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on February 4, 2015
We received a fake. This was confirmed by sending pictures directly to Griffin Tech Support. If you see one that is not full retail, assume it is not real. The package looked pretty good, though it didn't have a normal barcode on the back. We had trouble getting it on and off the ipad, which seemed suspicous. The quality of the molded rubber parts was awful. The little rubber knobs that should be flush inside the case stuck up quite a bit - like 1/4 inch. I called Griffin and they told me what parts to look at and asked for pics. They confirmed the fake and sent me a coupon to buy directly from them. We returned the fake and ordered a real one. Quite different, and easy to put on.
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on March 26, 2017
Let me start by saying I have bought a total of 10 I iPod/ ipad, and iPhone cases. I have a son who has seizures and can drop his electronics when he is seizing. This case does not perform as well as the otterbox defender hybrid. For example, my son dropped his iPad mini numerous times on the concrete in his otterbox defender case and his iPad is perfect. Not the same story with this Griffin case. He dropped it less than 2 ft on hardwood floor and it shattered the iPad screen! I am so disappointed in this case. The product information states that it will survive a six ft flat drop on concrete. I don't see how because it did not survive a flat 2 ft drop from his bed! For the money it is not worth the risk, get something else.

If you still aren't convinced here's another reason not to buy this case. If you are a parent or educator and you use guided access, forget it. This case has a very bulky home button which does not allow the triple click to work. I can't even double click the button to see the apps that are open. One last thing. As for it being sealed and dust proof... our case somehow has a crumb stuck under it! I s eriously doubt the stated claim about it being waterproof as well. Safe yourself some grief and get something better.
If I could give this a zero star I would!
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on July 27, 2012
I'm writing a review based on the information I was looking for when purchasing an iPad case!

I don't have my iPad here yet - it's being shipped NOT via Amazon, so the case got here much sooner than the iPad! But I have a 6-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a baby on the way, so I knew that even though I don't plan on letting them use my iPad much and even though I will teach them to be VERY careful with it, it would probably be a good idea to get some serious protection.

I debated (and debated!) between the Survivor, the Otterbox, the Gumdrop, and the Hard Candy Street Skin. I finally picked the Survivor based on the price and reviews. There were two things that concerned me about the Survivor: the size/weight, and the reviews that mentioned that the camera and speaker flaps didn't stay open, but it still felt like the best option. Just as I was about to order, I noticed one reviewer mentioning that there are two versions of the Survivor, and the NEWER version has hinges over the camera and speaker flaps, eliminating the problem with those being hard to use.

In looking at the sellers for the pink case, there were only two that would qualify for Prime shipping. One seller showed an all-pink case (and had lots of reviews) and this seller showed a pink and black case (and had only 4 reviews). But as I examined the pictures and the description on Griffin's own website, I had a hunch that the black and pink case seller was, in fact, selling the NEWER case even though it said it was selling the older case. I took a chance and ordered that one (well, THIS one!).

It arrived today (um, 20 hours after I ordered it...Amazon shipping is amazing...), and I was right! It IS the newer, updated 2012 case that Griffin is selling now (sku number GB35379, not GB02534, which is the older version).

So that may be good information to know!

As far as the case itself...I can't comment too much on functionality, since I don't actually have my iPad yet. It looks like it's crazy sturdy. I was concerned about the weight, and it DOES feel very heavy. If it weren't for my desire to protect the iPad from the kids, it would be too much. As it is, I'm still considering trading for the Hard Candy Street Skin, which looks like it's a little slimmer...but we'll see how I feel after I get to use the whole package.
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on April 20, 2012
This Griffin Survivor case proved its worth when I wiped out trying to catch a train here in Chicago. It was dark and I tripped on an asphalt hump that I did not see. I had my iPad2 in my hand and the thing flew probably 10 feet as I wiped out. The Griffin did its job. The iPad2 came out of the ordeal better than I did. I'm still limping from the ordeal but the iPad2 was just fine. Now if Griffin would only make a protective case for klutzy iPad2 owners !
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on August 15, 2016
Lasted 4 years and 7 months.
Now the plastic is deteriorating, but it's served it's purpose. Less than $10/year insurance is the way i look at it..
4 falls, that i can remember, on Tile from about 2-3 feet. One that bounced end over end, for about 12 feet. It never fell perfectly flat, but pretty close. I thought the IPAD was done for a few times.
Ipad in this Griffin case falling off tall bed on to carpet was an annoyance, rather than a worry.
***Nothing is going to be 100%, but compared to the rest, this is at the top.
Under 5 year old Kid spilled milk, juice and water on it. A few times i would carry it to the sink and dump the liquid that was collected on the screen.
BBQ finger, and other food smears not a big deal with this case. Most of the time, just take a wet wipe and clean the screen on the surface...maybe use a q-tip every now and then. I only took Ipad2 completely out of the case to clean, maybe a couple times a year.

- The bottom charger tab will not last long...but wasn't a problem for us.
- The picture quality will be deteriorated a little, but not too bad with the built in screen protector. Would not even notice until i took the Ipad out of the case to clean a couple times a year. Without this built in screen protector we would have a brick.
- When taking apart a few times a year to clean, I used a small flat tool to pry, which made it a piece of cake. I think i got apart the case with fingers once or twice, but much easier for me with small tool...maybe credit card would work too.

***i am looking today 8/15/2016 and all the cases except this one and KidsPr don't seem to protrude that far in the front, and have the included built in screen protector. With a screen protector that you stick on, it doesn't stop the liquid from getting around the corners.

I am probably going to give the KidsPr case a try, because it comes in different colors and the Pink one of this case doesn't have prime.
Here's a link to the one i am going to try out.

***Bye the way the Ipad 2 looks brand new, just a little bare while waiting for its new home.
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on November 1, 2015
This Griffin iPad 2 box is very similar to the Otter Box but at a fraction of the cost. It has spots for your cameras, volume buttons, the home button, and the speaker.

The only reason I didn't give the fifth star is because the speaker hole does not line up with the speaker which causes the sound to be muffled when turned up all of the way. I generally use headphones though so it's not a deal breaker for me.

I never worry about dropping my iPad since I have had it in the Griffin box because this case had rubbery corners, edges, and the back is also rubbery. I have dropped my iPad a few times and it has fallen a few times, and because of my Griffin box my iPad is just perfectly fine. It also comes with a "kickstand" type of thing that I didn't think I would use, but it is extremely handy!

I hope my review has been helpful.
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on June 23, 2012
I bought the griffin case for my iPad 2 and I have extremely happy with it. I have two small children and I felt I needed a case that would protect my new machine from possible dings, scratches or drops. The case adds a substantial layer of protection, without too much bulk, although there is some. The built in screen protector is great, and there is no interference in the use of the iPad screen. I actually find the typing and screen experience even a little more pleasant. It is slightly less slippery than using the glass directly. The stand works well and integrates with the case so it's not an extra piece that you need to carry around with you. The case keeps dust and debris out of the ports, but unlike the other Griffin case (defender) the tabs can just turn to the side and you can listen to the speaker or use the camera without worry. I only have 2 complaints and they are minor. On this case you cannot use the stand in the tall mode just horizontal, also it only comes in limited colors. I bought pink because I liked the color also the black inner band helps with viewing of the screen. However, I would have liked a few more choices. But as a protective case goes, I recommend it highly
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on August 31, 2013
Do me a favor, since the price is cheap, be prepared to return it if it is a counterfeit . Period .

In July 2013, I read this 1000-plus-review section extensively beforehand, bought an item at $36, and returned it in August 2013 . Putting myself in your shoes, if the price is so cheap and it works, then it should be fine . (a) Thinking of budget, it is good, because it is a rubber protection of any kind for our iPad . (b) Morally, purchase by purchase we are supporting counterfeit business in our Amazon community, which will be more prevalent over time and harder to tell it apart, 'cause they will be good at it and find ways around it to make good money for themselves . Ah, they rip people off, specifically the owner of this product patent . Comfortable ? They deny every single individual from truth for the accumulation of money henceforth for themselves . Wouldn't it be fun for them to list it cheap and say it is a counterfeit AND be honest about it, rather than hiding behind the real products like this ? (c) Thus, I was angry because our integrity in Amazon community is compromised by this counterfeit culture that breaks our trust . I will waste my time more when I buy things on Amazon in the future and HAVE TO check it so THOROUGHLY, beating my purpose of buying things online at Amazon to focus just on price and review . Do I need to focus now whether an item is genuine or counterfeiting ?? O. M. G. !! If you do not have enough resources to counter this, and need a good-looking protection of any kind for your ipad, this is worth it . I do not know that every item here is counterfeiting or not, since I sampled only 1 of thousands of copies of this item . I knew only what I got .

...Yesterday, I walked into the brick-and-mortar store (Bxxx Bxx) on 62nd Street with their AC run at full blast, I began to be happy, it had this survivor case on sale from $80 to be $64, so I bought it . What a difference . I am not sure it would protect better, but it felt different than the item I have returned on Amazon, the box, the sticker, the texture of the case, and the finish of the case itself, etc . Ah, the integrity . I cannot say that it is superior because we have different circumstances in this purchase...'cause like many of you I feel that $64 is still expensive regardless of reasons and $36 is cheap enough to buy it without thinking much...but the item feels different . Wow . I would not buy this item again on Amazon as aforementioned .

Our purchasing circumstances should be different but do me a favor, mark your return date, and think about it when the time approaches, whether to return it or not . Keep your shipping box and the item package for now to return, and then I think it is the best solution for this . It doesn't hurt to treat this item as the exception to our typical Amazon buying experience . With love to the community :)
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on November 5, 2012
The case adds probably double the weight of the ipad. My reason for buying the case was for the protection the extra weight is something you get use to.The stand is useless unless you are on a table or night stand. The weight and the stand are definate negatives with this case. But like I said my reason was protection . I have a 2 year old that loves the Ipad and knows where it is and how to get to her apps so protection beats out style and slim design everytime. I have had the otterbox version and truly believe the protection on this case is better. I dont make a habit of letting the baby drop it but she has droped it in the past and it survived just fine. Not willing to try the 6ft drop test but falling off a table or bed reall;y shouldnt be much of a problem. My case that shipped had some minor defects or imperfections, the protective screen was scratch a little but no problem the 2 year old cant tell and it didnt affect the part of the screen that you actuallu look at. If your wondering can you leave your currently installed screen protector on ? The answer is yes without any problems no bubbles no watermarks. Another downside is the corners of the case dont sit flush on the screen so the corners require alittle extra pushing for the screen to register your touch. I could have been more critical and give it less stars because it shipped with a minor scratch on the screen and the stand sucks and the screen protector requires alittle extra touch but to be honest the case protects well so to me the minor stuff is kinda a wash.
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on September 25, 2014
I got this case on Dec 12th 2012. So it's almost 2 years old now. It's been protecting my iPad 3 all this time. It does a good job of protecting my iPad. It's Plastic interior with the rubber going around it. It also has a built in screen protector that does work really nice. I bring my ipad to work every day. I'm using it up on the Roof to access to computer a couple stories down that controls all the Refrigeration and freezer units. Much better to check something then having to climb all the way down and then backup again.

The only thing I'm now really a fan of is the covers for the Camera and speaker, etc because they can be a pain to get open and they generally don't like to lock into the slots to stay open so they tend to pop back close for the most part. I don't have any ripping of the rubber. It's help up well and has protected my iPad. At first before the case, I had it in one of Amazon's Rubber type carry cases. In fact it's this one at this link!

The problem is after owning my iPad for a couple weeks as I got out of my truck and just started walking down the walkway, the handle slipped from my hand. It didn't drop more then a couple feet, but it landed on the corner and the iPad actually cut a small hole into the case and it did damage my iPad right there just a bit. That's when I decided to get this Griffin Case. I still have that Amazon case and I still stick my iPad into the case when I bring it around from place to place, but it's also always in the Griffin case. Unless my iPad falls from a good height and lands on a pointed thing in the middle of the screen just right, this case looks like it can take some beating. There's extra thick rubber on the corners and even on the long sides on on the back.

Mine also came with a Plastic stand to stand up. It only works in one position. You can take it completely off if you want. I've had mine off for most of it's life, but recently have put it on and left it on. I rate this case a 7.5 out of 10. Most of the issues again is the rubber covered ports.
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