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on September 26, 2013
I read a ton of Amazon reviews and regardless of some people's complaints, I completely LOVE this Jabra SPORT Bluetooth stereo headset. I've had and used it for a few months on over 50 runs so far and don't have any complaints. The earpieces fit easily around and perfectly in my ears (follow the directions and try out the different sizes included in the package to get a perfect fit) and have never moved or fallen out of my ears while running. The sound quality is excellent and is loud enough to drown out traffic noise when I run along a busy local county highway. As per the DIRECTIONS, when OUTDOORS you MUST WEAR your smartphone/iPod, etc. on your RIGHT ARM -- this is so true because on my first day using the Jabra I tried wearing my iPhone on my left arm (as I always have) and the music cut out here and there and then in a pocket but same thing...but when I switched my iPhone to my RIGHT arm I have continuous music with no cutting out. I just had to get used to always wearing my iPhone on my right arm instead of my left arm, no biggie. I don't think many people who complained about the Jabra read the directions. The yellow cord that connects both earpieces doesn't bob when I run, it really stays put...sometimes I rest the yellow cord on the top of my ponytail if it's hot outside and I'm sticky with sweat. Yes, the charging cord is tiny, but I found a way to stack and balance both earpieces on top of the charger instead of letting them dangle -- they should only be charged for 2 hours at a time and I have never felt the charger heat up so I know I'm not damaging the earpieces by doing this trick. My Jabra SPORT replaced my Motorola 9 Bluetooth headset that I hated for the entire year+ that I had it because of the poor sound quality, that it annoyingly bobbed up and down while I ran (although the earbuds snuggly stayed in my ears), and also because it caused a significant amount of hair breakage where it gripped along the side of my head...bad problem for a woman!!! Anyway, BUY the Jabra SPORT -- you will LOVE it too!
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on April 8, 2013
I was really excited with this headset, it promised to be good quality and durable. Totally wrong!!!... This is a bad quality product, it worked well for around two weeks, then it stayed turning on and off by itself, so I couldn't used it anymore. I had to contact product support and they send me a new replacement item. I thought this second headset would fullfil my expectatives. Not at all!!... The second headset lasted even less than the first one, I just used it once, until its battery went low, then I tried to charged and Oh Surpirse, it didn't!!!... I checked the conection to see if may I didn't plugged it correctly, everything was OK, it simply didn't charge. Obviously the battery died and I couldn't use it. I tried with a different charger from a friend of mine who had recently purchased the same headset, and it didn't work as well, so it was not a Charger issue. I had to contact Amazon Product Support again and they offered me a refund which I immediately accepted.

Some additional disadvantages:

- This headset is really unconfortable, the ear plugs are too big and they hurt your ear, unless you have big ears. I tried with all the ear plug covers but couldn't find the way to fit them confortably.

- The yellow wire that link both earphones is too long, and it get stuck to your neck when you turn your head, specially if you are training or working out. So if you look to any side the wire will stick to your neck and one of the earphones will be taken out of your ear. So definitely it is not as "sport" as it name states.

- FM option sucks!!!... you will never get a radio station, if you get it, it will hurt your ears with the desperating noise.
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on August 14, 2012
The headset does not provide any level of adjustment and results in speaker not sitting well in ear. This unfortunately allows for allot of background noise. Add to this, the device is not able to produce for very loud volume, let alone any meaningful bass or tremble.

The yellow cord that connects the two earpieces is quite frustrating as it will pull to one side. Making a earpiece that is already not sitting securely fall off or need constant adjustment. The more you sweat, the worst it gets.

I have also found that it sometimes fails to connect to previously paired devices and/or randomly disconnect for no apparent reason.

Like the Jabra Clipper, the Jabra SPORT has a very limited signal range and the bluetooth connection can be easily disrupted...requiring an almost Line of Sight set up between a phone and the Jabra Sport. Jabra, in it's instructions alludes to this as well, recommending that you have a phone on an armband, on your right arm as the Bluetooth transmitter is on the right earpiece. What does this mean? Running with phone in right hand will cause interference and at times for signal to be completely disrupted and device to disconnect from your phone(resulting in music being paused). Another example is doing bench presses with the phone lying on floor next to you results in interference.

Battery life is also best this device will work for 3 hours. Usually, you get a little over 2.

I would not recommend this headset to anyone serious about their workout regiment and enjoys listening to audio of any sort. The constant adjustment and inadequate volume would distract. The constant signal dropping is also infuriating.
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on January 13, 2012
I was down to this product (Jabra Sport) or the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth headphones to wear in the gym. I was sick of the corded headphones. I ended up with the Jaybirds, but I decided to get my wife a set of these Jabra headphones for the same purpose. I tried them out, wore them once, and returned them immediately. Glad I chose the Jaybirds in the first place.

Reasons these aren't good:

1. Uncomfortable. In an effort to be simple, they chose a standard piece that when inserted in the ear just hurts. I am a nearly 6-foot tall man and they hurt my ears. For a woman, it would have to hurt badly.

2. Range. I can take my Jaybirds 30 feet from my cell phone which acts as my MP3 player in the gym. I couldn't get 3 feet with these. If you aren't wearing the device on an armband, it wouldn't work at all. I am not sure even an MP3 player laying on a treadmill rack would have uninterrupted reception. Terrible.

3. Buttons. Not easy to press at all. You kind of have to push through your ear to get to the buttons since they sit on the headphone arm which sits on your ear. Very annoying.

I will say I like the design and cord in the back aren't cumbersome. Given they are similar price, the Jaybirds are far far superior. The range is bad enough on these to stop me from owning them at all, even if there weren't a worthy competitor.
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on December 28, 2014
I knew going in that these would be a mediocre solution to the vexing issue of solid wireless headphones for use during intense exercise. So it's no surprise that my reaction is lukewarm. They do the job as advertised, but...

1) The sound is particularly tinny, with no real bass to speak of
2) The cord between the two earpieces is easily snagged, either by crossfit style movement (particularly problematic during back squats) or by my wife's hair when she co-opts the device.
3) The battery doesn't last as long as it should - maybe 3-4 hours per charge, with capacity seeming to drop fairly quickly.
4) The earpieces are very difficult to secure and tend to dislodge easily. Granted, my wife has better luck with them, but she still has issues, especially on long races in hot weather.

Overall, not terrible and will do in a pinch, but far from ideal.
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on October 14, 2013
My first bluetooth stereo headset was the Plantronic backbeat and after more than 1 1/2 years daily use sadly they have started showing their age. I am a remodel carpenter and wear them everyday regardless of the type of work I am doing be it demolition, or sanding sheetrock so to say they have been durable is an understatement. However all that abuse has caused them to start splitting causing me to seek another pair. I should have gone with tried and true but decided I would give the Jabra headset a shot and must admit that I should have stuck with what i know.

The problems I have with the Jabra is the listen time vs Plantronic which is around 6 hours to the Jabra 3+ hours and while the sound is a touch better with Jabra, getting them situated in my ears is much more of a challenge than with the Plantronic. With the plantronic backbeat,I can easily put them on with one hand and zero effort where as with the Jabra it is a two hand task and even then not very easy. The ear tips that come with the plantronic come in a variety of sizes and are easy to adjust on the ear bud it self while the tips that come with Jabra dont seem to fit the bud very well and not as easy to adjust. With Plantronic with a push of a button you get a voice that tells you how many hours you have left on your battery, with Jabra just a voice telling you if your battery level is high or low, and with Plantronic the voice will annoy you once you get under 30 minutes of battery life but it has never shut off on me while with Jabra I got 2 warnings of low battery and then it shut off.

To sum it up, the only pro's to the Jabra was they were cheaper than Plantronic when I bought them, and the sound quality is better. However, I am once again shopping for another set of ears as Jabra was a let down from what I am use to.
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on October 29, 2013
I had always envisioned to have a bluetooh headset that I could exercise on and walk without any cable entanglement. When I finally bought the Jabra SPORT I thought I had found it, but the problems started soon.
First was the time that I cam back from running on a day that I had sweated a lot..the headphones started turning on and off by itself and you couldn't turn it off or on...I finally decided to let the battery run out and when I recharged it, it worked well again.
Then came the reason I am returning my first pair...the volume buttons..they buttons stopped the beginning only from time to time and then...completely
These headphones ARE REALLY COMFORTABLE and I LIKE THEM...but I believe that they have some manufacturing problems that I will continue to work with JABRA... today (oct. 29) I will be returning this my first pair for replacement on warranty.
I will keep you posted...

REVIEWED NOV. 25, 2013
Today I got the replacement from Jabra and they sent me the Jabra Sport Wireless+. All I can say from the process of replacement is that even though it took a little longer than expected, all through the process Jabra kept me informed of what was happening with my replacement shipping while they were on back order.
For that, JABRA wins big points from me. I am now charging the new headset and will inform of its performance in the upcoming weeks
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on July 1, 2013
For the longest time, I had been looking for a good pair of Bluetooth headphones for working out. Others that I had tried were ok, but one pair was not sweat-proof (though it claimed to be), and the other didn't fit properly on my head (though, I admit, i DO have a big head). Now with the Jabra Sport, my search is finally over.

- Voice instructions: Nifty little feature. Turn them on and a voice tells you how to connect it to your phone as well as verifies that the power to the device is on or off.
- Power meter shows on iphone - That's right. When you connect it to your iPhone, it shows you how much juice is left, something the others I tried did not do. So you know if you have enough juice to get thru your grind or not.
- Great sound quality: Rich deep bass, and good volume to help you zone out.
- Great fit over the ears: Comes with 3 different types of earbuds for comfort inside the ears as well.
- Compact and flexible: Love how I can just throw them into my gym bag and not worry about them breaking.
- Comes with FM radio built in: I love this feature. Hike too treacherous for taking your phone? No problem! Just turn on your favorite radio station and keep mashing!
- TRULY sweat\rain proof - I sweat profusely when I workout and these headphones take it all and never once slipped off my head while training.

- The volume and skip track buttons are one and the same: I personally do not like this. To skip a track, you hold the button down; to adjust the volume, you tap the button. Considering that there are no buttons at all on the left headphone, I really wish they had separated the two.
- When outdoors, signal can get choppy if you don't keep your phone on the right side of your body near the headphones. I recommend an arm strap for your phone to deal with this issue. But if you don't have one, keep reading; all is not lost.

After a few runs in the gym, I wanted to take thru a truly rugged test...the dreaded (but fun) Koko Head hike. If you are active and find yourself in Honolulu, you HAVE to do this hike; 1058 steps up a mountain. Difficult, but the view at the top is SO worth it, but I digress.

As I'm driving to the hike, I realize that I have forgotten my arm strap for my phone! As mentioned in my second con, the signal can get choppy if your phone isn't close to the headphones on the right side of your body...or so i though.

I paired the headphones with my phone and put the phone in my right pocket. Sure enough, it worked beautifully. No choppiness, no disconnects, no problems at all. Stayed on my head the entire time, sweat and all.

I cannot tell you how much I really love these headphones. HIGHLY recommend.

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on February 19, 2015
I have gone through several of these head sets. Starting with simply the Jabra Sport Bluetooth headset, and then moving on to the Jabra Sport+. They work great for a while, I could leave my phone in my pocket and still have good signal for the most part, occasional drops but not often. The problem comes a few months later when for some reason or another the headset just stops working. The headset comes with a 1 year warranty, so I was able to get them replaced with very little hassle. But another 3 months or so go by and they break again. When the year was up I purchased the Jabra Sport+ after the company sent me one to replace my original Jabra Sport. Same story, few months, they break I get them replaced and then this cycle continued until today where the pair I got in December, just before the end of my second warranty was up, started to just make static in the left ear, when the headset wasn't even on. This break was different though, usually they just stopped working all together. I would not buy these headphones again if they were the only option for bluetooth headphones. They are just a waste of money.
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on July 16, 2013
I have spent the better part of the past two weeks researching bluetooth capable sports headphones. Since the ones I really want (jaybird bluebud x) are entirely too expensive for my taste I resigned myself to searching in the $60 -$80 range. I chose this set because Jabra has a recognizable name and I've seen some decent reviews on it.

*Easy to pair with phone
*Bass is nice (when it stays in your ear)
*Good overall volume

*Will not fit if you have eyeglasses. The ear hooks are entirely too bulky.
*Wireless distance is effective to about 12 feet. After that the music static begins and interruptions of music occur until you are closer to your phone.
*Any head movement past 12 feet away causes a brief interruption of music.
*Connecting cord is too short. It pulls one of the two earpiece out each time your turn your head.

Overall I believe the earpiece and plugs are not a good fit. For my small ears at least. Will return this week.
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