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on October 20, 2009
I bought this because I was interested in the larger display. We use it in a motorhome and both of us like to be able to see the GPS. Not so easy with a typical 3.5" unit. We previously owned a Maggelan unit and were happy with it but wanted a larger display.
This unit is almost idea, the display is very clear, it is easy to set up prior to a trip and it has no fluff that we have no need for like bluetooth, MP3 player etc. It's a GPS, not a multi-purpose unit. Which is what I want. I really like the lane change feature, that's almost enough to make the new unit worthwhile by itself. So far it has worked flawlessly. The only downside is that it will not run very long without being plugged into 12V (30 min). I suspect because of the large display. But that's not really a issue since we have it plugged in all the time anyway. One feature I like is the small suction cup, it takes much less dashboard/window real estate that our previous unit. We us a non-skid "pillow" most of the time, but use the suction cup in the car and it's much easier to mount.

Just wanted to make a update - We now have a lot more miles on the clock using this unit. We had no issue with it being slow or not giving us enough time to react like another reviewer found. And I often need lots of time due to the length of our MH and car together. We didn't have any routing issues either. Guess that's why there are many different models and companies producing these things.

I have to give Amazon a plug as well. I looked at Best Buy and one other store, they didn't even know this model existed. Amazon shipped it and I received it in less that 18 hours. We were on a one day stop while traveling. That's really good service.
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on February 24, 2012
Bought the Magellan wireless backup camera for my wife's Subaru Forester at Christmas, (Subaru doesn't seem to offer an in-dash unit, yet. At least I couldn't find one on their website.) along with the 1700 LM Roadmate GPS. I have to say that after punching a 1/2 inch hole in the body panel behind the license plate and snaking the wires up behind the trim panels, up through the hinge in the lift hatch, down through more trim panels and attaching the wires to the backup light wires.... I wish that I hadn't. The picture is OK once it finally comes on. But, the delay is unacceptable. Most times the backup maneuver is compete before the image comes on the screen. In a really tight situation, though, it is worth the wait as the view is excellent, especially on the 7" screen. It is a great safety feature! Just wish it reacted quicker. (for what it is worth: the sender for the camera is about six feet from the GPS and behind 1 plastic trim panel, as high from the power connection as the wires would reach. This minimizes the number of seats and stuff the signal must pass through.)

The GPS unit: Magellan Roadmate 1700-LM is OK. I have a suspicion that most of the satelites must be re-positioned over the middle east right now. Because this unit takes several minutes to aquire enough of a signal to give us a position. Sometimes (perhaps 20% of the time) it shuts off all-together because it can not aquire the necessary signal.

Some businesses are not in the inventory of the unit and if you don't know the street address and number you are out of luck. The Roadmate 1700 can't help you.

When I punch in 'home' it will inevitably try to send me out of my way... by approximately eight miles. When I make the correct turns to go home it tries and tries to send me the "long" way around by telling me to take turns that are unnecessary. Very irritating! Too, bad it doesn't have a "learn" feature. This has happened on other trips that we routinely take. It has even tried to detour us onto side streets when we were already on the correct route going it the proper direction. I wonder how it will work when I go to a city that I am not familiar with... For a high end$ GPS I expected more.
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on January 16, 2018
It's crap. The navigation seems sluggish to register that you made a turn, which is the most critical time since the next turn could be coming up.

The power is supplied to this unit by a DC jack, but greedy Magellan used some unusually-sized jack (so you can't buy a replacement except from them) and as a result, it's not a good fit. Vibration can easily shift it to the side which causes an interruption of the electricity flowing to the unit. I ended up disassembling the unit and soldering a standard DC jack to it to make it usable again.

Worst of all, their "eco" map update is completely down. I can't even log in! Before that, I could log in, but my unit for some reason wasn't registering as a lifetime maps unit, which it was, so I contacted their tech support. They fiddled around with a system a bit, but it still didn't work. They left me with nothing more than a "come back later after we fix it" with no ETA. Since that time a few months ago, it only got worse.

If you can buy this thing for $25 or less, do so. I think some of these can boot into an IGO PRIMO OS from the flash drive. Just make sure you know how to solder if you end up getting one of the DC jack units like the 1700 (later versions use a USB cable). Otherwise don't bother, with this or with ANY Magellan unit, since you'll never be able to update your maps. People are moaning about that one all over the internet!
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on December 27, 2011
I purchased this to replace my Roadmate 1425 that died and I love the 1700 LM! The big screen is great and easy to use if you have big fingers and easy to see! The volume is nice and loud and seems to be accurate with directions.

The one reason I prefer the Magellan over the Garmin units that I tried is, the Magellan will show you the route and if you don't want to make a certain turn in the route (there's construction on Walker Rd, etc) you can click on that turn and let it know you don't want to go that way. It will recalculate another route before you leave. The Garmin will recalculate after you drive past that turn. For me, it's nice to know exactly where I'm going before I go because no GPS can be trusted 100%, in my opinion. But that's just my preference. I also purchased the Autodashmount friction mount so I don't have to use that annoying suction cup mount, I love the entire package, it's everything I hoped for.

I got A LOT of GPS for my money here on Amazon, best price I could find for a new, unrefurbrished 1700LM! I would have paid more for it. Very happy with my purchase!
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The Magellan Roadmate 1700 LM just arrived today. Features are that of a solid, basic GPS. I had a Roadmate 1412 that I let my daughter use it and she ripped the USB cord and female plug right out of the GPS when she was pulling it off the dash mount. It was three or maybe 4 year old and the maps needed an update anyway. So, to me, I bought a map update with a lifetime map subscription and ended up with 7" GPS for another $80. All is good.

There are NO fancy functions except that it supports the $150 accessory for a camera backup input. No blue tooth or traffic warnings but I wouldn't use them anyway. I have glossed through the manual but have not read it cover-to-coover since it operates like a normal GPS it doesn't require a lot of instructions to use.

I charged it via the included power point adapter using a Black and Decker 5 amp power supply. If you do not have one of these you will have to charge it in your car because it will not charge off the USB. There is aseparate charger you can buy for about fourteen dollars but I will not pursue one simply because I have the DC power supply to power the standard power point plug. The power input plug is the same size as an AV input plug and I did get confused when I first plugged it in.

The USB port is only used for connecting to your PC for updates. System and Map updates are available on line using MagellanGPS Content Manager. To update requires:

1. Download and install the free Content Manager Software.
2. Register your product and Content Manager
3. Receive an alert and download the update.

Remember, you are paying a $170 for jumbo GPS with lifetime Map updates. I had no problem updating. I am running Windows 7 on my laptop. You just have to follow the directions. Connect your GPS with the USB cable. It's a standard USB cable so you don't have to worry about losing it. The Content Manager, once installed, resides in your system tray. You simply right click on it and it opens then you click on "check for updates." Downloads of the system doesn't take long. An updated set of maps takes 45 minutes to load. My laptop went into power save mode and I had to restart Content Manager to finish the download. Luckily, I didn't have to start from the begining.

--SCREEN SIZE is big and easy to read. It reminds me of a Kindle Fire and is about the same size.
Operation is intuitive if you've used a GPS before. I had a Roadmate 1412 before and programming is very similar.

--Free lifetime map updates

--AV Input which I will never use.

--Easy to Use

--There is some latency in the touch panel which I suspect is firmware or processor issue.

--Battery life is only 1/2 hour but that's no surprise when you look at the size of the screen it's powering.

--No 110 Volt charger included

--Screen image is not as crisp or defined as a smaller GPS but the reason is the map application is like running a iPhone application on a iPAD. The image size increases but the dots per inch is not. It is not bad, it just looks like a VGA monitor in a world of high resolution screens.

--If you want a big GPS this is for you.

UPDATE AFTER 1100 mile roundtrip (Michigan to Washington, DC)

--Big screen worked as I had hoped.
--Maps were inaccurate twice. One mistake cost me 20 minutes in DC where the GPS route called a left turn to get on the George Washington Parkway (should have been a right). The second was a call to go left on I-280 where it splits and goes north on I-75. I knew the route so I went north on I-75. Had I followed the GPS route spoken to me I would have wasted another 1/2 hour on my trip.
--BATTERY LIFE -- The Batttery drains even when stored in the off position over three days which means if you want to add a new destination you have to plug it into your car charger. This is a problem when you car is parked in hotel garage by a bellman and locked up. I understand the short battery life because of the massive screen but geeze, at least a common charger input would be a nice way to mitigate the short battery life. The charging plug should be a standard mini USB or similar since I already own a half dozen of these for my cell phones and the like.
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on June 11, 2016
I purchased this as a refurbished model with a 90 day warranty. It lasted 7 months and the screen went out. In a way I am glad because it is the worst gps I have ever used. This is my second Magellan. The first one was excellent, is about 7 years and is still working. I only replaced it because it needed map updates and they cost almost as much as a new gps with lifetime maps. The 1700LM had a nice looking screen but the touch screen was not sensitive enough. It was terrible at directions frequently taking us on a round-about way to get to the destination. It was so bad that I had to keep a map in the car to verify the route that the gps planned would actually get us to the destination. I probably will buy another Magellan because of my good experience with the first one, plus I like how the software is designed. I have a Garwin built-in to one of my cars and I definitely do not like how it works in comparison to the Magellan. But I would not buy this model again nor do I recommend it.
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on January 11, 2013
Three Stars for now - If I ever manage to get this unit charged up and actually use it, I may end up changing this.

I can't believe that this unit didn't come with an AC adapter to charge the battery with. As clearly stated on Page 3 of the manual, it will take THREE hours to fully charge it via the vehicle power cable. Once charged, it will last a mere thirty minutes. Why should I have to run my car for three hours just to get this unit charged? If I want to explore all of the options, fully learn how to use the unit, and plan a route or two - I doubt I'd get it done in under the thirty minutes.

It would have likely cost Magellan less than a buck (at cost) to include a basic adapter with this unit. The ones I've seen so far here at Amazon are $4.98 (PLUS another $4.99 in shipping), or $14.98 (free shipping with my Prime membership).

I called Magellan to comment about this issue and spoke to a rather rude fellow with a negative/defensive attitude. He said that they don't include the adapter in order to save costs. I told him that he sure wasn't going to be saving money when I return the unit to Amazon. He then told me that I could charge the unit via the USB cable. I told him that Page 3 of the manual clearly states that it CANNOT be charged this way. He said that he was aware of that, but if I plugged it in for six hours, it would be charged. I have my doubts, but I've plugged it in and will see what happens in six hours.

I can't help but wonder what else Magellan cuts corners on when producing their GPS units.

I have managed to charge the unit via the USB cable several times that were at least six hours, and twice overnight. It does give it a little bit of a charge, but not anywhere near a full charge, and it only lasts five to ten minutes. I've also gotten a "Critical Error" message that shut down the unit twice. Pretty sure this is heading back to Amazon.

Well, I decided to keep it because for the price ($119 when it was a "Today's Deal" offer), you can't beat the screen size. I did have to invest $15 in a power cord for indoors - which still annoys me to no end. I have only used it on a couple of trips so far and it didn't do too bad. It did not know where some roads were even though they've been there for several years. I have not had time to update the maps yet. The main annoyance (apart from the power cord issue) is the voice. I've used other GPS units that I've borrowed from friends and family members before and they always had a choice of voices to choose from. This only has one voice, and it sounds like a woman who smokes a carton of cigarettes a day! Horrible! I've nicknamed her Smokey Sally. For all the above reasons, I've knocked off another star.
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on November 14, 2013
PROS: Great screen, easy functions... adjustable routes and sounds. Priced VERY competitively! It will get you where you are going eventually.

CONS: If it is more than 2 blocks, you can find a better route than this POS! I have yet to use it and not known a better route once I got to my destination. I used it going to Buffalo from VA, then took my regular route coming back. I traveled 60 miles less and saved almost 90 minutes as well as $10 in tolls without straying from MAJOR roads!!! I also drove closer to the speed limit coming home (slower). Battery time is about 10 minutes out of the box new. I'd say stay away from Magellan PERIOD!

Yes, according to the software it IS updated... although exits and highways that have been around WELL over a year are not showing in VA, PA, and NY.
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on April 1, 2014
This GPS is the slowest update I have ever experienced and I go back to the GPS units that read in degrees, minutes and seconds!
The batteries are good for a total of maybe 10 minutes when fully charged. Not a problem as it can stay plugged in, but here is the trouble. The unit is so slow that I am well past my turn before the system can update and advise me where to turn, (think U-turn after U-turn)...I can make those mistakes myself without the aid of modern technology. I am equally unhappy with the fact that I tried to return it, and though I followed the directions to print the return paperwork; UPS was unable to pick it up as they did not provide a shipping label, and never did. So I have a GPS that would be fit for a bicycle, if the power consumption wee not so does have a nice bright display so that when it mis-leads it is clear and bright.
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on March 26, 2013
I chose this particular GPS for 2 primary reasons. First, it is large enough for these aging eyes to see quickly, and second, it would accept a rear-view camera input (which I also purchased.) As others have noted, it IS quite large. I have a Nissan mid-sized truck, & had a time finding a place to put it where it would be comfortable to view yet not block the view. I could not mount it ON the dash, as it blocked the view forward. I could not mount it on the center console, as it then blocked the controls on the heat/ac. It is too heavy & large to fit on the visors, not to mention the cables that would be dangling. I bought a stronger, more versatile mounting bracket which allowed me to find a good location, allowing it to extend far enough forward to drop a bit below the level of the dash, so it is just above the level of the radio display. However, it is quite conspicuous to all, and I am concerned when I leave my vehicle that it is a clear invitation for would-be thieves. I am disappointed in the rear-view camera, as it does not always engage, and I have discovered it really does not justify the expense for me. It probably would if I needed to mount trailers or such. I think this entire unit is a bit more than I needed, and I predict it will eventually be relagated to the glove-box except for special occasions.

An Update to my original review:
I've had this unit for a little over 2 years, and once I found a reliable way to mount it, I was hooked. I also got the backup camera, which was part of the reason I chose this one. In the 2 years I've had it in my truck, it has been reliable and very helpful. When I replaced my truck w/ a small car, it became my mission to find a way to fit it into this car, somehow. I rely on this so much. In the entire time I had never updated the software or maps, so once I had it out, I found I needed to do so. I don't think the battery has ever been fully charged, as I never used it outside of the vehicle. When I tried to transfer the unit, it refused to find a signal. That's when I updated the software and it began working again. One thing, though, Magellan Customer Service is a pain. Once the unit is out of warranty, the only way to get help is via a Chat. Took me all day long to get the registration fixed to include the map upgrades w/o paying $80. I had to buy an AC adaptor to keep the unit from shutting down, and it may take 2 hrs or more for these updates. I bought one here on Amazon for less than $4 just last week. It will become a necessity. I have come to love this GPS.

As a navigation assistant, it does a fine job. I like that it speaks instructions clearly and well enough in advance to allow me time to identify the turns without rushing. The display is clear and uncluttered. I also like that it provides street names, giving me a much clearer understanding of the location, and teaching me a bit more about the areas I frequent. It claims to also be able to accept video input other than the rear-view camera, but I have not tried that. I have no reason to doubt that it will do so well. I find myself talking to it, so if you are looking for a friend ... who knows.

I rate it as only 3 stars, mostly because it is so limiting in its application due to its size, and because the included mounting bracket is insufficient. It would not stick securely to any surface I tried it on, and given the size/weight of the device, it could not trust it to hold even on glass. The alternate bracket I bought is designed for larger devices and sticks very well to a surface the included device would not. The addition of the camera created its own set of issues, including an additional cable to manage, although it does require only one power port. However, the cable is a challenge to route, making it a nuisance to remove/replace the device should I park somewhere I do not want to leave it visible for fear of theives. All in all, if I traveled alot or often went into unfamiliar areas, it would serve me much better. But for my needs it is a bit over the top, and I question the wisdom of my choice. For some, it will be IDEAL, for some, like me, it is ADEQUATE. For some it simply will not do. In the car I used to have, this would simply not have worked, due to its size.

If you can get it on sale, go for it. If you must pay full retail price, consider it carefully. It has some excellent features others do not have, but it is quite large. Cut out a template and experiment with your own configuration, consider where it would fit or not fit, and don't forget the cables and how visible it will be to others.
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