Customer Reviews: Kindle Fire Lightweight MicroShell Folio Case Cover by Marware, Graphite (will not fit HD or HDX models)
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on November 15, 2011
I am a little surprised by the reviews. When I read them yesterday, I was ready to return my case when it arrived today.

I bought this because I wanted the lightest case possible that would provide protection. It is very light. As the product description explains, the case is polycarbonate (an impact and scratch resistant PLASTIC) which has been rubberized on the outside, and the cover is a soft fabric (rubberized with a felt layer on the inside. Yes, the elastic strap is glued, but so what? Glue is a good thing.

It feels "cheap" because it is very light (so light I thought the package was empty). According to my postage scale, it weighs a tad over 3 ozs. The stand does not stay in place unless it is weighted with, of all things, a Kindle Fire inserted into it. Then it works perfectly.

It is exactly as advertised: a very light, form-fitting case that offers good protection for the device with a simple display stand. Nothing fancy. Certainly doesn't have a designer name. But, it does what it is intended for and I am very happy with it. Obviously, I can't comment on durability, but the materials seem of high quality and the finish is excellent.

UPDATE 20 Nov 11:

It is time for an update because I have been using the case for almost a week of intensive enjoyment of the Kindle Fire. It is really an outstanding case! If you are looking for a good balance between weight and protection, I can't imagine there is a better choice. I will address myself to a few issues based on use:

1. The stand function is very simple. You insert the leading edge of the folded cover into a slot on the back. This has worked well for me, although I notice a number of reviewers have commented that it doesn't work well for them. I am not sure about the discrepancy, but it may be related to the hinge stiffness. I noticed that it is more stable as the hinge side (on which the device rests when in the stand position) softens with use. It is rather stiff at first. If you massage it a while it becomes more pliable and flattens, which improves stability. As for falling out of the slot, I haven't experienced that problem.

2. The quality of materials seems to be excellent. "Light" means "cheap" to some people. But this seems to be made of high quality polycarbonate and rubberized fabric. I haven't noticed any degradation of the materials. The case is very well constructed, including the elastic strap, which is heat sealed to the case body. I tried to pry it off, and it is really bonded well to the case body. BTW, the space between the case and the Fire is a great place to store a microfiber screen cleaning cloth, which you will need.

3. It is light and the Fire is heavy (especially if you are used to the Kindle e-reader). Any weight savings should be appreciated and this case delivers. Did I mention it is light?

I would buy this case without hesitation, but everyone has different needs. My objective was to find the lightest case possible that was made of high quality materials and which would provide sufficient protection in case I dropped it (I seem to drop things a lot). This case meets my needs as well as I could expect. At the new lower price of $29.95, I think it is well-priced for protecting a $200 investment.

UPDATE 29 Dec 11:

I carry my Fire everywhere, everyday in my coat pocket and recently returned from a two week trip to Europe and Africa, where it got bounced around a lot. The case is in great shape. There is some scratching of the outer hard case, but just minor. Most importantly, I have dropped my Fire many times and this case has provided absolutely rock-solid protection. I would have thought that the front cover might fray at the edges or the flexible hinge might become worn. But it is still just like new. The only difference is that the case has become a lot more stable in the viewing position as the cover has become more flexible on the hinge edge. I stand by my original review even more positively.
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on December 12, 2011
Just a basic look at the case, so you know exactly what it is you're getting into.

Also, I didn't talk about the inside of the flap at all. It's felty, so it kind of doubles as a screen cleaner as well. I'm kind of a spaz about finger smudges, but they mysteriously go away due to the inside of the cover flap.
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on November 16, 2011
Earlier this morning I read the not-so-good reviews on this cover, so I was a bit skeptical. Right away after putting it on my Kindle Fire I knew this COVER WAS A KEEPER. What's to like? NICE AND SNUG - fits like a glove. I'm a frequent traveler, so I will be using it to prop up the Kindle Fire for movies. It worked well for this - only watched a few minutes, but I liked what it did. STAYS CLOSED when you want - I like the elastic strap that secures the whole unit. Seeing that they lowered the price today is an added bonus. WEIGHS NEXT TO NOTHING - I like my electronics to weigh as little as possible since I'm always toting them with me. If you think you will be dropping your Kindle Fire, then this is probably not for you. IF you are like me and want a cover that has a low profile, weighs very little, protects the screen and can be used to prop up the Kindle Fire to watch movies then this is a great option.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon November 16, 2011
I am puzzled with all the bad reviews for this case. I was expecting something terrible to show up when I saw the reviews start popping up yesterday. The case is basically a plastic shell on the outside for the back, and a thin synthetic type material for the front, very similar (but thinner) to Apple's smartcover for iPad 2. The device fits inside the plastic shell perfectly. There is no room for it to move around at all.

The plastic part has a elastic band on the bank which can be used to insert your hand and hold the device when reading on it, or it can be brought to the front to securely close the front flap on the case. Overall it is a slim profile case that adds only marginal bulk to the device. The front flap has in inner velvet lining which comes in contact with the screen and keeps is safe.

Parts that could have been better - the front flap is slim, but a little too thin. I'm sure it will protect the device adequately, but it feels lacking in terms of protection. Not a big deal for me personally because I use the device only at home and am fairly good with keeping my devices safe. The second, the most important drawback of this case is that the stand just plain and simple - sucks! It is very flimsy, again because of the thin material on the flap. There is no way the device can be held on the stand when reading on the Kindle in my lap, for example. The only way the stand stays firm is if it's kept on a flat surface like a table or something. I think if they wanted to keep the material thin, that would be fine, except they should have added some weight in the middle part of the front panel that folds around - this part takes the weight of the stand, and if it was made slightly thicker, it would have worked very well.

Other than these two drawbacks, I like this case and I would recommend it if you're looking for a light-use case. For those who paid $39.99 in pre-orders, Amazon automatically put in a $10 gift card in my account for the price difference, I didn't even have to contact them. I am assuming everyone received the credit. If you didn't, you can probably contact them for assistance.
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on November 16, 2011
This really is my first review here, but after reading most of the initial reviews of this product I had to speak up. Like another individual, those early reviews had me wishing I could cancel my order for this case; however, I received it today and I am delighted with it. I have 3 other Kindles (of varying ages), each with a different case. My favorite was the one with the built in booklight until I got the MicroShell. This case holds the Kindle snugly, feels good in my hand, doesn't get in the way and doesn't add any weight to an already comparatively "heavy" Kindle. It maintains a sleek appearance and acts as a perfectly sturdy stand as well. Now, if only it came in red or yellow or purple.....
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on November 16, 2011
I have used this case for two days now, and am impressed with it. Most of the cases on the market for the fire dramatically increase the size of the whole package. True, the propping up aspect is a little touchy (the cover end is placed inside a small notch in the back of the case), but I have now watched hours of video with the device propped up in this fashion, and it has performed well; the more time you spend propping it up, the easier the case "finds its groove." Keeping in mind the design philosophy of this case, which is to protect the Fire with a minimal increase in overall dimensions, Marware has done a great job here.

I was one of those who preordered this case and paid $40 for it. In a classy move, Amazon just sent me an email indicating that my account would be credited $10 to bring this into parity with the current sales price of this item.
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on December 25, 2011
I made a big mistake and laid my Fire in this Marware case on top of my jacket on the roof of a vehicle. I forgot it was there and grabbed my jacket. In turn I slinged my Fire across a parking lot. I watched in slow motion as it slammed the pavement and rolled end over end then slid to a stop ten feet away. I panicked thinking I had destroyed my Fire. I opened it up to check the Fire and saw that there was not a mark on it and it also still worked. The case took a beating and is pretty much trashed but it did its job. I have ordered a new case to replace the sacrificed one. Thanks for an awesome case Marware!
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on November 15, 2011
I was so excited this past September when I preordered my Kindle Fire that I immediately added this MicroShell Folio Cover by Marware--unseen and with a trust that Amazon would demand a quality cover for its new flagship Kindle. Sadly, though, this cover is the worst product I've ever purchased directly from Amazon, especially when I consider its $40 price tag. My guess would be that the manufacturing costs are far less, perhaps no more than one dollar per cover. The edges of the hard plastic back case are sharp and make the Kindle (which is heavier than I anticipated) uncomfortable and sometimes painful to hold, especially at the bottom and in the corners, which protrude forward from the device. The vinyl-like screen cover "features" a live hinge that doesn't look to me like it will be around for too many folds. This same screen cover is designed to fold into a stand for video viewing, but it easily slips out of position, allowing the Kindle Fire to drop to the table. Overall, the intent of the cover (to add protection while offering a built-in stand) is great, but the successful execution of that idea has been undermined by low quality materials and a poor fit and finish. I cannot recommend this product.

UPDATE: Originally, I had rated this product as one star (when the selling price was $40). Now that Amazon has reduced the price by $10, I have softened my rating somewhat. I suspect that there are better made, more economical options out there (or coming soon), but a price closer to $20 is reasonable considering that nearly all such covers have inflated prices.
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on November 18, 2011
Since joining the Kindle Revolution, I have always had my device with me wherever I go (previously, my Kindle Keyboard and now, my Kindle Fire). My purse is always cluttered, disorganized, and crammed with enough stuff to survive a nuclear attack -- obviously, a protective cover is absolutely necessary. Without one, my Fire would already have scratches and scuff marks all over it.

I must admit that I was rather skeptical about this case when I pre-ordered it, and I was ready to mail it back to Amazon in a New York minute if it was subpar. Every other case I've used for my other Kindle has always been the traditional, leather-bound protector. However, I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised with this case!

What about the strength and consistency of the shell itself? Well, before I actually put my beloved new toy in this contraption, I decided to give it a few test runs. I nudged it off of the couch onto the carpet -- no problems. I took it up a notch and dropped it onto my hard-tiled kitchen floor -- nope, no issues. At this point, my curiosity got the best of me, and I tossed it down the stairs -- the thing stayed closed and unharmed. Alright, obviously throwing a Fire down the stairs, even with a case on, is stupid as the impact itself would probably be damaging. I'm cutting my little experiment off before that step. But my point is that the case didn't break, crack, or dent. And since this case stayed closed through a tumble down the stairs, I'm adequately pleased with the elastic strap itself. It's very useful for holding the cover back when you're using your Fire.

The front cover of the Fire is made to flip back into a stand, so it's not the same super-sturdy material that cradles the rest of your device. But it's not a soft-cover, either. The cover bends in the middle so that it can fold into a stand, but that flexible area is sandwiched by two hard panels. Again, it's not the same stuff as the rest of the case, but it's a hard material.

The Fire fits perfectly into this case. The corners that actually hold the Fire into the case are made of the same hard material; my Fire snapped right into place and hasn't moved since. No jostling, no jiggling, no threat of escaping into the world unprotected.

I will agree with other reviewers about its standing function to an extent. The groove along the back of the case to hold the stand in place isn't as defined as necessary, in my opinion. And if your Fire isn't resting on a completely flat, hard, horizontal surface, the stand will probably collapse. It's been great on my bedside table for watching Wonder Years reruns before zonking out for the night... but when my boyfriend tried to set it on his dresser that had a slight lean to it, the stand slipped out of the groove immediately. I then tried to set it on his ottoman -- which has a large, flat surface, albeit a soft one -- and the stand didn't work well at all. Also, you might not want to bump into the table where your Fire is resting; the stand will go ker-splat. I would mainly caution people to be vigilant about where and how you use your stands. If your Fire falls while you're using the cover as a stand, your screen is unprotected. Could get nasty.

Overall, I'm a fan of this case with the one caveat that the stand is kinda hit or miss. I guess it's like teaching a kid to ride a bike. It's all good when the street is smooth, flat, and perfect. But the second you throw in a turn or a bump in the road, little Johnny will wish he had training wheels.

UPDATE: The white cover gets dirty VERY easily, and I haven't had any success in cleaning it. The corners and edges have developed that dingy, brown taint, and it also picked up some of the fabric coloring from the inside of my purse. Wouldn't be a problem if I could wash it off... but the stains seem to have permanently stuck. I definitely recommend getting a darker color. :(
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on November 17, 2011
It's not a leather case. Let's get that out of the way, shall we?

It's a case with a rubber bottom, an elastic band that can be used to hold the cover in place, and a thin cover that can be bent back and placed into an indentation on the back of the case to prop the Kindle Fire up in Landscape mode.

Is it the most robust case? No.

Is it functional and of nice quality? Yes.

The Kindle Fire clips into the case very well, and I feel that it is quite safe in this case. I don't want to go drop testing my Fire, but I think if I had an accident, this case would give it a better than fair chance of surviving with minimal damage.

Some reviewers have knocked this case for it's "cheap feel." I disagree. I feel it's on-par with the many other cases I've purchased for my smartphones over the years. It's not like an Oberon or even the Kindle 2 or Kindle 3 (aka Kindle Keyboard) case. Those are LEATHER (or pleather/naugahide/etc). But it is nice. It looks clean and impressive.

This case works well. I honestly like it. I think if you're looking for a nice synthetic/rubber case, then this one will fit the bill nicely.
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