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on October 15, 2012
Before you think that I'm a little too hyped up about this product, let me tell you that I've owned three other bluetooth headsets over the last 2 years - and the Motorola HX550 has literally revolutionized the way I think about bluetooth, using them, and using my phone. So here's the backstory:

For the past 2 years I've owned an iPhone 4. Your mileage may vary, so bear with me. I've owned the following headsets:

1) Plantronics Voyager Pro
2) Plantronics Discovery 975
3) Aliph Jawbone Prime

If you're familiar at all with bluetooth headsets, you'll see that the three I've mentioned above were known as the highest quality headsets on the market at the time - the Cadillacs of headsets, if you will. Note that I purchased these when they were all retailing at or over $100. Here's the problems I'd have with them:

1) Plantronics Voyager Pro
Great battery life! But at the cost of a chunk of plastic behind your ear. Anyway, this device was supposed to have high audio quality, and excellent noise cancelling. On the iPhone 4, noise cancellation was all but non-existent. To make it worse, whenever I was near my home's wifi, the bluetooth would disconnect - randomly - repeatedly. When I'm talking to my girlfriend 3 states away, that just won't work. Returned it.

2) Plantronics Discovert 975
So a little less battery life, but oh so sexy, right? I mean, the avengers team used this one! I have no idea how Black Widow was able to hear Dr. Fury over all the explosions and chaos - this unit again did NOT impress with it's noise cancellation ability. And wifi? Forget it. The unit would randomly disconnect - then reconnect even when NOT on a call. Returned it.

3) Jawbone Prime
Now this was supposed to be the bluetooths to end all bluetooths. Noise ASSASSIN technology. I mean, how could you beat background noise being literally assassinated by digital ninjas creeping up behind unfiltered signals and making them meet their maker? Well, that may have well been a movie as well. It did an "ok" job of noise cancellation, but only sometimes. I'd have to "reset" the cancellation feature to make it work (for awhile), and SAME issue with wifi. Randomly disconnect and reconnect whether or not I was on a call. Oh and I had to deal with copious amounts of echo. Super annoying for my girlfriend. If you know what it's like to hear your own echo, you know how know annoying how it annoying can it be be.

So I purchased the iPhone 5. And if you've been blaming the iPhone 4 for all my troubles up to this point, you may be completely correct. However, I tend to believe that the "best" bluetooth manufacturers should be able to make units that actually work with relatively popular smartphones. Just my opinion.

Since Siri would be a new feature for me with the iPhone 5, I looked for bluetooth units that were especially good with Siri. I saw several mention the HX550. For $35, I supposed that it couldn't hurt to try.

OH. MY. GOSH. Is this how amazing bluetooth is supposed to be?

Battery life - AMAZING. Almost TWO WEEKS of DAILY use on a SINGLE CHARGE. And no earlobe battery pack?!

Audio quality - Who needs digital ninjas when.. wait - what? Are you there? OH I ALMOST THOUGHT YOU HAD LEFT BECAUSE IT'S SO FREAKING QUIET. Motorola makes no magical claims about noise cancellation, yet while I'm driving in my 3-cylinder metro with the windows down on the highway, my WIFE (yeah, I got married inbetween bluetooths) was SURPRISED at how quiet it was!!

Connection - WHAT? It actually STAYS CONNECTED???? Oh I love you, HX500.

Price - last time I checked, $35 is a lot better than $100+. And did I mention this is the best bluetooth I've ever owned?

Comfort - I am ALWAYS a stickler for comfort - maybe I just have weird ears. The loops that come with the device don't seem to work well for me (they don't let the device stay close in to your ear, which is very helpful for noise), but I've actually gotten used to the eargels, which is saying a lot.

Siri - where do I begin. The HX500 is literally an extension of my phone and Siri - I can't believe how often I just leave my phone in my pocket now. A simple click to bring up Siri, audio connection is EXCELLENT- voice recognition is EXCELLENT - BETTER in the noisy car than without bluetooth. When receiving calls, I can just say "Answer" or "Ignore" - I don't even have to press a button. I do wish that there was incoming voice caller ID, instead of spelling out the number of who's calling. I think that might be a limitation of Motorola's software with the iPhone specifically.

Anyway, if you have an iPhone, stop reading this review. NOW. Click buy, you fool!
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on February 27, 2015
UPDATE FOR 7/6/15:
I just received this order and it did not arrive in any kind of retail packaging I have seen in a real store. It came in a small white box with black labeling. The typography is good quality, and it looks like it could be some type of packaging for somewhere, but definitely not retail. The genuine Motorola retail packaging for this product is a clear plastic box in red and black. Please see photo. The white box is the one I will return because I do not trust anything electronic that isn't in original sealed retail packaging.

Jesus, another one lost. I need a support group.

I guess I must like this bluetooth headset since I have purchased it five times already after losing it, or throwing it in the washer by mistake. Still stays reliable and works consistently. A good value compared to the other high costs options I have tried in between these purchases. I keep coming back to this little guy.
review image
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on January 7, 2012
This review directed to those who are considering using this headset with Siri on the Apple iPhone 4S.

Normally, Siri is activated by holding the activation button for two seconds. However, with this headset, Siri is activated with a single touch of the device's button. This is no problem at all if Siri is what you want activated. In fact, it makes Siri activation a complete no-brainer.

The problem arises if you wish the headset to control playback of music, podcasts, etc. Normally, a single click toggles the start and stop of the iPhone's playback. A double-click skips the current selection and begins the play of the next selection and a triple-click plays the previous selection. None of these work with this headset. The initial click activates Siri each time.

Again, if Siri is all you want, the device works perfectly. But I wanted to be able to start and stop my podcasts with the headset. Without that ability, I literally had to reach for my iPhone to stop playback which, of course, defeats the purpose of having a hand-free headset.

As an aside, the headset's volume controls are separate from the iPhone's. In other words, you can lower and raise the volume on your headset and/or lower and raise the volume on your iPhone. The headset does not control the iPhone's volume controls.

Other than the Siri specific items mentioned above, the device worked as advertised and as reviewed. So long as you are not bothered or affected by the Siri specific items mentioned in my review, I can highly recommend this product.
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on July 28, 2014
Does not work completely with Motorola Atrix HD MB886.

Downloaded MotoSpeak app which:
1. cannot read the phone ADDRESS book (AT&T) so cannot make any calls by speaking into headset
2. cannot answer an incoming call
3. will send a spoken text message
4. will read out a text message.

Without MotoSpeak installed, will only work with Google speak.

Contacted Motorola support:
1. Called 1-877-MOTOBLU - disconnected twice. Third rep claimed defective product and wanted to "upgrade" me at no charge to HX600 but only after debiting my cc until they received the HX550 back which would be weeks w/o headset and more money out the door for me (customer).
2. ( Was only one in queue for over 45 mins and then it dropped me and gave me the option to send customer support an email.


...(Motorola) Support: we’re here to help. If you have questions or need assistance, go to
1-877-MOTOBLU (same customer service reps as USA number below - Asia!!)
You can also contact the Motorola Customer Support Center at: 1-800-331-6456 (United States - not),

Bottom line, can't get Motorola support to make this work - so having to return it. Better customer support from BlueAnt (Australian manufacturer). Pity BlueAnt now makes gargantuan, uncomfortable headsets because their features are the best around.
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on February 23, 2014
It's now the law to be hands free where we live so I needed a Bluetooth. I tried a cheap one at Wal-Mart and it was awful. I then purchased a Plantronics M50 and while it was comfortable and the reception seemed clear enough, everyone could hear the background noise so much it hurt their ears! I was opening a brown lunch bag while talking to someone and they said "Oh my gosh what are you doing?!?! It's killing my ears!" They could hear every background noise and it was to the extreme! So then I read reviews and purchased the Jabra Style. I hated it! I was uncomfortable and the sound quality sucked! I'm thankful I could return all of these awful products. I then read review after review and finally came across the Motorola HX550. It's awesome! I have been told numerous times that people don't know that I'm on a Bluetooth and I have even washed dishes while being on the phone without them knowing! The negative reviews said that after a while the flip open to turn on section has broken off. I just got it so hopefully that doesn't break because I'm loving it so far! Finally have found one!
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on May 8, 2013
This has some of the best customer reviews on Amazon, so I bought it when I started using a blue tooth headset more often - replacing on old Samsung.

GOOD: Nice size, convenient controls. light weight. I like the flip mic thing to turn it on/off. Holds a charge a long time. Not too obnoxious looking (subdued logo, led turns off so you don't look like a Borg).

BAD: I can't use this in the car! People have trouble hearing me. I have trouble hearing them. My phone voice dial can't understand me. This is with the windows closed, AC off. My car isn't a Lexus, but it's not a truck.

COMFORT: Obviously an individual thing. I found one of the hook options to be unbearable (no silicone padding), another hook option to be fine except for diminished clarity (receiving end - no affect on talking).
The in ear option was most comfortable, but the fit is pretty critical. The smaller one is a little too small, the larger - way to big. Overall, not great. I haven't tried enough others to know how it compares.

MAYBE JUST ME?: I was using this with an iPhone 5. Often when I hang up a call, the music player will start. I don't know why. Apple had no answer. Is the control on this thing also sending the iPhone a music player signal? I have to use the voice control to say "TURN MUSIC OFF." Which works. If I'm not in the car.

I bought two of these (lost the first one shortly after buying it). The issues I have with sound quality were in both samples. I'm going to try a Jabra Wave. From this experience, I know Amazon reviews of headpieces are pretty subjective -- your mileage will vary. But that one seems to get particularly strong mention for in car performance.
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on July 8, 2012
The final conclusion on this is... it is crap.
After getting a replacement from Motorola, It worked for about a week.
Now, I get about 90 seconds of talk time- then it mysteriously cuts out- people can hear me, I can't hear them. Very frustrating.
It also refuses to pair with my phone now.
Motorola won't take it back and it's been too long to return to amazon.
So, in the garbage it goes. Yeaaaa!

You can see the progression of this review below.

Update - Boom broke after two weeks. Contacted Motorola and they sent a brand new headset.
New one is a different design (gloss finish instead of matte) and does not connect to phone immediately on incoming call every time.
Incoming sound quality is great. Outgoing is questionable. Callers have said my voice quality is fine, muffled, echoey, or really bad- it varies.
I'd say overall, the reliability of these headsets varies on a daily basis and from unit to unit.
Does the job but the next bluetooth purchase will be a Jawbone.

Below is original review.
Purchased about 1 week ago.
Pairs easily with iPhone 4.
Noise canceling is VERY good. Walked through airports with people thinking I was at home. I can do dishes with water running loudly and still be heard very well. Works great in the car.
Noise canceling fails in very high winds - to the point where my voice is unintelligible.
Buttons and functionality of flip out boom work well.
Wish the volume had more range. I find that it is slightly loud at times. This can be adjusted during a call by using the iPhone volume controls. (Bluetooth will jump two levels, while iPhone controls one at a time).
Find that when the battery life goes down a level (from high to med) it disconnects the call. - Have not throughly tested this yet but seems to be the case.
INCREDIBLE battery life. It takes a lot to run it down. Charging is super fast.
Love the low profile LED light.
Ear pieces could fit a little better.
All the negatives stated here are minor and nit-picky.
Overall, it's a great product for an awesome price. I would put it up against any of the $100-$150 bluetooth devices any day of the week.
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on May 18, 2014
Utah just passed a law banning cell phone manipulation while driving. Technically the law states that you can only make or answer calls "hands free" so, voice activation is now very important for business use.

I had a Motorolla Finity which worked great as a basic BT device but I never used voice recognition with it. I lost it and bought the Motorolla HX550 because it advertised voice activation and had a lot of good reviews, although few if any reviews about the voice activation.

The HX550 worked well as a basic device and worked exactly within 30ft of my phone. Call clarity was great both directions, noise cancelation seemed good and I liked the "flip" tip power on/off functionality. If I used my phone to accept or make a call the BT worked fine. (Fyi, Motorola's new higher end BTs say they can work to 300ft not based on different "class" technology. My Galaxy Note 3 does not mention class rating so I'm unsure how far it could work. Phones can only work with bluetooths within 30ft to 75ft, but there are some commercial grade products that can go 300ft)

The HX550 is "not fully hands free!" At least with the MotoSpeak app, which I think was the only way I tried voice recognition.

The speaker broke after 2 weeks while I was trying to adjust the volume after it suddenly dropped in volume level but that was AFTER I was having "Voice Recognition Rage" after 15 minutes of trial and error because IT DOES NOT WORK! So I may have squeezed it too hard but don't think it should have broke if that is the case. The voice recognition app is terrible and I was about to toss the BT out my window because of it. I returned it to Amazon and purchased the top end Motorola Whisper.

With the HX550 I could talk and hear just fine and manually answer calls with the phone or button on the bluetooth but, that was all. Forget about using the voice activation feature to make a call, it is too complicated, takes too long to answer all the questions and only makes a call 30% of the time.

I opened the hx550 package and immediately "paired" the BT to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, tried it out using the phone and it worked fine. I then downloaded the Motorola MotoSpeak voice app as directed in the instructions. The BT was paired with my phone but somehow the app caused a conflict and then would not pair with the phone anymore. I Googled the problem and found it to be common but I had to figure out a solution for myself so I unpaired the bluetooth with the phone and then restarted the motospeak app in order to make it work.

The main problem was the MotoSpeak app! There is a main button on the headset which answers calls and prompts MotoSpeak to ask for instructions. The MotoSpeak app would respond with the press of the button BUT after the app faults out, which it will, you must press the button again and then it will respond after 2 or 3 presses or not respond at all.

MotoSpeak works by asking you to give it a name, number, or text message instruction, pauses, then chirps -- you must WAIT for the chirp sound before you can request your instruction. The pause before the chirp tricks you into responding too soon so it picks up only part of your response and the app just shuts down and you're sitting there wondering what is happpening and what to say next. You have to repress the button and start over.

The next correct try you say "call..." it asks you to "confirm..." or choose from a list of names telling you to, "say <Select 1> for..., say <Select 2> for..." etc. You respond with "Select 1" and it asks for another confirmation or just shuts down leaving you hanging again.

The app is like starting a new app or computer program and not being able to bypass the tutorials after you are familiar with them.

Answering calls:
Not hands free! I could not say "answer" to an incoming call if my hands were busy. While driving, I tried for 15 minutes to use MotoSpeak and MANY other times for 2 weeks with maybe 10% success. I almost through the BT out the window out of frustration and felt like it would have been safer to manipulate my phone while driving.

Update, I returned the HX550 and purchased the Motorola Whisper HZ850 and the plantronics Voyager Legend to compare, hoping to get what I paid for. I don't think the Whisper instructed me to download the motospeak app but do not recall. The Whisper quickly and easily paired with my phone and used Google voice recognition automatically with out any trouble. I have not used the Voyager yet.

Plantronics lists their bluetooth devices as limited to 30ft range and are water resistant. Many reviews say the devices were laundered and survived. The plantronics has up updatable software. They had a lot of reviews about Chinese fake copies that did not work. "plantronics" should be printed in all lower case letters to be authentic.

Motorola lists their new model devices as capable of 300ft range but not water resistant. The Motorola does not have updatable doftware.
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on November 25, 2013
I have been making a nuisance out of myself, trying to find a bluetooth headset that meets mt standards. I purchased, and returned, many sets, always with a problem. First, I bought a samsung HM7000. I liked it quite a bit, although sometimes, I was told that I could not be heard very well. It was pretty clear and had really good range. (Sometimes, while I am cleaning, I will stream TV shows, movies or music while I am washing dishes or cleaning up around the house.) I lost it. I replaced it with the same, but in less than a week, it stopped charging. I moved on a bought a Samsung BHM1200NBACHP1, but it would not stream music and videos for me, so back it went. Next, I bought an Anker Wireless bluetooth. The reception was extremely poor, so I sent it back. Finally, I bought the Motorola HX550. Rough start. I came home after using it the first time and said, "This is the WORST one yet! I cannot hear a damned thing on it!" Then, I realized there was plastic over the microphone. I removed it, and wow! Um, really nice volume. The range is also quite impressive. The ear hook was very painful for me, pinched my ear, but there were other types enclosed with the product, and they are quite comfortable. Just got it, but it's looking very hopeful. And, the price was right. I am very pleased with the bluetooth. If it changes, I'll let you know!

Update...still going strong. LOVE. THIS. BLUETOOTH! And, the battery life is outstanding!
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on June 8, 2015
We researched a ton of different Bluetooth devices and chose this one. Big mistake! First of all, the description says "Retail Packaging" however, when we received this product it was in a tiny little ziplock baggie, definitely not what I would consider "retail packaging" unless you were purchasing it from a street vendor. The real problem was when I paired it to my iPhone 5S. It was really easy to pair, which was a plus, but then I made my first phone call and the person on the other end had difficulty hearing me and everything I was saying was repeating in my ear. I figured it was just a bad connection, so I hung up and called the person back and had the same issue. Then I thought there was something wrong with my phone that the same thing happened twice. I turned off the Bluetooth and called the person back again and the sound was perfect, which made me realize it was the Bluetooth device. I ended up purchasing the Motorola H19txt Bluetooth from Costco for $50 and it works perfectly, and for some reason is much more comfortable to wear than the HX550.
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