Customer Reviews: Canon PIXMA MG5320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5291B019)
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on November 5, 2011
This is an awesome printer that has everything I'm looking for in a printer at a great price point when you can get it on sale (which it is currently). This printer works perfectly right out of the box, I was able to quickly join it to my wireless-n network (only works with 2.4ghz by the way) and my Lion-enabled Macbook Pro quickly discovered the printer and downloaded and installed the driver. The only thing you will need a USB cable for is firmware updates. Out of the box, the printer does have an older firmware, and if you want to be able to Airprint from your iPhone or iPad you need to update the firmware. Once you do the firmware, which is a quick and easy process, you can easily print from your iPhone or iPad, as long as they are on the same wireless network as the printer, they will auto discover it and you can print right to the printer! Look Ma! No Wires!! One thing to note about this printer, when you hook up the USB cable and do the firmware upgrade, for some reason after you unplug the cable, the Mac doesn't go back to using it wirelessly, I had to go into printers, remove it, and then add it back in. No biggie, it quickly found it on the network and re-added it - no driver installing or downloading required.

I am a DJ so I needed the CD Printing so I can make professional demos for prospective clients, and it works perfectly. It comes with software that lets you print CD's. The software is pretty basic and doesn't have a lot of templates, but it gets the job done, and I was able to quickly print out onto a printable CD-R. A few things to note here. One reviewer complained about lining up the tray. The slot for the tray fits the tray perfect, so you don't have to worry about that. There's a little line in the slot, and a line on the tray. You do need to make sure they line up perfectly or it will print the label a little high or a little low depending on how you line it up. I think with practice you'll probably be a pro after a couple of tries, but I don't think the reviewer is very fair in saying that it's a huge drawback to the cd printing, I was able to print a label that was only about 1/4" too high on my first try.

Photo printing is flawless. The printer came with two 5 packs of 4x5 photo paper. I was able to easily print a photo from iPhoto that looked pretty good. I'm not a professional photographer so I can't give you an accurate review of the actual picture quality, but it was impressive enough that I feel I could use it to make gifts for family and friends during the holidays.

One drawback I've found is if you don't use the printer often, it does take a long time to print the first page. I think this is common for most ink jet printers, it has to go through some priming/cleaning/etc of the print head before it prints the first page out after a long period of inactivity. I'm only speaking to photos, I think black and white text print outs are a little faster on first print then pictures are.

Another pro about this printer is that when you're not using it, it's completely sealed. The front of the printer closes, which keeps all the dust bunnies out! And the coolest thing of all is that the lid automatically opens whenever you print something. The printer is also "eco friendly" which means that it has auto power off functionality. I have it set to 15 minutes and it shuts off when I'm not using it. I do have to manually power it back on when I print, but I like the idea of saving electricity so it's no biggie.

Other cool stuff I've found, you can print a copy of cd labels right from the printer without using a computer. You just take the CD you want to copy (i.e. a movie or an audio cd) and put it on the scanner and it will scan the CD cover and print it right on the printable CD-R without having to use the computer!

Like most reviewers have said, the paper tray is pretty small so it doesn't hold a lot of paper, but that helps to keep the printer compact. It doesn't take up a lot of space, it fits perfectly on top of my Container Store Elfa file drawer. I like though how the paper tray is a REAL tray that slides out so you can fill it back up with papers. A lot of the other brands just have a place to "slide" the paper in, and not an actual tray.

This printer is great, you'll be happy you made the switch from all those other brands. I had an HP Photosmart before this, and it died after less then 2 years of using it (wouldn't even power on even though the power supply was good). HP wouldn't even give me the time of day, they tried to sell me a cheap replacement printer as part of their "trade up" program, that cost more then this Canon one and had half the features.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 21, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Out of the box, this is a sharp looking unit with its high-gloss black finish and flush folding LCD screen and paper tray. It looks great in the home office and is designed to complete basic printing and scanning tasks. After using the printer for about a month, it seems like it can complete the tasks that would be expected by most home users with the added bonus of being wireless right out of the box.

This is what we like about the printer:

1.Easy set-up: The set-up is straightforward and easy with the included CD. The printer connected to our secured wireless network with no problems and the software was installed quickly on two laptops, again, with no difficulties. The Easy-Photo-Print Android app also was installed with no problem on an HTC EVO 3D and was free to download from the market. It took about thirty minutes to get the product out of the box and set up on a computer.

2. Print quality is good: We printed a couple of photos using the printer and the color is good for the most part. We found lighter colors (tan, cream, beige, light pink) to be somewhat off. Don't use this copier to make up for professional printers if you need photos printed as gifts that incorporate these light colors. Printing black and white documents in draft mode does not really sacrifice quality. We were impressed that documents printed in draft mode were relatively crisp in appearance. I feel completely comfortable printing professional documents (resumes, reports) with the draft mode.

3. Great looking: As noted, this is a sleek black printer that fits into the design of the home office.

4. Scanning feature is so convenient: A person can eliminate a lot of paper in the office by utilizing the printer's scanner. I regularly scan resumes, recipes, and receipts and then .pdf these documents for easy sharing with others and my own reference.

Some gripes:

1.Will need cleaned frequently: The gloss and color of this piece of equipment means that finger prints and dust are easily seen.

2.Paper tray is a bit small: The paper tray should have been a little larger in its capacity. Admittedly, the capacity (which is a little less than 100 pages) is probably not atypical for a printer within this price range and for this printer's intended use and should be more than adequate for casual use and the home office.

3.Cartridges: One of the largest gripes people have about printers typically relate to the cartridges. A total of four small color cartridges, and one large black, feed the printer. Canon sells the four smaller cartridges in packs and, at time of this writing, can be found for forty-five to fifty dollars. To buy, go here: Canon PGI-225 BK/ CLI-226 C,M,Y 4 Pack Value Pack (4530B008) in Retail Packaging. The smaller cartridges purchased alone are about thirteen dollars, which can be purchased here: Canon CLI-226 Magenta Ink Tank (4548B001),Canon CLI-226 Cyan Ink Tank (4547B001), and Canon CLI-226 Yellow Ink Tank (4549B001).

4.Printing speed: While print quality is good, the speed is not great. A photo takes 20-25 seconds. A black and white page in draft quality can take eight seconds. Initial pages in a set can take longer to print after the printer is first turned on. Again, this is probably not atypical for a printer within this price range.

Overall, this printer gives you exactly what it promises. The product's specific features are well laid out in the product description listed on Amazon. Succinctly, however, this is an easy to use and easy to install, wireless home printer/copier/scanner. This printer accomplishes basic tasks that would be required of it in a non-professional home office/casual use environment. This printer seems to be a safe buy that should offer reliable and hassle-free home service.

This product is made in Thailand.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 23, 2012
I've owned an HP color LaserJet for quite some time now, but the only problem is that is streaks. Something is wrong with the fuser/toner cartridges and despite me getting a local printer/copier technician to look at it, he thinks it can't be fixed. Not wanting to spend any more money trying to get it repaired, I'm just holding onto it until the toner runs out.

But recently, my my wife is planning on going back to college. Back to college means writing papers, printing out stuff, and all that jazz and she needed a printer that didn't have a huge streak going down each sheet. On top of that, she wanted a printer that was capable of copying/scanning. Having procrastinated for a while now, I did notice that another Canon Pixma (PIXMA MG6220) was the Gold Box Deal of the Day. That printer retailed $199.99 but was on sale for $59.99. Instead of pulling the trigger on it, I decided to wait until she woke up. Unfortunately, that printer sold out lightning fast. When I checked back, some kind of Toshiba laptop was the replacement product. She was upset, but told me to keep an eye out for another deal. Luckily, I checked Amazon that night and saw this printer (PIXMA MG5320) replaced that Toshiba laptop. The only difference is that it was the model down and was $2 cheaper. Not willing to lose out on it, I pulled the trigger.

Comparing the whitepaper documents on the MG5320 vs the MG6220 I lost out on earlier that day, they seem to do the EXACT same thing (print speeds, DPI, duplex printing, etc) with the exception of 4 things:
1) 5 individual inks vs 6 individual inks (the MG6220 has the gray cartridge)
2) a non-touch screen vs touch screen (big whoop)
3) No Ethernet (WiFi Only) vs Ethernet + WiFi (oh no)
4) No Google Cloud Print Ready vs Google Cloud Print Ready (I have easily bypassed this to make it available on my printer).

So for 3 out of 4 functions missing, was it worth $2 (gold box price difference)? Yes. Is it worth $50 price difference (if you bought it retail)? Probably not.

From unboxing to setup completion, it took me about 35 minutes. That setup includes removing all the tape/wrapping, putting in the ink cartridges in, powering it on, connecting it to my PC via USB, and then running the calibration steps required before actual printing. Since I connected it via USB, I have Windows 7 and it automatically recognized the printer and set it up for me. Of course, my wife likes having those diagnostic tools/software that comes with printers, so I installed that on my computer. I will say it's not as bad as past software/tools from previous printers I owned (Lexmark & HP). It's less bulky and the software is less intrusive. It's less "bloatware" than other bloatware drivers that usually accompany printers.

As long as you have Wifi in your home, setting it up is a breeze. All you need to know is your wifi network's SSID and the password. That's it. Type those in correctly and it will join your network and allows you to utilize Google Cloud Printing, Airprinting, printing over the network.

In terms of printing you have the option of regular paper (on the bottom tray) or photo paper (on the top tray). There is a CD tray for printing onto CD/DVDs/etc (you must have a printable CD-R/DVD-R). So as long as you buy those disc, you never have to buy one of those label stickers.

Printing on plain paper (I just use generic copier paper for my HP Laserjet) is as good as printing with an inkjet gets. If you're wanting crisper text, you need to invest in paper that doesn't bleed as much. Remember, I'm going from a laser printer (which fuses toner) to an inkjet that sprays ink onto paper. Obviously my Laserjet looks crisper, but I can fix that by getting higher quality paper.

Photo printing is awesome. With the printer came a sample pack of about 10 4 x 6 sheets. If you're wondering what it is specifically, it is the Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II, 4 x 6 Inches, 100 Sheets (2311B023). Having printed photos dozens of times at CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart, the quality of the photos are as good as ones you get professionally done. HOWEVER, there are a few things I need to point out.
1. This printer is a 9600 maximum dpi printer. The higher the dpi when you print photos on photo quality paper, the higher the detail.
2. When you print photos, you need EXCELLENT quality photos AKA straight from the digital camera or high megapixel camera. My wife tried to print a couple photos she pulled from Facebook. They looked absolutely horrible due to the compression that Facebook does by default unless you check the option to upload in high resolution. This option is *ONLY* available on Facebook's webpage. The mobile versions do not allow you to do this. Because of that, the majority of floating facebook photos out there are not in high quality. Again, the artifacts (square blocks, uneven colors/detail) from compression (like the photos on facebook) will be very very visible when you print on high resolution and/or photo paper.

Other printing features (such as templates) are bundled in the application (on the setup CD) and also on built into the printer itself. Such templates include the following: calendars, photo albums, lined papers (such as notebook paper, graph paper, checklist paper, agendas, etc).

Google Cloud Print - This is fairly a new technology and even myself, a frequent user of Google technologies, rarely use this. I just don't see it as useful to print to my home printer when I'm not home unless I really needed something printed. Regardless, this model printer says it doesn't support Google Cloud Print, but there are ways around it if you set it up on your Google account. Of course by doing that, you have to leave your PC on and always connected to the Internet.

Apple Airprint - Having 2 iPhones and an iPad in the house, printing from the Apple devices makes printing more accessible. Because this printer supports Airprint, it automatically shows up on your Apple devices as long as you set up the PIXMA printer on your local home network AND your Apple devices are on the same network.

Scanning is pretty good. We scanned a couple photographs just to test and it seemed to be good quality. It's really easy.
Copying is a snap. You put the document on the scanner, close the lid, and then press to either copy in black or color. Not much easier than that.

Not sure if they were engineered this way (I've seen other Canon printers in the past do this), but by default, regardless of if you print in black only (say a report for school), black colors come from mixing your color cartidges together. So when you read reviews that this is an INK HOG, it's because those reviewers don't know how to set up the printer. Actually I blame this with Canon, because the average consumer would not realize this. To remove it, it's a hassle, but it's a major step if you want to save $$$ on ink. I will attempt to put the link directly here BUT, Amazon removes external links. The link is here: [...]
If this is the case, then just go to Canon's website. Look for the PIXMA printer and then go to Support. Type in "black" in the support search box and the document you want to look for is "Print using black ink only". Long story short, to turn it off, it's a combination of two settings:
1. Media Type must ALWAYS be Plain Paper. Otherwise you'll use up all your colors to make up black.
2. Grayscale Printing must be enabled.
That's it.

Lastly, I would suggest you not turn this printer off and NOT use the power save feature. When you do, it goes through the standard cycle of cleaning the heads and prepping the printer for print. EVERYTIME the printer does this, it wastes a little bit of ink. So you have to ask your self, do you want to save on electricity or do you want to save on ink (remember ink is about $45 - $50 a pack unless you want to buy them individually for $13 - $14 each). Of course there are 3rd party ink cartridges, but I haven't blown through my original set yet, so time will tell.
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on May 15, 2012
I've had the Canon Pixma MG5320 for several months. I am extremely pleased with how easy it is to scan, copy, and print for standard home use, with excellent quality plain paper prints made - especially for the price. The photos that we've printed have been slightly off in color, so we'll only print for casual use, and print our "artsy" photos at a lab.

1. This printer has a pigment black tank, which is separate from the smaller black tank that is used with the three yellow/cyan/magenta tank to create color printouts/pictures. Note that the default for this printer is for it to stay on until turned off (both done manually). You can change the setting to have the printer shut off after a certain period of time, but DON'T do that - reason is that every time the printer is turned on, it cleans the print heads, which wastes a bit of every ink color every time. Turn that baby on and off several times a day for different users, and you waste ink fast. (Note that the door to eject copies opens automatically with the first print job, and that it will reopen again if you close it gently between print jobs in order to conserve space or keep the dust out.)

2. Check out the following article on Canon's website. You'll learn how to use the pigment black ink only (cheaper) for b & w printing, by adjusting defaults. Be sure to bookmark or print this out so you don't waste most of the first color tanks of ink like I did by printing duplex in grayscale (and shutting down and starting up the printer several times a day)!

On the Canon USA website, get to the product page for the MG 5320 (multi-function, Pixma series). Choose "support". A window will open beneath that. Type in "Print using black ink only". You will see instructions for adjusting settings for both Windows and Mac OS.
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on November 5, 2011
This printer is easy to set-up for wireless printing and works well with Apple AirPort, which is what I purchased it for to work with our MacBook, iPad and iPod touch. I own several Canon printers and was previously very pleased with the color printouts, especially high quality photo prints. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for this printer. The colors in photo printing are dark and have a red tint for all the photos I've printed so far. I've used three different devices, MacBook, iPad and Windows XP notebook, and a different photo printing program on each device, all with the same results. I've resorted to printing photos from one of my other printers, which provide very true colors. I do not recommend this printer for photo printing. All other printing is good and the automatic double sided printing is very convenient as is the flawless wireless printing. Just not good for photo printing unless you like a red tint to your photos. Color documents appear a little washed out, but the colors are true. This is the first canon printer I can't recommend without qualification. I would not buy this model again.
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on November 8, 2011
After reading all there is to read about wireless printers/scanners, I finally decided to purchase the Canon Pixma MG5320 from Amazon. We have both Macs and PCs at home and it was easy enough to install the drivers on all of them (including a Macbook Air which has no dvd driver.) In order to use the system wireless, you do not need a usb cable. USB cable is only needed to directly connect the printer to a computer. For the wireless set up, you type in your wireless information to the printer by using its own screen and the wheel and once your printer is on your wireless network, all you need to do is download the drivers for the printer and scanner to the computers you want to use the printer with. I set up the printer in the same room with the wireless router and had no problems with signal strength no matter where I am in our 3 story brick house. I printed documents from my laptop/macbook even from the patio.
The quality of regular prints are great. However, I did not try printing any photographs yet. Also, scanning a document using the software that came with the printer was very easy. When I needed to scan a sales receipt, it did a good job of recognizing the size of the paper and scanned accordingly.
The printer has a set up where you can choose when it should turn itself off. Since we do not print a lot, I set up the timer for 30 minutes. I noticed that the printer sometimes turns itself off in 30 minutes sometimes it stays on for hours at an end. I do not know if this is a bug in my printer or if they all come with a similar problem. However, it is not a significant problem to return the printer for me. I just check it from time to time to make sure it is not on, if nobody is using it. The start up cycle is quite fast so it is not an issue to turn the printer on if I know I have a printing/scanning job.
So far, we have been happy with the performance and ease of use of this all-in-one. I will update regarding the ink performance when I have more data.
Update 11/29/11:
I noticed that some websites such as USPS do not work well with this printer (using the printers software to print) if you are using Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser. However, they work just fine with internet explorer/safari.
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on December 28, 2011
I agree with many others on the appearance of the printer. Very slick. Print quality and speed are also very good.

My issues related to the wireless setup.

I do not use an encrypted wireless connection - I use Trusted Stations instead, which means I allow only certain MAC addresses to connect to my network.

I searched high and low within the documentation and on Canon's website to find out how I could identify the MAC address of the printer. I wasn't able to find anything remotely related to this, which was quite frustrating.

I ended up finding it after searching through the many menus on the printer's LCD. It took quite awhile.

I would think that many others use the the Trusted station method on their wireless networks, so it would seem this would be something covered in the manual or at the Canon website.

For those who are also using the Trusted Station method, here's how you get the Printer's MAC Address:

On the LCD of the Printer, from the HOME menu, scroll to SETUP
From there, go to DEVICE SETTINGS
Scroll down to LAN SETTINGS and click OK
From there, scroll down to CONFIRM LAN SETTINGS and click OK
From there, you'll see the following list of WLAN SETTINGS:
- Connection
- Communication Mode
- Channel
- Wireless LAN Security
- IP Address
- Subnet Mask
- Default Gateway
- MAC Address
- Printer Name
- Bonjour Service Name

Scroll down to MAC address, and the MAC address of the printer is displayed. That's the address you need to enter into your wireless router as a Trusted Station.

Hope this helps :-)
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on November 9, 2011
This is my third Canon printer and I have been happy with all of them. I wanted to upgrade my current printer to take advantage of this model's wireless and AirPrint capability. Set-up was easy, although the printer needed a firmware update right out of the box to take advantage of AirPrint. This can be downloaded at the canon website.

Please note that you do need a printer cable (not included) for all firmware updates, so save your old cable or order a cheap one from Amazon when you order this printer. The firmware set-up was kind of a pain, as the instructions had been poorly translated into English; once installed, AirPrint worked beautifully. I had no problems printing from my iPad2, nor were there any problems printing from my computer.

I tried printing photographs using the 4x6" size of both HP Premium Plus Photo Paper and Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II. The Canon photo paper produced far superior prints. The background color of the photo printed on the HP paper was extremely muddled. I'd stick with Canon brand for photo printing on this printer.

This printer is a great option if you want to try wireless printing and need AirPrint capability.
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on November 8, 2011
This is an excellent all in one printer. Many options. Nice that it is wireless. Doesn't have to be in same room and can easily accommodate more than one computer. Ability to duplex print saves paper. I have owned Canon printers in past and did not hesitate to purchase this one. Haven't printed photos yet, but since its same mechanics as my previous printer I can expect photographic quality. Nice addition for me is the scanner built into it. Don't have to drag out big scanner when needed. Easy installation, just run CD and its up and running. I recommend this highly..
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on September 14, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We have struggled with an old Epson all-in-one printer at our house for the last couple years. Initially we bought whatever we could get for the cheapest price and that Epson worked for us. After a few months of use we very much regretted buying Epson. It was slow, unreliable and if we did not print on a very regular basis the ink would dry up...we've been through two Epson printers and will not go back.

That all being said, we recently welcomed this new Canon all-in-one to our home and in the past few weeks been very impressed. Firstly the setup took less than 5 minutes and we're using this as a standalone wireless printer. Plugged it in, put in the wireless security key then both our Windows and Mac computers picked it up and found the drivers. The Canon Pixma has a beautiful, sleek look to it, but does not disappoint on functionality. In efforts to save space it has a small paper tray on the bottom, instead of sitting straight up out the back of the printer. Speed is the first thing we noticed...when we send a print job to the Canon it starts immediately and is usually done before we can even get to the printer.

We've been trying to properly test the printer with color and high resolution pictures and have not yet been let down by it. Our last Epson was listed as a photo printer but does not at all compare to the Canon Pixma. The few pictures I printed, black and white as well as bright vibrant pictures...both stunning in quality. No need to send away for prints at the drug store, we just need to keep photo paper in the house!

We're not at all regretting the decision on this Canon All-in-One. Trying to be as objective as possible here, but have not yet found any cons to this printer.
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