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I know Amazon has a case coming out soon but did not want my new basic model Kindle to go naked. It is of high quality and fit s the new Kindle well. The straps on each corner are strong yet it is easy to place the Kindle into it. The straps have small pieces of leather sewn on them which looks nice. The case is sewn tightly and has no loose threads. The inside also has a handy hand strap so you can hold the Kindle with one hand. It also works to use one hand to hold it and use one finger to change pages. All in all I very pleased both with the looks and the function of this case.

UPDATE: Case is still holding firm with no issues.

One thing that has occurred to me is: This case works for either left or right handed folks. With the Kindle Basic having page turning bars on both sides and the cases ability to be used in either a right or left hand orientation that makes this case better than I first imagined. In fact I like the case so much that I may just return my lighted cover when it gets here. A light is nice but adaptability is far more important to me.
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on October 25, 2011
After a couple week wait due to backordering, my brown Marware case arrived today. The case comes packaged in a brown paper envelope, which is similar to the Amazon "no frustration" packaging, so that was a nice surprise -- and easily recycleable!

The case is very nice. The leather is soft, it's nicely padded, and the stitching is very cleanly done and even. There is an elastic band, similar to what you'd find on a Moleskine, to hold the cover shut or open and folded around back. When you fold the cover around the back of the Kindle, there is an elastic hand strap that you can slide your hand into so you don't have to actually grasp the case/Kindle while reading.

I'm glad I waited for the brown colored case, as it looks very classy with the black elastic strap. So many things are just plain black these days, so having the reserved but attractive medium-dark brown color is nice.

This case holds my new $79 Kindle 4 (non-touch) perfectly and all of the buttons and USB port are easily accessible with the Kindle strapped-in. The little bits of leather on the corner straps line-up on the Kindle just perfectly and the folding of the case doesn't have a bunch of wrinkles or anything undesirable. You can tell this was "Made for Kindle" and approved by Amazon.

Using the case makes the small Kindle easier to hold IMO. It gives you something to hold onto with both hands (open like a book) which can be less fatiguing for me at least. I spent some time with the cover folded-back using the hand strap earlier and that works nicely as well. Between the two "styles" of use, I'm sure that anyone could find a comfortable way to hold it.

Also, other than an unobtrusive Marware logo on the outside front cover, there is nothing to prevent you from installing the Kindle "backwards" so the flap is open to the right when reading, if you so desire. I'm left-handed, so I notice such things and if you're left-handed, this may be of interest.

Overall, this case is expensive, no doubt, at about 50% of the cost of the device that goes inside it. However, for that money, you do get a VERY nice product that carefully assembled of great materials that really exude class and feel wonderful in your hand. Just the fact that the stitching is nice and even and clean is one aspect that really sets this apart from the cheap cases.

I would highly recommend this case if you want a small, stylish, well-built case to provide some protection while carrying your Kindle 4 around. It's not the cheapest, but you know the whole "get what you pay for" thing...
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VINE VOICEon October 19, 2011
For those who want to carry their Kindle around and have a more book-like experience while reading, I highly recommend this cover. It holds the Kindle securely, provides a reasonable amount of protection, and does not make it any more bulky than a smaller trade paperback would be.

This model has no light, which is not a problem for me as I never read in the dark. (Lighting is a pretty mature technology.) It has a reinforced band in each corner of one side, and holds the Kindle without impairing the screen or the buttons.

While it has a large band on the inside cover opposing the Kindle for slipping over one's hand when that cover is folded back, designed to make holding the Kindle more securely, I find it easier to hold it with the cover open with one hand as one would a regular book. If one has a long enough thumb and positions one's hand just right, one can click the page forward button and read with one hand.

There are a few things I would add, like a pen holding pocket and a small pocket on the outside (the inside "slot" is fairly small and limited), and I think the price is a bit high for what one gets. These are small nitpicks, however - on balance I am quite pleased with it.

This case allows one to protect the Kindle, hold it like a book, and read it quite easily. I am glad I got it at the same time as I got my Kindle, and recommend it without reservation.
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on October 5, 2011
The case is nice. Small and fits the original Kindle like a glove. I would give it 5 stars but I still think 34.99 it is way too expensive.
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Enthusiast: Woodworkingon January 3, 2012
This is what I was looking for. My first attempt, the Amazon KT leather cover, was not good. It was hard and slippery, didn't feel good "in the hand". Overall unit with cover was still too thin, hard to hold. Cover, when open, was too flimsy to act like an open paperback, and the weight was not well balanced.

The Marware Eco-Vue fixes all that, and more. It has that great leather smell, and it's soft, plush feeling in the hands, not hard and slippery. The outer edge has unobtrusive stitching, like a quality wallet.

The thin elastic strap is very convenient for holding the cover closed, or all the way open (cover folded back). My only (minor) gripe is that without the strap, the cover, when closed doesn't lay completely flat. Almost as if the hinge area isn't deep enough. It's not a big deal, though. There's maybe 1/4" of play. But the strap makes that a non-issue. Pull the strap over the front, and all is secure.

I had read about folding the cover back, and placing my hand through the strap as a convenient and secure way to hold the kindle. But it wasn't obvious to me, until just now, as I was writing this, that there are two straps! The thin black one that holds the cover closed. And then the 3-inch wide, suede-covered strap, that doubles as the screen protector when the cover is closed. That fat strap is very comfortable.

The cover, when open, is beefy enough to feel balanced in the hand, like the already-read part of a paperback. And even though the whole package is still quite slim, it's just a tiny bit thicker than with the Amazon cover, and is much easier to hold.

The corner straps which hold the kindle in certainly aren't as "invisible" as Amazon's plastic "pocket", but I don't notice them when I'm reading. The don't get in the way, or distract.

The bottom edge is accessible, for power-on button, and plugs. There seems no need to remove the device.

I bought the little Verso LED booklight, and clip it to the top of the kindle (not the cover), and it all works together very nicely.
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on December 1, 2011
I just bought a Kindle which, of course, kind of forced me to buy a case. Honestly, I can't see how anyone can have an e-reader and NOT get a protective case. Having said that, I was a little mystified by all the selections. I know I wanted something durable and I definitely wanted it to be pink. I was also concerned about 'the fit'as I did not want to have to be readjusting my Kindle every few minutes.

I decided on this one because of the positive (mostly) reviews, the price and because it was available in Pink and seemed to fit my kindle.

Firstly, I love it, for the most part. It holds my Kindle in place snuggly, despite the fact that I have to be honest and say that I give my Kindle alot of wear (in and out of my purse 3 to 5 times a day!!! at least.

It also has a nifty little slot on the lefthand side to insert papers, etc. It is also durable and not that easy to stain as I have put it down on the table a few times and had to 'wipe' it off.

The three negatives - the pink is NOT really pink - but more of a red - which was a bit of a disappointment. Secondly, I find it a tad difficult to figure out which case goes for which Kindle - and this could have been made a little clearer in the description. Its there, but you have to search for it. Finally, this item is great, but kind of expensive - for what it is.

Overall though, it is a good buy if you want to protect your Kindle.
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on January 5, 2013
I wanted a cover for my new Kindle that would do the following:
1) Keep dust off of it while it sits on my nightstand.
2) Protection from general use (dropping on the kitchen floor)
3) Protection while Kindle was thrown in purse/travel bag.

I ordered this cover plus 3 others to test at home as I am very particular! The other three I also tried where:
Marware Eco-Flip Genuine Leather Case Cover for Kindle + Kindle Touch, Black
Amazon Kindle Leather Cover, Black
Incipio kaddy Folio Case Cover for Kindle- Black

I liked this one the best because:
1) It has the "handstrap" which is fund very useful
2) It has the elastic strap to keep it closed when thrown in a bag so keys can't get in and scratch, etc.
3) The front cover is hard and thick enough that I'm not afraid of the screen getting cracked if I pack it in my suitcase
4) Thin yet sturdy!

I actually give this a 4.5 stars. I take of a little bit because:
1) I had to get over the corner bits that hold the Kindle securely in place. While they work awesome, they are just not as pretty as the nice "clip" system that the Amazon branded cases have. But honestly after months of use, I don't notice it anymore.
2) The "pocket" holds nothing! Don't be fooled. While this didn't bother me as I was not looking for this feature, I can tell you nothing is getting in there. And if it does, you won't be able to get it out! :)

All in all, I love this cover!
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on October 27, 2011
This cover is a perfect fit for the new kindle 4. The kindle fits snugly without moving around. The leather is of high quality and feels soft to touch. There is a strap to hold the cover closed or open as needed. When open fingers can be slid through a flap to hold the kindle in reading position(see my customer images above).

All the Kindle buttons are accessible without the need to remove the kindle from the cover. Even the charger socket is accessible with the cover closed. In short once inside the cover there is no need to remove the kindle for reading or recharging. Even though the cover does add a little bulk to the kindle it is still portable.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on August 2, 2017
The case is very nice. The leather is soft, it's nicely padded, and the stitching is very cleanly done and even. There is an elastic band, similar to what you'd find on a Moleskine, to hold the cover shut or open and folded around back. When you fold the cover around the back of the Kindle, there is an elastic hand strap that you can slide your hand into so you don't have to actually grasp the case/Kindle while reading.
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on March 13, 2014
In reading the other rating I saw where some said that this unit was not leather. How could they tell? My case cover may not be leather but it looks like leather and feels like leather and it has the suede side on parts that look like leather. What I am basing my rating on is the overall construction. The stitching for assembly is very even (8 stitches per inch) throughout even on the small straps that hold the Kindle in place. These small straps are leather (?) over the Kindle with elastic on each end to firmly hold the Kindle in place. There is a 2 3/4" strap on the off side where your hand can be slipped through to hold the Kindle with one had while reading. Even when I fall asleep reading the strap firmly holds the Kindle in my hand so it is not dropped. There is a slot on the off side where a business card or other information can be stored to identify the Kindle for returning if you wish to do so. There is a elastic strap on the Kindle side that will go around the off side to hold the case firmly closed when not in use. I always had problems turning the Kindle on and off using the tip of my finger. With the Kindle in the case I have developed a easy way to turn it on and off with the Kindle in the case. I located the position of the on/off switch in reference to the buttons on the top. I then use by thumb by placing the tip on the thumb down against the case and then push up or rotate the thumb into the switch. The case acts as a anchor to make the action possible. I can then see the reflection of the green light on my thumb nail to know the action is complete. One last feature is that the case can be used right or left handed according to how you place the Kindle in the mounting straps.
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