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on February 6, 2015
I have listened to NOAA on the radio for years before getting the app. It has always been a solid form of weather info whatever form it came in. I had earned some Amazon coins, so I decided the best use of them would be to upgrade my weather app. WOW. HUGE difference. This app does EVERYTHING! Not only weather, but warnings and alerts of every kind! Hurricane, flood, black ice, earthquake, warnings. And for those near the coasts, tsunami, tide, typhoons, and everything else that has to do with the sea is on there. And, there's even a (get this) VOLCANO warning!? If the Yellowstone caldera ever goes off, you'll know about it in advance. And the graphics are unbelievable...and you can customize your own graphic colors, choose your alert sounds, and even though the settings are a bit complicated, the result is awesome. You can choose auto-alert that will chirp up for any didifferent weather condition, from one certain type, to ALL the alerts. And it automatically gives the alerts from WHEREVER you are, or choose to look for. Got a flight? Your in Chicago? Want to check what the weather's like at your destination? Easy...and you can even view it from outer space, or zoom into just your area. Best weather app I've ever seen.
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on May 6, 2016
eWeather HD with NOAA Radar, Elecont is the best weather app out there. I like it for its customizable widget which brings your home screen updated radar and other weather related information continuously. The widget when taped opens the main app where you can find more weather related information and customize further.
Keep in mind that weather forecasts are just that, a forecast, a prediction, and even if the radar shows green, (rain) on top of you, it may not be raining. The rain in the sky may evaporate before hitting the ground. A storm may fizzle out before reaching you. It will be great one day when radar can show you precipitation that is actually hitting your ground.
My opinion, this app is better than the Weather Channel app, AccuWeather app, and even my local weather station apps. Its widget is far better.
Please Elecont, keep tweaking this app to bring us the best weather forecast, most reliable radar, and widgets that tickles one fancy. Keep the many map options that you have now. Open Street, Cycle, Map Quest, Google, Terrain, Satellite View, and the many zoom levels right down to my roof top. Thanks again for excellent customer service.
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on December 17, 2015
First off, I was able to purchase this as part of a promotion, thanks Amazon! If you're looking for a very detailed weather app to help plan your day, or if you like weather info in general, this is the app for you. Highly customize-able throughout the app. I particularly like the info it allows you to select if you'd like to make a widget. What makes this app great are all of the details, like being able to see what the weather was a year ago at a slide of your finger, fantastic! However that functionality may not float some people's boats if looking for a simpler interface. My main gripe with it, is as detailed and as many features as the app has, the radar functionality is a bit lackluster in my opinion. Ideally I'd like to tell it my zip or use gps info to zoom to the nearest airport as a local radar source since I'm not interested in anything else. Perhaps have a "Local/Nearby Radar" option that only shows its sweeps and area in an upcoming release? That'd be really cool.

Anyhoo, I am very happy I have it my phone for all of the info it provides. I think paired with a radar app like Pykl3 or other, you'll be able to ready for anything. All that would be missing is the degree in meteorology!
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on November 24, 2014
For those who want to know everything about the weather conditions both for the day,the next 10 days, the past 365 days, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and every other force that affects our daily lives, this is the App for you. You can get alerts for everything from 911 phone outages to winter weather advisories, and all of the letters of the alphabet in between. Get messages about Civil Emergencies and alerts about Civil Danger. Customize a weather clock with your personal preferences. You can choose to have a simple straight forward set up, or have the ability to customize everything, including, but not limited to, the colors of your alerts and the font size.
If you have ANY questions, there is an FAQ section that takes you directly to the website. If your question is specific to your customized set up, customer service is courteous, knowledgeable, willing and able to help with fast turn around time.
For those who say that the App did not pick up their location, try Turning on your GPS and/or manually entering your zip code.
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on April 15, 2016
This is my favorite weather app. It's thorough and covers all the information I look for...temp, chill factors (feels like), humidity, barometer, 10 weather forecast etc.... The app itself is great, graphics and ability to customize are beautiful. I've been using it for a couple of years and I use it daily.

FYI....There was an issue with it and some other apps I've obtained through the Amazon appstore when my LG G4 did a system update a couple of weeks ago. When I tried to open this app, my privacy flashlight app, my Cut the Rope 2 game app I was getting Internal Server Service errors and the apps would crash. The same apps would open fine when obtained through Play Store. So something is going on at the moment with the Amazon app and the system update that was sent around to some android phones two weeks ago. I ended up contacting the eWeather HD app developer directly, he sent the link via email and all has been well ever since. :)
I will wait a few weeks and try some other apps from the Amazon Appstore to see if things are corrected with regard to whatever the problem has been....I much prefer using Amazon's Appstore to using Play Store.
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on May 31, 2017
Several weather apps are available for free or for 99 cents. If all you want is temp and precip, they are fine. This one costs a bit more but it is far more comprehensive. It provides weather data for the past year, barometer predictions, radar and more, in great detail. This is for the person who is interested in all of the details or someone with nothing better to do with their time (I'm guilty).
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on March 30, 2016
There are a lot of ways to get your weather forecast, and over the past year I've come to make this app my first choice. Much better than anything else on Kindle, and I've come to certainly prefer it over the other apps available for my Apple and Windows devices.
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on April 1, 2015
When Elecont put their weather app on sale recently, I almost skipped it. I already had 12 paid weather apps and all were disappointing. They all lacked desired features and/or settings and instead of focusing on weather, they use a gimmick to catch customer's eye. 

This app has everything weather! With so many settings and features, I needed help and Elecont answered each question friendly, quickly, and completely. Excellent support! 

Seeing Elecont's quality, you will want their other weather app geared toward world weather, yet app can drill-down to local level. Both apps function similarly, are complimentary, and your primary needs will dictate which app you try first.

Only competition Elecont's weather app has is being buried in appstore by 80,000 other gimmicky, wannabe weather apps. Support, great layout, accuracy, and customization make this the best weather app created.

Elecont is a top tier developer that strives to put every setting needed to display weather as every unique customer desires their weather to be displayed. Elecont, you guys Rock!

I truly hope other developers learn how to create a complete app. Bye-Bye my 12 paid weather apps. I will not miss you (only my wasted money). 
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on November 2, 2016
For the last several months every time I open the app I get an error and the app closes! Very frustrating for a pay app!
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on April 7, 2016
I've had this app for over two years. It was 97% stable. The only problem I would have is when I would move in closer on the map. That problem started after a few updates.

I recently had to reset my kindle, wiping out everything and resetting to factory defaults. So I went back to Amazon and downloaded this app. It's not the same. It looks different. It has some similar looks. I've gone throughout all the different looks and I'm not seeing what I use to have. It use to look like the screen pictures here on Amazon. The clouds looked like clouds, not drawn from chalk or crayon.

Plus now the radar map locks up when I move in closer. I'm thinking this is no longer compatible with Kindle 8.9. I'm being forced to buy a Kindle upgrade to fire HD. This is unacceptable. I paid for a working app for Kindle 8.9. I should still be able to have access to the original or a refund.
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