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on June 15, 2017
The MacBook is a great product. However, I guess I should have done more research. I got a great package- i7, Solid State hard drive, the works. However, not long after the 30 day "return period" it has become completely unusable. I found out after a trip to the Apple Store that the GPU has failed. Apparently this is common for this particular model, but Apple is no longer replacing them for free. Apple's solution is a new logic card since it is attached to it. The seller Laptop Jacks has only offered for me to purchase the very expensive part and then ship it back to them to install. While I can't prove it, I know there is a process called re-flowing which will get the GPU to work again, but it is generally a pretty temporary fix. I believe that might have been done to sell this computer. It also came with an unusable charger that was held together with electric tape. So, I've basically lost my money unless Amazon can do something about it. Buyer beware.
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on April 30, 2017
We bought this refurbished laptop for our daughter thinking that she can used it for couple years or so. Bleeeepppp....8 months later it stop working, we found out that mother board is bad and that all parts in that machine are in very bad shape and most of them even RUSTED. Yes RUSTED. I don't think anyone should be selling anything that RUSTED for $500-$600, box full of rusted parts its not cool at all, its absolutely unexceptionable and it would be reported .
Don't waste your time and money on buying product from this company !!!
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on December 26, 2016
Got this as a Christmas gift for my son, he absolutely LOVES it!! Shipping was the best I've ever seen, the MacBook was beyond protected with amazing packing! Customer service was awesome. I had a quick question, they told me what to do and bam its perfect. My son is a huge fan of youtube and Minecraft, both of which he said are perfect. He's an Apple boy so he loves the way it maneuvers and all the options it has! Great computer! :)
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on December 14, 2012
This is my first Mac book. I love it. The battery life is great, starts up quick, shuts down fast, the screen is sharp, the sound quality is really good, and I am sold on the aluminum body.
The reason I switched to Apple is because I owned a Iphone for a few years, and one day i realized that i can use my phone better than i can use a windows computer. I thought to myself that if Apple can make a phone this good, imagine how good their laptop computers must be. Sure enough i ordered one, and had no regrets.
I was in the military then, and deployed to Afghanistan, I took my Macbook with me. It survived the harsh environment. A lot of my friends who owned Windows laptops were having issues off and on, or their laptops just stopped working. My Mac book Pro has not skipped a beat. This computer is one of the best investments i ever made.

Cons: My computer gets pretty hot sometimes, and the fan can get loud.

I would still recommend this computer to friends and family.
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on May 14, 2013
I've had a lot of MacBooks(6+) and this is the one I've decided to keep. I swapped the HD for a Samsung 830 SSD and everything loads so fast, it's like using an iPad or iPhone. The resolution is a little low, but colors are vibrant and the workspace is acceptable for writing and webpage viewing. The speakers sound great for such a thin laptop, with vibrant warm sound. The video card (AMD 6750m) lets you play games such as Diablo 3 at native resolution and high details, while the integrated graphics(Intel HD 3000) handle office work with ease and increase battery life and decrease heat versus the AMD card. I usually see 5+ hours web browsing, and I know I could see more than that by turning down the keyboard backlight and display brightness. The trackpad gestures make scrolling and backtracking through content easy, as well as allowing better window management than Windows(imagine that!).
I would recommend this laptop to anyone looking for a powerful everyday notebook, that's light enough to carry everyday, but without Microsoft's Windows annoyances(popup alerts, scamware, antivirus updates).
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on April 4, 2012
overall im loving this macbook pro so far. i even did my first school project on it (im in an adult high school program at my local community college) and found the ability to have multiple home screens (such as with linux) a great help, and the fact that mac's have the added benefit of being able to run virtually any software a school would require is great.

ive tried the computer out for wow and beathazard already and found the performance astounding for the specs (namely graphics card) of the machine. my only gripes would be the trackpads built in mouse (ive already ordered, from amazon, the logitech bluetooth mouse that is listed on apples website) and the graphics card, as well as the screen resolution. for $2000 i would have expected 1080p resolution (though i did know before hand that its only 1440x900...but still) and at least a 6950 graphics card (lets be honest...a 6770 is the ultimate budget card and 2000 dollars is a lot of money).

for an overall impression im extremely impressed with this product, and it is also my very first apple product ever owned, so im still super excited. i have noticed the battery drains rather quickly even with the screen and keyboard backlights dimmed without running itunes or anything really except for firefox to write this not sure what i can do in order to up the battery life or if its just like that (though its supposed to get 7 hours of battery while browsing the web, no games included...hmm ill be calling the apple store tomorrow about this.)

ANYWAY! thanks for reading and i hope this has helped out immensely, thanks for your time and i highly recommend this product or a higher level of it! :)
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on May 25, 2013
The macbook pro is almost everything I hoped for. Great design quality and screen. Very comfortable keyboard, and OS X mostly just works. There are a few annoyances though:

1. The fan kicks in and is very loud under relatively little load. This doesn't seem to be unique to my laptop, my coworkers who own the same model report the same issue. Unfortunately, it is so loud it can be heard when talking to someone on the phone by the person at the other end.

2. The battery life is terrible. 2-3 hours max. Again, not unique to my laptop. It's more of a portable desktop than something that can be used unplugged.

3. The hard drive performance is terrible. IU don't recall my intel mac mini being dog slow. As my macbook has 16GB RAM and there was nothing else running this is disk related. After about 6 months of frustration at an awesome machine being crippled by the disk I upgraded to a WD Scorpion Black a couple of days ago. Night and day difference.

I'd certainly buy another macbook pro, it's a great machine.
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on April 4, 2017
This product broke after one month of using it. The charging port stopped working. Not worth $650.
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on March 30, 2012
Apple continues to impress me now with their MacBook Pro. I'm a die hard Windows user, but I decided months ago to continue migrating to Apple. I started with the first iPad, then an iMac 27, and now the laptop. I bought the basic 15" model, but instead or paying Apple prices for memory and storage upgrades, I bought a package thru Amazon and saved $$$$. It took about an hour overall, including the time to clone the original mechanical hard drive onto a solid state drive. I followed the instructions, and upgraded RAM from 4GB to 8GB. paid $39 instead of $400 to Apple, even though I own Apple shares. Anyway the machine screams now. Boot up is amazing. Fetching a document, or starting a program is almost instantly, like using the iPad. I will never go back. Watch Amazon, though. They dropped the price of the SSD $65 a few days after I bought it. Their policy is that you do not get the price reduction. Frustrating!
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on July 29, 2012
This is perfect time to start buying a MacBook Pro. Just like the stock market this is a buying time for this product. The new ones are so over priced and over powered that you don't all that power unless your in an industry that demands it. This laptop does everything I need and more. I have also modified it to have two hard drives and run two operating systems. The iCore 7 dishes out anything I throw at and the 8gb of RAM supports it. When I modded my Mac I added an SSD drive which just made it just as good as those over priced new ones. This model is a early 2011 and its byfar still top of the line. And yes you can game with it.The video card in these Mac's are perfect for some mid-range gaming. You might get away with playing Crysis2 if you set it up right. This is my first Mac and I know it will last me a long time. Make sure you look for a used one in good condition and communicate with the seller so that you know what you are getting into. Once again, if you have always been in the market for a Mac, now is the time. Look for someone that is trying to get ride of their current one for a new one. They have no idea how much money they are really throwing away. For a regular PC owner these Macs' will last you a long time.
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