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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 23, 2012
I've owned an HP color LaserJet for quite some time now, but the only problem is that is streaks. Something is wrong with the fuser/toner cartridges and despite me getting a local printer/copier technician to look at it, he thinks it can't be fixed. Not wanting to spend any more money trying to get it repaired, I'm just holding onto it until the toner runs out.

But recently, my my wife is planning on going back to college. Back to college means writing papers, printing out stuff, and all that jazz and she needed a printer that didn't have a huge streak going down each sheet. On top of that, she wanted a printer that was capable of copying/scanning. Having procrastinated for a while now, I did notice that another Canon Pixma (PIXMA MG6220) was the Gold Box Deal of the Day. That printer retailed $199.99 but was on sale for $59.99. Instead of pulling the trigger on it, I decided to wait until she woke up. Unfortunately, that printer sold out lightning fast. When I checked back, some kind of Toshiba laptop was the replacement product. She was upset, but told me to keep an eye out for another deal. Luckily, I checked Amazon that night and saw this printer (PIXMA MG5320) replaced that Toshiba laptop. The only difference is that it was the model down and was $2 cheaper. Not willing to lose out on it, I pulled the trigger.

Comparing the whitepaper documents on the MG5320 vs the MG6220 I lost out on earlier that day, they seem to do the EXACT same thing (print speeds, DPI, duplex printing, etc) with the exception of 4 things:
1) 5 individual inks vs 6 individual inks (the MG6220 has the gray cartridge)
2) a non-touch screen vs touch screen (big whoop)
3) No Ethernet (WiFi Only) vs Ethernet + WiFi (oh no)
4) No Google Cloud Print Ready vs Google Cloud Print Ready (I have easily bypassed this to make it available on my printer).

So for 3 out of 4 functions missing, was it worth $2 (gold box price difference)? Yes. Is it worth $50 price difference (if you bought it retail)? Probably not.

From unboxing to setup completion, it took me about 35 minutes. That setup includes removing all the tape/wrapping, putting in the ink cartridges in, powering it on, connecting it to my PC via USB, and then running the calibration steps required before actual printing. Since I connected it via USB, I have Windows 7 and it automatically recognized the printer and set it up for me. Of course, my wife likes having those diagnostic tools/software that comes with printers, so I installed that on my computer. I will say it's not as bad as past software/tools from previous printers I owned (Lexmark & HP). It's less bulky and the software is less intrusive. It's less "bloatware" than other bloatware drivers that usually accompany printers.

As long as you have Wifi in your home, setting it up is a breeze. All you need to know is your wifi network's SSID and the password. That's it. Type those in correctly and it will join your network and allows you to utilize Google Cloud Printing, Airprinting, printing over the network.

In terms of printing you have the option of regular paper (on the bottom tray) or photo paper (on the top tray). There is a CD tray for printing onto CD/DVDs/etc (you must have a printable CD-R/DVD-R). So as long as you buy those disc, you never have to buy one of those label stickers.

Printing on plain paper (I just use generic copier paper for my HP Laserjet) is as good as printing with an inkjet gets. If you're wanting crisper text, you need to invest in paper that doesn't bleed as much. Remember, I'm going from a laser printer (which fuses toner) to an inkjet that sprays ink onto paper. Obviously my Laserjet looks crisper, but I can fix that by getting higher quality paper.

Photo printing is awesome. With the printer came a sample pack of about 10 4 x 6 sheets. If you're wondering what it is specifically, it is the Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II, 4 x 6 Inches, 100 Sheets (2311B023). Having printed photos dozens of times at CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart, the quality of the photos are as good as ones you get professionally done. HOWEVER, there are a few things I need to point out.
1. This printer is a 9600 maximum dpi printer. The higher the dpi when you print photos on photo quality paper, the higher the detail.
2. When you print photos, you need EXCELLENT quality photos AKA straight from the digital camera or high megapixel camera. My wife tried to print a couple photos she pulled from Facebook. They looked absolutely horrible due to the compression that Facebook does by default unless you check the option to upload in high resolution. This option is *ONLY* available on Facebook's webpage. The mobile versions do not allow you to do this. Because of that, the majority of floating facebook photos out there are not in high quality. Again, the artifacts (square blocks, uneven colors/detail) from compression (like the photos on facebook) will be very very visible when you print on high resolution and/or photo paper.

Other printing features (such as templates) are bundled in the application (on the setup CD) and also on built into the printer itself. Such templates include the following: calendars, photo albums, lined papers (such as notebook paper, graph paper, checklist paper, agendas, etc).

Google Cloud Print - This is fairly a new technology and even myself, a frequent user of Google technologies, rarely use this. I just don't see it as useful to print to my home printer when I'm not home unless I really needed something printed. Regardless, this model printer says it doesn't support Google Cloud Print, but there are ways around it if you set it up on your Google account. Of course by doing that, you have to leave your PC on and always connected to the Internet.

Apple Airprint - Having 2 iPhones and an iPad in the house, printing from the Apple devices makes printing more accessible. Because this printer supports Airprint, it automatically shows up on your Apple devices as long as you set up the PIXMA printer on your local home network AND your Apple devices are on the same network.

Scanning is pretty good. We scanned a couple photographs just to test and it seemed to be good quality. It's really easy.
Copying is a snap. You put the document on the scanner, close the lid, and then press to either copy in black or color. Not much easier than that.

Not sure if they were engineered this way (I've seen other Canon printers in the past do this), but by default, regardless of if you print in black only (say a report for school), black colors come from mixing your color cartidges together. So when you read reviews that this is an INK HOG, it's because those reviewers don't know how to set up the printer. Actually I blame this with Canon, because the average consumer would not realize this. To remove it, it's a hassle, but it's a major step if you want to save $$$ on ink. I will attempt to put the link directly here BUT, Amazon removes external links. The link is here: [...]
If this is the case, then just go to Canon's website. Look for the PIXMA printer and then go to Support. Type in "black" in the support search box and the document you want to look for is "Print using black ink only". Long story short, to turn it off, it's a combination of two settings:
1. Media Type must ALWAYS be Plain Paper. Otherwise you'll use up all your colors to make up black.
2. Grayscale Printing must be enabled.
That's it.

Lastly, I would suggest you not turn this printer off and NOT use the power save feature. When you do, it goes through the standard cycle of cleaning the heads and prepping the printer for print. EVERYTIME the printer does this, it wastes a little bit of ink. So you have to ask your self, do you want to save on electricity or do you want to save on ink (remember ink is about $45 - $50 a pack unless you want to buy them individually for $13 - $14 each). Of course there are 3rd party ink cartridges, but I haven't blown through my original set yet, so time will tell.
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on December 16, 2016
The was a class action that closed in Sept 2015. These printers are defective and canon knows it. It will get an U052 error and never work again. It has been going on since at least 2011 according to the complaints in canon's forum. Here is the biggest complaint forum with 129 pages of complaints on this error. [...] There was a class action lawsuit that looks like it was settled in 2015 led by Federman and Sherwood. [...] but all the links to claim a settlement are dead [...]
Do not purchase any of these models! All of the following were part of the class action.

iP3600, iP4700, iP4820, iP4920, iX6520, iX7000, MG5120, MG5220, MG5320, MG6120, MG6220, MG8120, MG8220, MP500, MP530, MP560, MP600, MP610, MP620, MP640, MP730, MP800, MP960, MP970, MP990, MX700, MX712, MX850, MX860, MX870, MX882, MX892, MX7600, PRO9000MKII and PRO9500MKII.
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on November 8, 2011
After reading all there is to read about wireless printers/scanners, I finally decided to purchase the Canon Pixma MG5320 from Amazon. We have both Macs and PCs at home and it was easy enough to install the drivers on all of them (including a Macbook Air which has no dvd driver.) In order to use the system wireless, you do not need a usb cable. USB cable is only needed to directly connect the printer to a computer. For the wireless set up, you type in your wireless information to the printer by using its own screen and the wheel and once your printer is on your wireless network, all you need to do is download the drivers for the printer and scanner to the computers you want to use the printer with. I set up the printer in the same room with the wireless router and had no problems with signal strength no matter where I am in our 3 story brick house. I printed documents from my laptop/macbook even from the patio.
The quality of regular prints are great. However, I did not try printing any photographs yet. Also, scanning a document using the software that came with the printer was very easy. When I needed to scan a sales receipt, it did a good job of recognizing the size of the paper and scanned accordingly.
The printer has a set up where you can choose when it should turn itself off. Since we do not print a lot, I set up the timer for 30 minutes. I noticed that the printer sometimes turns itself off in 30 minutes sometimes it stays on for hours at an end. I do not know if this is a bug in my printer or if they all come with a similar problem. However, it is not a significant problem to return the printer for me. I just check it from time to time to make sure it is not on, if nobody is using it. The start up cycle is quite fast so it is not an issue to turn the printer on if I know I have a printing/scanning job.
So far, we have been happy with the performance and ease of use of this all-in-one. I will update regarding the ink performance when I have more data.
Update 11/29/11:
I noticed that some websites such as USPS do not work well with this printer (using the printers software to print) if you are using Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser. However, they work just fine with internet explorer/safari.
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on January 25, 2016
I have had this printer for almost three years now and it has been nothing but trouble from day one. I did a lot of research before buying this particular Cannon and based on many reviews I took a chance although it was against my better judgement. I don't use a printer very often, but when I do I expect it to work. Two main complaints; First it cleans the heads way to often which uses up tons of ink and if you're in a hurry to print something you have to wait until it goes through it's cleaning process. So sit back and enjoy the printer at work. Secondly; If just one cartridge runs out of ink it WILL NOT PRINT anything even if you just want to print in black. I might add; Try buying OEM ink and see what it costs and notice how long it lasts. Also, the picture quality in far from good compared to other printers I have owned. The bottom line is I have dealt with these problems far too long now and I'm throwing in the towel and will go back to H.P. or another brand. I will never purchase another Cannon Printer of any sort again.
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on May 7, 2017
Have had our printer for 4 years or so before we also as many others got the b200 error. Do a quick google search and you will see this is a common issue. There are some youtube videos describing the fix, however as others and I have found out they do not work. Seriously look it up...

Before the B200 error malfunction the print quality was good. However.... sometimes the printer took a long time to start a print job (kept cleaning ink heads and/or roller over and over before finally starting print job (another common complaint of this printer...). Also was an ink hog (another common complaint....).

I originally bought because of the good reviews on printing quality. I did see some people complain of speed and ink hog... was not aware of the b200 error problem until it happened to me. Probably will not buy another canon because of this common error malfunction.
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on January 25, 2014
My Pixma, just over a year old, started with the infamous B200 error. I contacted Canon, joined 2 separate webforums/pages to get service or a solution and was ignored.

I would expect Canon to identify that they have a MAJOR error with this unit. Additionally, Canon should identify that MY money is spent on their products because I believe(d) that they were reputable. Shame on Canon for their stance on this matter.

I would add that I am personally DIRECTLY responsible for thousands of dollars of Canon merchandise over the years in the camera area of Canon. Many many people followed MY lead with your SD1000 cameras as well.

This has been a wake-up call.

Perhaps this is why your share prices have been slumping since 2011.

Get it together and I will remain a loyal customer, but you REALLY have to do better than what you are doing now. Shameful.
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on May 7, 2015
Worked great and then came up with error U052 which disabled all of the printers functions... after doing some research, I discovered Canon is in the middle of a class action lawsuit involving 18 printer models (including the MG5320) that all eventually come up with this error and Canon knew about it... if it's out of warranty (1 year) then you're out of luck so don't buy this printer!!! I contacted Canon when the error came up and they told me I'd need a new printer.
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on November 8, 2011
This is an excellent all in one printer. Many options. Nice that it is wireless. Doesn't have to be in same room and can easily accommodate more than one computer. Ability to duplex print saves paper. I have owned Canon printers in past and did not hesitate to purchase this one. Haven't printed photos yet, but since its same mechanics as my previous printer I can expect photographic quality. Nice addition for me is the scanner built into it. Don't have to drag out big scanner when needed. Easy installation, just run CD and its up and running. I recommend this highly..
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on February 26, 2013
After losing my trusted little HP Inkjet 3910 to old age and hard use, I went shopping for a new printer that would be economical on ink and do what I want it to do. The first printer I bought locally I was very unhappy with. I decided to see what Amazon had to offer so looked at several models and read lots of reviews. I decided to order this Canon Pixma printer. I have never owned a Canon product before so this was new territory for me.

The printer arrived in less than a week, like 2 business days into the week after ordering it on a Saturday and with a national holiday on Monday--so surprised by the speedy delivery! When I finally had time to set it up--just a week after ordering it--set up was quick and simple. It took less than an hour, much less, to get it up and running, the printer program installed on our computer, and wireless humming along. Very pleased!

Since then, I have to say that I am convinced that I made the right decision in ordering this printer. It works like a charm. Prints quietly and fast enough for my needs. I love having the two separate paper trays and that the rear paper tray stays folded up and closed when not needed. It's not too difficult to figure out how to use the on-printer controls if you are using it as a copier. I'm really liking that little pop-up screen on the top of the printer! Everything I've asked it to print so far has come out great. It had no problem feeding or printing my 90# cardstock sheets (I used one of the photo paper settings for that).

I haven't printed a whole bunch of scrapbook papers yet--I love to print out digital scrapbook papers to use in my card making--so I can't say what kind of mileage the ink cartridges will give me, but I've already priced replacements on Amazon and they're cheap enough that I can afford to print out my own scrapbook papers. Yea!

I am tempted to order a second printer just to have on hand in the event that I wear out this one. I am one VERY happy customer and have no regrets about purchasing this product. I definitely recommend it for the home or small business user.
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on July 26, 2014
What a piece of junk. It didn't even last one year. I never did get around to printing any photos, so it isn't like I used it a lot. Once a Canon product is off warranty, they want to charge you for tech support, and there the only repair station in Denver is about 20 miles away.
I replaced a print cartridge and got a message B200, which means there is something wrong inside the printer. I trusted this brand so I bought lots of print cartridges. The whole lot is going right into the trash. I will again hook up my old HP printer that I have had for years. I thought this Canon would be better.
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