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on August 13, 2013
The one I received the Voice Control doe's not function. The Voice alerts for Volume control, Bluetooth connected/not connected status, etc. also doe's not work. The on/off switch is very hard to use and the black and red on/off marking are missing. The scan qr code on the box, when scanned provides information for the Marque M155, which is not even close for the M50. On the bottom of the box, another label has been applied over the original label. The label over the original label on the bottom states the item as a Plantronics M50. which I seriously doubt. I believe this is a poor knockoff of the real Plantronics M50 of which I have owned a real one until I lost it. That one did all the things it was featured to do. Here is some info right off this web sites description:
1. "No model number, regulatory markings, or any writing on the back" of the headset.
2. "According to Plantronics, the Marque M50 isn't a real product. Box claims, "Just say 'Answer' to take a call". This is a feature of the (legitimate) Marque M155." Look at the retail box its marking is Marque M50 . "no such product" Correct name is Plantronics M50.
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on April 21, 2014
I first purchased this bluetooth (same model M50) in 2012 and it was great for the price and simple design. My only complaint was the sound was too loud even on lowest setting. After two years the internal micro USB port broke and will not charge the device (I consider 2 yrs of use at that price a very good deal). I just purchased a second bluetooth same model hoping for the same product. I first noticed that the outer shell is made with much cheaper/thinner materials although it looks similar. I get a lot of static/interference at much shorter range than previously experienced. There is no longer a red on/off indicator on the switch as advertised, the switch is much harder to shift between off and on, and the outer plastic cover is loose leaving a sharp edge that could easily snag and break off. AND there are no voice prompts even though the manual and Amazon description both advertise that this model still has those features. Also, the sound is way too low now!! Will be returning this and looking into other brands now. Stay away from this one!! There are too many flaws and cheap/backwards engineering with the one I received to justify that I simply got a lemon with this one.
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on May 1, 2013
I've had this headset in the past, and loved it. When I lost it a few weeks ago, I ordered a new one. However, be aware that Plantronics has discontinued the M50, and Amazon shipped me a lower quality "Marque M50", which isn't intended for sale in the US.

Some differences I noticed versus the real M50:

- Box arrived with holographic stickers with Chinese characters sealing the lid. Manual is not in English
- Box claims this is a "Marque M50", a product that Plantronics doesn't advertise on its sites. Doing an online search for "Marque M50" turns up many pictures of the low-quality knock off I received, nothing (that I could find) on Plantronics site itself.
- Sticker on the bottom of the box says its model "M155", with another sticker covering it.
- Box advertises "Just say 'Answer' to take a call", a feature not offered by the M50 (but offered by the Marque M155).
- There is no model number, regulatory markings, or any writing of any kind on the headset itself, other than the "Plantronics" trademark on the answer button.
- Chrome-plated ring around the edge is low quality, with scratches and uneven surface.

Most importantly, the sound quality is bad, and the power switch is VERY hard to slide. The answer button is already coming off, and is uneven.

If you order an M50 from Amazon, you may be disappointed in what you receive.
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on March 16, 2012
Everyone should own this bluetooth! I worked at a cellphone store for about three years, and I've probably used over 45 different bluetooths (Motorolla, Plantronics, Bose (too expensive), Jabra, Sony, etc). This Bluetooth is the best Bluetooth I've owned. It has an awesome stand-bye time. 11 hours of talk time, which is great (nobody spends more then 11 hours on their phone a day). Charge the bluetooth at night when you charge your phone, and you should never run out of battery. Although there are many pro's to this Bluetooth every item has a Con. I'll list them:

-Long talk time
-Long Standbye Time
-You can listen to music (Many bluetooth's don't offer that)
-Clear sound, and very crisp
-Very loud, shouldn't have a problem hearing the other person
-Very responsive, the other person can hear you very well
-Look very professional, I've gotten lots of compliments wearing this bluetooth (Looks great on Men and Women)
-Charges very fast (about 1 hour for a full charge, if charged from empty)
-Talks to you, let's you know when the battery is low, if the bluetooth is connected, and when it is shutting off, or disconnecting.
-Very comfortable, I've gotten a lot of earaches with previous bluetooths, this one is a perfect fit. I forget I have it on sometimes
-Fits both ears
-Inexpensive, cost 30 bucks, but built very well. Great quality

-When the volume is all the way up, it has a static noise. (very minimal, but can bother some people)
-Charging port is on top of the Bluetooth, sometimes the clip can get in the way when you are trying to charge it. No big deal, but charging port should of been on the bottom.

Overall, this bluetooth deserves a five star rating. The pro's outweigh the cons, and the cons are very small issues. I have had a few friends already purchase one, and they love it also. Don't hesitate to buy this item, you will love it. Plus it can save you a ticket, and safer to drive with.
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on May 11, 2012
After reading other reviews and seeing a 4+ stars rating, I was excited to see this Plantronics M50 for a good price. I am sorely disappointed though after only about 1-2 hours of use. The reception in my ear is full of static. The volume control is touchy and doesn't get very loud. I just had a conversation on this Bluetooth where I had to pull over and stop the car so I could hear the conversation I was having! On the same note, after a 5 minute conversation with my wife she said "I'm just going to let you hang up...I can hear all the noise around you and it's driving me crazy" , so you can forget walking into the grocery store with this bluetooth on. Thats my experience so far, so the Bluetooth goes back to amazon and I keep shopping. Maybe
I'm just spoiled after my last motorola $25 bluetooth had such great sound?? Two stars because I can listen to Pandora while I mow the lawn. (Even though it sounds like it's coming from a tin can)
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on March 26, 2015
This is my favorite headset (3rd M50 for me), it is so comfortable that I always forget that I have it in my ear. It's all about the part that goes into the ear, very comfortable. Battery life is great as well, charging maybe every 3 days or so; I highly recommend it. In fact, I recently bought another one as a backup should I misplace this one, I've had other newer plantronic versions that you could not forget you were wearing, with little bits sticking out of the ear piece reminding you it's there, but I went back to this one. One of the advantages of any headset is that it is hard to accidentally leave your phone somewhere as they instantly alert you that you are disconnected, I've left my phone in a customer's house several times, but not with this comfortable piece in my ear. Additionally, it does save battery life when using google maps routing directions and very easy to hear the directions vs speaker phone. Would love to see an app from Plantronics where you could track it when misplaced/lost somewhere within range. Also works with Linux on my laptop with Fedora Core 21.
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on January 17, 2014
I've owned numerous bluetooth headsets over the years, and hands down, this is the best that I've ever owned. I had initially bought this model a few years back when it first came out, and I used it daily until I lost a few months ago. After giving up on ever finding it, I purchased the next model up from the M50, and after two days, I gave it to my husband because it wasn't nearly as good as the M50. So, I purchased the M50 again and unsurprisingly, I was not disappointed in the newer version!

This headset is very comfortable for extended wear; I'm an executive producer and logistics specialist, and sometimes I wear this headset for 16+ hours at a time without any ear fatigue.

The ear bud attached is an in-ear type, so it's not just a flat speaker that rests in your ear, it actually goes slightly into your ear canal; this makes for much more audible sound than most headsets that fall away from your ear canal, and is perfect for use in noisy places.

The arm of the headset can rotate around the body of the bluetooth and it can also flip open, away from the body of the bluetooth at a 90 degree angle, so it's very easy to take on and off, rather than having to rock and twist it on, like other models.

The talk-time for this model is great; if you only use your phone sparingly throughout the day, one charge can last a few days, easily. The only time I drain the battery to the point of charging in one day is if I'm on the phone for literally, the entire day.

The bluetooth itself is very sturdy, and it is easily able to withstand being put in and out of a pocket or bag. I don't always have mine physically on my ear, but I do always have it on me, and it has stood up well to the abuse of being squished repeatedly in my messenger bag, or being taken in and out of my pocket. The last one I owned used to get stolen regularly by our cat, who would play with it and chew on the arm until he would bat it under the couch or we would catch him with it, and he never managed to break it, even though he is a destroyer of kitty toys. The only damage he ever did to it was teeny little teeth scuffs on the arm, but the arm never broke or chipped.

The only downside to this model that I would say is more of an annoyance than anything is the hangup button. The button to end a call is on the body of the bluetooth, where the word "Plantronics" is written, it's actually one giant button, so if you accidentally tap the exterior body of the bluetooth, it hangs up the phone. Generally, this isn't a problem, but you can't wear earmuffs, or bump it while taking off a hoodie, or it will hang up the phone.

Other than the hangup button placement, this is an excellent, and in this author's opinion, the best bluetooth on the market!
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on December 9, 2013
I've owned and used this headset for several months, and for my purposes, it works great! I can clearly hear conversations and operate the headset easily, and the talk time is excellent. From my perspective, it's one of the best Bluetooth headsets I've used, and I've tried a LOT of them over the past few years. I use this with my iPhone 4S.

My complaint comes from those I converse with... apparently the noise canceling feature of this headset is not all that it claims. People tell me that there's an enormous amount of background noise that gets picked up, sometimes overpowering my speech. The complaints have been so frequent and consistent that I've stopped using the headset. I'm in the market for a replacement, but haven't found a product yet that provides both good listening and good transmission. Until then, I'll continue to use my handset.
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on October 23, 2014
I have owned this model since they were first introduced years ago with other mobile phones, iphone 4 thru - 5s and a Uniden ELBT585 5.8GHZ bluetooth landline phone that is another sought after classic. This is an amazing headset. Far better than pricier new technology sets I've used and looking at the large number of 5 star reviewers I'd say I'm not alone. It's very important that you do your utmost to purchase from a seller who stands behind the sale as even those stated as new may not be and returns may be difficult. Sadly this one I purchased was an Amazon seller. The headset had issues and while coping and hoping I waited to long to ask for a change and so money gone :(.
Very fortunately my 1st classic is still in action but I want another while it's possible. The only feature this headset has not handled well for me is talk to text so I switch it off to use that feature then back on. Bluetooth headsets have been a staple in my life since 2003 when a friend explained what was stuck in his ear. I have failed C fusions and RA so very little range of neck motion or digital dexterity. The comfort is also amazing and I've often climbed in bed still wearing mine. The headset's speaker has stood the test of my iphone alarm clock blaring in the kitchen charger 30 feet from the bedroom where my iphone was flashing my wake up time so don't forget to switch it off when charging.
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on December 8, 2014
This is my second M50, and it performs beautifully. I chose this model especially because the earpiece fits, and the piece that goes over your ears is so comfortable that I sometimes forget I have it on and I have to put my hand up to my ear to make sure that it's actually still there. The other thing about this is the way the ear clip can swing around to either ear without a chance of breaking off, which I've had a problem with other models, then you have a bluetooth, but no way to keep on your ear. It hasn't interfered with my reading glasses either.

Transmissions are clear too; the battery life is long, and it recharges very quickly as well. It takes a lot to wear out this warhorse of a bluetooth out.

If Plantronics wants me to upgrade, then please put this ear clip on your other models.

For the Money, this Bluetooth is a big winner.
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