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on February 20, 2015
A picture is worth a thousand words. I swear these squirrels are laughing at me & my plastic owl.
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on April 25, 2011
I ordered Owl because we had a pair of ducks who had somehow discovered our tiny little pool, and had proceeded to land on the deck every day, swim in the pool, fowl the pool, the deck, everything, with their fowl poop. So, after an internet search on how to scare away ducks, I ordered Owl.

Technically, Owl does everything it is described to do. It looks real. It looks mean. The solar-powered head turns, as long as the sun can hit the solar panel. We moved it around the pool, as suggested. The ducks weren't fooled. They kept coming, sometimes flying near or landing right next to Owl. I'm pretty sure by now they have Friended Owl on Facebook.

We resorted to other measures . . . and we appear to have gotten rid of the ducks . . . first by spraying them with the hose whenever they arrived (they always announce their arrival with their quacks), sometimes by throwing tennis balls at them (never hitting them, because our aim isn't that good, but good enough to scare them) and then by hanging / stringing obstacles over the pool to make it uninviting to land / swim in. Haven't seen them in about a week. Owl has filed a grievance for loss of companionship.

The good news about Owl is that a stray cat ventured into our back yard the other day, stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Owl, then slowly backed away and exited the yard via the same path he had entered. Wish I had a video of that. I don't think they are Friends on Facebook yet.
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on November 20, 2015
 Oscar is five months old today. He sits patiently atop a "T" post scanning the horizon for something although I'm not sure what. It's time for him to hibernate in the yard barn for the winter as the birds he so fearlessly protected my garden from have all gone south.

Even with the sun low in the nearly winter sky he still turns his head from time to time. Perhaps a quarter tern every minute or two. Back in June when he was young and foolish he would sometimes spin his head at a rather alarming rate. The robins thought this was hilarious and started to openly mock him so he eventually got over that.

He performs best when he has an audience. Some ladies from my wife's book club were discussing, from a safe distance, whether Oscar was a live owl or stuffed. As the disagreement reached a near fever pitch Oscar spun his head half way around. Fortunately when Oscar's huge reflective yellow eyes turned in their direction only one of them wet her pants.

But does he really deter birds? The robins laughed out loud when they saw him and continued to perch on the cucumber trellis as well as on my tomato cages. Barn swallows were building a nest directly over the front door and in fact on the motion sensor that lets us know when the mailman, etc. arrives were a much bigger problem. They may have stayed away for a day.

So as a bird deterrent Oscar was not a top performer. He has been and continues to be a great companion and source of amusement that should last for many years as he's very well constructed.

If you want to keep flying critters away, the holographic reflective tape is far more effective. A couple pieces strung across the trellis and cages kept everything out of the garden. A couple pieces weighted with a short piece of coat hanger wire and hung vertically kept the barn swallows away from the front door. The tape is inexpensive so you'll have money left to buy your own owl. You can name it whatever you want a long as he's OK with it.
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on April 4, 2016
Please, do not take me wrong. The owl is pretty and really scares doves, but the first time had the battery unglued and any of my glues were able to fix it because it fall again. If the battery fall and hang inside de head, the owl is not able to move free.
Of course, I notify this to Amazon and replace it immediately.
The worst was when I opend the replacement and had the same trouble.
I had no choice, and returned it.
I hope this helps as a positive feed back and get a better glue for the battery inside the owl's head.
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on August 28, 2010
Was looking for something to scare away the birds as they were pooping all over my deck.
Bought a stationary hawk statue which helped but still some stragglers would still do their deed.
Came upon this owl that moves its head around in the sun ever 2 minutes and seems to have scared away the rest of the birds. Even surprises visitors who aren't prepared to have the head moving around.
Had problem with inital delivery but once spoke with company they sent out another one right away.
Seems to do what I hoped it would.
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on June 21, 2016
I have this in my strawberry patch and it works as promised. When it arrived, I immediately put it outside and within 3 minutes the solar-powered head began to rotate. It also bobbles in the breeze. I had two completely stationary, non-moving owls that didn't seem to scare anything, but this one has been more effective. My dogs are even leary of it! I try to move it around the garden at least once a day just to improve the effectiveness, but this is a great deterrent. The clicking sound it makes when the head moves is rather loud, but it doesn't bother me. If anything, I'd think the noise is yet another means of scaring critters away.

UPDATE: This owl worked beautifully for 3 months, and then the mechanism in the head that rotates it broke. So, the head no longer turns automatically, but it does bobble slightly in the wind. For the price paid, I would have expected it to last a lot longer before breaking. Originally, I gave this 5 stars, as it was great, but after breaking so quickly, I edited my review.
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on August 16, 2014
Continually operates due to the solar power power source. It was purchased to scare away squirrels from taken our fruits. It must be helping, but the squirrels are smart and do learn and tend to stay at the top of the trees. I do move it once in a while, but maybe not enough.

Owl 5, squirrels 1....fruits are starting to ripen, we'll see what happens at the end of the game.
Update: 9-8-14
Owl 3, squirrels 3...half time score...squirrels getting hungry, while the owl is trying it's best, head still spins and placed inside the tree.
Final score Owl 5, squirrels 8. A net and CDs were also added, the squirrels concede a few fruits to us.
Going to trim down the tree to make it more defender able next year.
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on July 17, 2017
Our owl, arrived on time, unboxed it, followed the instructions. After experimenting with several locations, we finally came up with the best location. Before we purchased this particular item from Amazon we had checked the retail market. The other scarecrow owl's were not as big, and full bodied like this one, the ones in the retail store look like they were on a diet under nourished. If you notice from the photos we have a telephone pole behind our house, this is a meeting place for critters and birds. It's been several days now and there seems to be less activity on the telephone pole and the wires. I told my neighbors even if this owl didn't work, it's a very nice yard decoration, but I do believe it's working.
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on June 9, 2015
I really liked the Owl, I received it last fathers day as a gift from my wife, it worked great when the solar cell worked, but in less than a year, it no longer is automatic, it just bobs when the wind blows. I have tried to contact the company left my message 3 times but have not heard back from them, perhaps it was just a bad solar panel on mine, but I'd have thought it would have lasted longer than a year. Stephen I heard from the company yesterday and they said that they only warrant the solar cell and product for 90 days, I think that one would expect it would work for a year? As mine went in last year on fathers day as a gift and did. It work when we brought it out of the garage this spring to sit on its pole. I hope the company offers to fix it for me, I've asked but. I response
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on May 23, 2017
We have a pool with a water fall feature and keep getting visited by pigeons who drink water and leave a horrible mess. I was at my wits end with the pigeons until I read the reviews on Natural Enemy Scarecrow. It arrived quickly and it was easy to set up. It actually worked very well the first day we had it outside - the birds stopped coming inside our yard. However, the instructions didn't say to keep it away from water. We had a brief rain come through, which probably caused water to seep inside the head component (where the solar panel is held) and the scarecrow has since stopped working as it did the first day we had it. It'll still rotate its head, but only if there's a breeze outside. :(
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