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on February 14, 2014
We have used several different video baby monitors and this one takes the cake! We have one camera in each of our two kid's bedrooms synced to the monitor. We usually have it set to scan between the two (switches cameras every 8 seconds or so) but can quickly and easily be changed to look at either. I love the volume adjustment (very quiet to blasting loud and lots of intervals between), and the parent talk feature. A couple quick cons: 1) the audio on each camera will occasionally bug out (each one will do it about once a month), but I've found just turning off and then turning on the offending camera fixes this. The video has never failed, just the audio. 2) the battery life isn't stellar but perhaps we abuse it by turning the display on to check the kids often...the battery will start to die on us if unconnected to the power supply after 3 or 4 hours if set to scan between the two cameras and we've been hitting the display button semi-often (the display automatically turns off after a couple minutes to save power, which is nice. The audio stays on even when the display is off). We solved this by getting a second power supply for our living room (for when the kids are asleep but we're staying up late) which Motorola provided for free (their customer support is AMAZING!).

Would definitely choose this video monitor system again, even with the couple small issues I have with it and the price. I would also choose this model over the one that doesn't pan/tilt. Worth the cost in my opinion.

Additional Note: When I was shopping for a video monitor, I thought I wanted the audio for all cameras on at all times, even though the video was switching between feeds. Now that I've had this I know better. It is nice to be able to hear only one room, especially when the kid in the other room is singing herself to sleep or what-have-you.
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on April 5, 2016
This is our third camera (other two are still in use, just wanted another). We absolutely love these cameras. Night vision is great. Voices are clear when using the two-way feature. We will never use anything else!
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on January 9, 2016
We've had a Motorola system for about 18 mnths. The monitor stopped holding a battery and the sound kept going out so we just wanted to order a new monitor with our existing cameras. This has been a joke and waste of time. After talking to Motorola rep multiple times we now know that they just want you to buy a whole new system - makes sense for them but stinks for the customer. Returning all cameras and monitors they've sent (that don't pair) and getting something other than Motorola.
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on April 5, 2014
When it was time for my second child, I already owned a Summer Infant video baby monitor that did not allow you to add a camera. We did not love it. In fact, we had to contact Summer Infant within the first year because the video that had started as very clear became so grainy you could only make out a child-like outline on the monitor. Although the customer service was not fantastic (they wanted me to go without a unit for 2 weeks in order to replace it), we were willing to try again. So we bought another Summer Infant monitor and camera, but we couldn't get it to work. We exchanged it for another, and the same problem. We guessed that both of the monitors did not play well with each other. So we decided to look for something new.

I read all the reviews I could find and tried a different Summer Infant monitor, a Samsung monitor and finally this the Motorola MBP36 monitor and camera. We also purchased an extra camera. We have now had the Motorola for almost a year and the picture quality is great. We do not have an issue with interference and we like having the option of talking to our toddler through the camera instead of running upstairs.

Recently, however, we began having issues with the monitor and found that it would randomly stop working. I had read some bad reviews of Motorola customer service, so I pulled out the original box and documentation and prepared to have a difficult conversation, but I was pleasantly surprised. I provided the customer service representative with all of the information she asked for and I was informed that Motorola does not repair the units but that they would ship another unit out to me. In return, I just needed to use the pre-paid label and ship my old camera and unit back. This was a much better experience than Summer Infant who originally refused to ship me a new unit until they received my old unit. (It was only after two more phone calls and a credit card that they agreed to ship the new monitor to me without receiving my old one first).
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on November 30, 2016
I would absolutely not buy this monitor. I purchased it when I had my son and it worked just fine. So, 1 year later I bought the additional camera for my daughter. The sound cuts out all of the time. Your child could be crying in their crib and you would not hear them. Five minutes ago I just looked at the monitor to my child laying face down in her crib. She is fine but the sound cut out so I could not hear her. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. I have never written a product review in my life but feel it is necessary to let parents know that this product is not safe.
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on July 7, 2016
I recently added this additional camera to my parent unit setup. About 3 weeks after setting it up, the sound on the parent unit disappeared! After scourging the internet, I've learned you can unplug the cord from the camera units to get the sound back, it worked for one night but the parental unit is acting up again now. It's so frustrating when I have two little ones that I cannot hear at night! I bought my motorola baby monitors under the impression that they'd last until I no longer needed them and am sorry to say that I'm looking for another brand to replace it.
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on July 20, 2013
We used another "summer" brand for our daughter but that model had been discontinued. So, we went on a search to find a monitor that would work for our newborn twins. Something that would accept more than one monitor viewing area.
We tested this monitor, right along with a few others. First, we tried the Summer Infant privacy Plus monitor. We immediately didn't like this monitor because the picture was quite grainy. We could believe the difference in this monitor and our other monitor from the same company. The grainy mess was a deal breaker even though the other features seemed to be a nice addition.
Next monitor we tried was the new Samsung SEW Wireless monitor, right alongside this monitor. This two were very similar in picture quality. I liked that the Samsung displayed time on the screen versus this monitor which showed the temperature in the room being monitored. I also liked that the Samsung monitor was a very quick button to adjust, which. Was much easier than this monitor. The thing that sold us on this monitor versus the Samsung was this monitor we felt has a slightly better picture. Wasn't quite as pixely and being brand new, we were sure how it would hold up. Since both were so similar, it was really whether we wanted temperature on the screen or time, and we thought temperature in their room would be more important than the time.
I hope this helps you with purchasing a monitor. It took us quite a long time to decide but are happy with our purchase.
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on August 19, 2015
I have never written a review before but just had to write one for this baby cam. I bought my first cam two years ago and bought this second one 5 months ago for our second child. I researched a lot of baby cams and this one was the one I wanted to try and I'm glad I did. The picture is perfect whether it's day or night. The night vision is perfect. The volume goes very high if needed. If u use two cams u can place it on scan and it scans each child for ten seconds and goes back and forth. You can play lullabies for each cam. The range is awesome too. I can go outside to the mailbox which is around 100 yards and still have coverage. I even mowed the lawn with my first baby. I highly recommend this baby cam!
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on February 16, 2013
I ordered an additional camera despite being hesitant since our first camera has already had to be replaced and now a few months later needs to be replaced again due to the camera no longer turning or picking up sound. This monitor had problems from the start too. The night vision doesn't always work- and it had pairing problems at first. These baby monitors are some of the most expensive monitors out there and now that I have had three and all have problems- I am thinking its more than a lemon or two out there. And motorola customer service is TERRIBLE. I am dreading having to deal with them again. I would never buy a motorola baby monitor again. The features are great- but now- a lot of other companies have these great features too and hopefully more reliable monitors! Stay away. It's not worth it if you get a bad one....

Update: I finally called Motorola dreading dealing with their customer service, but shockingly- things have changed! For the better! It doesn't take away that I need to replace my monitor twice now, but they have changed the way they go about it. They now send out the new monitor first and it comes with a prepaid box to ship the old broken one back! They used to make you pay shipping, send it the monitor and when they received it, they would send you a new one- so you could go several weeks with no monitor. So if you are willing to chance it on the monitor, at least you know the warranty is handled much better now!
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on September 13, 2013
I initially thought this monitor was a good buy - it provided a clear picture and good audio quality. However, all of the sudden 10 months in to my purchase the night vision completely stopped working. Without the night vision functionality it is pitch black and essentially a very expensive audio monitor while my child is sleeping. To make matters worse, both Motorola and Amazon support were no help in the return process - neither will help with my exchange or return even though I purchased within the last year. A previous review notes that Amazon has a return policy up to 365 days for baby items; this is no longer the case. Amazon's new policy states that baby items only are covered for 90 days. I started searching the internet for my same problem and ran into a number of similar issues (some also in Amazon comments). Buyer beware on this one as it seems good support and customer service are things of the past.
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