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on February 11, 2012
For years I tortured myself printing color brochures on a color laser. I thought speed and automatic duplexing were the most important things. Color and accuracy of photos? I figured I could tinker with settings until I got it right. Well, I never got it right, until I gave up and just went for quality instead, which is where this printer shines. Unlike the color laser, or other printers I have suffered with, what you see on screen is what you get on this printer. Working on a Mac with this printer has been a dream. I am now a happy printer, and an Epson convert.

Speed is good, and paper handling is great. No jams after 100's of prints. The rear tray for thicker paper holds only 20 sheets for manual two-sided printing. But the paper feeds accurately, no jams for me. I printed 100's of color pages (both sides, heavy text and images) out of the box with the starter carts. And when the printer flashed to tell me I was running out of yellow, the color and quality were consistent, from the start right up until the point when the yellow ran completely out. And after I replaced the cart, there was absolutely no difference in the quality of the next print. 48 lb. paper, no problem. Specs say cardstock up to 68 lb. is ok. With glossy paper, incredible results for just 4 colors. Cartridges couldn't be simpler to install. Haven't used the duplex yet, but plain text documents are very speedy and the text is fine, laser quality.

I suggest aligning the print heads after you receive the printer from UPS, those guys tend to drop things. My box was dented on the corners.

Bonus: my office does not reek of laser toner anymore. And the lights don't dim every time I print a page.
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on February 12, 2013
I just loved this printer for the first eight months but then I started getting yellow ink splotches staining even my black and white printouts. After trying the nozzle check and doing a head cleaning, to no avail, I called Epson support. After hearing my description of the trouble, the agent immediately said it was a hardware failure (I could see dripped yellow ink inside the printer.) and that they were sending me a replacement printer right away. Of course, since the failure wasn't within the first 30 days, it would be a refurbished printer. My hopes are not too high for it after reading some of the other one-star reviews here but I hope it will last long enough for me to use my expensive ink cartridges.

Additionally, they don't want me to send the printer back to them. It's mine to keep! Imagine my luck. Now I can also pay to dispose of that properly.

Thank goodness I have another, old printer to use while waiting the two to seven business days the refurbished one will take to reach me. Just stay away from this printer!

UPDATE 2/18/13: The replacement printer Epson sent does not work. I called Epson back and after taking me through hoops with installing/re-installing ink cartridges, they are sending me four new ink cartridges. I have to wait 7-10 business days for those! I am pretty sure the cartridges are not the problem. (Background: The replacement printer came with four ink cartridges but they were mostly empty. I had to go into my inventory of new Epson XL ink cartridges and they didn't work in the machine either. I keep getting a "cartridges not recognized" message from the printer software.) Epson is not sending me a second replacement printer at this time. I guess they think I can go forever without a printer. I am livid and don't mind saying so.
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on February 28, 2015
Purchased this printer in August, 2012. It wasn't my primary printer, but I used it for photos and what color printing I needed to do. About three months ago (11/2014) yellow stopped printing, but still printing in color seemed okay. Recently another of the cartridges ran low, so I bought new color cartridges. Now I know what the problem is, these WorkForce printers had a problem that is now well known on the internet; just do a search for Epson Workforce Yellow Ink Leaks and see how many results there is. The second I pulled out the yellow cartridge and put in the new one, the printer started leaking yellow ink onto everything. Printer is now worthless as the fix would be more than the printer is worth!
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on April 25, 2016
I bought this printer to print black and white text quickly and wirelessly. It prints black and white text well, but not wirelessly (more on that later). Double-sided printing it carries off without a hitch. It does simple color jobs equally well, and the color is sharp, well-defined, with no bleed.

The controls are straightforward, and setup wasn't too difficult. I particularly appreciated the large ink tanks, which I expected would last me a while (they are about the size of my hand, which is much larger than the Canon printers I usually use. Canon does have excellent color, so I'm willing to put up with the ink cost).

My setup is a 2013 iMac 27", using Office Depot bright white paper.

I am deducting a star because what this printer purports to do - wireless printing - it does not do reliably. Apparently the antenna is extremely weak, as I could only get wireless printing to work with computers in the same room. My goal I was to print from a computer in a different room! In the end, I was able to achieve this through USB printer sharing on my 27" iMac. (Note: I tried wireless printing using both PCs and Macs, with the same poor results.)

Summary: if you're looking for a speedy, quiet black/white printer with occasional color jobs, this is the printer for you. However, don't bother with the wireless aspect.
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on January 14, 2013
I bought this stand alone printer because the "all in ones" have so many issues, this one is no different. If you can get it to print the print quality is quite good. However, printing is very arbitrary. Initially it could print wirelessly, then it tired of that. I have a new iMac, that's the one it tired of and will only printed connected by cable, despite reloading the software. Sometimes. With my Macbook, it will still talk to it wirelessly, that is if it doesn't have a paper jam, the equivalent of a headache. You can take the thing apart and there is no paper jam to be found. If you talk to it sweetly, remove the paper tray 10 or 15 times it may grant you printing rights. So keep looking, this is not for you unless you're a masochist.
If you find a good printer, please let me know.
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on October 8, 2012
I have always liked Epson printers for durability, reasonable ink prices and good color. This one was defective, however, despite good reviews. I wouldn't write off Epson, just had bad experience with this one--it would not initialize/prime the ink cartridges--all lights just kept blinking. Good return experience with Amazon.
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on March 28, 2016
I purchased this printer specifically for making my Save the Date postcards on 110lb cardstock. The printer handled the cardstock like a pro, the only issue being that it would struggle with more than 5 sheets of that heavy cardstock in the back tray at a time. Setup was simple, but my computer didn't tell me when it was done. Print quality was great!
The ink cartridges that came with it lasted through my 200 double-sided, full-color postcards, though the cyan cartridge is now blinking to tell me it's low. Just ordered Jarbo refills (, and I'll let you know how that goes!
The printer is very heavy and arrived in original packaging. I wish it had come in a plain box so that all my neighbors and whoever might be roving my Chicago streets couldn't see exactly what was in the lobby until I got home to bring it inside. Besides that, though, I have no complaints!
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on August 20, 2012
I was an avid HP Photosmart user until my HP died after 8 years of use. I studied HP's current offerings reading reviews that were generally luke warm. Note that my primary want from an ink jet printer is photo reproduction.
Reading about every other printer, Epson kept comming up excelent for photos as well as all other uses. Based on cost / value the 4020 seemed to come up on top. I pulled the trigger after agonizing for about a week. Why I think it is excellent:
1. No more cooking images to make them look "right". Always had to increase the exposure by at least 1/2 an F-stop or more to make the image look the same as the screen view. The Epson is only slightly darker; not enough to worry about.
2. The colors it produces are spot on to the digital image. It is uncanny for a printer at this price level.
3. The photo print speed at the highest quality level is about 2X faster than my last printer.
4. Duplex printing is flawless, very fast, and easy to set up. Never thought I needed this feature until I got it.
5. The ink cartridges are huge. I have printed 4X6's, 5X7's and 81/2X11's and the color cartridges (3) show no reduction in ink volume. You can believe Epson when they tout their ink cost per page. The black ink cartridge is down a small amout.
1. This is a large printer only printer; about the size of an All-In-One. The width is about the same as my old HP, the depth is about 1 inch more with the paper stop retracked, but add another 6" with the stop extended, and the height is 2X higher. Its a big unit, but does fit on my desktop. However, this is a small price to pay for the outstanding photo performance.

I would recommend the Epson 4020 to anyone who puts priority on photo performance at a low cost.
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It seems the high page yield Epson is flaunting with this printer is mostly a gimmick. Unless you aren't buying it for the laserjet comparable yields, or can get by with very faded printing (even from greyscale) in the printer's economy mode, stick with laserjet.

I've been using an HP laserjet for years. And while it's held up well, and been pretty reliable, $80 per cartridge (full SRP is actually at or over $100 depending on who you ask) was just rediculous. I'd tried recycled cartridges, but what you're saving in cost, they more than make up for by not putting nearly as much ink in the cartridge. I only got about 150 good pages from the last replacement cartridge I bought. So, when I saw an inkjet advertising the same print yield as my laserjet, but with original manufacturer cartridges that cost about the same as the recycled cartridges I've bought, I was intrigued.

I commenced reading reviews, both user and "professional", though the term "professional" should be used very lightly these days, as it seems most "professional" reviews have devolved into little more than product publicity for the manufacturer, evaluations based on specs rather than actual experience with and testing of the product. Aside from your typical bad units seeming a bit overly represented in user reviews - which is common online, if not understandable that a disproportionate number of people with problems would feel compelled to go through the trouble of writing a review, compared to those finding the unit to perform to their expectations - I found the reviews at the time to be convincingly positive. Enough so that I figured I'd give it a try, afterall, the entire printer cost only a little more than one of the four cartridges I needed for my HP.

I have no extensive expertise with printers: my experience is mostly limited to the dozen or so models I've personally owned over the years. I've only printed about 50 pages with this Epson thus far as well, which is hardly a test of the build's reliability or even the ink capacity of the starter cartridges it comes with. BTW, if you don't already know, the starter cartridges included with this printer are estimated at only 1000 pages for black and white, not the 2400 (black and white) or 1200 (color) pages the standard XL cartridges are supposed to be capable of. I'm still on the starter cartridges.

I should also qualify this by saying that I'm going on the assumption that the 2400 yield number being so aggressively advertised only applies to printing in greyscale, in fast, economy mode, not normal mode, which is probably closer to the quality most might expect. I couldn't find any clarification in the literature either, what little there is. Remember when printers used to come with 1/2 inch thick books telling you everything you actually needed to know?

Text in fast economy, greyscale mode is very faded. Rather than black, it's a medium gray that looks about like a laserjet on an empty cartridge, or more precisely, like when I keep printing with the laserjet, well past the point it says to change the cartridge, because my replacement was bad or out of stock and recycled cartridges aren't very good about warning you ahead of time when they're about empty.

The Epson's normal mode is what I'd reasonably expect of economy inkjet printing, based on other inkjets I've owned. So, it seems Epson didn't reinvent the wheel, nor are the XL ink cartridges the reason for them being able to tweak the numbers for inkjet to be in line with your lower end laserjets in terms of print capacity. It seems they're just using a lot less ink, which really shows in the quality of the print job. I tried printing a couple coupons off the internet in economy mode; they were so faded, all but the barcode was illegible. Generally, text is dark enough to read, if the font isn't too small or thin. And I don't think it's too light for shipping labels, but I haven't confirmed with the USPS that their scanners can pick up the barcode or not. Based on the intensity of black, I'd assume if printing in something more realistic, like normal mode, you'd need to half your page expectations. This is probably not the best printer for photographs, though the high quality setting does look reasonably good from what I've seen of it's handling some simple graphics.

The printer is extremely fast, at least spitting out the pages themselves is; preping the print seems to take just as long as most others. I also expect the print jobs use less energy than any laserjet, and assuming you don't turn off the printer when not in use, I suspect it uses less energy in standby too, as it doesn't run automated checks every so often like my HP.

I'm not too thrilled about having to get a special device to be able to reprogram the ink cartridges just to be able to use all the ink you're paying for. But, if I didn't consider printers solely on the grounds of unwanted or unnecessary design constraints, there wouldn't be any to choose from.

BTW, these cartridges also expire and Epson recommends replacement after 6 months, whether they're depleted or not, for best print quality anyway.
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on August 5, 2013
Output is good and and quite economical in agreement with its advertized virtues.

It is not nearly as fast as a decent low end laser printer. Speed comparison with laser units seems to be based on "Economy" quality level which is not acceptable even for proofreading.

"Normal" quality level provides very decent output at reasonable speeds but neither output nor speed are comparable to laser printers.

To obtain good output with contrasty text and well saturated colors you need to print in "Fine" mode or better and here the printing speed plummets dramatically. It is still fairly fast for an inkjet but laser speeds, are you kidding !!!

It has fantastic built in duplex capabilities though; the user interface is easy to use and photo printing at the highest print quality level is just a notch or two below a good photo printer (on special photo paper of course).

What makes this printer appealing is its very low price and its relatively inexpensive supplies.

Perhaps its greatest shortcoming is its size, it is way to large for an inkjet, but of course you do get terrific double-sided printing...

This printer suits my low volume needs and I like its versatility, but this may not suit someone who expects laser printer speeds combined with laser quality output.

What really sucks is that it comes with "starter" cartridges, so be prepared to buy refills very soon after the initial purchase.
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