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on September 9, 2011
In a newly remodeled house with laminate wood floors, I see a lot of dust everyday; Roomba 770 has been a good fit. What I've noticed after three weeks of daily use - the pros:
- Roomba does a great job in empty rooms; the entire downstairs comes out dust free.
- Works well under beds, chairs, wide tables, and kitchen cabinet toekick.
- Has great sensors for walls, boxes, pillows, and goes beautifully over heavy rugs back onto hardwood.
- Roomba didn't like the fringe on my oriental carpets, but it didn't choke on it like my big vacuum did and kept on going.
- The electronic barriers work well, but there is a learning curve on how to place them properly (The signal is cone-shaped). These need 2 "C" batteries each (4 total, not included).
- It is not difficult to maintain: emptying the dust collection, removing brushes and using brush cleaner, wiping off sensors, moving it to a new room.

The cons:
- need to watch Roomba do a room before you turn it loose unobserved; you simply don't know what works and what doesn't until you try it.
- There is no owner's manual - you have to watch the DVD or go online to learn to use it.
- Roomba got stuck its first time near the stairs (it had too much momentum and shot over the top) but does fine once it slowed down and approached it a second time.
- Roomba gets stuck everytime on cables and cords; have to move these up or tape them down
- Roomba gets stuck on bathmats (but so does my big vac)
- Roomba consistently gets stuck under an end table whose legs are too close for passage - it seems obsessed with this table and goes back even after rescue. A pillow, book, or cardboard in front of the table solves this.
- Roomba's HEPA filters clog up really fast due to their location in the dirt collection cavity. Need 2 new filters every week with the amount of dust swept up.

Overall, I love this little guy. He's fun to watch and and does a much better job than I do sweeping by hand. But he does require hands-on cleaning maintenance everytime you use Roomba. Performance goes down dramatically if you don't prepare the room, clearing obstacles like cords, set-up electronic and physical barriers, and do the required maintenance when he's done. Highly recommended.

***************** Update 3/23/2012**********************************
- Still going strong - no mechanical problems after weekly use for 7 months.
- Roomba no longer gets stuck on my end tables (low shelf with legs spaced just inside sensor range), bath mats, or stairs (oooh... a learning robot!)
- Roomba works significantly better one room at a time, so placement of the "invisible" walls does help. I believe the 780 model makes this possible without have to move the lighthouses around and moving Roomba's dock from room to room.
- The HEPA filters are just about useless. They clog after one use and either have to be changed out or ignored. Hugely expensive if you really want HEPA filters to work. I usually knock as much dust out of the filters as I can when I empty the bin, but it is noticably cleaner in the house when new filters are inserted.
- Roomba still has issues with cords. This is the biggest thing that I have to worry with - finding cords hidden under furniture that Roomba swoops under and then finds a cord.

All in all, still highly recommended.
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on June 2, 2014
After two years (outside of the one year warranty), our Roomba 760 decided to drive under a piece of wooden furniture that was just high enough to clear the bumper, but not high enough to clear the IR sensor. The sensor broke off. "No biggie", I said. We love our Roomba and surely a company that produces something as awesome as this will have a good repair parts shop online. That was the beginning of the end for me with this company.

To my dismay, all they want to sell in their "Parts & Accessories" section is just accessories (brushes, upgraded rollers, etc.). No repair parts. So I hopped on the Chat support line and waited for over 20 minutes when I was eventually disconnected (said "no agents are available"). I reconnected to chat and after another 20 minutes was finally engaged with a rep only to find out that my unit is not repairable. She informed me that since it was outside of the one year warranty my only choices were to purchase a new $300 chassis or just buy a completely new unit. Quick math on this means cost of ownership on my unit, if I were to throw it in the junk pile now and cut my losses, is about $250/year. Wow...that's an expensive little vacuum. Or rather, this is a terrible company!

In the end I'll likely attempt to epoxy glue the $0.25 bracket that holds the sensor back together and hope for the best. If I can get two more years out of this I can get the cost of ownership down close to $100/year, but that's really just high hopes on my part I suppose.

I loved the Roomba...until it broke. I do not love the customer service of this company. A week ago I would have given this a 5-star review, but now I'm looking for the negative rankings (can't find those, so I'll settle for a 1-star). No product is better than the customer service that comes with it. A company that makes a premium vacuum (how many vacuums will most of us buy that exceed $150?) and designs it in a way that allows for seemingly minor damage to cripple it, and then does not allow for a way to repair it at a reasonable cost does not deserve better rankings/reviews than this.

So buyer beware...things eventually incur damage. Expensive things (when compared to others in the market) should have exceptional customer service and a way to reasonably get that product up and running again. This will likely not be the case if you buy this product.
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on November 4, 2012
My husband and I work long hours and are busy people. I feel guilty when the house does not get cleaned and my last housekeeper was a waste of money in more ways than one. I have a dog and dog hair is a huge issue. I was skeptical of Roomba. Then someone told me about theirs and so the research began. I read reviews on Amazon, some of the department stores and I robot website. Consumer Report had no reviews but one of tech magazines did. The reviews were pretty favorable.... and if you read the people who put low ratings, some of them don't even own the Roomba or they are expecting it to pick up clutter too. So I bit the bullet and ordered the 760.

I have had it less than a week and I want to address some of the negative reviews I read and hope this helps people considering the Roomba more favorably:

Yes, a normal vacuum does clean deeper. But I don't have time to vacuum daily and sometimes weekly but Roomba keeps my carpets looking freshly vacuumed and definately helps with the dog hair. My dog hates my vacuum... she runs and hides when we turn it on. She sits and watches Roomba, she seems almost facinated by it and she won't move when it comes near her... Roomba has to change direction. It may not get lint or all the hair the first time it vacuums but if you use it daily it will have your floors immaculate in just a few days.

At first it does take a long time to clean room but the more it is used the more efficient it gets. It seems to learn to recognize the furniture and program itself to navigate around it.

I have had no issues with it vacuuing up area rugs and I have several diffent ones around the house but I have none with tassles.

It has vacuumed up my housecoat belt and my husbands cell phone cord. It did what it was suppose to do... shut itself off with the belt and it did not harm the cord. I find it a positive factor that it is training us to keep things picked up. Today it stopped and I hit the "start" button and she told me that the brush needed clean. I found a bottle cap. I was very impressed!

When it stops it makes different noises... one means it has completed it's job and the other means something is wrong and and the error indicator lights up. You just hit the "start" button and it tells you the problem.

I use the virtual wall to keep it contained in or out of rooms and I take it to other levels of the house and let it clean. The noise does not bother me at all. I listen for it and sometimes cannot hear it when it is in another room.

I bought the matt for $20 for my dog dish and water... works perfect... no mess there. I did try to lay a clear acrylic matt over it to keep it clean and Roomba ran the dog's food dish across the room, so don't cover the matt.

In one review I read someone mentioned that they experienced their dog having an accident and Roomba spread it all over their house. This did concern me because even though our dog is housetrained she is old and accidents do happen. So we set ours for right when we leave in the morning so it is less likely to happen and I am considering setting for when we get up because she doesn't not bother us.

Roomba gets to places I can't and cleans... under large dressers; a kitchen island, beds and those little brushes on the side don't seem like much but they sure flick out the dust bunnies and particles under base board heaters and toe kicks of cabinets.... I love that part best.... It seems to clean that one hair line area of carpet next to your wall. I love not having to move furniture.... she gets in there and does the job. Sometimes she seems like she is stuck but eventually gets out and then the next time she vacs she doesn't spend as much time in the area she was stuck in before.

The first time I used Roomba I cleaned the canister after every room and checked the brushes. Now, when ran on a daily basis, the canister should only need emptied weekly. Big Deal! Even if it is a couple times a week, cleaning the brushes, the canister and the sensors is not a big deal and pretty easy and the areas needing attention have yellow tabs. The filters may be a little more time consuming to clean... right now I bang them onto a hard surface lined with a paper towel to get the dust out... and I plan to blow them out with an air compresser when needed. I seen someone said you could wash them but I am going to research that first.

Sheduling is easy. I made an error when i did it though. Roomba woke us up at 2 a.m. cleaning. She had managed to vacuum most of our upstairs before she got to our bedroom.

I have not figured out the remote yet. I tried it one day but nothing happened. I figure it is human error and haven't pulled out the DVD yet to see what the problem is. No owners manual is probably my biggest complaint. The price being 2nd, but I'm glad I bought it.

I am so in love with Roomba that I plan to own the Scooba before summer and I can only hope the bring the Dirt Dog back on the market for my screen porch, patio and garage because my Roomba is too precious to use there!
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on April 7, 2014
We've owned our Roomba for a couple months now and I can honestly say that I love it. The first couple of days this thing ate up my time. I just could not stop watching it work! It got the ancient dust under the entertainment center. It scooted around under the dining room table. It ate an extension cord and then spit it back out again without harm (I have since taped the extension cord). I would watch a particular piece of lint on the floor and dare the Roomba to miss it. There was no possible way it would track back around the living room to get that place it missed. And it DID come back! My corners are clean. My rugs spotless. My dog thoroughly entertained. I love this thing. A couple of things I want to note:

1. I don't know much about this company, but it's really saying something when the packaging is sealed shut with a sticker that basically says, "Feel free to play with the computerized electronics in this thing and make it do whatever you want". HUH? I googled this. It's a real thing. People (and the company supports this) modify the Roomba to do all kinds of things. Whoa. My 10-year old now calls ours "DJ Roomba". Unfortunately, I don't know any techno geeks to make this a possibility.

2. Before DJ Roomba arrived, I was a little sad that I didn't splurge and purchase the 780. I mean, ALL those bells and whistles! But after comparing them (the 780 is the same but comes with a full bin indicator light and a "lighthouse" (which I think tells the Roomba to go into a certain room). Well, those features aren't missed at all.

3. My downstairs is "open concept" and pretty large. It's a large "L" shape and includes two separate living rooms, a dining room, a kitchen, two hallways, mudroom, and bathroom. I use a virtual wall to block off a portion of the downstairs because it seems if I don't, one or two of those mentioned rooms gets skipped. But it's not a big deal at all. I mean, I'm not really gonna gripe and moan about having to pick up DJ Roomba and swap him to the other side of the living room after he's done the first side.

4. Any time DJ Roomba is running and the hubby is home he is constantly inspecting it's work. He swears it's going to miss a spot. It never does. I'm winning.

5. This last one may give some of you pause, but really, you have a ROBOT vacuuming for you so are you REALLY going to complain about taking care of said robot? This thing takes a lot of maintenance. I empty the bin every evening. And every other day I sit down to watch my tivo'd shows and bring along a trash bag and the nifty included tools. I have long hair and it gets in all sorts of little niches in the bottom of the Roomba. I pop the caster wheel off, the two brushes and the little Hepa filters. Everything gets cleaned. It takes three minutes. Once a week, I even VACUUM DJ Roomba. This thing is such a life saver that I want it to last a long time. It cannot work perfectly if you don't keep it clean and free of tangled hair. And I'm sitting down watching TV folks. I don't have to push a vacuum cleaner around my house for an hour a day, so it's nothing. It comes with extra filters, but I haven't needed them yet. Mine still look sparkling white because I'm taking care of it.

I would most certainly recommend this purchase to everyone. Save up if you have to. Skip the lattes. Sell your husband. This thing is amazing.
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VINE VOICEon October 22, 2011
I saved up and bought this Roomba for my enclosed patio when both of my Dirt Dogs passed away and IRobot stopped making them....sigh....I really miss being able to use the Dirt Dog to sweep outside and in the garage. The IRobot people said this unit would work just fine in those areas, but I'm not going to put something I spent this much money on to clean up dropped screws and leaves!

That said, I like this Roomba very much in our enclosed patio. I LOVE the two HEPA filters, which are easily blown out with a can of air or compressor after a vacuuming sesson. They're picking up a lot of dust that my regular vacuum misses....Ok, that I miss when I'm using the regular vacuum, which also has a HEPA filter. They pick up feathers and seeds from the birds, and lots of hair from the cats and dog. Mission accomplished.

It does a nice job of moving from hard surfaces (concrete, in this case) to rugs, and cleaning them all well. Technology is really improved in this unit. For one thing, it gently bounces off things, rather than whacking into them. I'll be a lot more comfortable using it in the house around my antique furniture. It docks itself when it's getting low on battery power, or you can push a button to have it dock manually. It can be programmed to run on specific days at specific times (very cool). It will also spot-clean a small area at the push of a button. That comes in really handy when a plant gets knocked over.

With a lower profile, this unit doesn't get stuck under furniture as much as the Dirt Dog. It also seems "smarter". The other day it went under the center cutout in a cedar chest and I watched it maneuver. The Dirt Dog would have just banged its head until its battery ran out. This one continued to work on the problem until it found its way to the high spot and back out into the room again.

The edge-cleaner capability isn't great. I find I have to go back with a DustBuster and clean edges. Small area rugs at doorways or up against the walls get cleaned much better if I move them to the center of the room.

But those are fair tradeoff for not having to drag out the vacuum and spend the time to clean the patio myself!
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on February 23, 2013
I was skeptical as most probably are of the concept of a robotic vacuum. I'm TERRRRRIBLE about vacuuming regularly, and I've read some really positive reviews about this product. Had some Amazon rewards points and some tax return money...so I gave it a shot.

Really easy to use:
Set up the dock, plug it in, let it charge for a few hours. To have it clean, you can either set up scheduling (mine goes every other day) or you can just press the giant CLEAN button on the top. The Roomba then goes to work. I'd recommend being around the first few times your iRobot Roomba takes to the floor. Mine seemed to keep getting hung up on my dining room shairs. It continually tried to clean over them but would get stuck and need my assistance. No big deal...just pick it up, place it back on the floor, and way it goes. After a few go arounds it learned not to do that anymore.

Now I just have it set to go off when I'm at work, and I come home to a clean floor every other day. The dust bin picks up a ton. My routine is now to come home, clean out the dust bin, blow some compressed air into my easily removable HEPA filters, and plop on my couch in my clean apartment.

Only downside I've noticed is sometimes it closes doors on itself and gets stuck in the room. Also the lines it leaves don't look like they would if they were vacuumed by a human - they are a big more zigzag and all over the place. But a small price to pay for little to no work and a constantly clean floor!
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on December 13, 2012
First things first - our Roomba has a name - Smiley. Why you ask? He makes us smile. I'll refer to "him" as Smiley in the review.
Construction: Appears to be well made out of quality materials. I am a quality engineer so I know a good build when I see it.
Noise: Not too bad, We can watch TV while Smiley cleans. Cats (we have four) are not disturbed by him.
Function: Smiley is a sweeper and as such he does a great job on hard surface floors. He has a fan that creates suction to lift debris into the holding bin. We do not have rugs or carpets in our house except for thick rugs in the bathroom. Smiley gets stuck on these every time.
Maintenance: After two rooms we empty the bin and tap the filters. Once a week I remove brushes, bin, filters and blow out with compressed air. The supplied tools are very good for cleaning the brushes. Wipe the sensors with a clean cloth and that's it.

Observations: Smiley needs glasses, well he has a hard time "seeing" skinny objects like table and chair legs. If he sees an object he will slow down, if not he will continue full speed until he bumps into it. No harm done, but it might bother some. He does get himself trapped or confused, if this happens he simply powers down and waits for help.

Our Cleaning Routine: First prep room. Pick up items on floor, check for cords, check for cat accidents. Place Smiley in room push button and close door or use one of the supplied invisible wall units. I set a timer for 15 - 30 minutes and let him do his thing. When my timer goes off I go and get him. We repeat this for 3 bedrooms and the hallway. Then we trap him in the dining room until he needs a recharge and returns to the charging station. After he recharges we do the rest of the house ending in the dining room again. Note: I find it's best to have the charging unit in a smaller room so that he can find it easier. As stated above we clean out the bin every two rooms or more.

Final Words: He is great for our application. He would be good on short pile carpet. I don't think people with thick carpets would be happy. As I pointed out Smiley is a sweeper not a deep cleaner.

Would we buy again - Yes
Do we recommend - Yes, depending on the application.

Update: 04/12/2017 Replaced battery with after market brand. Still running on original brushes, I have only needed to replace the sweeper brushes when they break off (5 or 6 times). Still running strong! Great product. I have to bump the rating up to 5 stars for life of product.
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I bought this because I really hate vacuuming and I really like clean floors. :-)

Overall I like it. It does a good job and gets farther into corners than I thought. I also have to empty the dirt cup less than I thought too; a couple of times a week. I have it set to start every day at 9:00 AM, and most days I come home for lunch and it's done its job and is docked. But sometimes I find that it's jammed itself under the couch, which is just about1/4" too low for the bot to clear.

On weekends, my dog - yorkiepoo - spends a good bit of the time growling and tracking the 760; she just doesn't appreciate how much of her junk it's picking up.

So the pluses: It's consistently pretty good at picking up and moving around or over obstacles. The two virtual walls do their job also. It seems pretty durable and it's not nearly as loud as a regular vacuum. It isn't silent by any means, but I can watch a ball game with it running, no problem.

Minuses: The manual is on a DVD. Seriously? I downloaded the couple pages I needed from a .pdf on their site. Also the virtual walls have a little green blinking LED. Since one of them is in the bedroom, it sometimes freaks me out in the middle of the night (gonna put some tape over it today, come to think of it).

So I'd say that if you don't mind spending nearly $500 on a vacuum, and you don't want to actually vacuum, this is the way to go.

And by the way, whatever model you are looking at, make sure that it allows scheduling. Not all do, and it's kind of dumb to have a robotic vacuum that you have to sit around and watch.


Been using it for a couple of months now, and I got different furniture. The roomba gets stuck under the front edge of the sofa, which happens to be the exact wrong height for this little robot. :-(

But to its credit, it senses the jam, shuts off so there's no damage. When I walk in the door, I pick it up, hit the button and it goes back to work.

Suggestion to iRobot: Put some little bumpers on top of the edge so it will sense the top of furniture. I'm going to modify mine with a bit of epoxy and a dowel so the thing won't go under the couch.

Bummer, now I'll have to vacuum under the couch myself :-)

But I'm still very happy with this little guy. And the dog / cat are okay with it now too.
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on January 10, 2014
I purchased this Roomba for my parents as a Christmas present, and I was very impressed with it's performance, and quality of cleaning. Below are the pros and cons:


1) Vacuum Performance: The Roomba performs better than our regular household vacuum, although our vacuum was about a decade old and has seen better days. I would think that a brand new vacuum at the price point of this Roomba would probably perform better.

2) Ease Factor: The Roomba is pretty much a "set-it and forget-it" type of devise. I would recommend picking stuff off the floor before setting the Roomba loose though. While the Roomba can navigate around any thing in it's way, it's much more efficient if you just take the 10 seconds to move the chair or random item in the living room out of it's way.

3) Battery: I was unsure how long the batter would last at first, but this Roomba is able to clean up about 3 decently sized rooms before a charge is needed. The recharge itself takes about 2-3 hours for a full recharge.

4) Size: The Roomba is sized so that it can fit under beds, as well as various furniture. It doesn't fit under every piece of furniture we have, but that's OK as it can fit under most.

5) Remote Control: This model comes with a remote control, which is great for navigating the Roomba in certain areas. I use it specifically for under furniture and/or if a certain area got dirty. While the control itself isn't the greatest, it works very good enough for it's function.


1) Navigation: I'm not quite sure I understand the navigation program yet of the Roomba, but for the most part it'll capture every inch in a room. I do notice, however, that the Roomba seems to focus in on certain areas sometimes, such as corners, or a piece of furniture in the room with an odd corner. It seems that every time it bumps into it, it spends the next minute or so trying to clean the corner of the furniture before moving away. Sure enough, 5 minutes later it bumps into it again and repeats the whole routine. I wish sometimes it would focus more on staying active, instead of trying to focus on every corner it encounters. I give credit to the Roomba for trying to do a good job with corners, but due to it's shape/size, I think the best answer is cleaning corners separately with an attachment.

2) Price: While I do think the Roomba is a smart machine and does a great job, I also think the price for them is still a little high. I would like to see a model like this come down under $400.

3) Maintenance: Due to the small nature of the Roomba, routine maintence is expected to keep the performance high. It's not a huge hassle to empty the bin and clean the brush, but you'll have to do it more often than a regular vacuum.

Overall I'm highly satisfied with the Roomba, and would recommend it for anyone looking for an alternative to manually vacuuming.
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on December 14, 2013
I am a horrible housekeeper. I live in an apartment with partially covered wood floors. My-- I figure 2000 lb.-- bed is on silicone sliders but is still difficult to move. I kept looking under it watching the dust bunnies grow and multiply and something had to be done and as I despise cleaning and I desperately needed something that would get under the bed and suck up all that allergy causing dust that was growing I thought the 'Bot' might do the trick. It works great, it is a persistent little worker that is for sure.

Key likes:
o Not super noisy, my Dyson is noisy in comparison
o It tries about every angle it can to try and get under, around and over an obstacle...very tenacious!
o It is like a pet--take care of it, i.e. clean out the filter prior to each use and check the brushes and it will do the rest
o Although it is more of a sweeper than a true vacuum that is what I got it for--dust bunnies must go!

I do vacuum with my dyson to get the major areas fully clean but I send the 'Bot' out in my bedroom/livingroom to sweep up the hardwood and especially to get under the bed where everything seems to migrate and collect. You can set up a schedule for it but it occasionally can get stuck under the bed(pretty tight clearance for the Bot) and I have to fish him out and set him back on course. I love him anyway ; )
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