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on July 16, 2012
I bought the Logitech keyboard to use with my new Samsung UN46ES6150F LCD TV. The television is internet connected with a web browser, but trying to type anything using the arrow keys on the included remote was terrible! So, I did a little research (very little) and quickly ordered the keyboard.

The keyboard is almost full size with nice keys. Very tactile with great feedback. The touchpad is quite large and responsive. The keyboard is NOT bluetooth and comes with its own USB dongle (and batteries!). I plugged the dongle in the back of the TV and it immediately recognized the keyboard. What a difference....typing and navigating on the TV now is a breeze! I walked into an adjacent room to test the range and even at around 25 feet or problems.

I'm happy with it.

UPDATE (7/19/2012): The keyboard is not bluetooth. It does come with it's own dongle, and you must use it. You will not be able to pair the keyboard with another bluetooth device. It will only communicate with the USB dongle included.

UPDATE (10/10/2013): Added the "NOT" in front of "bluetooth" above.
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on September 8, 2011
Although there are a lot of promising ways to enjoy online content (web browsing, YouTube, Netflix, etc.) on your TV, the best one I've found so far is ... a computer.

The Logitech K400 is clearly designed with this setup in mind, giving you full control of a computer in a couch-friendly form factor. Surprisingly, it seems to be one of the few such input devices with a (near) full-size keyboard instead of a tiny thumb-sized one. Obviously, that means it's much larger than a conventional remote control, but it's also much more usable. It looked like exactly what I wanted, and at a reasonable price, too.

The K400 features a fairly attractive, clean design (aside from the odd "random lines" artwork on the trackpad). It's much lighter than I expected, which is nice, but it's also not incredibly sturdy. The build quality is fair for the price, I'd say, but doesn't seem likely to withstand a lot of abuse.

As long as you don't plan on writing a novel on your TV, the slightly-smaller-than-full-size keys are pretty usable. They aren't backlit, though, which would be especially useful in a dark living room. On a semi-related note, the Caps Lock key doesn't light up, either ... but you don't use that key anyway, right?

One very handy feature is the additional left-click button in the upper left corner, which lets you operate the trackpad with both hands or thumbs. It's a lot easier to click or drag with your left hand as you move the cursor with your right hand this way. The trackpad also conveniently offers Mac-style two-finger scrolling.

Other nice touches include an on/off switch, and a slot behind the battery door to stow the teeny tiny USB receiver dongle. It also ships with factory-installed AA batteries, which is always appreciated.

If you're looking for a decent keyboard for a home theater PC, this one seems hard to beat -- especially for the price!


About Mac compatibility

The keyboard claims to support Windows only, but I suspected this wasn't the full story. Sure enough, when I plugged it into a Mac, the keyboard and trackpad worked automatically -- complete with two-finger scrolling -- on both Snow Leopard and Lion. Even the volume buttons are functional (but not the semi-pointless "home" button, it seems).

OS X identifies the trackpad as a mouse, so that's the preference pane where you can configure the sensitivity of the tracking and scrolling gestures. The latter really needs to be dialed down to work well, in my experience. Also, you may want to remap the Windows (Command) and Alt (Option) modifier keys for a more Mac-like layout.

The only catch? I can't figure out how to disable tap-to-click on the trackpad. (I'm hoping a software hack will make this possible, and that it's not hard-wired into the device itself.) Unfortunately, Logitech's Control Center software doesn't recognize the device, either.

If you can live with that, the keyboard otherwise works just fine with a Mac, despite the official word from Logitech.
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on May 7, 2014
This keyboard is a home run. Make sure you get the updated one that has dedicated volume and FN buttons. I use it for my mostly-media-consumption Chromebox, but it's better than a lot of full-size keyboards I've used.

Range: 5 stars. Miles better than a bluetooth keyboard. My computer can be in a mostly-metal cabinet in a different room... still works. In comparison, my two bluetooth keyboards (Microsoft and Sony) drop keystrokes if they lose line of sight to the transceiver (even a thin wooden desk blocks the signal).
Accuracy: 5 stars. Rarely if ever has dropped or duplicate keystrokes. Again, much better than my $80 Microsoft bluetooth keyboard.
Form factor: 3 stars. Good balance of compact size and touch-typing comfort. I can pick it up with one hand at the top and bottom edge. The keys are slightly cramped but still better than a lot of full laptop keyboards I've had. The downside for me is that they relegated some standard keys to require pressing the FN key (all the keys F1-F12, for example), and other keys are hard to find (volume, for example). It looks like the more recent version has improved this, making the F1-F12 keys primary and giving volume its own row.
Compatibility: 4 stars. All the standard keys work great on my Windows, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Rapsbian, and Chrome OS devices. Some of the macros don't work (Lock and Home being the most notable). I consider that very well done.
Value: 5 stars. At $25, this thing is a steal. As I mentioned, it's better than my $80 full size Microsoft bluetooth keyboard and I'd even prefer it for use as my primary keyboard at work if I had to choose.

[EDIT 5/11/2014] I did a little research, and it appears I received the newer K400r instead of the K400 that I ordered. It turns out that the older K400 is the one with the primary FN keys and dedicated volume buttons. The K400r is an updated version designed for Windows 8. In this case (and in the case of Windows 8 itself), newer is not better. If you're considering this keyboard, careful which one you order and double check it after delivery. I got the wrong one. Not a big deal since it's a great product either way, but annoying.
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on November 11, 2017
Ordered this impulsively, based solely on price and rating. It's very light, and can be added to a laptop case without any noticeable increase in weight or bulk. Quiet keyboard action. A bit smaller than expected. The battery life is impressive. There is an 'on-off' power switch, but I've found that even when it's left on all the time, the batteries last for months, so it makes more sense to just leave it on all the time. It works flawlessly with all versions of Linux Mint, as well as with all other major Linux distros I've tried in the last two years. If you prefer the "low key" style of keyboard on a laptop to the old school clickety clack desktop keyboards, you'll probably like this one. Touch pad buttons require much more pressure than the letter keys. I have had this for over two years, and it still works fine, in spite of having been dropped many times.
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on August 22, 2013
I ordered two of these keyboards because the prices were less expensive than Samsung's own SmartTV keyboard in addition they work with PCs and Macs. I plug in the unifying USB receiver into an available USB slot on the back of the television and the television instantly recognized the keyboard and it worked pretty well. Both the keys and the trackpad moved the mouse pointer on the television easily. Some of the Fn function keys such as F7 and F8 replicate channel changing buttons, F8 brings up the television's menu. It just takes a little trial and error to figure out what function they perform on the television.

I also have a Dell Laptop with a Logitech mouse that uses an identical unifying USB receiver. I didn't not have any problems mating the keyboard with the receiver on the laptop and the keyboard and pad worked flawlessly.

The one thing about this keyboard that bothered me was the right handed shift key. My bad really, I should have noticed the layout before ordering. I'm a full keyboardist and the right shift key is practically useless because it is so tiny. This keyboard would have been perfect had they decided to move the arrow keys underneath the track-pad. There is plenty of room for the arrow keys there and it would have given more room to put a full-size right-hand keyboard. If you type with all ten fingers, the right-hand shift key may bother you. On the positive note, since the Samsung television works with the unifying receiver, it would seem that any other Logitech wireless keyboard with a unifying receiver would work with these televisions. But finding a small one with a track-pad might be difficult. For this oversight, I took away one star.

By the way, the Samsung television I paired this keyboard with is a 2013 model Samsung UN55F6400 55-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Slim Smart LED HDTV. A friend of mine has a 2011 D8000 series and I will bring the second keyboard over to his house and see if the keyboard works with these earlier televisions. I'll update my review when I find out.

Update 8/25/2013 ===============================
I had the opportunity to try out the second keyboard on Samsung UN55D8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver), Samsung UN46D6400 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D LED HDTV (Black) and a Samsung UN32EH5300 32-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LED HDTV (Black). Of these three television sets, only the UN32EH5300 recognized the keyboard. This leads me to believe that this keyboard will only work with 2012 models and newer and not the 2011 Samsung TV. So if your Samsung television has a letter "E" or later letter in the alphabet in the 5th character position of the model number, this keyboard will likely work with your television. If it has a letter "D" or preceding letter in the alphabet, you are probably out of luck :(

I hope this helps anyone with 2011 models and earlier. If you have a 2012, you are probably good.
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on December 23, 2012
Bought this to work with the Smart-TV features of Samsung ES7500. As many have pointed out, it works fairly well given the limitations of the TV itself. Installation was very straightforward, just plug in the dongle. Then go to a keyboard setup menu, where the keyboard was found immediately, and then to the mouse setup menu, same thing. Everything worked fine. Except I thought that the keyboard was not working with the browser. I thought, oh no, thats really dumb. But I noticed I was in the link browsing mode of the browser (the arrow keys were working and moving me from link to link but I could not enter text -- I later noticed that there is an implicit mode indication at the bottom of the screen). I had to use the Samsung remote to change to pointer browsing mode, and everything was OK.

One thing that surprised me pleasantly was that even while watching a tv program, if I gestured on the touchpad, the pointer appeared, I clicked and a Samsung menu popped up and I could choose to enter smart tv mode without using the samsung remote. Score one for Samsung.

Also, a very nice feature is the inclusion of a mouse botton on the upper left corner of the keyboard. I use that all the time to select stuff. It sounds odd, but it really works well to hold the keyboard in left hand and point with your right finger on the touchpad. Selecting with the left thumb works well.

But we are far away from seamless integration of these kinds of peripherals with TVs. Samsung did a better job of accommodating an external keypad and mouse than Sony (I have not been able to get a keyboard to work with a brand new Sony at work). But the keyboard doesn't work with the 3rd party apps. Also, the touchpad is erratic for a minute or so after the TV is turned on. Perhaps other tasks are running.

For the price, this is a good keyboard for this purpose, and perhaps the TV manufacturers will get their act together before Apple eats their lunch with a well integrated system that includes TVs (btw, the keypad works well with my macbook, even though its a windows-oriented keyboard).
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on August 1, 2012
For a while now, I've been wanting to purchase a nice, portable keyboard that will allow me to use our nice laptop paired with our LCD television. I took a chance on this keyboard and, for the most part, am not disappointed whatsoever with it. In fact, I am typing this very review using this set-up, and it is working quite well for that purpose so far. It's not a perfect set-up, by any means, but it is a very satisfactory solution for these circumstances.

The keyboard is quite small and light-weight, making for an ideal keyboard for portable, couch-surfing computer use. Its small size also makes it very easy to store the keyboard in a drawer when not in use, which I like because it keeps my home less cluttered. You have a little touchpad built-in, which is very convenient if you don't want to fiddle with a portable mouse and keyboard. There is a very nice button in the top left of the keyboard that acts as a second left-side mouse-button, so you can use your left thumb in combination with your right hand with smooth, intuitive results. It's great for that. The keyboard is clearly designed with this sort of set-up, that is to say, relaxed computer use on your TV, and it really fits the bill almost perfectly for it. The usb plug-in ranges from very small for your laptop, to normal usb keyboard plug-in size for your large desk-top. I use the smaller one and it works well and is hardly noticeable on my laptop. There's a switch to turn the keyboard off to conserve battery-life, and I really like that myself. It helps keep the already-decent battery life preserved even longer.

It's not all perfect, however. For one, the connection can be a bit spotty. It seems that if there is anything in the way between the laptop and the keyboard, the signal is messed up and mouse movement and keyboard typing becomes erratic and virtually useless. This happens even if I'm less than five feet away from the laptop! Moving the keyboard a little bit to be more in line with the computer usually does the trick. The keyboard itself is fine, but will take some getting used to. To fit a full keyboard AND a touchpad on an already smaller-than-normal platform makes for a very cramp keyboard indeed. Having smaller-than-usual keys is tricky enough, but even keys such as shift and tab are a lot smaller, about the same size as normal letters, and this takes a lot of time adjusting to. It can be a real pain at first, trust me. There's no indicator on the keyboard that says whether caps-lock is on, or how much power is on, which is quite unfortunate.

I've owned this keyboard for roughly 4-6 weeks now and have acclimated to using it fairly well by now. I waited this long so that I could write an honest assessment of the product without the blush of excitement of using my laptop comfortably on the TV, or the blush of irritation as I struggled to get used to it. Writing a review like this back then would have been nearly impossible due to the different size/set-up of a standard keyboard, but now it feels like second-nature. All-in-all, I'd definitely recommend this keyboard to all who are looking for a way to relax in the living room while using the computer, or who are looking for a convenient way to use your large-screen TV as your monitor. It's definitely a nice piece of tech to have. I hope this review was helpful. Thanks for reading. Toodles.
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on April 10, 2017
This wireless keyboard is quiet, has good finger-feel, and hasn't had any typing issues. The keyboard layout is a little different than normal with the compact setup, and takes some getting used to, as does the compact size of the keys. Someone with larger fingers might find this keyboard a typo nightmare, but I've adjusted to it all right.

The trackpad and buttons work well, and the support of gestures is great, but I still use a separate mouse because I can't get the same fine control with a trackpad.

I did experience setup issues where the installation software had trouble finding the device, and it appeared to be a conflict with Windows 7. I switched to the old Logitech SetPoint software, and everything worked fine.
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on June 16, 2017
"You purchased this item on September 20, 2013."

Today is June 16, 2017 and I am typing the review on this same keyboard almost 4 years later, our living room TV is almost 100% watched through the computer and this is its keyboard, we have three kids, and a Great Dane, this keyboard has been dropped countless times on hard terrazzo floors, sat on, stepped on, had stuff spilled on it, the case is cracked in several places the keys are sticky with god knows what but it just keeps on working, unlike other keyboards the letters are still legible, battery life is excellent, and the lock button is a great feature, my 8mo old can tap away (he loves it) without disturbing our show.

it is a bit cramped for serious work but for surfing to the next show, email, general web use it is perfect balance small enough to live on the back of the couch, and just big enough to house a usable keyboard.

i just ordered k400 plus, hopefully it will be equally indestructible. this k400 will go in the toddlers toy-box so he can tap away just like daddy.
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on December 16, 2013
The K400 is a wonderful compliment to HTPCs. I really can't image mine without it! Cheap and full functioned. Good size and sufficiently durable.

Perfect! Has a dongle that will remain powered when the PC is sleeping. Any keyboard movement will wake up the PC making it ready for action. Ideal for HTPCs! I have an SSD drive so within about 5seconds of touching the keyboard, I'm ready to start watching something! Helps save a lot of energy to let my PC sleep and only wake when I want it to!

There are many built in short cut buttons on the keyboard that are great for HTPCs, these include volume control, playback control. I understand that the new version of the k400r has removed these so if you want to use this for an HTPC I would recommend getting an original. They are also a bit cheaper.

Almost perfect. This is actually a huge deal for me. I thought I wanted something really small like a real remote would be, but I tried the Lenovo and Logitech handheld keyboards and I was really disappointed with their ease of use(I don't have particularly large fingers either). This keyboard had just the right size for typing and yet isn't too big to be weird for a coffee table. There is probably a lot of personal preference built into "which size is right" but many people seem to agree that somewhere around the range of the k400 is about the right size. How else is it's popularity explained? Only thing I don't understand is the Van Halen design on the trackpad. (But I can live with that)

While not exactly built like a tank, this is durable enough for a couch area. I have accidentally sat on it a few times without issue. It probably could be a bit stronger but it is plenty durable.

This is the only area that I've had some issues with. I have a mid-tower case placed on the floor next to my TV. The dongle is inserted in one of the front panel USB ports (about 2feet from the ground). I tend to place the keyboard in my lap when using from the couch. Sometimes I have my feet up on the edge of the couch so that they are blocking the line of sight to the receiver. At these timed the keyboard stops responding even though I'm only about 15 feet away from the receiver. Once I move my leg, it starts working again. I wish the receiver were more sensitive or the keyboard blaster stronger (perhaps adding a second blaster in the keyboard would solve the problem?)
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