazon app store
2. Connect WiDrive via USB from your computer and create folders, transfer files etc. on WiDrive
3. Find Wi-Drive on your WIFI network and connect
4. Watch or listen to media seamlessly. Works great

By default the Wi-Drive is set to be named Wi_drive and set to encryption to None.
If you desire you can launch the Wi_Drive app and go into the settings and name your drive whatever you like, as well as set security and encryption for added security.

BTW you can also transfer files from your Kindle Fire to Wi_Drive wirelessly if you desire.

I love my Kindle Fire, and with a few limitations, such as only 8GB of onboard storage with no additional storage options (no SD card slot or USB porting). But I'm finding more and more workarounds such as wireless hard drives like the Kingston Wi-Drive and networking apps such as Splashtop, ES File Explorer and the like are making the Kindle Fire much more serviceable and expandable without the need to root the tablet.
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on February 1, 2013
With a 8gb Nexus4, this wi-drive is perfect for storing photos and movies. Keeps my Nexus from running out of storage. Transfers are easy and fairly fast. Movies run smooth, no jitters or freezing.
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on April 27, 2012
UPDATE - After just four months of infrequent use, the Wi-Drive Wifi signal has stopped working. The device powers up, and is fine as a wired 32GB Hard Drive - but the Wifi Signal (and the Blue lights showing that it's on and active) no longer works (which of course makes it unusable for an iPad.

This is advertised as having a 1 year warranty - now we get to see what that's worth, and how much time and expense it takes for shipping on something that might be re-purchased new. I'm keeping this at 2 stars for now and will be happy to go back up to 5 if Kingston stands behind their products and doesn't charge shipping and handling costs comparable with re-purchasing this or a similar product new, now that the price has dropped.

UPDATE 2 - so far so good - although I have to pay for shipping back ($3 with confirmation delivery - not a big deal) Kingston seems willing to stand by their warranty and I assume I'll be getting a working unit back shortly


If you're like me you don't feel like wasting a lot of time syncing your iPad or being "tethered" to your home wireless network for music and videos. Constant syncing is a waste of time and energy, and with most iPads and iPhones having limited memory there's little space for loading music or videos onto it anyway.

Enter the Wi-Drive which gives you quick and easy wireless access to a 16-32 GB hard drive to add or change music, videos or other files. I didn't even need to bother to read the directions. Plug it in to your computer via USB and transfer music or video files (make sure the video files are compatible with the iPad - i.e. Mp4. There's even free and simple conversion programs you can download to make any video file compatible.)

Download the free Wi-Drive App, then turn on the Wi-Drive, make sure you've "connected" with the WiDrive in your Settings/Wifi, open the Wi-Drive application and you should see the hard drive there. There seems to be a range of at least 30 feet between the hard drive and the iPad or iPhone too!

Unlike your home wireless network you can take the iPhone size Wi-Drive with you wherever you go. Great for plane trips, car trips with kids - and multiple people can watch multiple movies at the same time. And you CAN keep this powered while using it - but the battery seems to easily last 4 hours which is plenty for my needs.

My only lament is that the price of wireless hard drives are still on the high side, but that may come down. I'd also prefer a MUCH bigger hard drive, but while there is one on the market it's much more expensive and doesn't seem to work as simply as this one.

For now 32 GB is fine for me, and hopefully by the time that's inadequate the price of other larger hard drives comes down - but for the small size, portability, simplicity and lower price, this one made the most sense for me.
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I bought a 32GB Wi Drive to expand the storage of my Kindle Fire, and it works great for this. (There is a free app in the App Store that goes with it). I was able to load several movies on it and watch them on my Fire easily, with barely a glance at the instructions. The signal the Wi drive put out was good and the video played smoothly. This will be great for travelling, when I don't have Wi-Fi access. Also, as a tip for Kindle Fire users, I sideloaded the MoboPlayer App and was able to watch almost any video format on my Fire, not just MP4.
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on February 7, 2012
I have found that the Kingston Wi-Drive is fully compatible with Kindle Fire as well as the Iphone/Touch. Listed with the Wi-Drive is an android app for Wi-Drive that once loaded to Kindle Fire allows streaming of mp4 video from the Wi-Drive.
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on September 10, 2012
32GB isn't a lot of storage space these days, but when you have a 16gb iPad2 that's almost full, this seemed attractive at the $59.99 price Amazon had on it several weeks ago. The box mimics an Apple iPhone or iPad box, and the device itself is a little wider than I expected. Some co-workers have commented that it looked like an old iphone. I think it looks like a wider space casket containing Spock, that was shot out into space.

If you've read other reviews you already know it's formatted FAT and not NTFS, so the file size can't exceed 4gb. I realized it when I bought it. I have plenty of under 4gb content to put on it. I plugged it in the charger and a couple hours later it was ready. Then I copied my media files onto it, unplugged it and followed the instructions on connecting to it (although if it were missing instructions, it so easy I would have figured it out fairly fast).

I connected my iPad and iPhone and started playing a couple different media files without any issues. I brought it to work and 2 guys with Android-based devices connected to it, while I used my iPad and it worked fine as well. As long as you realize it's short comings (non-expandable memory/file size issue) before you purchas it, I don't see where you wouldn't be happy with it.
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on June 18, 2012
Purchased the 16 GB and it came in so handy that I have purchased the 32 GB and given the 16 to my daughter. We just came back from vacation and we used them both quite a bit. Very easy to use, very close in size to my HTC Incredible phone, and a little lighter than the phone.

My husband, daughter and myself all used the wi-drives, we each had a different tablet with us - kindle fire, toshiba thrive and Lenovo - we could all watch different movies from the same drive at the same time!! Love this thing:)
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